Love, Lies, and Male Modeling

A/N: My cousin was reading Allure magazine, and she pointed out a guy in a dress. He's one of their models. So, the thought crossed my mind that a girl could play a way better guy, because it's okay for a guy to look feminine. So, I jumped up and shouted, "INSPIRATION!" My cousin proceeded to stare at me awkwardly. It seems like a good idea. I see all these fics about male models falling in love with innocent, regular Sakura. Well… Now, Sakura's a model as well. A male model. Of course, eventually they'll find out, romance, comedy, yadayadayada.

Summary: All of Konoha's prestigious male models seem to be falling for a new rookie. One problem—Saruka Haruno is a guy. Really? Unbeknownst to them, Saruka is really named Sakura, a young girl who was forced into becoming a male model by her best friend.

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... What can I say? I like thinking out of the box.

Chapter One

I sighed, giving an indifferent glance to the crowd. The girls in the front cheered loudly, all sighing in the ecstasy of my presence. My hair was tucked under a beanie, and only a few short strands hung free. My jade green eyes scanned the crowd, and I tilted my chin up. I wore a leather jacket over a black and white striped shirt, along with baggy black jeans. Once I reached the end of the catwalk, I turned and walked back.

My name is Sakaru Haruno, age twenty, male model. Except my real name is Sakura Haruno. And, uh, I'm not really a man. I'm a girl, I promise.

You're probably wondering why I'm pretending to be a male model if I'm really a girl. Well, it's a really weird story that involves my best friend, Ino Yamanaka. She's the one who was actually the model here. She's this really pretty girl with platinum blonde hair and pastel blue eyes.

I needed money, okay? My family was about to get kicked out of our dinky little apartment, and Ino offered to pay this month's rent if I did her a favor. Ino had gotten her modeling company's famous male model fired through a long series of events that I don't feel like explaining. Her boss told her she needed to find a new male model.

That's where I came in.

She dressed me up like a boy, pinned my already short pink hair into this flat style, and sent me off. The things I do so I won't be homeless, right?

My mother, Tsunade, was working herself to the bone in order to get out of the deep pit of debt we were in, so I couldn't refuse an opportunity to help. Damn selflessness.

After I made it back inside the back room, I walked into one of the stalls to change. Most of the incredibly handsome men were changing right in the back room, but it's obviously understandable that I couldn't do that. I mean, I'm already stuffing my underwear. There would probably be some questions as to why a male model was wearing a bra.

Or maybe just some awkward glances. You never know with these model types. Although, who am I to judge? I'm pretending to be a guy.

I stepped out, now in a red, baggy sweatshirt and blue jeans. I kept my beanie firmly pulled down, so that only a few pink strands slipped out. One of the other models shot me a funny look. I recognized him as Sasuke Uchiha, the younger of the Uchiha heartthrobs. His black hair was spiked backwards, and he had these deep obsidian eyes.

"Sakaru, right?" He narrowed his eyes, "Do the world a favor and quit."

"Huh?" I responded offhandedly, too surprised to change my voice. "Uh," I lowered my voice to what I thought at least decently sounded male, "What are you talking about?"

"Sasuke is trying to tell you that you're not good enough to make it in the male modeling industry," Neji Hyuuga, one of the other models, sighed. He was sitting in a plush red chair, reading a magazine with him on the cover. Egotistic asshole. He had long, brown hair that was tied off at the end, and these pearl white eyes that were somewhat creepy.

"That's not very nice," I muttered, clenching my fists. If I got fired at my first show, Ino wasn't going to give me the money. It was this or prostitution, and I am not giving up my V-card to some creepy old married, cheating bastard. I had to remember that Mother needed the help. School tuition was expensive as well, so I would have to work hard so that I could afford that private school I've had my eye on.

Models get ridiculous salaries. When Ino and Shizune signed me up with the show owner, I nearly had a heart attack.

"Well," Neji's voice brought me out of my thoughts, "It's not my fault you have such a feminine face."

Since I'm really a girl, I guess that's a complement. Although, by the icy tone in his voice, it certainly wasn't intended as one.

I scowled, "You're one to talk. You have girl hair." It wasn't a lie. His hair was better taken care of than my own.

