It's Research

A/N: Yup, almost two years later I update. The reason why I stopped writing is because I have switched over to writing in present tense, and I love it so much I don't want to go back anymore. I can't suddenly switch to writing present tense in this story, so that's why I put it off for a very long time. But I think you deserve at least one more chapter, which I had already written ages ago.

Chapter 6

"Misty! Where were you!? We were calling you all night! Like, what happened?" asked Daisy in a high pitched voice once she opened the door to find Misty standing outside. It was 1 AM in the morning, it had taken a while for Misty to get back home.

Misty pushed past her sister, smirking knowingly. "I sort of forgot I had it, but here you go, I don't think I need, nor want this." The redhead then took the girly phone out of her pocket and handed it over to Daisy. "Oh, and I turned it off, hence why you couldn't reach me. What a horrible ringtone by the way, but totally worth it."

"But, but I thought you'd come around and want one of your own," she sputtered a bit disappointed.

"Turns out, phones and I do not mix!" she claimed with a laugh, then went to go upstairs to her own room. She threw her backpack against the wall and fell down on top of her bed, glad to be home again after walking for so long during the night.

Gary had refused to let her stay over for another night, telling her this was punishment for following him in the first place. Misty begrudgingly accepted that that's the way he was going to act—for now—and went home in the middle of the night after they had left the battle complex. She had assaulted him with many questions, which he only answered a few, and then told her to shut up. So far, she found out he would go to this place once a week, make a bet on who'd win, and participate himself. Misty noted how he looked like he would win very battle in there, so technically, he should be rich—but he didn't answer that one, refusing to say anything more on the subject.

Even if he didn't really answer that many questions, Misty was glad to be sharing a secret with him, to know a little bit more about him. She slept very soundly that day.

Despite it being Friday, Misty had nothing better to do, so she offered her sisters to do Friday for them. There was only one trainer who came to challenge her, and Misty was feeling a bit sympathetic towards the small boy, and lost on purpose. Even though Misty was probably contributing to the idea that Gym Leaders sucked, at the moment she couldn't care less since it was boring and she hadn't handed out a badge in forever. The rest of her Friday went by uneventfully and she decided to take a break when she realized no one else would be coming to challenge the gym today. So of course, Misty had to go call up Gary and bug him.

"Hey Peter!" she chirped in cheerfully when the screen switched on.

Gary gave her the most menacing glare she had ever seen on his face, and she lowered her face in a bashful smile. "What do you want," he asked in a very rude tone.

Misty simply waved his rudeness away, finding it way too much fun to tease him and gave him a big smile. "When are you going to hand out new Pokedexes to trainers?"

The glare on his face vanished almost instantly as Misty had found a topic he didn't mind talking about and he leaned back in his chair as he tried to think. "In about two weeks."

"Seriously? That's gonna take sooo long. It's so boring when there's no trainers to challenge me, you know."

"I'm not taking you with me," he said, deadpan.

Misty rose her eyebrows. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

"I know what you're getting at, and my answer is no. I am not bringing you with me."

She still had no idea what he was talking about. Bringing her with him to where exactly? Was he perhaps talking about his illegal underground pokemon battles? Oh. Ooooh. She didn't even think about joining him, that would have been a great idea! Fighting some good opponents for once—but wait, isn't she a Gym Leader? They'd instantly recognize her ... what with her red hair and all.

"I wasn't even thinking about that," said Misty. Truthfully, the idea certainly appealed to her, but unlike Gary, she couldn't simply put on a hoodie and be done with it. Though it was very tempting to try it out ...

"Good, because I'm not taking you with me."

Misty huffed and shuffled on her chair. He probably thought she wasn't a good trainer and looked down on her or something. That's not to say that Gary was a bad trainer or anything, from what she had seen, he pretty much wiped the floor with his opponent without even uttering out a word.

"Hey, how did you fight with your Umbreon anyways? I never heard you call out any commands."

Gary bit his lips and avoided her eyes, looking at his hands instead. It was another secret that no one else knew about apparently, and now Misty was even more interested. "Well?"

"Well, nothing. I don't see why I have to tell you everything."

Something inside of Misty stung; up till this point she believed Gary wouldn't hold secrets from her. Not on purpose anyway, so to hear him state it so blatantly ... well, that hurt.

"I see." Her voice was low and seeped in sarcasm.

Gary took note of this, hanging his head down with a sigh. "Fine."

She perked up immediately with a wide smile.

"I'm very popular, you know?"

Misty narrowed her eyes, giving him this unbelieving look. "Really."

"Yes, really. Hiding my appearance is not enough, people would still be able to recognize me by my voice."

"I didn't know your fangirls were such stalkers."

"It's not the fangirls I'm talking about—it's those brute guys who have a deep hatred against anything Oak. There's a lot of hate against Pokemon Researchers there, don't ask me why. Either way, I couldn't let them find out who I was."

Misty sat on the edge of her seat. "So, what's your secret? Does your Umbreon know telepathy or something?"

Gary shook his head with a laugh. "No, you idiot, they don't have that kind of power. They do however, have very sensitive ears. Something which I personally discovered and studied vigorously."

"Yeah yeah, give yourself a pat on the back—and then?"

"I click."

"You what?"


"Yeah I heard you, but huh?"

Gary then pulled out a small silver pen out of his pocket. She leaned closer to the screen to study it, and realized it wasn't really a pen , it was thicker and there was a button on the top. He pressed the button with his thumb, and Misty expected some sort of clicking noise to come out of it—but there was none.

