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No one ever likes the new kid; I guess that's obvious. But seeing as we were both new, maybe I would be an exception? He was captivating; I couldn't help but stare at his oh-so-beautiful emerald green eyes. He seemed more than perfect, picture perfect even, possibly too good to be true. His enthralling features, his captivating physique and his potent scent that pored off of him as he sauntered past, they were all perfect, and wonderful.

In all honesty, I'm not sure whether I'd even be worthy of such a superb creature. Did I wish I was? Most definitely. School was such a dull place at the moment, we'd just recently started the new semester and I still hadn't made a friend, not even a friendly acquaintance. I tend to shadow myself away from the others. I'm the person who stays hidden within crowd, it doesn't bother me though. I like being unnoticed. Although, there is one person who I wish would acknowledge me, even slightly; Lucas.

It sounds kind of gooey, and lovey dovey but, I think I've experienced that whole "love at first" site thing you always hear about in American movies.

~ Allieee

Characters from "Evernight" plot, by me.