It's Research

Summary: There was something about laughing together after you puked your guts out that made Misty feel like she enjoyed Gary's company a bit more. Gary Oak, he poisoned her, but he wasn't that bad. Not that bad at all.

A/N: Rated M for language and sexual situations (which won't happen until later in the story).

Misty and Gary are both 19 years old.

If Fanfiction dot net had a category for 'slice of life', then that's where this story would be in.

Misty dabbled her feet in the water and sighed loudly; bored with her day already. Her pokemon were swimming around in the pool, having a lot of free time since there didn't seem to be any new challengers lately. However, that would change in about a month, then Professor Oak would be handing out new starter pokemon to ten year olds waiting to start their journey, and they would surely stop by the Cerulean Gym. Even so, only battling newbies wasn't much of a fun past time, in fact, it could get really boring. Then again, it's not like she did it every day, she and her sisters agreed to switch duties every other week with each other. This week was her turn to battle challengers, but so far, no takers.

"What a crappy day," she muttered and then kicked some water in the air with her feet.

"Now Misty, I don't want to hear, like, such ugly language in the gym. Okay?" asked Daisy, her oldest sister who walked by.

The redhead merely snorted and shrugged her shoulders. She was bored, had a very uneventful day, and if she wanted to use 'bad' language, then she sure as hell was going to without anyone stopping her.

"Yeah Misty, it makes you look even uglier," retorted Violet, the one with the blue hair as she followed Daisy's footsteps.

It was all Misty could do to not sick her pokemon on them. They knew very well that she wasn't exactly happy being tied down as a gym leader, hence why she managed to talk them into a deal. A deal which meant she was the gym leader for a week, and for the other week, her sisters were the gym leaders. They'd been doing it for years, but of course, her three sisters weren't happy about it one bit.

"Hey Misty, we're going out now!" yelled out Daisy. "We're expecting Professor Oak to give us a call soon, so please pick it up!"

Misty frowned. "What does he want?"

Daisy brought a finger to her pink lips and ten shrugged. "Beats me, just pick up, will you?"

"Fine, fine. When will you be back?"

"We'll be back when we're back!" Daisy then exited the pool and went to go wherever she was going with her other sisters.

Misty finally lifted her legs out the water and returned her pokemon in her pokeballs; she was sure no one would be coming to challenge her this late still. It was already 5 PM, and she didn't feel like sticking around in the same place all day long, so Misty went to the living room where she sat and watched some tv. She flipped to the Pokemon Discovery Channel, and was pleased to see a documentary with Professor Oak in it. Misty watched half interested as Professor Oak talked about the level of care of pokemon. She was almost falling asleep on the couch when a loud commercial came on that scared her awake.

"Are you tired of these sissy gym leaders?" a loud male voice said in the commercial.

Misty glared at the screen and folded her arms. She was not a sissy, she was a great gym leader. It just so happened her sisters failed at fighting that contributed to trashing the Cerulean Gym's reputation.

The man continued to talk, walking into the screen. "Well, we say enough is enough! These gym leaders should toughen up, because we want a real challenge, not a hand-out!" A crowd behind him started to cheer, in agreement with the speaker.

Misty rolled her eyes; people had always been complaining that the gym leaders weren't good enough, and that they handed out their badges way too easily. Some even suggested a complete overhaul of the gym system, which was luckily shot down by the Pokemon League. She herself wasn't bad in fighting, she could still kick anyone's ass, but she did go easy on those who were battling her for the second time. Then there were gym leaders like her sisters who'd rather hand out badges like candy and go tan their bronze skin in the sun, than actually battling these trainers.

When the commercials finally ended, the documentary with Professor Oak continued, and Misty felt her eyelids become sleepy again. It had been very boring today, almost like any other day, so Misty quickly drifted off into a nap. Only a few seconds later and she woke up in surprise; the videophone was ringing. Speak of the devil, it must be Professor Oak. Misty jumped off the couch and quickly picked up the phone.

