"So this is where you and Feli grew up? It's such a nice place."

"Hey! Me and Francis were here too!"

"Ve~ Don't forget Elisabeta~"


"Che. I see someone's still going on about that. Get over it."

"Ah, Lovi, don't be so mean~"

"Get your hands off of me. I'm married, you pervert."

"Ve~ You shouldn't be so mean, though!"

"It's bad for your health to get so stressed!"

"Ohoho~ I bet you have a surefire way of relieving that stress, though~"

"What? Don't try to butt into my sex life!"

"Heh. It's ironic because you said 'butt'."

"Could you all just please shut up?" growled Ludwig. The six others turned to him. "We have to at least look professional, or else they might not deem us suitable to raise children!"

Gilbert cackled. "I'm not adopting anything! You can act stuck-up all you want, I don't have to do jack shit!"

"Thanks for being supportive, Gilbert. It means a lot to me."

"Don't mention it."

Lovino looked around. "When is that girl coming back? It's not like we have all day."

Lilli patted him on the shoulder. "Just be patient." He mumbled something to himself but let his shoulders relax.

Suddenly, a rather handsome elderly man entered the room. "There certainly are a lot of you! Are you all together?"

"Just pair 'em off. I'm just here because he has my money." Gilbert jerked his thumb at Ludwig. "Can I use the bathroom?"

"Yes, it's right—"

"Thanks, but I know where it is." Gilbert walked around him and disappeared down the hall.

After he finished, he decided to check out the children and maybe show them his bird that he had sneaked into the country. He named it after himself, you know. Gilbird. He thought the name was awesome.

He sauntered out to the playground. There were children everywhere, and as soon as they saw him, they mobbed him, asking if he was going to adopt any of them.

"N-No! That's what my brother's here for! Get off of me!" He started pushing on their persistent heads, but they soon overpowered him. "Help! I'm being kidnapped by children!" They giggled.

"Stop! What are you doing to that poor princess, you villains?" someone shouted. The kids giggled more and dragged him faster.

"He's our princess now, Miss Ellie! You can't have him!"

"I don't think so! RAAAAH!" The children giggled more and scattered as someone ran toward them, dropping Gilbert's torso and head onto the ground.


"I'm sorry, are you okay?" He looked up at his savior.


She smiled. "That's something I haven't been called in awhile." She took his hand and pulled him up. "It's nice to see you, Gilbert."

"Y-Yeah…It's nice to see you too…" He brushed himself off. "S-So, do you work here or something?"

"Yep! Oh, that reminds me…" She looked toward the children. "Mr. Vargas sent me to get some kids."

"That's why I'm here."

"You're adopting a living creature?" She laughed. "I hope your wife's better with children than you are!"

"Not me. Francis and Antonio, and Ludwig and Feli, and Lovi and that girl from the flower shop you were friends with." His face darkened. "And I'm not married! Why would you think that?"

"I don't know! People usually like to have a spouse or at least a girlfriend before they adopt a child."

"I don't have a girlfriend either…" he muttered.

"Oh." She stopped laughing.

"I bet you have a boyfriend by now, though…"

She blushed. "Actually, I don't. I'm just not that interested in that kind of thing."

Gilbert snickered. "Men?"

She hit him. "Dating, stupid."

"I knew that!" He rubbed his arm. "Damn, you can still hit, huh?"

She sniffed. "Of course I can."

Gilbert glanced out at the small children on the playground. "So, uh…"

"Oh yes, of course!"


"I'd love to go get coffee with you."

"Wait, wh—"

"Four o'clock on Saturday? Sounds great!"

He stared at her. "How do you people do that?"

She giggled. "Trade secret. Oh, and your diary's in the head's office. You left it there, like, ten years ago or something." Then she ran into the crowd of children, shouting something to a girl named Laura.

Gilbert stared after her. "It's a journal!" he yelled. She made no signs of having heard him. He shot her one last glance, then stuffed his hands in his pockets and went back inside.

They'd have plenty of time to talk later.

AN: "That girl", mentioned by...I'm not sure who...is Taiwan. The Asian nations all work there.

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