He scowled at me, "You'll be run down and out of work within a week. You can't handle what we do."

"Yes," I placed my hand on my hip and turned my nose up, and spoke in a dramatic and whiny tone, "Because male modeling is so hard." I sneered at him, "Spare me, you arrogant little prick."

I turned, walking over to the row of violet couches, plopping down and whipping out my red cell phone. I'd missed three calls from my mother, who wasn't aware that her daughter was currently male- Or, at least, pretending to be. I was about to call, when my phone was snatched out of my hand.

I looked up, into the smirking faces of Itachi Uchiha, Hidan Jashin, Pein Nagato, Deidara Iwa, and Sasori Akasuna.

I felt like I was in the middle of a soon-to-be gang rape.

"Um," I turned bright red, "C-can I help you?"

"Your voice sounds funny, yeah," Deidara Iwa smirked, tossing my phone back. He looked a lot like a male version of Ino. His long, blonde hair was in a ponytail, and it covered one of his blue eyes. "Do you have a cold?"

"Yes," I replied bluntly, "And it's incredibly contagious, so please go away." I was surrounded by half naked male models. I'm only human! How could I not be blushing like a moron?

"Why the fuck is your fucking face red?" Hidan Jashin sneered. He had slicked back silver hair and violet eyes. He was handsome, but he had quite the mouth on him.

I immediately looked up, forgetting my cover for a second, and muttered, "Having a potty mouth is a bad thing. Didn't mommy teach you?"

He looked shocked for a moment, before making a disgusted face and walking away. He didn't seem the type to walk away. His friends looked shocked as well.

Itachi Uchiha was the older of the Uchiha brothers. He had long, black hair that was tied in a low ponytail and crimson red eyes. He had this silent disposition about him, and I briefly wondered if he worked hard to keep that cold demeanor. I've heard he was quite the womanizer, but I suppose that wouldn't matter much. I'm supposed to be a guy, remember?

Pein Nagato was quiet. I mean, even quieter than Itachi. In the interviews on television, he'd never spoken more than one or two words. He had orange hair and these gray ringed eyes. He had piercings all over, and he had this kind of stoic creepiness. Don't get me wrong, he was a male model for a reason, but I personally wasn't attracted to the actor/model types. That's right—Pein Nagato, Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigake, Sasori Akasuna, Deidara Iwa, Zetsu—What was his last name again?—, Tobi Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, and Konan Nagato. They were an acting/modeling troup known as the Akatsuki. If you had one of them, you had access to their famous insignia, a red cloud outlined in black.

Anyway, Sasori Akasuna was kind of weird. He had dark red hair, and these warm brown eyes. He looked like he was… How should I put this? He looked like he would smoke some Mary Jane with the local drug dealers. He had that kind of tired look about him. It was part of his charm, I suppose.

I had only seen Zetsu and Kisame on television. They weren't here today. Supposedly, they were off on some shoot. Zetsu was a strange one. His skin was tanner on one side than the other, and his hair was green. Kisame had some sort of disorder that caused his skin and hair to appear blue. I think they're pretty cool though. Kisame does a lot of surfing ads. In fact, I think he's in an upcoming movie. Zetsu actually did a lot with gardening; I'm not actually sure why. Maybe he likes plants. Hooray for logic!

I scowled and stood up; waiting for the text to signal that my ride was here. I wonder where Ino is. She's probably off chatting with her little modeling friends. I sighed in annoyance. It was weird, knowing that my picture would be in some dinky fashion magazine somewhere. Personally, I'd never look for it. Hell, I wouldn't even know that the company was Konoha Fashions if it wasn't written all over the walls. Of course, I'm sure that Ino will giggle and tell me about it for weeks. That, along with the few upcoming gigs she had scheduled. After that, though, Sakaru Haruno will no longer exist. Just me, Sakura Haruno, who will go on with my life.

Damn, that sounded good.

My phone vibrated, and I picked it up, sliding the screen up. I opened the text message, the words confirming that Ino was waiting outside. I set my phone down as I stood, adjusting my clothes to make sure I maintained my cover. I felt a wad of paper come in contact with the back of my head. I turned, my scornful eyes searching for the offender. The group of male models all stood across the room, many of them smirking at me. Bastards. I didn't feel like picking a fight with the entire crew, simply to see who tossed a crumpled piece of paper at me, so I didn't. I decided to be a better person than these arrogant pricks, and I left.