The screen flicked on and she saw the familiar Professor Oak, though much older than when he was in the documentary.

"Why hello there, Misty," he greeted with a warm smile.

"Good evening Professor Oak, what can I do for you?" she asked sweetly, always having a ton of respect for the old professor.

"I'm guessing your sisters aren't around?"

"No, they left to go do something else and told me to pick up instead. So, what can I do for you?"

"I guess you'll do as well then! Well Misty, I was going to ask if one of your sisters could come down here to Pallet Town and participate in a research about Pokemon. Since they're not here, I'll just ask you! Misty, would you like to take part in our research? It involves your pokemon and their experience with you. We needed someone experienced and close-by, so I immediately thought the Cerulean Gym would be the perfect place to look for!"

Misty blinked blankly at the new information. "Uhh," she said, not quite knowing what was going on. "What kind of research?"

"Oh there's nothing much to it, we'll just record your pokemon's physical fitness, its heart rate – that sort of stuff, and compare it to pokemon that are less experienced. Don't worry; it's completely harmless! So, what do you say, Misty?"

A chance to take a break from gym duties and do something else? Who wouldn't accept that? Misty simply smiled and nodded. "Sounds good to me!" Then she started to wonder why Professor Oak would ever consider her sisters to be experienced in pokemon battles. Misty shivered at the thought.

"Great! When can you get here? I'll arrange it so that you can stay over at my grandson's house while you're there. The research won't take long, maybe a few days or so."

"Hmm, well I'm on Gym duty this week, so the next possible date I'm free is next Monday, will that be alright?"

"Splendid! Be sure to bring your most experienced pokemon with you. Two will be fine."

"Alright then! You'll see me appear on Monday afternoon."

"Great! Take care, Misty."


The video call ended and Misty looked up at the ceiling with a smile; something different was going to happen, about time! She'd been doing nothing but gym battles these past few years, not much traveling, and definitely no adventures anymore like when she was with Ash and Brock. Those were the days, traveling every day until your feet were sore, camping in the forest with creepy bug pokemon all around her – Misty suddenly didn't miss the old days that much anymore. They went their own ways years ago. Ash continued his quest to become a pokemon master, and has been traveling around ever since. Brock opened his own day care center and became a well known breeder. As for Misty herself, she stayed at the Cerulean Gym to battle upcoming trainers. She took part in her sister's water show every once in a while, but she didn't do much else. Every week that she would be off duty, Misty would train her pokemon, or go fishing. She basically continued that cycle until today, when she was 19 years old and hadn't done much of anything lately.

The worst thing; she had never even gotten a boyfriend or anything. After she gave up on her huge crush on Ash – the blockhead still didn't even know – she figured she'd meet someone along the way. There were a few guys who tried to ask her out, but Misty always challenged them to a battle, and only then she would agree. No one had ever won such a bet, thus she had never even gone out on a date. Maybe she was being too picky, or maybe it really didn't matter.

The next few days passed pretty fast, and Misty was ready to leave for Pallet Town. She had her trusty Gyarados and Politoad with her, they were her strongest and most experienced pokemon. With her orange bag swung over her shoulder, Misty looked back at Cerulean City, and gave it a salute before heading into the direction of Pallet Town.

Traveling to Pallet Town went much faster with the new road they opened up. One that didn't lead through Viridian Forest, she was really happy about that one, she hated going through that forest. As her flip-flops hit the pavement, she started reminiscing about her childhood and how much she had traveled around. It was sort of nostalgic to be on the road again. Misty grinned; anything would be better than being stuck in Cerulean City. She threw her fist in the air, all pumped up to visit Professor Oak who she hadn't seen in years.

After at least an hour of walking on her sore feet, Misty wondered if the trip to Pallet Town had always taken this long.

"Ughh, my feet hurt, my legs hurt. How long is it going to take before I even get there?" she complained to herself.

