Poke Wing - The beginning.

"Prepare for trouble" Jessie said, from the shadows. "Make it double!!" James said after Jessie. "We know already!! What do you want?" Ash yelled to Team Rocket. "We want your Pikachu, twerps! Hand it over or we will take it by force" Jessie said, threatening the gang. "You have to battle us first! Go Bulbasaur!" Ash ordered and threw a pokeball.

* Meanwhile in a different dimension *

"Give it back Heero! Come on please!!" Duo pleaded noisily. "No Maxwell! You have irritated me enough with that already! Enough is enough!" Heero yelled through the safe house. "They are at it again, Tea anyone?" Quatre asked Wufei and Trowa, who were playing chess. "Yes please Quatre, your move Wufei" Trowa said to Wufei. "I would have some please, I wonder how it's going to end this time" Wufei said moving a chess piece. "Check mate!" Wufei said, leaning back in his chair. Trowa looked at the chessboard amazed. Quatre smiled and added "It is about time one of you said that, you have been playing it for three weeks now" Quatre said bringing two cups of tea over.

"Watch out, he's going to blow it up this time!!" Duo yelled coming into the kitchen and dove underneath the table. "What's going on now Duo?" Quatre asked looking under the table. "He's going to blow up my game boy, cause I cheered after catching a Gligar!" Duo muttered, fiddling around with the end of his braid. "Don't stop me! This is for the best! Anyone stops me and its Omae o korosu!!" Heero said and threw the game boy into the air above the table and shot it. The whole room flashed as the game boy blew up. A green hand grabbed the boys and pulled them into another dimension. "Oooh! Five little boys with me, watch great ones and you shall see, something funny beyond your limits and free!!" A voice said as the boys fell through a wormhole.

"Bulbasaur return, Go Cyndaquil!" Ash ordered throwing another pokeball. "Arbok, use poison sting!!" Jessie ordered her snake pokemon. "Here tiny gundam pilot drop off, bye till when ever!" Green angel rhymed. "Houndour!! Hound? Houndour hound.our?" Quatre said, getting up and looked at his body. "Meowth, what did he say?" Jessie asked Meowth. "It said 'Hey get back here, what am I? Where are the others?'" Meowth translated. "Pikachu? Pika, pika Chu! Chu!" Pikachu called over to Quatre from Ash's feet. "Meowth, translation?" James asked, fiddling with Victreebel's pokeball. "Pikachu said 'others? Come with us and we will help you find them, just get away from Team rocket!' Dat's nice!" Meowth said translating Pikachu. "Houndour! Hound.our, Houndour" Quatre said moving over towards Ash and the others. "Ash, what is going on here?" Misty asked. "I think Pikachu wants us to help that Houndour, is that right Pikachu?" Ash asked Pikachu.

"Pika! Pikapi, Pikachu pika!" Pikachu said to Quatre. "Houndour, hound.our, our" Quatre asked Pikachu. "Pika!" Pikachu said to Quatre then climbed up to Ash's shoulder. "Meowth, what just happened there?" Jessie asked, throwing a worried look at Meowth. "Pikachu and Houndour was just talking about attacks and how to use it, in other words we are about to become toast!" Meowth said, sweat dropping along his forehead. "PIKA!!" Pikachu yelled to Houndour. "Hound, HHHOOOUUUNNNDDDOOOUUURRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" Quatre released a giant flamethrower. "Team Rocket is blasting off again!!" Team Rocket said as they flew through the air. "Wow!! That is one powerful pokemon!!" Ash said watching team rocket disappear.

To be continued.

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