Don't get me wrong, I like working at Blush, it's just sometimes I wish I had done something different with my life. I've always liked taking care of people and helping them, but sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision coming here to work for Jack. Jack's a great boss but sometimes I just can't handle him, sometimes I loose it and this was one of those times.

A normal day at a normal fashion magazine, that was how I would describe this day. Though there were a few factors that could make this a very bad day or a very good day, I'd prefer the latter personally. I watched as the rest of the workers arrived, well most of them, Nina probably wouldn't be in until noon if at all.

"Hiya Maya, how are we doing this fine morning?" I asked Maya flirtatiously as she exited the elevator, she rolled her eyes at the comment as she does every morning.

"Back off Finch" she told me a little colder than usual.

"Woah, someone got off on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Luckily mine's free. Haha up top!" I joked, Maya wasn't impressed and left my high five in the air, I shrugged it off and went back to arranging meetings for Jack.

"DENNIS! Get in here!" Jack sounded angry, I was worried he'd figured something out, something I didn't especially want him to find out. Nonetheless I rushed into his office as I do every time he calls my name.

"Yeah, what is it Jack?" I asked, Jack was pacing the room looking angry and slightly outraged.

"I think Claire has been cheating on me with another guy!" exclaimed Jack, I pressed my lips together nervously. Claire is Jack's latest wife and probably his prettiest. She had long dark hair and emerald eyes, she was just finishing up her modeling career at 31.

"What would make you think that" my voice was a little higher than usual, which was saying something, but Jack took no notice.

"She left a message on my cell phone! It was obviously not for me! Here listen." He told me, pulling out his cellphone and beginning to play the message.

"No Jack don't..." I protested but the voice message had already started.

"Hey" a sensual voice started, obviously Claire "Thanks again for that night, I had a good time" I bit my lip as the message continued "I especially liked the way you used cats" I mentally groaned "Call me anytime, Jack doesn't have to know" The message ended.

"SEE!" cried Jack "Dennis, I need you to figure out who this person is and tell me right away!" Jack ordered, I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Alright I'll do my best Jack" I sighed now very unsure about what I was going to do. I walked back out to my 'desk' and tried to formulate a plan. It was then that Elliot arrived, I decided to try to ask him for help but use a really clever way of disguising it.

"Hey Elliot, come here" I whispered, Elliot walked over and put his rm on my desk, he looked at me expectantly "Um, well so Jack's discovered that Claire is cheating on him-"

"Oh that's horrible, how could she do that do him! He must be crushed, I feel bad for the poor sucker who did it, he's dead" speculated Elliot, I smacked my head down on my desk and groaned.

"Oh my god it's you" realized Elliot. So much for clever.

"Would you keep it down! I don't want Jack to hear!" I whispered loudly.

"You better tell him, if he finds out another way you're even worse off, go now, tell him!" Elliot told me, I played with my hands restlessly.

"I can't, not yet anyway, I have to figure out a plan" I said.

"DENNIS!" I familiar voice shouted, I ran my hand thru my hair and walked into his office.

"yes Jack?'" I asked faithfully.

"have you found the guy yet?" asked Jack

"You just told me to start looking, of course I haven't found him!" I exclaimed.

"Come on Dennis! You're supposed to be the best and this is important!" Jack told me, I nodded "Are you sure I haven't found him, any guesses. Come on Dennis think. This is your Job!"

"This is not my Job!" I shouted. I just cracked. "My job is to file and answer phones and do paper work, not to be your lap dog that will come whenever you call! I will find the guy Claire was with last Thursday don't worry! Give me some time"

Jack was taken aback I had only really yelled at him like once, well maybe twice, but never with such anger. I really didn't want to hear him yelling at me bacl so I decided to quickly get out of there but before I had time to turn around he called to me.

"How did you know?" that was the only thing he said, I was confused what did he mean how did I know.

"How did I know what?" I asked out of breath.

"The day that Claire was with the other guy, you said last Thursday. How would you know, Dennis?" Jack's words were like ice. Cold, unforgiving with a crystal clear meaning.

"I-I-I" I stuttered not knowing what to say, it was over my lie had caved in. I was done for.

"Dennis, you're fired"

Jack had fired me once before, for sleeping with his wife whom he was broken up with. This was worse he and her were still together. And now I knew that no matter what happened there was no way I could ever come back to Blush but still I denied the truth for a few more seconds.

"What? Jack you can't be serious-" I started

"I am. And this time you're not coming back. Goodbye Dennis" Those were Jack's final words to me for a very, very long time.

When I turned around I was met with the stares of the five people I had worked with for seven years. Even Nina had arrived. There was shock from Nina, Anger, at me, from Maya, A knowing look from Eliot. And I deserved everyone of those piercing stares. I didn't say anything more to my co-workers, I just packed up my things and left the office, never to return.