Her nostalgia had left her, and all that stayed behind were her sore feet. She was having second thoughts, because she sure as hell didn't want to walk back again on foot. She must have been really out of shape to be tired of walking after an hour. Back in the good old days, she could walk non-stop for four hours! Misty sighed and dragged her feet with her, until she finally reached the welcome sign of Pallet Town.

"Finally! I'm here!" she cheered, extremely happy being there after walking for two hours.

Misty hadn't been there in forever, and it seemed it didn't change all that much either. She smiled brightly and headed towards Professor Oak's laboratory. The redhead looked at the big building complex; it seemed it had gotten bigger actually; there was a new room attached to the old building, and a few new chimneys. At least something changed in Pallet Town. Misty knocked on the metal doors, but found them to be open already, so she entered.

"Hello?" she called out and looked around the entrance hall. "Professor Oak! I'm here!" She dropped her bag off at the front door. She was really thirsty, so she hoped she could drink something soon.

No response. Misty entered another room, which she saw light coming from. It was a big grey and white room with a lot of machines and equipment stored in it. In the middle of the room was a desk with a computer, and a man wearing a lab coat sitting in front of it.

"Oh there you are, Professor Oak," sighed Misty in relief as she walked closer to the desk.

Professor Oak however, kept on typing away on his keyboard, ignoring her. Misty then realized that Professor Oak had spiky brown hair. She almost slapped herself in the head; that wasn't Professor Oak! How could she mistake an old man for a young man with brown and spiky hair? She walked closer and stood next to him; he was clearly ignoring her still, concentrated on the screen in front of him.

It hit her like a ton of bricks. "Gary?" she asked once she saw his face more clearly. It made sense now; this was Professor Oak's grandson, Gary Oak. She had totally forgotten that he was a pokemon researcher now as well. More correctly, she had totally forgotten he even existed. He kind of fell off the face of the earth once Misty had become a gym leader.

The young man finally stopped typing on his keyboard and looked up at her with green and unwavering eyes. Misty was taken aback by his growth; he had turned into a fine young man with great facial features. The white lab coat he was wearing made him look ten times more mature as well. It was such a difference, Misty was temporarily speechless.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice deep and confused.

Misty frowned. "What, you don't remember me? It honestly cannot be that long ago since we last saw each other." Despite the fact she had totally forgotten about him.

She knew she hadn't changed that much since they last met. Her hair was now out of a ponytail and touched her shoulders, she had grown a few inches taller, acquired a bigger chest – but she didn't change that much that people wouldn't recognize her anymore. Her sisters liked to remind her of that.

"Right, Misty – gramps said you were dropping by today." Gary then pushed himself away from the desk, his chair rolling further onto the floor and he stood up. Misty was again surprised by his growth; he had gotten so much taller since the last time she saw his childish body. She wondered if he was still the annoying and arrogant kid from before. There weren't many good memories of him.

"Gramps isn't here; he said he was sorry but a conference meeting came up and he had to leave right away. So I'm conducting the research in his place."

Misty was bummed to not see Professor Oak in person, especially since she now had to stick around with Gary – someone who she considered a rival years ago, but right now he was practically a stranger.

"I didn't know you were a Pokemon Researcher as well," said Misty, wanting to start a conversation.

Gary started to walk away, but beckoned Misty to follow him. He lead her out into the hallway where he walked with his hands in his pockets. "I've been one since I was fourteen," he finally replied.

Misty examined him in the corner of her eye as she walked by his side. He sure did grow up very nicely. Misty then tore her eyes away from him.

"How's the gym doing?" he asked politely. At least he seemed to have shaken off his arrogance from when he was a kid.

"The gym's fine! A bit boring, now that we don't have that many trainers coming to challenge us."

They stopped in front of a big metal door and Gary pushed against it, holding it open for Misty to walk inside. Not only had he dropped his arrogant act; but he had manners! Misty was pleasantly surprised.

Gary closed the door. "Right, it's been a while since we handed out start pokemon to young trainers. You'll have to wait till next month to get some new trainers."