"Huh, am I supposed to hear something?" she asked, feeling a bit dumb.

"No, you're not," said Gary. He chuckled at seeing Misty feel embarrassed for misunderstanding it. "Only Umbreon can. I've trained him to follow commands based on my clicks, and he's the only one who can hear it. I was clicking inside of the pocket of my hoodie."

"Ooh, I thought that was just you pretending to be cool, with your hands in your pockets and stuff."

He cocked his head to the side with a scoff. "Why, thanks." He then stuffed the silver pen thing back in his pocket.

Misty leaned her chin on her hands and smiled at the screen, rather impressed by the idea of training pokemon simply by the sound of clicking. That was certainly an advantage over yelling out your attacks and letting your opponent know what you're about to do. In fact, it was almost genius, as there were no rules preventing you from not speaking (not like illegal battles would adhere to the Pokemon League rules), yet everyone else did it anyway. Not speaking not only hid his identity, it also gave him a strategic advantage, with the added bonus points of looking cool.

"You know, you're pretty smart," she said after a while of musing.

He moved a bit, half his face now off-screen, but Misty could see it. There was that uncharacteristically pink hue on his cheeks again, something she would have never imaged seeing on Gary's face before. He was being bashful—the Gary Oak who boasted and paraded his (non)talent to anyone who could ever listen (and to everyone who couldn't as well), was embarrassed by Misty's compliment. This made her feel—proud? Lucky? She was certain Gary wasn't a bashful person around other people, so to see that kind of side of him, she treasured it. It was nice, this kind of Gary Oak. Suddenly she felt glad to have met him, and a warm fuzzy feeling suddenly entered her stomach, catching her slightly off-guard.

"Enough about that. You never told me how you got there in the first place," he said. He was back in front of the screen, his eyebrows were furrowed and the slightest hint of him ever having blushed was erased from his face.

Misty sighed and leaned back, twirling her short orange hair in between her fingers. "Ahh, that's a secret," she said in a mocking tone.

Gary was not amused.

"Alright, alright. I was being a ninja. Ninjas don't give out their secrets."

The upper corner of Gary's lips lifted up as he gave her an incredulous look. "What?"

Misty simply laughed out loud, that fuzzy feeling growing bigger. This was fun. "Don't underestimate me Oak, if there's a way, I will find it!" Much more fun than going on an adventure with Ash and Brock. Much more fun than winning a pokemon battle. She couldn't keep the grin off of her face.

Gary shook his head, but was smiling nonetheless. "Perhaps I should tell them to strengthen their security, it seems to have been easy for you to get in."

"Hey! It wasn't, okay! I had to climb through a window after being gassed by smoke by two huge muscular guys!"

Gary folded his arms over his chest and gave her an all-knowing smirk. Misty hung down her shoulders and pressed her lips shut, irritated she couldn't tease him as much as she wanted before she already ratted out her own secret.

"That wasn't supposed to come out of my mouth," she said through her gritted teeth. And now she was the one feeling embarrassed, while Gary was looking at her with a smug smile. She wished she could slap that smile right off of his face, because that would be funny and then perhaps they could have another tickle battle together.

"Oh, I need to go now," Gary said, noticing the time. "I need to make sure all my research is ready for next week."

"Right, the—what did you call it—peer review thing?"

"Yeah, lots of researchers will be there, and I'll be presenting my studies to them."

Misty waved at him, not really understanding the world of Pokemon Researchers. "Good luck with that."

"Thanks." A shift, a shrug, and a slight uplift in the corner of his lips, Misty could pick up on all these subtle clues that Gary seemed to display when he was feeling bashful. She simply smiled back, feeling as if she had gotten to know Gary a bit more again, and feeling excited to know even more about him. He ended the call first, and Misty continued to sit on her chair, staring at the black screen.

"Time to go back to work, I guess," she said to no one in particular.

That fuzzy feeling in her stomach never went away. Not even when scrubbing the floors of the gym. Not even when battling a young girl for a badge. It was almost like background noise to Misty, constantly there, and she wondered why. Perhaps it was the feeling of being content at her life, feeling as if she had no problems. The feeling of having someone important again and talk to them, making memories together, finding out things about them, and then laughing together ... yeah, she had definitely missed those. That must be why she was feeling as if she were gliding on clouds and couldn't stop smiling every day.

They called each other every day, some days longer than the other, but they'd always have enough time to talk about their day. She could tell Gary was getting busier each day, and also nervous. He was going to go to some sort of conference during the weekend, to present his study—the one she helped him with—and she could tell that it was throwing him off of his game. He was easily distracted, despite having one hell of a concentration, and all Misty could do was offer him some small amount of encouragement.

That small amount of encouragement, or even a compliment, would earn her a lopsided smile and a scratch of his head. Bashful Gary, it was something she wanted to see more of it, so Misty secretly slipped in a compliment or five in every conversation they had. The more she saw this side of him, the bigger her fuzzy feeling grew. Sometimes, it felt like sunshine.

When Thursday came, Misty called him in the evening, and asked him if he went to that place again. Gary said he didn't have time to fool around when he was preparing for his research, then pointed out that it wasn't like he went every Thursday either. Misty wondered what else he did in his free time. She also wondered if she could ever convince him into letting her come with him next time, because to be honest, he really was cool when he fought with his Umbreon—she wanted to see it again.

