Hello all! Yes, I am going to release some more AQF outtakes. For now, if you didn't get to read the chapter 2 EPOV, here you go!

This EPOV picks up from just before Lauren and Jessica harass Bella on the playground.

I'm sitting in study hall just before lunch, bored out of my mind. It's hot in the room, and since I already finished my work, I'm staring out the window at the playground. The sixth and seventh graders are outside playing and it's kinda funny to watch them—they're ridiculous, really. Especially the girls—the way they run around and chase the boys. Most of them are completely obnoxious, and I'm glad I'm too old for that shit.

My eyes drift, and it's like I'm looking for something and I don't really know what, or who, until I see her. There's Bella wearing a ratty looking blue coat, walking around the outside of the field away from the other kids. Even if I didn't recognize her clothes, her long hair would have given her away. I like the way it falls all the way down her back, kind of wavy. It smells good.

From this distance I can't see what her face looks like, but I know she's probably miserable out there. I hate that she's so shy, but I know it's hard for her with the way the bitches in her class, Lauren and Jessica, tease her. I've seen the way they tease her, but she never complains about it. She never complains about anything. And she's been more quiet than usual lately. Is it because of trouble at home or is she mad at me? I can't tell, but I want to find out more than anything.

Every once and a while Mr. Benson looks up at me and I lower my head, pretending to be busy. He gives me a look as if to say he's on to me, and I keep my eyes down for a minute until he looks away. The homework I've just finished is a joke, and I wish I'd brought my notebook so I could have spent the rest of the period writing. Doing something productive besides staring out the window at a girl who is supposed to be my sister's friend, my friend. She's my friend, right? I can look if I want. Whatever.

After a couple of minutes I glance up again...and what I see pisses me the fuck off. Lauren and Jessica are closing in on Bella, and a few other kids have stopped to watch.

Suddenly, I'm standing up and leaving the room before Benson can stop me. I'm tearing down the hall and out the back door to the playground, ignoring startled looks from a couple kids just coming in from outside.

I run as fast as I can until I'm close enough to hear Jessica screech: "Watch where you're going!" just before she shoves Bella so hard that she falls into the snow. Bella's holding a book and it falls out of her hand and I'm too late. Lauren kicks the book away from Bella as she tries to reach for it while Jessica piles snow onto Bella's bare head. I've never hated anyone so much in my life, and a sound comes out of my chest like I'm fucking growling.

"Get away from her."

My voice is deadly and Lauren and Jessica immediately stop what they're doing when they see me, stepping away from Bella. Their blue eyes are wide with fear, blonde heads bobbing stupidly, and it takes all of my restraint not to push them to the ground too, or worse.

But it's Bella who I'm worried about. She's flushed and I can see tears on her face as I pull her to her feet, her little ungloved hand cold and wet in mine.

"If you ever touch her again, you'll be sorry." I spit on the ground as I stand in-between Bella and the dumb chicks that think they're better than her. And I mean it. Stupid blonde heads bob some more and they retreat along with the rest of the idiotic spectators—kids too scared or selfish or mean to do anything but watch.

I turn back to Bella and release her hand. She brushes herself off and her face is red—is she embarrassed?

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she mumbles, but she doesn't sound too sure about it. She won't look at me.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, thanks." She bends over to pick up her book and I can see it's all wet from the melting snow. I recognize it now—it's Anne of Green Gables. I was with my mom at the bookstore when she picked it out for Bella's birthday. And I know it probably means a lot to her, and now that it's ruined I really wanna go and find those girls and beat the crap out of them. Yeah, I know that hitting girls is not okay, but man do they deserve it.

Suddenly I hear Benson yelling from the door and I know I better get going, 'cause I'm probably already in trouble for leaving class without permission. But I don't want to leave Bella like this...when she looks at me, her eyes...they're just indescribable. And filled with such sadness. I want to destroy whoever put it there.

"I gotta go," I say, wishing I could tell her how sorry I was. An idea occurs to me, and I smile. "Wait for me after school?"

Her eyes widen and I think I see the hint of a smile as she nods. And now Benson is screaming. With a final look at Bella I turn and jog towards the school thinking that it was worth it, even if I get detention.

"Mr. Cullen. What in God's name do you think you're doing?" Benson's face is red and I think I see a vein throbbing on his forehead.

"Helping a friend," I reply, biting back the sarcastic remark I want to throw at him, since I realize that if I do get detention, there's no way I'll be walking home with Bella.

He has nothing to say to that and I realize he probably witnessed the whole exchange. Good thing I'm here to keep an eye on things since the teachers at this school sure as hell don't.

"Well, consider this a warning. You pull a stunt like that again and it'll be detention."

I smirk. I'm not making any promises.