Misty looked around the room; it looked almost identical to her as the last room she was in, except a bit bigger, and with more machinery.

"This is the room where we conduct most of our research," Gary explained as he walked towards a big machine with a monitor attached to it.

"So, what exactly are you going to do with my pokemon? I'm still kind of confused about the details."

Gary picked up a notepad and started to scribble something on it. His green eyes then looked at her and he gave her a smile, which made her feel weak to the knees. She had never seen Gary smile! The only memories she had of him was his smirking and arrogant face. Gary tapped his pen against the big machine behind him.

"See this? This is a machine that monitors your pokemon's brain activity."

Misty tried to figure out what that even meant; she wasn't exactly smart in the research department.

"Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous, we'll attach a few sensors to your pokemon's body and this machine will record whatever its feeling."

Misty closed her eyes, trying to pretend to be deep in thought about what he said. Truth is; she had no idea what he was talking about. Research wasn't her thing.

"Here, I'll show you." Gary turned around and placed his notepad on the machine. He then stuck a few weird wires on the sides of his forehead, then turned on a switch. The machine made a loud metal sounding noise and the monitor finally flickered on.

"This machine records my brain waves, basically, it'll record what I'm feeling at the moment."

Misty looked at the monitor and saw a steady green line moving towards the right side of the screen, kind of like a life line at the Pokemon Center.

"Here, I'll show you how it works. Try and make me laugh, it'll show up on the monitor."

Misty blinked and rose her eyebrows at him. "How?"

"I don't know, tell me a joke."

Misty racked through her brain, but she wasn't coming up with any funny jokes at the moment, so she blurted out; "knock, knock."

Gary's face turned serious all of the sudden. "Really? Knock, knock? What are you, twelve years old?"

The monitor suddenly beeped, and the green line on it had moved up, and then back down.

"Oh, it moved! What does that mean?" asked Misty, finding it very curious, and forgetting he had insulted her joke.

"It means I was disappointed in your attempt to make me laugh."

Misty glared at him, and gave him a playful slap on the arms that were folded over his chest. She pretended to look offended. "How rude! I was trying real hard you know!" The old Misty would have blown up at him for saying such a thing to her face, but she had grown up a lot, and seeing how well he was behaving, Misty couldn't help but joke around with him.

That got Gary to chuckle, and the monitor beeped once more, this time the green line was higher than before. Misty looked at the screen with fascinated eyes.

"Cool," she said with a smile. "So you'll do this to my pokemon as well?"

Gary finally took off the wires and nodded. "Yup, this machine will record whatever your pokemon is feeling – but I need you to stick around for it. You see, we're recording the pokemon's emotions that it has for its master."

Misty got out her pokeball and rubbed it against her face. "Sure! But my pokemon already looove me, so you won't find anything new."

"Then shall we get started on the first one?" he asked as he took his notepad in his hand again.

Misty released Politoad, who she hugged when he got out; just because he looked so cute. Gary started putting the wires on his head and gave Misty instructions on what to do. Misty in turn made her Politoad do certain things on Gary's command. Politoad had to dance, run in place, and Misty even had to try and make him laugh and comfort him. After an hour of work, Gary finally decided it was enough for now, and Misty returned Politoad.

"You know, this was probably extremely rude of me, but I should have offered you something to drink or something to eat sooner – Cerulean City is a long way from here," said Gary as he ran his hand through his spiky hair.

Misty simply smiled, but did realize she was rather thirsty and hungry. "Actually, I am rather thirsty and hungry! It took me two hours just to get here, I didn't realize it would take that long, otherwise I would have brought lunch with me."

Gary then lead her to the lunch room, which was just a room with a table surrounded by four chairs, and a refrigerator.

"We got some orange juice, some unknown leftover soda, and some milk, which do you prefer?" asked Gary once he opened the door of the fridge and looked inside.

"I don't even want to know what that unknown soda is – orange juice is fine," said Misty and she sat down on one of the chairs.

