It's Research

A/N: yes, I am not continuing this story anymore. Sorry guys, I know some of you loved it, but I honestly cannot—in the middle of the story—change tenses. That's just something I won't do because I like consistency. That said, I have written lots of scenes years ago (I don't write chronologically), including an ending, so that is what I am uploading now so that you get a conclusion, sort of.

So uh yeah, these are SCENES, they are not properly written into the story yet, because I never will, and some aren't even completely concluded and will be open ended. That means information will be missing, or I'm referencing scenes that I haven't actually written. For example, a huge plot point that I've been hinting at since chapter 1 (the Pokemon League business), was meant to play out in later chapters, but I never managed to write it. I will try to mention in each scene what had happened before so you get the gist of it, but don't expect the kind of quality you got in previous chapters.

Egoshipping is still my favourite Pokemon ship, and I might in the future write a new story in present tense!

Backstory: life continues as normal and Mitsy calls Gary a lot when she's not in Pallet Town.

"Hey, it's going to be a full moon in two days," mentioned Gary.

Misty shifted closer, her eyes staring at the screen. "Really? Will the Bellossoms show up again?" she asked excitedly.

"Well I can't be a 100 percent sure, but they were there last time, so maybe this time they will again."

"Ohh, let's go then! I wanna go! They were so pretty and sparkling—plus seeing the milky way out in the open forest is also really beautiful."

Gary winked at her. "I know it is, so don't tell anyone else about our little 'secret'."

Misty placed a finger on her lips and winked back at him. "My lips are sealed. I wouldn't share this with anyone else within a million years."


Backstory: Misty and Gary have planned to see the Bellossoms during the full moon. Gary decided to pick Misty up, so she's waiting for him to arrive.

The doorbell rang and Misty's heart fluttered in her throat, knowing that Gary was there to pick her up. Her lips turned into a wide smile that matched her bubbly mood, and she hopped over towards the door—a bit excited again at seeing him since it had been a week.

When she opened the door, she expected to see Gary leaning against the doorway like always, pulling off that cute little smirk of his, however before she could even tell what was going on, she was flung back by another person crashing into her and giving her a tight hug.

"Long time no see, Misty!"

Misty was startled and confused, but once she saw that her face was buried in a sea of raven black hair, she knew all too well who this was. She managed to push the now tall boy away from her to give herself a break. Her cerulean eyes looked at him up and down and she finally let out a sigh.

"Ash Ketchum."

Old emotions washed over her like a tidal wave, as well as a lot of seething anger that she had held in all this time.

Ash gave her his trademark cheeky grin as well as a thumbs up. "That's me alright! Anyways, I have some business here in Cerulean City, and I figured; I should pay Misty a visit! I haven't talked to her in such a long time," he said all this while rudely walking past her and making himself at home, with his trusty Pikachu following.

The redhead didn't really know what to do at the moment, she was waiting for Gary to come pick her up and she didn't have the time to be dealing with Ash Ketchum who decided to randomly drop down in front of her front door. It was literally out of nowhere, considering she hadn't even spoken to him at least over a year already—a very long time ago. Not only that, their friendship had all but fizzled into nothingness, and Ash, the boy whom she had so many memories with, the one who stood in front of her right now with a different kind of haircut and a new cap—he was a stranger to her. Not to mention the fact that she was getting angry by just seeing his face again. Lots of thoughts popped up in her head as she watched the boy make himself familiar in her home, thoughts such as 'How dare he show up now.' And 'It's too late now, I'm friends with Gary.'.

"So how have you been Misty?" he asked as he paced around her living room looking at all the things on the shelves. "It's been so long!" he said with a loud chuckle.

"I'm … I've been good, Ash. Lots of things happened," she then looked down with a smile as she remembered her meeting with Gary a few months back, "lots of good things happened. But, that's not something I should be answering. More importantly, why are you here?"

