Me- "This is for a prize winner of a contest I held on so yea... I OWN NOTHING!"

Rex's POV

I walked down the hall to Holidays lab. She had said she need something about blood samples again. While I was walking I was chewing gum and blowing bubbles and every once in a while I would stop to take a bite of my banana. I bumped into some one while I wasn't looking were I was going.

"REX! Watch were your going... What are you eating?" It was just Six.

"A Banana and bubble gum."


"Well, the gum tastes good but the banana is good for me so I decided to eat them at the same time."

"Why? Bananas are good gum just defeats the purpose."

"Nuh uh! Gum make the banana taste good."

"No. It would make on awful taste."

"Than you try it."

"I don't want to!" he was acting like a five year old.

"YES! Do it! The yellow-y goodness calls you! DO IT!

"No! Gum is gross and I won't hurt the banana clan by tainting it with gum!"

"Banana clan?"

"They rule over all bananas! And they punish people who make them all gross!"

"Will they come after me?" I asked.


"OH NO! Is there any way I can make it up to them?"

"Yes! But it is very hard to do!"

"OKAY I'll DO IT!" I yelled. We went back to his room.

"Here put this on!" He said while handing me a banana suit. I quickly put it on. Than he handed me a pair of black shoes.

"Okay now what?"

"Go to NYC times square and do the PB Jelly time dance!"

"But I don't know it!" I said. He sat me in front of a computer to watch it on you tube.

"There now GO! Before the clan comes after you!" He yelled. I ran out of the room and all the way to the landing bay. I activated the 'boogie pack' and took off for NYC.

Holidays POV

I had been waiting for Rex for an hour. All of a sudden WK came on the screen, before I could say any thing he transferred it to a live action news report. The person was talking.

"I am here in time square NYC and there is an EVO doing the peanut butter jelly time dance in a banana suit." The video cut over to where Rex was in a banana doing said dance. "A single agent has come to take care of him."



"What?" Six had a look of confusion on his face which was not normal.

"You said that when ever some one makes something gross with a banana than they have to do this or the banana clan will come after them!"

"Rex! I have been in Hong Kong for the past four days! I was just landing when I saw you take off!"

"Than how come you told me about this...?"

"I don't know Rex!"

"BOBO! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Rex yelled at the sky. He quickly got out of the stupid suit and he was already in his normal outfit. He used his already out boogie pack to fly of screen. White Knight cut off the feed and the screen went blank. Just than I heard a snicker behind me.

"That got the chief a little upset don't you think?"

"Bobo he is going to kill you."

"Nah. I am just glad green bean went through with it."

"You mean Six really did tell him all that stuff? Why did he have a banana suit?"

"Yea, I paid him, I needed to get pay back and I put the suit in his room." I shook my head.


Me- "There agent! You got it! Hope you like it!"