"Hey, doesn't Tracey work here as well?" she asked once she remembered her old friend staying behind to help Professor Oak.

Gary closed the fridge and took out a sandwich. "Yeah, he's gramp's assistant, so he's out right now as well. It's just us at the moment." He gave Misty a glass filled with orange juice, and a sandwich which she happily took. Gary sat down on the opposite end of the table.

"Thanks!" she said happily and started to chug down the orange juice in a very unfeminine way. "I don't see much of you on TV anymore," mused Misty. She started to remember little bits of Gary Oak now; he had appeared several times in documentaries alongside Professor Oak, but hadn't seen one of him in a very long time.

"I tend to keep to myself lately, being famous and followed around by people isn't my thing anymore."

"So no more cheerleaders?" asked Misty with a snort.

Gary chuckled and shook his head. "No more cheerleaders. Not since years ago."

Misty was pretty surprised she was having such a decent conversation with Gary – he hadn't even insulted her once. Well, he did insult her lame joke, but she deserved that one.

"How's Ash?" he finally asked.

Misty gulped down her orange juice before she answered. The dreaded question that everyone always asked her when they hadn't seen her in a while. It was as if people assumed she had constant contact with her old friend, when the truth couldn't be further. "Haven't heard much from him lately, he's probably still discovering all these new regions and pokemon."

"When's the last time you spoke to him?"

"Uhh – I think it was more than a year ago, actually. He wished me a happy birthday."

"So much for being best friends," said Gary mockingly. "Weren't you really close to Ash?"

Misty definitely didn't like the direction of the conversation it was heading it. Anytime she had to discuss how much of an ass Ash was for not ever calling her, it made her feel depressed. Especially since she wasted a lot of her youth on a stupid one-sided crush. A crush that lasted so long, she had never even gotten a boyfriend because of it. Then when she was over it – she still hadn't gotten a boyfriend!

"Friends drift apart," she answered almost bitterly.

Gary gave her a curt nod. "I can definitely agree to that."

"So, when is Professor Oak coming back? I haven't seen him in a while, and I kind of miss him!"

"He'll come back in the evening in two days."

"Aha, I see. How long do you think this research will take? I only brought a few extra pieces of clothing with me."

"Not long, not long. About four days perhaps, maybe even faster if you cooperate with me as much as you can."

Misty finally finished her sandwich and smiled at him. "Well, let's get started then!"

Gary conducted a few more experiments throughout the rest of the day. Both Politoad and Gyarados were examined, checked, and recorded over and over again. Misty had to admire the level of dedication Gary had for this job; he sure seemed to be into it. In fact, when he was typing away some data on the computer, he was practically in another world; Misty couldn't seem to get through to him at all. His focus was unwavering, and he never even paid attention to what she said while he typed away on the keyboard. Misty gave up on talking to him after a while and simply played with her pokemon.

"Huh, did you say something?" asked Gary all of the sudden as he turned around on his chair to face Misty. He really had a knack for looking like a real Professor. Then again, wasn't he already?

"I asked you twenty minutes ago what you were typing, but you simply ignored me," said Misty dully and she patted Politoad on the head.

Gary laughed sheepishly. "You did? Sorry, when I'm writing down my research I tend to shut off the world around me."

The redhead gave him a small smile. "It's okay." It was much better hearing Gary Oak apologize than to hear him insult her. The years had really done him good, she couldn't recognize his old self at all. She did detect a slight hint of arrogance, but it wasn't a in-your-face arrogance.

"Anyways, I'm done recording all the data, we're done for today."

Misty returned her pokemon. "Great! Because I'm starving for something to eat again!"

"We can eat at my place, since you're staying over there anyway," said Gary and he finally got out of his chair.

"Right, I forgot I was staying over at your place. I'm not sleeping on the couch, am I?"

Gary walked to the door and slid out of his lab coat. "I got a spare bed, don't worry." He then hung the coat up on a little hook on the wall and he opened the door for Misty. She walked by him with a smile.