Ash sat down on the couch, having absolutely no regard to how unfamiliar he really was in her house. They had been friends, best friends in the past, sure, but that didn't give him the right to act as if he had kept on contact with her for years.

"Like I said, I'm here for some Pokemon League business. They're cooking something up over there, and they needed me here—so I wanted to come see you!"

Misty placed her hand against her forehead; a reunion with Ash came at a really bad time. Maybe when she wasn't waiting for Gary it would be better. No actually, it would have been better if this reunion happened over a year ago—when they were still talking a bit, and she still felt like they were friends. Right now, all she wanted was for him to leave, because not an inch in her body wanted to talk to him anymore.

"Ash, as much as I love seeing you again, you came at a really bad time. I've got plans, and I'm about to go out as well."

The black haired boy looked crestfallen. "Oh, I see," he said disappointed. "No worries, I can stay and hang out with you until you have to go! So, how's the gym been doing? Got any good trainers challenging you lately?"

Misty really didn't want to go and have this chat with him, because Gary was about to come pick her up, and she wasn't really comfortable being alone with Ash at the moment. All because she bore a bit of resentment towards him for never calling her and ending their friendship like that. He expected her to still be the same Misty who would eagerly welcome him into her house? Well, he was wrong, that Misty doesn't exist anymore, she had left once the phonecalls started to die out.

"The gym's been doing good—but seriously, you can't stay here Ash. Maybe we can pick another date so that we can catch up, since I'm about to go out and do something." As she said that, the doorbell rang again and Misty spun around in shock; Gary was here. Oh great, now the two would see each other, this was a storm in the making.

"Oh, don't get up, I'll get it!" said Ash happily and dashed towards the front door.

Misty's mouth hang open; she was so not expecting this to happen. Damn that Ash for showing up out of nowhere and ruining her date with Gary! The girl then frowned, that was a weird way to word whatever she and Gary did all the time. It wasn't a date, not in the romantic sense. They were gonna go and have some battles for illegal money, not something you'd want to blurt out to other people. But why was she thinking about this when Ash freaking Ketchum decided to randomly pop up in her life again?

Ash gleefully opened the door, eager to know who it was—but did not expect to see Gary Oak standing in front of him.

"If it isn't Gary Oak!" he said, pleasantly surprised that Gary came to visit him after being back in Kanto.

Gary, who had been wearing that cute little smirk once the door opened, simply frowned at the sudden turn of events. "Ashy-boy, definitely not the person I expected to see here."

Ash placed his hands on his hips, clearly insulted. "What do you mean, you didn't come here to visit me? You must have heard I was back in town!"

Suddenly Misty pushed him out of the doorway and gave Gary an apologetic smile. "Sorry, he just kind of popped out of nowhere today," she explained to him. Then she turned to Ash. "I told you Ash, I've got plans today. It's very nice to see you again, but you came at a really bad time."

Ash looked at her in disbelief. "You've got plans … with Gary?"

Misty stood next to Gary, each having a quizzical look on their face. "Yeah?" she asked uncertain.

Ash's mouth dropped open. "Wait wait—don't tell me you two are friends!?"

Gary simply smirked at seeing Ash's reaction to Misty having friends other than him. "That's correct Ashy-boy, what, are you jealous?"

"B-but, since when!? You guys hated each other …" then he turned to look at Gary. "We hated each other!"

"Ash, as much as I love to catch up with you, I did have plans with Gary today. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I've got time then," said Misty, not really wanting to explain her relationship status with Gary to Ash, or really talk to him at all.

Gary nudged her in her side. "Nope, you're busy tomorrow too."

"She is?" asked Ash.

"I am?" asked Misty, equally bewildered as Ash.

"Yeah, don't you remember? A picnic … under the full moon."

Misty's cheeks tinged a bit pink at the way Gary said it. She had forgotten about the full moon the next day. He made it sound like a romantic date or something, instead of the actual Bellossom event that was going on. She didn't want to tell Ash just yet about the Bellossoms, since it was just something she shared with Gary, and no one else.