On Friday, she heard her sisters talk about the Pokemon League contacting them and asking them for an evaluation on other Gym leaders. Misty was pissed that they passed her over and went directly to her incompetent sisters. Then she wondered what the Pokemon League was up to in the first place. To let out some of her anger, she fought three trainers and showed them absolutely no mercy. When the day was about to come to an end, she gave Gary one final call before he was out of town, on his trip to the conference.

"Hey there, grumpy Gary!" she greeted him cheerfully.

Gary was sitting at the videophone, papers scattered everywhere around him, and organizing them as much as he could.

"Hey Misty," he said, very distracted. "Thanks for calling, but as you can see—"

Misty nodded reluctantly. "Yeah, you're busy."

"I have to pick up my car at the car shop in the morning, and then I'll be off for a few days. Busy, busy, busy."

"Oh, you fixed your car?"

Gary clipped a bunch of papers together and laid it down neatly inside of a suitcase. "Yeah, brought it in a few days ago."

"I was going to pay for that, you know ..." said Misty sheepishly.

Gary finally looked up from his papers and smiled at the screen. "Then it's a good thing I did it before you, no?"

Misty simply pouted at him.

"Anyways, you won't be able to reach me for a few days," he began to explain. "I'll be back on Wednesday. In time to hand out the pokedexes, too."

"Oh right, finally! I can't wait to fight new trainers."

"Don't be too hard on them, okay?" Gary grinned at her.

"I'll try," she replied slyly. "Hey, did you ever manage to find those Rhyhorns that escaped?"

Gary sadly shook his head. "I haven't had the time to look for them. Tracey is busy with some Pokemon League stuff, and gramps ... well, he's old—he's turning sixty! I promise I'll go look for them once I get back. Maybe you can even help me out."

"That sounds great!" She'd jump at the chance to do anything with Gary again.

"Okay, I gotta go now."

Her mood plummeted and her stomach swirled around nauseously. "Alright. Good luck with your ... research thing."

He smiled at her, and her stomach was filled with fireworks this time. "Thanks. See you next week."

"Yea, bye."

The screen turned black with an electric zing sound.

Misty stared at it for a long time. For a while now she has had regular contact with Gary—almost every day really, so not being able to see him until Wednesday was ... weird. She felt empty almost, and to be completely honest, she missed talking to him already. This was going to be a very long week.

And it really had been. Days were slow, uneventful, and super boring. She was so bored out of her mind that she even talked to her sisters ... voluntarily! Anything was better than sitting around doing nothing. A lot of the times she'd go to bed and think about how Gary was doing with his research. She wished she could contact him and ask how it went; but she couldn't do anything but wait. How annoying, how stress-inducing—when was the last time she had missed someone this much?

Ash Ketchum. Right. The brat.

Well, he didn't matter anymore, and to be frank, he could go fuck himself—that's what Misty thought at least. She might have been wishful and pining after the days of traveling again with her old companions, but now she had Gary, who filled her days with happiness and meaning.

In fact, she'd been so busy with Gary, she didn't even have time to think back on the old days anymore.

Well, that was until now, when there was nothing to do and she being lazy in her own Gym.

She wondered if what May had said was true; that the Pokemon League contacted Ash to do whatever they needed to do for them. And if so; would she see him? Misty didn't know, she was being left out of the loop a lot when it came to the Pokemon League. They were being sneaky little bastards, hiding behind their 'famous' people to do the dirty work for them. What they were planning to do, Misty had no idea—but it was definitely something alright.

Then the anointed day came. Wednesday.

Misty could hardly sleep at night; she was filled with anxious and happy feelings, that she kept tossing and turning in her bed, barely being able to close her eyes. In the morning, she was already giddy and anticipation was growing bigger inside of her stomach. She was going to see Gary again! Of course, it would take at least an hour before she could see him, what with walking over to Pallet Town and all, but it was worth it.

"Alright sisters, I'll be off!" she called out in excitement. There was no one in the room, but who the hell cared? She was leaving!

Misty opened the door of her house, only to crash into someone else.

"Whoa—talk about timing," said a very familiar voice. The person steadied them both by putting their hands on her shoulders.

Misty pushed her nose out of the person's shirt. Or, as it turned out to be, a lab coat.

"Gary!" she squealed. On complete impulse, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"Hah, did you miss me?" asked Gary smugly. Despite being smug, he did return the hug by lazily wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

Misty looked up at him with a very wide and shining smile. "What are you doing here?! I was just about to go see you!"

Gary chuckled. "I can see that. I was going to surprise you. Cerulean City was on my way going back home, figured I might as well save you the effort of going by foot and pick you up."

Surprised she definitely was! What a very good surprise too! Misty kept grinning at him like an idiot; one week of not seeing him was far too long. Realizing she was still clinging onto him like a madman, Misty bowed down her head and bashfully stepped away from him.

"So, want a ride back, or do you feel like walking all the way?"

Misty grinned at him and gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder—the one that wasn't bruised—and shook her head. "Of course I'll ride with you."

They chatted non-stop during their ride. Misty asked how his research went, and Gary had explained half of the reactions he got were positive, and the other half negative, but that's how it usually went. He said he needed to do more research to convince more people of his stance, to which Misty gladly volunteered to help. After all, any chance to hang out with Gary and spend more time with him seemed like a good idea to her. It would definitely make her days not so boring anymore.