"You know, you look pretty good in a lab coat," she said. It seemed a bit flirty, but damn – he really made that lab coat look good on him.

He gave her a sly smile. "Oh really?" he said with a tone of arrogance. There it is, that's the old Gary Oak. With that smirk on his lips, his green eyes staring her down, and his body looming over hers. That was the Gary Oak she knew, except he looked a lot more handsome now.

"Yup, it makes you look like a real Professor!" she teased him.

"I am a real Professor," corrected Gary. "People just don't call me Professor Oak since it's confusing with both of us working together."

"I was only teasing! I know you're a real Professor. So, where's your house?" asked Misty once they stepped outside the complex.

Gary started walking down the pathway towards a small house not far from the lab. "Right down the street," said Gary as he pointed at the small house at the bottom of the hill. "I used to live here with my sister, but she's moved in with her boyfriend, and now lives in Slateport City."

Misty felt almost jealous; his sister managed to get a boyfriend and they were living together – while Misty had no experience in boyfriends whatsoever. Her eyes wandered over to Gary, who was now opening the door of the house. He probably had plenty of experience with women; she was kind of jealous. Especially since he was a known Pokemon Researcher, and had good looks to boot. Misty pouted at herself and entered the house as soon as he opened it and went in.

It wasn't a big house, big enough to room two people, which she figured was exactly what he and his sister did. There was a small kitchen on her left, and a living room on her right, with a staircase going up in the middle.

"Bathroom is upstairs, as well as your room," explained the brunette. "Kitchen to the left, and living room to the right."

"Yes, I can see that," she replied dully. Gary snorted in response. "So, what do you have for dinner? I'm so hungry I could die."

Gary slowly walked into the kitchen and opened his refrigerator. He took out two small plastic cups and held them out in front of Misty, who looked at them quizzically. Easy Mac & Cheese it said on the cups. Misty looked at Gary with dull eyes; was he playing jokes on her? Was this seriously going to be her dinner? Macaroni and cheese? What kind of food was that? Who in the world would eat that?

"You're kidding, right?" she finally said.

Gary turned away from her and started to open up the cups, pouring them into a small pan that was sitting on the kitchen counter. "Nope," he said.

"I'm not eating that." She really wasn't. That was the sort of food you'd eat when you had no life, and no concern for your own health. Well, Misty's life wasn't exactly all that worth bragging about – but she did care about her health!

"Suit yourself," he mumbled, and stayed quiet after that. He stirred around the pan with a spoon every once in a while, and the kitchen started to smell like cheese.

Misty didn't like being ignored, so she opened the fridge herself to see what was inside. The door opened and she was met with a very empty fridge. The only thing that was inside of it were two more plastic cups of Mac & Cheese, a milk bottle and a bottle of water. That was it.

"You don't do much shopping, do you?" she said sarcastically. Why was his fridge so empty? Did he literally live on these things?

"I'm too busy for things like that," Gary replied.

"You probably don't even know how to cook anything besides heating things up like Mac & cheese."

He slightly tilted his head towards her and flicked his spiky hair in her direction. "Exactly."

Misty scoffed loudly. "How can you be proud of not being able to cook? There's nothing to be proud of! Ugh, I'm starving!" She couldn't stop complaining; her stomach was empty and the only thing she ate was that sandwich from hours ago, and some cereal this morning before she was on her way to Pallet Town.

Gary took the pan off the heat and poured it into two bowls, each having a spoon inside of it. He took one bowl and sat down at the table, scooping up some macaroni and devouring it with his mouth. Misty stared at him for a while, it was making her really hungry – but it was Mac & Cheese! Not even real food! The redhead grumbled loudly then took the other bowl from the counter and sat at the table as well.

"Next time, I'm bringing over my own food," she said, then scooped up some macaroni.

Gary raised his eyebrows at this. "Next time?"

Misty gave him a glare. "Metaphorically."

