Chapter 2:Unknown Force:

Sentol pulled out his sword and pointed it towards the shadow.

Malku lined up beside Sentol, waiting to make his move.

The strange figure walked slowly towards them and then it stopped.

"What is going on here Malku? Why wont it attack?" asked Sentol.

"I don't know, something's wrong, I've never seen this type of monster before." said Malku.

Sentol approached the monster which stood firm in the darkness Just then, it's eyes opened and a red glow glanced at Sentol, Sentol then fell back down on to the ground as he panicked.

"What, what is it?" said Sentol in a raspy voice.

"Stand back I'll take care of this!" shouted Malku.

Malku summoned his Fire Ball attack, "You don't know who your dealing with!" hissed Malku. Just as he finished his sentence, Malku fired his powerful Fire Ball attack.

"What? Did it miss?" asked Sentol.

"The attack couldn't have; it was a direct shot, but it never touched him!" snarled Malku.

The shadowy figure started moving forward once again.

Just then, a loud bang could be heard from behind Malku and Sentol. They turned around quickly, a large hole was now in a wall at the other side of the corridor, they turned back to the shadow, but it was gone.

"What is going on here? First that strange shadow, now that large hole in the wall over there." said Sentol.

"I don't know exactly what is happening, but I think we should go over and check out the wall." said Malku.

"Yeah let's go. We will find out what that shadow thing was later when we get back into town." said Sentol.

Sentol walked slowly as Malku hovered just above his head, they reached the entrance, and could see that there was a massive gap were the wall once stood.

"Well hurry up then, go in." said Malku in a scared tone.

"No way, you lived here for 20 years, I'll let you do the honours and go in first." said Sentol, who was too scared to go himself.

"Expert Tamer my flying foot, you big coward!" snapped Malku.

"Hey, was it not the coward who survived the war or those who ran into battle?" laughed Sentol.

"What are you talking about? This is no time for jokes!" hissed Malku.

"Yeah you are right Malku, now go on, be a brave little monster and go in." said Sentol, still laughing.

"I will get you for this, just you wait. Yeah, we will see who's laughing when you next go to sleep." said Malku in a muffled voice.

"What was that?" asked Sentol.

"Oh nothing." replied Malku.

Malku walked in to the newly discovered room, the room was strange to him, he had never seen this place in all the time he spent in the tower, which of course meant maybe it held some sort of hidden item. Malku sighed and said, "One can dream, I guess."

Sentol shouted, "Hey is everything ok in there?".

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Help me Sentol! Help me please! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" screamed Malku.

Sentol rushed to the scene to find Malku lying on the floor. He was not moving.

"Malku! Malku! Speak to me Malkuuu!!", shouted Sentol. Just as Sentol hung his head down about to cry, Malku grabbed Sentol's arm and burst into laughter.

"Hahaha, that's what you get for leaving me to go in alone!" laughed Malku.

"Why you little! I figured you'd been hurt or something!" protested Sentol.

"Hey wait a minute, there's something glowing over there." said Malku.

"Where?" replied Sentol.

Malku got up and went over to the object. It had a strange glow and it was in the shape of a horn.

"Hey Sentol, come on over and take a look at this will you?" said Malku.

Sentol walked over to Malku, mumbling something under his breath.

"Hey cool!" said Sentol. Sentol quickly grabbed the horn and started prodding at it.

"Hey what are you doing!? You will break it!" snapped Malku.

"I will not!" replied Sentol.

"Hey I'll tell you what, let's head back to town and ask around to see what it is." said Malku.

"Hey yeah, good idea!" Sentol said with a smile.

With this they cast the wind crystal and headed for town.