Poke wing 4 - Trowa

"Good morning Officer Jenny, how may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked Officer Jenny as she came in carrying a mankey.

"This mankey was found by the city gates being beaten up by three thugs," Officer Jenny said placing the pokemon carefully on to the desk.

"Ok, we will take care of it, Chancey let's take this to emergency" Nurse Joy said carefully placing the pokemon on to the desk.

"Good luck mankey" Officer Jenny saluted and left for her office to fill out her paperwork for this incident.

"Olivine city, at last" Ash said as they walked into the city.

"We better go to the pokemon centre first, we'll go to the gym tomorrow" Brock said looking at the pokemon who looked tired, Houndour the most.

"Yeah, the gym closes in a few hours anyway" Misty said, checking her watch.

'Hey Pikachu, I smell something weird… can you check it out? Quatre is too tired' Duo said, smelling the road near the gates of the city.

'Ok, that's a weird smell… it smells like you guys and…blood?' Pikachu said to the others, who looked alarmed and looked at the patch of dirt.

"Hey guys come on let's get to the pokemon centre!" Ash called for the pokemon.

'Lookie what I found in my space... which icky pilot does this belong too?!? Messa know Messa know' Green angel's voice popped into the gundam pilots heads.

'What's the matter Quatre?' Duo asked, after checking himself.

'My space heart... it has returned and I feel who is hurt...' Quatre said, closing his eyes to re gain the control on the space heart.

'Who's blood is that? Is it yuy's?' Wufei asked, after climbing back on to Brock's shoulder with help.

'No... it's...Trowa's, Trowa is hurt' Quatre said, fainting.

'Quatre!!!, Pikachu get Ash!' Duo said, running up to Quatre's side.

"Pikapi!! pika pika chu chu" Pikachu yelled over to Ash.

"What's the matter Pikachu? Huh? Houndour!! Misty, Brock! Houndour's fainted!!" Ash said, slipping his rucksack off and ran to Quatre.

"Let's get him to the pokemon centre quickly" Brock said, checking out for any injuries before they lifted him.

"Nurse Joy, we need help please" Ash called in to the pokemon centre, as they came in carrying Quatre between himself and Brock. Misty carrying Togepi, Wufei and Duo.

"Another pokemon? What's wrong with it?" Nurse joy asked, helping place Quatre on to the stretcher.

"We just arrived in the city and we stopped for a quick rest when Houndour fainted, we are all very tired as we have been walking all day" Misty explained placing the pokemon she was carrying on the floor except Duo who wouldn't let go of her rucksack.

"It must be tired then and during the day too, we'll take it to a ward where it can get some rest... are you sleeping here tonight too?" Nurse Joy asked, looking at the other pokemon and their trainers.

"Yes, we are stopping here for our pokemon to get some rest and I'm going to fight the gym leader here tomorrow" Ash said, placing his rucksack down and headed for the main desk.

"Can you let go please Pichu? I need to get to my pokeballs" Misty asked, trying to take off her rucksack and open it, Duo shook his head.

'Maxwell!! Just get off that trainer's bag, this isn't a hospital you know!!' Wufei yelled at Duo, who let go of the bag and jumped on to Brock's shoulder instead.

'It smells like one!! I can't stand hospitals!!! I'm going to sleep with suicune tonight!' Duo said and ran out of the pokemon centre.

'What was wrong with him?' Pikachu asked watching Duo disappear in to the late evening.

'He has a thing for hospitals, come on let's get settled down' Wufei said, walking over to the main desk and lept up on to it.

'Duo, what are you doing here?' Suicune asked as it ate a fish.

'I have a fear of hospitals and that pokemon centre smells just like one' Duo said, looking at the lights of the pokemon centre.

'Is it because of bad experience? Or just a feeling being inside of one?' Suicune asked, finishing the ish and started another one.

'Its because of the way I was raised and treated in my early childhood... I don't want to talk about it!! Just Heero we have to find now' Duo said, playing with a nearby branch.

'Is that the leader of your group?' Suicune asked, its ears twitching to the noises of the pokemon nearby.

'Yes, He can be trouble sometimes but he is our leader and we can't really do anything without him... Quatre has his space heart back so we will be able to find him easier' Duo said, bunching up some dry leaves to make a pillow and bed.

'Are you sleeping with me tonight then? What is a space heart?' Suicune asked, pulling a large leaf off a tree above him, for duo to act like a blanket.

'Thanks, A space heart... I am unsure my self but I think its a psyhic thing that allows that person to feel other people's feelings, you will have to ask Quatre tomorrow' Duo said, yawning and fell asleep on his bed of leaves.

'Night Duo, Let's hope that we will find your friend soon' Suicune said and wandered into the woods nearby to find someone.

'These little pokemon are the ones? Are you sure that they can save this world from those things?' A legendary bird asked Suicune.

'Articuno, they are a important group that can save the world... they have done it before in their world' Suicune said to the legendary bird of ice.

'As in some wierd way that we are related, I trust you and believe along with you... I wish the gundam pilots good luck, I must be going back now... bye for now Suicune' Articuno said and disappeared in a mist attack.

'I hope that we can trust them, but we still have their leader to find... I hope that we find him soon' Suicune said to itself walking back towards the camp.

'I also hope that the chosen one can help with this task of saving the world from the shadows of evil' Suicune said, quietly as it came back into the camp area. Duo asleep soundly among the leaves.

To be continued...

In poke wing part five, a rogue pidgey attacks the gang causing major trouble. How does a little pidgey cause so much damage? Is it their missing leader, Heero? Find out in poke wing part five.