Well there doesn't seem to be many Azure Dream fics, so I guess I will write one.

Main character = "Sentol"

Monster = "Malku"

I would say this is a sub plot of Azure Dreams, this story doesn't follow the game's plot because I have completed the game too many times, so it would be sort of boring writing about the actual plot. But do not fear, the characters from the game, the town and the tower will be in the story.

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Chapter 1: Malku and Sentol:

Sentol awoke to the sound of tapping feet.

Malku looked down at him, "Get up!" shouted Malku.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming!" blurted Sentol.

"We have made it all the way to the 20th floor!" an excited Malku said.

"But you know, it's strange, I expected more resistance." said Sentol.

Malku went on to say: "The 20 years I spent alone in this tower, I never once got on to the top floor. I once heard a tale that on the top floor stands Aztule the guardian of the tower. It's said no one has ever got past the wall which is Aztule; his strength and his abilities with magic are unrivalled, so I never dared go above the 30th floor."

"Wow let's hurry, I get to see this giant." Sentol said smiling.

"Hold up there hero boy, did you not listen to a word I just said? It's a giant. A very large giant who will crush you without remorse" said Malku.

"Hey I'm Sentol, son of Guy, the greatest monster trainer who ever lived. No giant, no monster, no wall is going to stand between me and reaching my goal of becoming the first Monster Trainer to return from the top floor. I'm doing this for my dad and for every other trainer who's lives have been claimed by the monster tower. So you see I must do this, not for me, but for them!" said Sentol with pride in his voice.

"You humans and your pride, I will never understand it. We monsters come and fight here because we have to, we fight because we have to eat, and we have to survive." said Malku with sorrow in his tone.

"Well you know we are a team and we will do it together. Just think, we could go down in history, 'SENTOL AND MALKU first to overcome the tower'" said Sentol.

"Hold up just a moment, 'SENTOL AND MALKU'? Shouldn't it be 'MALKU AND SENTOL'? I'm basically having to hold your hand through here as it is" laughed Malku.

Sentol frowned, "Hey, who took out the last 3 monsters on the last level?". Sentol then stood up and said, "Yeah, that's right, me: Sentol monster tamer expert. Yes that sounds good: 'Sentol The Expert Monster Tamer'."

Malku raised an eyebrow and said, "Yeah, if you are such an expert how come you only have 1 monster?"

Sentol paused, "Well I've been busy, that's all."

"Yeah, busy chasing after Selfi." laughed Malku.

"What the, what's that suppose to mean!?" gasped Sentol.

"WATCH OUT!" shouted Malku.

A dart fired right past Sentol's head and stuck into a nearby wall. A shadowy figure was walking slowly towards Sentol and Malku from a darkened corridor.

Sentol shuddered, "What's that!?"

"I don't know, but get ready, I don't think it's going to let us leave!" said Malku.