What I didn't realize at the time was that I had left my phone on the seat.

I sighed, slipping into Ino's red Ferrari. Maybe if I kept modeling, I could afford one of these. Ha! As if. I'd be out of there as soon as I could. I smiled brightly at my best friend, slipping the beanie off and undoing the pins. My pink hair fell, free at last. I slipped the hoodie off, and pulled the pants down, revealing a t-shirt and some shorts. I had to look different when I exited the security lot, so I wouldn't arouse suspicion that Ino and Sakaru were dating. Ew. Paparazzi are creepy like that.

Anyway, the security guard was an old friend of ours. He turns off the parking lot cameras for about five minutes so Ino can drive me off to some remote part where I can change.

We were just about to drive up to the security gate when I realized that I didn't have my phone. I felt a sinking feeling of horror as I settled upon the idea that I had left it on the couch after I'd been hit with the paper ball.

"Ino," I huffed, "I'm going inside. I need to get my phone."

"You want to get redressed? What if someone recognizes you?" Ino said, quite rationally. However, we both knew that Shikamaru couldn't turn the security cameras off again for me to change. Once, he could say he was doing a safety test to ensure that the cameras were still working. Twice would look suspicious. He was only supposed to do it once a day.

"No, I'll just make something up," I hopped out of the car, walking towards the entrance. A gray haired security guard named Kakashi stopped me,

He held his hand out, "Whoa there girl, where are you going?"

I smiled innocently. It was time to lie. I spoke in my sweetest voice, "You know Sakaru Haruno, right? The new male model? He's my twin brother. He left his cell phone on the couch, and he asked me to go get it."

"Oh," Kakashi smiled through his black mask that covered one of his eyes, "Yeah, you do look just like him. You're cuter, of course. You can go in, just be quick, okay?"

I nodded, thanking him and walking inside. Sucker. Why did he believe me? He didn't even make me show identification. I could be a serial killer! I'm not, but I could be. Didn't he realize that imaginary Sakaru should get off of his lazy ass and get the phone himself? I mean, I know he doesn't exist, but he doesn't know that!

I walked in, scanning the back room nervously. I didn't see my phone on the couch. What happened to it?

"Hey," A gruff voice muttered, "Are you looking for this?" I turned to see Gaara Sabaku, one of the male models. He had blood red hair and eyeliner around sea foam eyes. He had the Japanese kanji for love tattooed above his eye.

I smiled at the phone he held in his hand. "Yes! My brother sent me in." I reached for the phone, grabbing it and putting it in my pocket. I kind of really wanted to hug the phone—It was like getting my young, innocent baby back after she was kidnapped by an evil overlord or something. However, if I hugged my phone, supposedly belonging to my non-existent brother, it would look really weird. So, I attempted to look casual.

Gaara looked focused, staring at me intently, "You really do look like your brother."

I let out a small laugh, "Well, we're twins. The doctor says it's weird that we look so alike though, because we're not identical. I mean, he's a boy and I'm a girl. Of course, he didn't actually say we're weird though. I don't think doctors are allowed to say that. Maybe they are. How would I know?" I'm babbling. Stop babbling, stupid me.

"Right," Gaara said, "I have a sister, but she doesn't look anything like me. Well, maybe I'll see you around the shows?" He just had this self-conscious but handsome look about him, and I felt like melting.

"Um," I felt myself turn red, "Alright. Yeah, definitely." As soon as I said it, I wanted that response back. I couldn't come see the show if I was in it! "Well," I made a desperate attempt to save it, "I mean, they're not really my thing, so I won't make any promises."

"Oh," He turned, "Okay." He looked hurt, and I felt a bit guilty. He shoved his hands into his jean pockets, "I hope I see you around." He walked away.

Well, that didn't work out like I hoped. I suppose models weren't rejected that often. Oh well, it'll give him something to think about, right?

Suddenly, there was a hand on my ass. That certainly won't work out like he hoped.

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