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A small fragile baby cried (screeched) as her albino uncle held her. Why the hell doesn't this damned baby like me! I mean I'm awesome! The uncle thought as he tried to rock the baby to sleep. Damn Ludwig and Feli for leaving me here with this devil of a baby. Gilbert couldn't have heard the door open quickly enough. In only a few seconds, the infant was passed to his mom.

"I'll be leaving now," Gilbert muttered as he tried to raid his brother's house for beer.

"If you're going to leave, then leave," Ludwig stated simply, but it had a bit of venom to it. Ever since they had allowed Gilbert to watch their son Markus, the beer supply had been slowly diminishing.

Gilbert snorted softly, "Fine." He grabbed his navy jacket and white scarf and threw them on quickly. He opened the door and was almost blown back at the strength of the snowstorm. "Here I go. Out into the wilderness. I might die, but it's not like my own brother cares…" He continued to be dramatic.

Feliciano looked up at Ludwig and pulled on his green coat, "Ve~ let him stay for the night!"

He rolled his ice blue eyes, "Fine. You can stay, but only for one night!" He emphasized the last few words in fear that Gilbert would take advantage of the offer, as he had many previous times.

"Thanks!" Just as quickly as the outerwear was put on, it came off. Before heading up to the guest room, Gilbert gave his brother a pat on the back, "See you in the morning! Or afternoon...Haha! Depends on when I get up!"

A small blonde girl ran into the house and tripped over a thin rug, landing face first and getting bits of tan fluff shoved into her screaming mouth, "Slow down Ami!" Her mother yelled.

"Nea!" Ami got up as if she didn't just do a face-plant and stuck her tongue out at her parents, for trying to slow her down. (She learned it from her dad) Arthur narrowed his emerald green eyes at his young daughter, wondering to himself why she felt complied to do that so often. Why did kids act that way?

Markus, Ludwig and Feliciano's son who eerily looked like his mother, walked over to Ami and poked her stomach. He giggled, "You're funny!"

Ludwig tapped both his son and Ami out of the room, "Go play." The evening went as usual, with Roderich, Alfred arguing on what type of music is better, and Vash making sure nobody stole any of his money or his gun. Kiku was upstairs watching the kids, which mainly meant making sure nobody dropped the infant Fiore and that Raimund and Ami didn't get into a fistfight.

Ludwig sat down silently, dreading the news he received from his boss today. Feli cuddled up against his chest to try to cheer him up, "Ve~ what's wrong Ludwig?"

He stood up and looked down, not able to meet the eyes of his family and comrades, "My boss, he told me some unpleasant news today."

The other nations waited silently (which is an accomplishment in itself) as Ludwig continued, "All of our bosses had a meeting a week or so ago. It is about our children. They think that we need to put them up for adoption."

Austria rose from his seat letting out a giant breath, "As much as I hate to admit it, they're right. Ever since Raimund came, my attention has not been on the economy or the government. I-" he paused for a second, choosing his next words carefully, "I would be willing, for a while, to let Raimund be raised by others. I wouldn't be able to raise him properly, but I would like to be able to see him when he's older."

Arthur stood up, "I agree with everything Austria's said. It'll pain me to see Ami leave and be raised by someone else, but…it's the right thing to do."

Feliciano was the next to agree. He wasn't willing, but Feli's boss scared him a bit. To try to comfort him, Ludwig placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder, "We'll see them again, I promise, okay?"

Tears that had welled up in Feli's eyes dissipated. "O-okay. But I want to leave something for them!"

"HOLD UP! Don't we get a say in this?" Alfred brought their attention to him and Vash. The usually cheerful American's voice turned darker, "There's no way I'm going to let my daughter be raised by-by some imbecile and stand by and do nothing. And that is final."

People gawked at America…..mainly because he used 'imbecile' correctly in a sentence. Vash put his hand on America's shoulder in agreement, "I agree with America. Raimund will be raised by Roderich and I or else." Nobody dared to ask what the 'or else' meant considering Vash had a gun with him.

Roderich decided to take a more diplomatic approach than trying to force his opinion on them, the same as Arthur was doing, "Listen, we can't fight our bosses. So why don't we jus-" Before he even had a chance to finish, Vash had a gun re-strapped to his back and was about to head out the door. "Vash. Sit down."

Vash's emerald eyes glared at his husband, "No. I will fight my boss to let me keep my son if it is the last thing I do. If you get in my way, I will not hesitate to hit you over the head with my Peace Prize!" And with that the Swiss trigger-happy blonde had left.

Alfred gritted his teeth, "How can you willfully give your children up so easily?"

Arthur stood up in rebuttal, "You actually think I would rather have some stranger raise my own flesh and blood than me? You really are a wanker, you know that? I loathe the idea, but I know that it's what I need to do, no matter how difficult it will be."

For once, Alfred had no response, "I'll only agree if I'm able to visit her."

Ludwig was the one to talk next, "We will visit them once they are all adults, so we won't be tempted to take them out of the orphanage and raise them ourselves."

Feli tugged on the German's arm, "Ve~ so we'll see them once Fiore turns 18?" Ludwig nodded, "But that's so long! Can I leave her something, please?"

After a bit of discussion, they decided that they would leave one thing for each child. For Fiore, Feliciano wrote a quick letter saying sorry and how they would visit when she turns 18. Ludwig gave his son the iron cross he has had since he was called 'Holy Roman Empire'. Roderich left his son a small piano piece he had written. Alfred and Arthur had a necklace that they were planning to give to Ami. It was silver with her initials engraved on it. That night, the countries sent their children to an orphanage in NYC.

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