When they finally arrived in Pallet Town, Gary pulled up to the garage at the lab, and Misty noticed something ... off.

"Gary, what's with all this dirt around?" she asked.

Gary stepped out of the car and looked at the ground. There were paw prints indented in the dirt, indicating there had been some sort of struggle here. "I don't know ..." Gary said. "Let's go ask gramps."

They both started walking away from the garage, and up the hill to the laboratory.

As Misty neared the lab, she realized more things were out of the ordinary. For one, the huge metal doors at the front of the building seemed to have been ripped out and mangled to the floor. Both Misty and Gary gasped at the sight—what had happened!? The redhead sped up her pace, clutching her backpack because she was worried something awful had happened. She ran through the broken doors, and was met with a hall of destruction on her way in. There was rubble everywhere on the ground, potted plants were ripped out and trampled on, benches were broken and the huge doors that led to the laboratory were completely destroyed.

"Ah," said Tracey, who was standing in the middle of the room holding a broom. "You're back. Great. You can help clean up."

"What happened?" Gary asked, stepping over the rubble to get closer to Tracey. "Is gramps okay?"

"Yeah, he's fine, wasn't even here when it happened," said Tracey.

"When what happened?" Misty asked.

"Oh, do you know those Rhyhorns that escaped a while ago?"

"Yeah," said both Misty and Gary.

"Well, they returned." Tracey sighed heavily, leaning onto his broomstick. "Been cleaning up after them all day now. I got them all contained though, so they're locked up and safe. But man, this is hell."

"Are the computers okay?" Gary immediately asked. There was worry etched onto his face, and Misty knew what he referred to. All his research was on that computer, if he lost it, he'd lose all of his work.

"Uh, I haven't checked them yet, but one of them did manage to get inside and trash the place."

Gary rushed towards the computer room, with Misty following him, and they both walked right through the open doors and were met with a bunch of paper scattered across the floor. Misty gasped, but then sighed in relief when she saw that Gary's computer was unharmed. Gary quickly turned it on to check it, sitting on his usual chair, and his concentration zoning into his work again.

"Everything still there?" Misty asked. She leaned over Gary's shoulder to stare at the monitor.

"Seems to be. Thank god this wasn't damaged, I'd have lost most of my work." Gary sighed. "This couldn't have come at a worse time," he said, looking around the trashed room. He then looked up at Misty. "... Do you think you could help us clean up? I know this isn't what you were expecting, but we could really use some help right now."

Misty smiled at him. "Don't worry about it—of course I'll help." Suddenly Gary's face turned pale. "What, what is it?" Misty asked. She then followed his gaze, towards the storage room. Its door was open, and several boxes were spilled out onto the floor. She could see some kind of liquid pooling at the door.

"My estrogen!" Gary shrieked out in a panicked voice, then rushed over to survey the damage.

"I'll just start over here then!" Misty called out.

This was going to be a long, long day.

The three of them tried the best they could to repair any damage done by the Rhyhorns. Not only had they trampled the entrance, but managed to damage quite a few machines as well. They had bumped against some kind of generator—Misty didn't know exactly what it was, she wasn't really a science kind of girl—and a bunch of other stuff. They couldn't fix those, but at least they managed to clean up most of the hallways from the rubble, and gathered all the stray papers on the floor. She heard Gary talk about the loss of his ... drug thingy. Misty forgot the name. But he seemed very upset about it, almost blaming it entirely on Tracey.

In the midst of sweeping up some trash, Misty heard the familiar ringtone of her sister's phone go off. It came from her pocket.

"What the—I told them I didn't want it!" Misty complained. She took it out of her pocket and answered the phone. "What?" she asked, immediately irritated. "Speak fast, I'm busy."

"Misty darling, we need you back home," said Daisy on the other end.

"Right now?" Misty looked around at all the things that still needed to be done. "Can't it wait?"

"Well, we need you like, to sign some papers. Someone from the Pokemon League came by, and he asked for your signature and stuff. I don't know all that legal speak, so yah have to come, because he's coming to pick it up in the morning again."

Ugh, the Pokemon League again, always showing up at the worst of times. "Alright, fine, I'll be back before midnight then—and stop trying to get me to use your phone!" Misty yelled, and then hung up on her sister.

Misty ended up telling Gary she couldn't stay the night—though he was hardly paying any attention when she said it, he was busy checking to see if they had gathered all of the papers. So she left him alone for now, and spent most of the afternoon sweeping up dust and throwing away broken things.

When it was nearing dark, Misty was exhausted, famished and thirsty. And she still had to walk back to Cerulean City. Just great. She went over to Gary to check on his progress. It seemed he had gotten back into his old routine, because he was sitting in front of his computer again, typing on his keyboard. Misty had no idea what he was doing, and found it kind of unfair she'd been sweeping all day long, while he was simply sitting here, working on the computer with a bottle of some kind of energy drink right next to him.

Feeling a bit entitled to a break as well, Misty took the bottle from his desk. "Sneaky bastard, keeping it all for yourself. Been busting my ass all day long, and you're sitting here drinking." Misty looked at the pink energy drink with raised eyebrows; she didn't peg him for a guy who'd drink something like this. "Can I drink this?" she asked Gary, anyway, knowing he wouldn't really know what he was agreeing to because he was too concentrated on work.

"Uh sure, go ahead," he said.

