Hoagie time!

One night in the Treehouse, the Nightmare King tiredly climbed the latter that lead to Hoagie's rocket ship bed. He finally reached the top to find the pilot sleeping. "Phew! Man I've never flown so much before!" he panted. "And who puts their bed up this high, anyway? What is this, Tarzan? Ugh. I need a drink." With that, he pulled out a beer and began drinking away before giving Hoagie his nightmare. "Alright, let's just get through this."

Inside his nightmare, the chubby pilot awoke to find himself on some deserted island. "Huh? How did I get here?" he asked himself. "Well, I better call the others for help." He then reached into his pocket for a communicator, but something was amiss. "Hey…where's my stuff?" He then noticed something else. "Why am I wearing Amish clothes?"

Just then, he looked to see Numbuh Jebediah come out from some bushes. "There you are! Come now, Numbuh 2. Time for work."

Numbuh 2, confused, just decided to follow, and was lead to an Amish farm. "W-What's going on? What am I doing here?"

"Oh, don't you remember? The Kids Next Door were getting annoyed by your technical know-how, so they sent you here to work at Sector A, which was moved to this here island, from now on."


"Yep, that's pretty much it."


He then awoke in his spaceship bed, gasping for air. He then heard his door open and looked down to see Abby come in. "Numbuh 2, what are you screaming about?"

"Oh, Abby. I just had the craziest nightmare." He began, climbing down the latter.

"What happened?"

"Oh, nothing. Say, Abby…you don't think I'm…annoying, do you?"

"Hmm…well, Numbuh 5 DOES get annoyed with you sometimes. But most of the time, you're a pretty cool guy!"


"Well, sure! Heck, this team wouldn't get anywhere without your inventions! And it was your weapons that helped Numbuh 1 beat Dimentia!"

"Oh, yeah…I guess so!"

"Yeah! Hey, you wanna get some ice cream while we're up?"

"Sure!" But before they could leave, the Nightmare King fell from below Hoagie's bed, holding a beer and drunk as Hell.


Hoagie and Abby just backed away, freaked out.

"Woo! Okay, okay! You are DONE, Hoagie! DONE! Ah'm just gonna-" he belched, "cross your name out! Next up is FANNY!" With that, he burst into laughter. "HER NAME IS FA-A-ANNY! That's a BUTT! FANNY!" He then continued to laugh, leaving Hoagie and Abby to exchange speechless glances. "Hey, hey! Wanna see me fly? No, really, I can fly. Wanna see? Are you-are you watching? Are-Are you? Are you? Are you?"

"Uh…yes?" Hoagie replied.

"Okay, watch-watch 'cause…well, here I go." With that, he charged and ran toward the large open window, jumped, then fell. "AAHH! I LANDED ON A FENCE! IT WENT RIGHT THROUGH MY CHEST! Oh, I cut myself deep! Oh…I'm a spirit, so it doesn't hurt, though."

Hoagie and Abby just didn't know what to say.

Yes, the Nightmare King is drunk. Spirits + beers DON'T MIX! Well, next I'll do Fanny. Later.