"Ah, uh, right, I almost forgot," she said sheepishly.

Ash looked at Gary, then looked over at Misty, then looked back at Gary … until he yelled out loud in frustration. "Are you two going on a date!?"

Misty's ears started to burn red, and she quickly fanned her face to cool herself down a bit. "W-what are you saying Ash," she said, clearly embarrassed.

Gary then placed an arm around Misty's neck, and pulled her close to his body. He gave Ash a broad smile and a thumbs up. "Yup, we're going on a date!" He then turned around, forcefully dragging Misty along in an almost headlock, and walked out the door with her, leaving a confused Ash behind.

"Sorry Ash, I'll see you some other time!" she hastily called back before Gary dragged her around the corner.

When her house was getting out of sight, Gary finally let go of Misty and burst out into laughter. Misty could only glare at him though.

"Did you see the look on his face? Oh god, that was utterly priceless. We have to do that again."

Misty then shoved Gary in his side, almost making him crash into a pole. "Hey, don't go deciding things on your own! Now Ash will totally misunderstand."

Gary rubbed his side as if she had hit him with a bulldozer, feigning hurt. "Wasn't that the point? You can't deny that you didn't enjoy rubbing it in Ash's face that we were friends."

Misty swallowed her tongue, as Gary was sort of right. She did enjoy the look on Ash's face when he knew that she was friends with his formal rival. Or any kind of friend at all, he was probably expecting her to be the same old Misty he had left behind when he traveled onwards with new friends. It felt kind of good to rub it in his face indeed, Gary was right. They continued to walk along the sidewalk, both being silent.

"Okay, it felt a little good."

Gary merely grinned at her and continued to walk by her side. "Told yah. But wow, I didn't expect him to show up all of the sudden."

"Yeah me neither, I opened the door just twenty minutes ago, expecting you, but surprise, surprise, it was Ash. Apparently he's got some sort of business with the Pokemon League here in Cerulean City, so he figured he'd come visit me."

"He's such a good friend, isn't he?" mocked Gary.

"Oh the best, couldn't ask for anything better!" she said equally as mocking.

"Hey now, watch what you're saying," he said in a serious tone.

Misty simply linked her arm with his and pressed her head against his shoulder. "Don't worry, you're a much better friend than Ash ever was." And also much more attractive, but she wouldn't say that out loud.

"That's more like it," said Gary with a grin.

"It's been a long time since I saw him though," she mused softly. "Not as long as I hadn't seen you before, but still a long time. The nerve of him just showing up like this without so much as a phonecall beforehand."

"And he never even bothered to call you period," he said with a snort. "Real mature of him."

"Ash was never one to be mature," pointed out Misty. "Right now I sort of want to punch him in the face for dropping me like that. But I guess I can't change the past, huh?"

"Didn't you have a huge crush on him?"

Misty yanked at his arm, her cheeks heating up once more. "Don't say it so bluntly like that."

"Oh come on, it was as plain as night and day."

"It was, wasn't it?" said Misty, agreeing with him. "Yet that idiot was the only one who couldn't see that."

"I didn't even see you that much when you traveled with him, yet I still knew that. Tells you how much Ash pays attention to you."

"Don't remind me," she said through gritted teeth. "I spent a lot of my youth on a one-sided crush, it's rather depressing."

"With a guy like Ash, you should have just told him straight to his face, maybe then he would have gotten the hint."

"I guess you're right, I was at fault for never telling him. But still, that was in the past, I'm completely over it right now."

"Are you really?" he asked with a sly grin.

Misty merely grinned back. "Oh yes, it's much more fun to associate with his enemy instead."

"Enemy? Please, Ash is far too inferior to be even called that."

Misty laughed out loud, with Gary soon following. She meant every word of it. Ash might have been a good friend in the past, but things had changed, and now she was a really good friend of Gary—even more so than Ash could ever be, which included her stupid crush. It's strange how everything changed so much, but at least it changed for the better.