Misty smiled then unscrewed the cap and brought the bottle up to her mouth. She started to drink it and was surprised by how sweet it tasted. It was pretty good. "Alright, I need to go now. Sign some kind of thing for the Pokemon League, whatever that is," said Misty.

Gary simply gave a nod of his head, and she was sure he had no idea what she was saying, but she screwed the cap on the bottle again and pocketed the bottle anyway. Misty hopped off the desk and ruffled Gary's hair to get his attention.

"Wah?" he said confused.

"I'm going home now!" she announced with a giggle. "Remember? I told you my sister called me and wants me back. So I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Good luck with everything else around here." Gary simply nodded his head again, too absorbed to even say goodbye, but she didn't hold it against him. Misty then waved at Gary and headed out, with Gary lazily waving back at her. On her way home, she drank the entire bottle of sweet water.

As Misty tried to sleep during the night when she finally got home, something inside of her started to stir. It was something she had felt before, but it had never been this powerful before, it was making her writhe in her bed, tossing and turning and feeling hot. The dream that followed was even more so. Though she wasn't so sure it was a dream, as it felt like it really happened, and all of those emotions, were they really a dream?

Misty didn't remember much of the events that transpired in her dream, but she definitely remembered the feelings. Hands that were running across her back, lips that were nipping at her neck, a tongue that was swirling around hers and breath that hit her breasts like a heat wave, making her toes curl up and gasp for air. Her skin was on fire and everywhere she was touched it felt like an explosion of nerves, goose bumps and shivers all rolled into one. Those green eyes that stared at her huskily as his tongue trailed down a path on her body, those mesmerizing eyes ...

Yeah, she was pretty sure she dreamt of Gary that night, having hot steamy sex with her best friend. This would have made her blush like a little school girl, embarrassed she could even dream of such as thing, if only Misty wasn't constantly thinking about going back to sleep and continuing her dream. She was on edge all day long, simply remembering the life-like experience, and was getting hot flashes throughout the day. Her breathing was uneven, and her skin was firing up even though the weather outside was almost chilly. What was going on with her? Why couldn't she concentrate on her duties, instead of remembering what it felt like to have Gary's hands massage her breasts?

That same day she signed that stupid document her sisters had talked about—something about agreeing to enter some kind of program, not that she really paid any attention, because she couldn't stop thinking about her steamy dream.

She had another dream about him again, she woke up, her body sweating all over, and wanting so desperately to find a release from all those hormones. She found a release, but it was only temporary until she remembered what happened in her dreams once more, and her skin was heating up and giving her a warm, reddish glow.

Misty's unnatural appearance didn't go by unnoticed. While she couldn't concentrate much on her battles anymore, Misty still tried, and she started to notice that not only were there new trainers dropping by, there were a lot of males who repeatedly kept coming back. They noticed something—sensed something, about Misty, who felt hot and bothered the entire time she was fighting. The way her bedroom eyes stared at them, yelling out commands to her pokemon, her skin glowing red, her sticky hair that stuck to her face, her sweat accentuating her smooth and pale skin—they were hopelessly addicted to this glowing Misty. The redhead in question barely recognized her small cult following, as she was too busy keeping herself under control. The entire day was spent in agony, this burning desire to find a release, to find those hands that were running all over her body ... She had enough sense in her left to not call Gary—the man who was causing her to feel hot and bothered in her dreams, in fear of knowing what she might do to him in her state.

Something was seriously wrong with her, but the longer the days went on, the less she started to care, and simply caved into her hormones.

It was just another day for her, annoyed and frustrated, she took on her hordes of fanboys, who would now gather at the gym every morning, repeatedly challenging her and losing on purpose. Misty didn't care, she kicked their asses, and even made her pokemon chase them out after they lost, because they kept wanting to talk to her afterwards, and flirt with her—and she was so not alright with that.

"What do you want!" she snapped at the person who bothered her five minute break.

Daisy looked hurt, but nonetheless told Misty that there was somebody on the videophone for her. She also told her to make it quick, because she still had a lot of trainers waiting for her to battle them. Misty huffed loudly, completely forgetting that it was a 'normal' thing for Gary to be calling her, and quickly went into the all familiar room with the video phone.

Misty sat down in front of the video phone and saw Gary's face staring back at her. Flashes of her dreams started running through her head, and Misty's body instantly went into overdrive. She was now sweating even more, her thin vest clinging to her back like glue, soaked in her sweat, her cheeks were a fiery red, and her eyelids were barely even open. Not to mention that she momentarily forgot how to talk, instead breathing out heavily while staring at the screen in front of her. When she saw Gary shift, Misty was pulled out of her daze, and she straightened up: she had to get a hold of herself!

"What do you want? I'm really busy at the moment. I got so many trainers challenging me at the moment, it's not even funny!" Alright, that didn't come out like she wanted it to, but Misty was on a very fine edge that was piercing her and stabbing her and making her confused and cranky.

Gary scratched his cheek with his finger and cleared his throat. "Misty, I wanted to ask you this, while you were over here, did you perhaps –"

"Misty! Your fanbase is going crazy over here!" yelled out Violet who came crashing into the room.

"Ugh! Fine! I'm coming! Sorry Gary, I'm really busy, I'll see you next week." With that, Misty ended the call and returned to the hungry trainers waiting for her at the gym.

She did it in part of preventing herself from losing control, and preventing the control in her own gym. Whatever was going on with her right now, Misty had to keep it down from overflowing, and that meant having to avoid Gary right now and ignoring the things that he did in her dreams. Then again, she was still planning on seeing him next week ... she hoped by then this stupid thing had washed over and she was feeling all better.