The two of them remained silent throughout their meal, with Misty reluctantly eating her poisoned Mac & Cheese. She wondered if Gary really ate this every day, he was missing out on a lot of great food. Ever since she left Ash and went back to the gym, she had been preparing her own meals; not being able to rely on Brock anymore. Plus the fact that her sisters were more of a 'let's order take-out' people, Misty was left with only her own skills. It made her a pretty good cook in her opinion, she could make anything she wanted and it always tasted good. A lot better than Mac & Cheese.

When they were finally finished, Gary cleaned up the bowls and said he was heading for bed, and that he would wake her up at 8 AM in the morning. He showed her to her room, which was on the left side of the hallway, with Gary's room being on the opposite side. The bathroom was located right next to his room. She bid him a goodnight and stripped down to her underwear, quickly pulling on her long pajamas. Misty went to lie down on the tiny bed and tried real hard to fall asleep in this unfamiliar house.

Slowly, her stomach was beginning to feel a bit upset. Misty frowned at this, and hoped it was just because of the nerves of being in a strange home. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to sleep. Only, the longer she tried to fall asleep, the more nauseous she was feeling. Soon she felt sweat trickling down her face and her stomach was really upsetting her. Thoughts of Gary Oak poisoning her went through her mind; had he really done it? Was he only acting nice to her so that he could slip some bad stuff in her food? Misty felt a wave of nausea hit her, and she felt like she was going to puke any moment now. Misty finally got up; panicked that she was going to throw up soon. The bathroom! She had to go to the bathroom! She quickly ran out of the bedroom and opened the door, which caused her to almost slip up because the bathroom floor was slippery. She wasn't prepared to see someone else in the bathroom though.

What she saw was Gary's face inside the toilet bowl puking his guts out. Startled at the intrusion, he lifted up his defeated face; red and sweaty. The smell of his puke filled her nostrils and she couldn't keep it in any longer, Misty fell down to her knees and barfed on the ground. Her stomach made her throw up three times in a row before all of the macaroni had left her body. Misty sat down properly while breathing hard, and looked at the pool of vomit she made in the middle of his bathroom. It was a goop of orange with little bits of macaroni popping out, it was disgusting. Her lips twitched a bit at the disgusting blob of vomit. She looked at Gary, who had to shove his face down the toilet bowl once more to throw up. Misty tried her best not to be affected by this; since she had a knack of throwing up when she saw someone else do it.

Gary wiped his face off with some toilet paper, then threw the roll at Misty.

"Wipe off your face, you look nasty," he said, but his words lacked the usual sting, especially since he looked so sick himself.

Misty gratefully took the toilet paper and tore off some sheets, wiping off the excess vomit on her face, as well as the sweat on her forehead. She tore off a few other sheets and cleaned up her own vomit a little, but left it laying on the floor in a mess. She then leaned against the stone wall, gaining comfort from the coldness as it was bringing down the temperature of her body. She was starting to a feel a bit better now; after puking out that nasty Mac & Cheese, her body seemed to think she was alright again.

"You really did poison me," she said a bit out of breath and gave a half-assed glare towards Gary.

He simply shrugged his shoulders and pushed the hair out of his face. "Not on purpose." He then took a deep breath as he was starting to look like he was going to throw up again. "I think the Mac & Cheese might have been expired," he said weakly.

Misty couldn't help it; but she laughed out loud. Gary looked at her weirdly, wondering if the Mac & Cheese did something strange to her brain as well.

"Why are you laughing?"

Misty took a deep breath in between her laughter. "I don't know. But I feel like shit, you look like shit, there's shit on the floor, and the only thing making me feel better, is thinking this shit is funny."

"You sure know your shit," he retorted, a bit surprised at her language, which caused Misty to burst into laughter again. Only this time, Gary joined in on her.

There was something about laughing together after you puked your guts out that made Misty feel like she enjoyed Gary's company a bit more. Gary Oak, he poisoned her, but he wasn't that bad. Not that bad at all.