"Hey, are you ever going to tell me who you had a crush on?" asked Misty, remembering an older conversation they had.

"Why do you want to know so bad?" asked Gary suspiciously.

"Oh come on, it's only fair that if you knew I had a crush on Ash, that I know who you had a crush on!"

"Hhmm," mused Gary, totally not paying attention to her.

"You're so unfair, I'm dying to know who it was!"

"I'm not very proud of it, you know," he said softly. "It was just a stupid crush that had absolutely no base. We were strangers, I only saw her a few times, yet I managed to develop a crush on her even though we barely spoke. It's pathetic, and I don't really want to be reminded of it."

"Oooh, so even the mighty Gary can have butterflies in his stomach when he sees a girl," she said, teasing him. "So, do you still like her?"

"Are you asking me if I still have that pathetic crush on her?" he said bluntly. "Then, no, no I don't."

Misty pouted, because she really wanted to know who it was. Maybe it was someone she knew. "Was it someone I knew as well?"

"You really don't want to give up, do you?"

"Ah come on, I'm really curious! Let's share each other's misery that we both never managed to get what we wanted."

Suddenly, Gary yanked his arm away from Misty's, then grabbed her wrist firmly, halting her in her tracks. She turned to look at him, wondering what he was doing, and gazed into his serious green eyes. There was a look in his eyes that she had never seen before. The friendly and warm eyes she had been used to were replaced with cold and unfamiliar ones.

"I always get what I want," he said almost with a sneer. He then let her wrist go and continued to walk ahead.

Misty had the strangest look on her face, wondering what was up with that.


Backstory: Misty and Gary are out in the woods hoping to see the Bellossoms.

As they lay underneath the full moon, staring at the gorgeous twinkling stars in the sky, Misty's thoughts wandered over to her old memories of Ash and her travels with him. There was a time she really missed him, and really missed traveling. Heck, there was even a time where she had gotten so depressed that she could barely get out of bed. Misty turned to stare at Gary, her best friend, and her old rival. Not in a million years had she imagined being friends with him, much less best friends, sharing a special event together under the moonlight.

"Hey Gary." Misty tried to get his attention away from stargazing.

Gary's emerald eyes flickered over towards her direction, giving her his attention. "What?"

Misty rolled over onto her stomach and propped herself up a bit on her elbows, so she could look at Gary's face when she was talking. "Do you think … that … we could have been friends?"

"I have no idea what's gotten into you Misty, but I'm pretty damn sure we already are. Unless you mean to tell me I've been hallucinating this entire time."

The redhead giggled and rested her chin on the palm of her hand, gazing into his eyes. "I didn't mean it like that. I meant, do you think we could have been friends back then? When I was still traveling with Ash, and we saw each other as nothing but rivals."

Gary bit his lip and grunted in response. "I never thought of you as my rival. Not even Ash. Just an annoying fly that I had to crush underneath my boots. Ash that is, not you."

"Well, aside from that, do you think we would have been friends if … well, if we managed to talk to each other without hurling insults?"

"Probably not," he said simply.

Misty pouted, a bit annoyed at his answer. "And why the hell not?"

Gary finally turned his face towards her, he had those serious looking eyes again, like yesterday, with no trace of his childish side to be found. "Because I wouldn't want to be your friend back then. Simple as that."

She flicked her fingers against his forehead. "Now that's just rude!" she said angrily.

He rubbed his forehead, but managed to not do anything else in return. "It's not because of you, don't get angry about that. It's just that, I'm not very proud of the person who I was back then."

"Oooh, Gary Oak feels guilt about his childhood?" she mused, her anger instantly slipping away.

He clicked his tongue, finally returning to stargazing again. "In case you hadn't noticed, I was a pompous ass back then with no regard other than himself. And boy, how I hated Ash and everyone who traveled with him. Even if you were the nicest person on earth to me, I still wouldn't want to be friends with you for the sole reason you traveled with Ash."