It didn't.

Misty couldn't believe how hot she had been feeling the entire week. It was crazy! She was feeling incredibly horny for no reason—and the worst thing was, she was so busy all week long she couldn't even find some time to find a release for her horniness. Today, the day she was going to see Gary again, seemed to be especially worse, as Misty kept feeling hotter and hotter, to the point she was wondering if she had a fever or something. She finally arrived at the lab and entered the newly renovated entrance without a second thought. She searched through the rooms, looking for Gary, and found him repairing a the generator in the basement.

It had been a very long week since she last saw him I person, and Misty temporarily sucked in a breath.

Gary wasn't wearing his lab coat at the moment, probably because he didn't want to dirty it while repairing a machine. Or maybe he was just showing off how good he we looking. He held up his arms to screw a loose bolt on the machine tight again, and Misty saw all of his glorious manliness. Her face went all red, and her vision went hazy, making Gary look even more appealing in her eyes.

"God damn it Gary, you're looking hot today—it should be a crime," said Misty out loud.

Gary finally noticed Misty was in the room and he turned his head to look at her. "Huh?" he said. But she knew he had heard her, as there was a hint of a blush on his cheeks. Damn, that made him look even more hot. He finally stopped paying attention to the machine and walked over to Misty, who was a bit wobbly on her legs. What was going on with her today? It was unbearable!

"Misty, are you alright?" he asked in a very concerned voice as he shoved his face into hers and they almost bumped heads together.

Misty felt her consciousness slip away, and all she could do was stare at Gary with lustful eyes—she was seriously horny, and he looked seriously hot. Gary's green eyes suddenly widened and he backed up.

"Shit! You did take it!"

The redhead merely swayed from left to right on her feet. "Wuh?" she mumbled. Her knees then finally gave way and she dropped to the ground. Gary rushed towards her and bent down to help her back up.

"I'm such an idiot—why couldn't I have paid attention!? Come on Misty, let me turn you back to normal," he picked her up in his arms, since Misty couldn't even stand on her feet anymore. "I hope," he added.

Misty's face was pressed against his chest, so she inhaled his scent loudly and giggled, causing Gary to blush once again, but he ignored it and brought her over to a different room. He placed her down on a chair and Misty leaned back, looking at him as he searched the place frantically for something. When he found what he was looking for, he walked back to Misty and showed her a small blue vial.

"This is a tonic to lower estrogen levels in your blood. It's meant for pokemon, but seeing as you already drank the hormones to up the levels of estrogen in your blood and it was meant for pokemon, I have no doubt this will reverse the effects."

"I don't want to drink that," said Misty lazily and she pointed at the vial.

"Well, you're gonna have to if you want to return to normal," said Gary with a worried face. "Here, drink it," he offered her the vial, but she slapped it away.

"Make me!" she smiled at him, inviting him to come closer so that she could ravish him.

"You give me no other choice," he said seriously and opened the vial. He got closer to Misty, who was giggling like mad, and he held her cheeks with one hand, to make sure her face wouldn't move as he tried to pry the vial through her lips so she could drink its contents. However, Misty refused and squeezed her lips shut.

"Come on Misty!" growled Gary. "Drink it!"

"No!" she said stubbornly. Then she saw her chance, Gary had let go of her cheeks, so she moved her face closer to him, to finally kiss his lips.

Gary, shocked and startled, moved away in an instant, causing him to trip and fall backwards, with Misty following. He landed hard on the ground, but managed to keep the tonic from spilling everywhere, and Misty landed on top of him, straddling him in a very uncomfortable position.

"Oh, we could do it this way too," said Misty with a laugh. She then crawled over his body to reach his reddish face and kissed him again. With his one free hand, he grabbed her wrist to pull her away from his face to break the kiss. Misty looked annoyed at him as she sat up straight.

"I still got one free hand!" she said deviously and started to unbuckle his belt.

"Misty! Snap out of it!" yelled Gary as he tightened his grip on her wrist. He then flung her over, pinned her down to the ground and hovered over her, making sure his legs were trapping hers to the ground.

"Now, stop struggling Misty, because I'm going to shove this down your throat!" he yelled, very angry and embarrassed.

A metal tray could be heard making contact with the ground. Both Gary and Misty lifted up their heads to see what it was; it was Tracey, who was staring at them with wide eyes. Thousands of things ran through Gary's mind, but all he could picture was him on top of a giggling and red Misty, his belt buckle unfastened, his face entirely red and he had just told Misty to stop struggling so he could shove something down his throat.

"This is NOT what it looks like!"

Misty giggled again. "Yes it is!"

Tracey ran off.

"Fucker," he cursed as he glared in the direction his friend took off in. Gary then finally managed to pry Misty's lips open and he shoved the tonic down in her mouth, emptying it the entire way. He then threw the empty vile away and kept Misty's lips shut with his finger.


Then someone crashed against a closet. Gary looked up again, it was Tracey who had returned and was staring at him wide eyed once more.

"This is seriously not what it looks like!" whined Gary, hoping Tracey would finally understand.

He didn't, he ran off again. Gary yelled out a string of curses, but brought his attention back to the unwilling Misty, who still hadn't swallowed the tonic. Misty had finally resorted to using her knee to brush against his crotch.

"Misty, stop doing that! And for god's sake—swallow that stuff!"

The redhead shook her head, wanting so badly to spit it out.

Gary sighed loudly. "Fine, I'll do it your way." He then did something that Misty didn't expect; he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. Misty gasped in response, which caused the tonic to slide down her throat and in turn caused her to cough like a madman. Gary finally got off Misty and pulled her up straight, he rubbed her back while she continued to cough loudly, feeling like she had almost drowned. The spiky brunette gave her soothing words and kept on rubbing her back until her coughs finally died down.

"Jerkface! That hurt!" she yelled at him, glaring at him with all her might. "But I'll forgive you, since you did kiss me."

"Great, it'll take a while before you're normal again," muttered Gary under his breath.

Misty leaned in closer again, hoping to resume what they started, but Gary had finally gotten up and kept his distance. "Hey, don't run away now," said Misty annoyed. "I really need you right now."

"Let me just say up front that I totally apologize for everything I have done, and I don't hold your irrational behavior against you. But you seriously need to stop your advancements on me!"

Misty pouted at him. "But you're really fucking hot!"

Gary simply looked at her with an exasperated expression and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Misty, I think it's best if you go back home now."

"Why don't you come with me, huh?" Misty asked with a wink.

"Seriously, go home. I'm sorry you ended up drinking the estrogen, but you need to sleep it off. Then you'll be back to normal again."

Misty giggled. "I'll do whatever you'll tell me to do if you kiss me." Bargaining had always been one of Misty's strong points.

"How about I give you a goodbye kiss?" Gary suggested.

"Yay!" Misty hopped closer to him, pursing out her lips. Gary placed his index finger against her lips, which made her knees all tingly.

"At the door," he said.

"Fine." Misty then literally dragged Gary by his hand towards the entrance. She stood on her tippy toes leaning against him, waiting for her long and hard kiss that she deserved. "Now kiss me," she said.

Gary awkwardly lowered his face towards her, and then quickly gave her a very small peck on her cheek, before he shoved her out the door and slammed them shut behind her. "Now go home!" he called out last.

"Why you!" Misty yelled, banging against the door. "I will remember this Gary Oak!" she said. Angrily, she turned around and stomped off into the distance, going back home.

And oh boy, she surely did remember everything once she'd gotten home. She remembered everything in incredible detail. So obviously, the best thing to do right now, was to hide her face in shame and never talk to Gary again.

"Misty, he's calling again," said her sister Lily in a soft tone.

The redhead buried her face in her hands and refused to listen. "I'm not here!"

Ever since that whole ordeal, Misty had been avoiding Gary like the plague. It had been three weeks now since she left him behind, and she couldn't find the courage to face him again. Not after what she had pulled off—and especially not after what she tried to pull off! Being embarrassed as hell to even face the guy, Misty spent her time cleaning up the gym, taking special care of her pokemon, and kicking anyone's ass who dared to challenge her.

It's a good thing Gary hadn't tried physically visiting her yet; since she'd be stuck like a rat in a cage. No, he'd be too busy to come visit her, and she thanked the heavens for that. Misty ignored her sister Lily, who then went on to tell her 'caller' that she wasn't 'there'. Satisfied that her sisters were at least doing what she asked them to, Misty continued scrubbing the floor. Her scrubbing was interrupted when a male voice called out her name. Fearing it was Gary, Misty felt her face heat up already, and she didn't dare turn around.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked and got closer to her.

Tracey was now standing behind her, and Misty sighed in relief; at least it wasn't Gary.

"Hey Tracey, what brings you here?" she asked coolly. She didn't have the heart to face him when she remembered he had walked in on her misdeeds before.

"Just running an errand for Professor Oak, figured I'd drop by and ask why you haven't come over in a while."

Misty started to blush like crazy again, and she was glad her back was turned to him and she pretended to scrub the floors. That was one questions she didn't want to answer. She still hadn't gotten over her embarrassment, and she definitely couldn't tell Tracey why!

In a more serious voice, he said; "if Gary touched you anywhere where he shouldn't have, then tell me."

Misty quickly responded. "No, no, that's not why! I'm just very busy, that's all! See, I'm scrubbing the floor! This place is stinkin' dirty."

Misty hoped that would get him off her back; she really did not want to talk about this subject again.

"Well, if you say so. Gotta run now, nice talking to you!"

"Yeah, later!" she replied, still not looking at him.

"Oh, before I forget; Gary's in town as well!"

Misty felt chills run down her back and she immediately stopped scrubbing the floor. Gary was in Cerulean City? Would he come and visit her? No way! Didn't he just call her on the video phone not that long ago? Or maybe he was phoning in to say he was in town … Misty started to hyperventilate; she couldn't face him right now! The redhead did what any other brave girl would have done; she ran and hid herself away from the Gym, where no one could find her. Which happened to be the small shed located right outside the Gym. She didn't know what came over her, but she had to avoid Gary at all costs! All costs. So Misty sat there on one of the buckets in the shed, staring through the little window where she could spy on anyone entering the gym. Tracey was long gone by now, and Misty was getting more anxious by the minute.

Now that she was thinking about it, Tracey didn't actually say Gary was going to visit her; just that he was in town. After sitting in the shed for an hour, she was beginning to think he really wasn't coming over. Maybe he was running an errand and wasn't going to visit her. That calmed her down a bit, she was overreacting a bit too much. Then again, wasn't she entitled to overreact after what happened three weeks ago? Misty shook her head and got rid of any ill and paranoid thoughts, so she finally stepped outside the shed.