"How in the world were you ever friends with Ash, I wonder," she muttered under her breath.

Gary simply laughed at her statement. "I guess the same way how you and I ended up being friends."

"That's a good point." Misty lay back down on the blanket again, this time snuggling a bit closer to the brunette. "Even so, was there absolutely no chance we could have been friends?"

"I don't know, maybe, maybe not. The important thing is, we are now." He then swung his arm across her shoulder and pushed her head against his. "Now shut up and enjoy the stars," he said with a grunt.

Gary shifted his body in a more comfortable position, which caused his spiky brown hair to tickle her forehead, not to mention the fact that her cheek was squished up against his. She felt herself burn up at the closeness of the both of them, but didn't say a word, nor make an attempt to move out of his hold on her. She hoped he wouldn't notice the warmth radiating from her cheeks, and she hoped he couldn't tell that she had gotten goose bumps all over her arms.

Misty's right hand was in between her body and Gary's, half resting on top of his chest. She felt it go up and down as he breathed in an out, it was sort of entrancing and comforting. A tiny smile appeared on her lips, it wasn't every day that she could snuggle this close to Gary Oak. For reasons which she did not yet know herself, Misty felt herself wanting to crawl closer to him, to hold him in her arms. Feeling a bit more daring, Misty maneuvered her body so that she was laying on her side, her head now nestled inside the nook of Gary's neck, and her body hugging his chest and legs. She grabbed his shoulder softly with her right hand, and placed her other hand on top of his chest, turning it into an intimate hug.

She didn't expect anything, well that's not true, she did expect Gary to give her a weird look and push her away. So what surprised her the most, was that Gary's hold on her shoulder tightened up, and he snuggled closer to her, instead of pushing her away. When his free hand came to a halt to rest on top of hers (which was clutching his chest), Misty started to wish that the Bellossoms wouldn't show up for today. She turned her head away from the sky, which caused her lips to accidentally graze Gary's neck as she did so, since there wasn't much space that allowed her to move freely. Misty pulled back a bit, and hoped he hadn't noticed what she did, since the action made her grow extremely red. Instead, Gary turned his face away from the sky as well, giving her more room to rest her head, very convenient indeed.

Misty cautiously rested her face inside the nook of his neck, her lips barely brushing against the soft and delicate flesh. The longer she stayed like that with him, the faster her heart was beating, causing her to feel a swarm of different emotions. It was as if he was radiating pheromones from his neck, because Misty felt herself becoming intoxicated, and for some reason, really—really, wanted to press her lips against his neck. The redhead wanted to slap herself silly for even thinking such a thing; she couldn't kiss Gary's neck. Why would she even want to do that?

But then why, was she not moving away?

As she felt Gary's fingers intertwine with hers, she wondered just how friendly they could act with each other before it surpassed the lines of friendship. Intertwined hands, laying down on a blanket, snuggled very closely to each other underneath the sparkling sky, what would they look like right now if someone found them camping there? Certainly, it couldn't be friends, Misty felt way too hot and jumpy for this to be called an act of friendship. With her lips so dangerously close to his delicious neck, and Gary holding her shoulder as well as her hand … she wondered what was going to happen to them now. What surprised her the most however, was that she didn't want this to end, it felt too good for her to pull away and break contact with him. Snuggling close to Gary Oak and not wanting it to end, who knew?

Then his fingers graciously slipped away from hers, and Misty had to bite back a groan of disappointment. Gary gently got out of Misty's hold on him and crawled on his hands and knees on the dirt towards the clearing, he tilted his head and beckoned her to follow him. For a few seconds, Misty was contemplating just laying there until he returned on his own, but then got up too as she heard him hissing impatiently. She crawled across the dirt as well, a bit agitated since she was very much enjoying his company earlier, then came to a halt as her shoulder bumped into his, sending a spark of electricity down her spine.

"What?" she asked, pretending that little bump didn't affect her at all.. Though she didn't need to ask that question, because the answer was in front of her; the Bellossoms had returned for another glorious dance under the moonlight. For some reason, it didn't seem all that great to her anymore, since she was fine with laying down with him under the stars, uninterrupted.

"They're back," he said with a sort of strained voice. He finally got off his knees, and squatted down on his feet instead, giving Misty a small grin in the process.

Misty's eyes weren't focused on the Bellossoms though, she was fixated on Gary, who was only a few inches away from her. His back was arched over on his knees, and Misty could see the lines of his muscles through his shirt. She wanted to touch it, touch his skin, pull him close to her—all kinds of weird things. The warmth she felt earlier while holding him close still lingered on her skin, and she wanted it back. A strange sensation ran through her body, causing her to writhe in excitement, she couldn't deny it anymore; she wanted Gary badly. The girl leaned over, her hands and knees down in the dirt as they supported her entire body, and placed them in between Gary's feet. Green eyes flickered over her face, wondering what she was doing. She slowly lifted herself up, so that her face could reach his, their faces now only inches away, a proximity that caused his body heat to engulf her own. So entrancing, so intoxicating—she wanted more of it.

His breathing stopped momentarily, a sign that told her that maybe she wasn't so crazy for wanting something from him … something she couldn't explain. Intensity was flung back and forth between their eyes, neither of them moving closer, yet neither of them pulling away, it was almost a game to see who'd move first. He blinked once, slowly, his eyelids raising again to reveal his sparkling emerald coloured eyes. Her reflection stared back at her in his eyes, and she could see the way she was longing for him, the way her lips were already parted open, and the way her body naturally leaned closer to him. Her shoulder made contact with his knee when she started to lean closer, it made the hairs on her arm raise as the feeling was blown up in proportion to normal. In tune with her, Gary lowered his face, his eyes now only half open, wondering what was going to happen between them. Misty tilted her head up, her nose stroking against his, a feeling of safety washed over her, as well as excitement of where this was going.

They each inhaled a deep and slow breath, breathing seemed to be the only thing they could do at the moment, a feat that caused her much effort because she kept forgetting how to whenever her eyes would lock on with his for too long. It was Gary who moved first, one of his hands was on the ground, supporting his weight as his back arched forward, closer to her. When he was close enough, Misty's eyes fluttered shut in response, her heart beating in tune with the Bellossom's dance, and he finally, a bit hesitantly, brushed his lips against hers.

Fireworks erupted from inside of her, literally as well because the Bellossoms started to glow and sparkle. It was a tiny little touch of their lips, yet it held so much power over her. It was hesitant, filled with questions and worry, wondering if this was the right thing to do, maybe even considering to stop it—but Misty didn't want it to. Filled with determination to continue, Misty lifted one of her hands from the dirt, and placed it on his knee, using it as leverage for her to push herself against his body. Not used to the sudden weight shift, Gary stumbled backwards, landing firmly on his butt, with Misty toppling over him. He caught her by the wrists as she straddled his body, her waist conveniently placed between his legs, and her face hovering near his chest—the perfect way to steal a kiss from him.

Gary released her wrists, instead embracing her waist with his arms, and lowered his face once more. The closeness of their bodies together made Misty feel even more heated up than she already was, whether it'd be in her face, or between her legs, she didn't pay it much attention. Instead, she let her hand wander down his leg, while simultaneously leaning closer until their lips met once more.

Misty shivered visibly, inhaling a deep breath while parting from him, the feeling was too intense. Gary however, would have nothing of it, and used his hand to cup her chin and pull her back. This kiss wasn't as hesitant as the other two, it felt warm and curious, yet it was filled with lust and need. When her hand, that had unconsciously started to stroke his leg, came across his zipper, Gary aggressively moved his lips across hers, as if his life depended on it. She breathed hard through her nose and she returned his aggressiveness by smashing her lips against his as well, and having her fingers dig into his thigh.