If only she could turn back time, because when she stepped outside, she bumped into the last guy she ever wanted to bump into.

"Wow Misty, you came out of nowhere. You alright?" asked Gary Oak, while he held a hand on her shoulder to steady her. A bouquet of flowers was attached to his other hand.

Misty couldn't breathe anymore, let alone talk to him. Her face felt hot and red, and all the memories came back rushing to her; she wanted to scream like a little girl and run away. Instead, Misty quickly pulled herself away from Gary, avoiding his face.

"What's that Daisy? Okay! I'm coming!" she said loudly to no one in particular and ran towards the gym.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck, I'm fucked! Misty continued to curse in her mind as she raced through the gym, trying to get rid of Gary. As she ran through the pool, she accidentally stepped on her wet sponge she was using to scrub the floors with, and it threw her off her balance, making her topple over into the pool. Misty got submerged into water and she quickly went back up again, brushing her wet orange hair out of her face. Her hands grasped the edge of the pool and she was about to hoist herself out of it, when she saw a hand reaching down to her. Of course, it was Gary. Misty glared at the hand, but Gary wouldn't have any of it and quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her out of the water.

Misty stood there awkwardly, not saying a word, drenched in water, staring at the shiny floor she had worked hard on scrubbing clean.

"You should be a bit more careful," said Gary in a serious voice. "You could have hit your head on the edge of the pool."

The girl said nothing, as she was trying her best to keep the blush on her face from turning into a massive shade of red.

"I'm here with Tracey, running some errand for gramps. Figured I'd come visit you. Oh, and this is for you," he said and held out the bouquet of flowers, which were all blue coloured.

Misty was still hell-bent on giving him the silent treatment, for she wasn't responding to him at all, ignoring the flowers as well—even if it was a nice touch. Noticing that Misty wasn't going to respond to him, or accept the flowers, Gary took a step back and ran a hand through his spiky hair.

"I'm really sorry, you know," he started.

This only worsened Misty's state, as she had now lost the battle and the blush was now burning on her cheeks, and she couldn't stop thinking about everything she had done to him. She had tried to fucking rape him for god's sake! Overcome with anger, Misty finally looked up at Gary, surprised to find his face was red as well, though hers was definitely worse.

"Sorry? Why should you be sorry!? I did ... I did terrible things to you!" she shrieked out loud, her voice bouncing off the clean walls of the gym. "Just horrible!" she said more weakly this time and buried her face in her hands, too ashamed to even be alive at this point.

Gary looked to the side, his green eyes focused on the water of the pool. "It wasn't your fault you were acting like that, it was my fault for not noticing you drank the tonic meant for increasing a pokemon's libido. I really don't hold it against you."

Misty then glared at him. "Well, I hold it against myself!" she proclaimed, then she gave him a hard push to his side, causing him to fall in the pool.

There was a loud splash, and the bouquet of flowers resurfaced, aimlessly floating around on the water, with Gary now coming back up for air. His usual brown spikes now clung to his face like glue. He didn't look happy one bit.

"Did that make you feel better?" he snapped.

Misty finally managed to smile. "Actually, that made me feel better by a lot!"

"Good, because I'm doing this to take revenge," he said and quickly snatched her ankle and pulled her in the pool again.

Misty spit out a bit of water out of her mouth and brushed the hair out of her face once more. She then stared into Gary's green eyes, and suddenly, she wasn't feeling that embarrassed anymore, or angry, or guilty. Misty splashed a bit of water in Gary's face, who responded by doing the same.

"So, when are you coming by again?" he asked after rubbing the water out of his eyes.

Something washed away from her as they fell into the pool, that nagging and depressing feeling in the pit of her stomach simply drizzled away. Misty swam a bit closer to him, feeling a lot more comfortable again. "I'll tell you what, if you never—ever mention this incident again, then I'll drop by every once in a while again."

"Oh?" he said cocky. "This incident? Sure, I won't ever talk about how we both dragged ourselves into the Cerulean Gym's pool."

Misty gave him a kick in the shins under water. "You know what I meant!"

Gary laughed at her antics, and Misty smiled in return. After three weeks of avoiding Gary because of her own embarrassment, hearing him laugh and joke around with her was really comforting. He was too much of a good friend to let something like that come between them.

"I notice the gym is looking a lot cleaner since the last time I visited. I guess your sisters weren't kidding when they said you were busy cleaning."

Misty had to blush at that, regardless of how comfortable she felt around him again. To change the subject to something else, Misty asked, "so what kind of errand does Professor Oak have you doing?" She swam to the edge of the pool and finally got out.

"Oh, we had to do some weird things for the Pokemon League, pick things up and such, he couldn't be bothered to do it himself, so he sent me and Tracey to do it." Gary then pulled himself out of the water as well. He wringed out the water from his black shirt, as well as some of his pants.

"Sorry for pushing you in," she said meekly. "I can dry them for you, if you want."

"That would be nice, since I actually have to be somewhere in half an hour."

"Alright, come along." Misty started to walk across the pool and went inside one of the backrooms, with Gary following her.

When they were walking together like this, Misty had all but forgotten (or maybe she was really good at ignoring it) what had happened three weeks ago, and she was glad she had seen Gary again. It seemed no matter how hard Misty tried to ignore Gary and push him out of her life, he wouldn't stop coming back, and Misty liked that. She liked that a lot.