She melted into his rough kiss, not minding the fact that it was a bit hurtful when he bit her bottom lip as she dragged her fingers across his thigh. His lips were hot and very voluptuous, filled with electricity as he devoured her whole, she couldn't find the will within her to deny him, and equally kissed him back as well. His hands were suddenly going up her back, making sure she couldn't escape his hold, then slipped into her hair. A new kind of feeling emerged from the bottom of her stomach, Misty decided she liked that feeling, so she let him do his thing with her hair, as she started to sensually lick his lips, begging for them to open.

A small crack opened between his lips, the hot air in his mouth escaping and gently brushing against her lips. Misty licked her own lips and gently took his bottom lip in between hers, at first sucking it with not much power, then gradually sucked it harder. She managed to draw out a low groan from Gary's throat, his body shifting and shivering against her. Misty wasn't that much different; her body was trembling, and her weight was fully supported by his, as she was half laying against him, that and his arms on her back wouldn't let her position herself either way.

She finally let his lip go, certain that it was bright red from having sucked it so much, and she gazed at him with devious eyes. Gary looked half out of it, but it made him look all the more attractive. He leaned in closer again, but this time going for her right ear. Misty grabbed a handful of his shirt when his lips brushed against her earlobe, something that made her weak to her knees and feel fireworks dance on her skin.

"Misty …" he murmured softly, causing her to shiver delightfully at hearing him say her own name. Noticing her reaction, Gary licked her earlobe with his tongue, and suddenly it felt like a whole new different sensation. Misty moaned against his chest, wishing he'd never stop. "Misty," he whispered in her ear again. A lustful smile appeared on her lips, hoping he'd say her name again—it made her feel powerful and wanted.

"Misty." His voice was louder and more persistent now, almost alarming, warning her or something.

The redhead pulled back a bit, wondering if there was something wrong. Gary stared back at her and he had completely stopped moving at this point. "Wake up already," he said.

A second went by, she raised her eyebrows. Two seconds went by, she turned it into a frown. Three seconds went by and she opened her mouth. Four seconds went by, and she finally opened her eyes.

The real Gary Oak stood looming above her body. "Good, you're finally awake." Sunlight entered her eyes and it was literally blinding her, so she shielded herself from the sun by covering her face with her hands.

"I can't believe we managed to fall asleep like that," said Gary, who was now behind her, doing something. "The Bellossoms didn't even show up last night."

A deep blush spread across her cheeks as it dawned on her that she had just dreamt of a terrific make-out with Gary. One that felt very, very real she might add, one that was so burned in her brain that she swore she could still feel his lips on her.

"Come on, red, get up and help me pack up."

Misty cracked open an eye and shifted her head so she could see Gary pack up the stuff they brought with them last night. She wondered; how much of it had been a dream? Did she start to dream as soon as they snuggled together? Or was that part of the dream as well? What exactly had been real?

"I had a dream about you," she blurted out. Oh nice one Misty, now she'll have to explain him that she fantasized about kissing kind of wanted to smack her forehead for that mistake.

"That's nice," he said, not really caring.

With a bashful grin on her face, Misty shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. "We were in the middle of a total hot make-out."

That perked his interest, he turned to face her this time and smirked arrogantly at her. "Is that so? Was I a good kisser?"

She grinned at him, despite the blush on her cheeks from the embarrassment at having to admit she dreamt of kissing him. "Do you want to be?"

Gary bent down so he could reach the blanket on the ground and started to tug at it, causing Misty to be dragged along as well. She hastily got up and pouted at him for interrupting her.

"I won't forgive you if you dreamt badly of me," he said and folded the blanket to put it away in the backpack.

Misty placed her arms on her side and huffed. "Well then, I won't tell you."

Gary then looked up at her, as if he just realized something. "Wait, you mean to tell me that while you were hogging half of my body last night, you were dreaming of kissing me? Should I feel violated?"

She made a note to remember that they had indeed been hugging each other. How much of that was real, and how much of it was part of the dream, she didn't exactly know. "Oh come off of it, I'm sure you've had weird dreams about me," she said defensively.

He simply smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively, which caused her mouth to drop open. "Eww, Gary!" she exclaimed, then punched his arm.

He laughed at her antics. "Hey now, it's not my fault I can dream about that sort of stuff. Missy 'I dreamt about making out with Gary'."

"At least my dream was a lot more PG rated."

"I'm sure it would turn into an R rating later on."

She gave him a pointed glare and crossed her arms in a defensive stance. "You don't know that."

Gary finally swung the backpack over his shoulder, having packed up all the stuff on his own already. "Oh trust me, if it's me, it certainly would be." He then started to walk away.

Remembering a long time ago he had said that he had no experience with girls, Misty saw it fit to rub it in his face this time. She hopped after him. "Oh, is that so? I seem to recall you saying something about not being confident in your experience with girls." This caused him to growl, and Misty smirked satisfactory. "Did I hit a nerve?"

"Oh, shut up Misty, let's just go home. And for the record, just because I have no experience, doesn't mean I don't want to do it at all."

"Oh my, are you telling me you'd like to have sex with me?" She batted her eyelashes as she linked her arm with his innocently. "But, enough of that," she said, changing the subject. "Uhm, did we see the Bellossoms yesterday? I can't even remember when I fell asleep." She sort of wanted to find out how much of her dream was real.

They both walked through the forest, arms linked, headed home. "No, remember, I told you when you woke up. They didn't even show up."

"Oh," she said, not really that disappointed because she got a very hot dream instead. "When did I fall asleep?"

Gary frowned at her. "I don't know, same time as I did?"

"Which was when?"

His frown deepened. "When you decided to snuggle up to me?"

"Oooh, okay, so that wasn't just part of my dream."

"Just what the hell did you dream about exactly."

Misty shyly moved her head down a bit. "Well, we were snuggling closely together, staring at the sky. And then, uhm …" she averted her eyes away from him, too embarrassed to talk about her dream at the moment.

However, Gary's interested was peaked, and he wouldn't allow her to stop. "And then?" he pressed on.

"I sort of, vaguely, remember my lips brushing against your neck," she admitted.

Gary said nothing, as he waited for her to continue. She hoped he wouldn't bend down to see her face, as it was as bright as a cherry. "Then the Bellossoms appeared, I remember that."

"At least you had a good show in your dream."

"Uhm, I didn't even pay attention to it, hehe," she said sheepishly.

"Oh, couldn't turn your eyes away from my devilishly good looks?"

"More like, you couldn't stop staring at me."

"But I bet you were the one to kiss first."

"Shut up, I did not! You leaned in first!"

"But did I kiss you first?"

"Well … sort of … your lips brushing against me counts as a kiss!"

"It so does not, you kissed me first—and you liked it," he said that last part with a laugh, totally mocking her.

"It's not like you were complaining," she grumbled about her dream Gary. "In fact, you were moaning out my name! Right before you woke me up, actually."

"That's nasty, Misty."

"Shut up, you wanted to know."

"Point taken."

"… Why are you smiling so weirdly like that?" she asked, finally daring to take a peep at Gary's face.

He frowned then shook his head. "Am not," he denied, then put up a scowling face.

Misty merely smiled knowingly at him and leaned her head against his shoulder, her other hand resting on his arm as they continued to trek through the forest. It was nice to be able to tell him things like this without their friendship turning weird or awkward. Instead, they joked around and were the same as always, that's what she liked about Gary.


Backstory: more progress happened between Misty and Gary, and Misty has slowly accepted the fact she likes Gary. Right after that, the Pokemon League business finally starts to matter, as Misty is summoned to go to Sinnoh for an entire month to train (all Pokemon Gym Leaders are required).

"You're kidding me, right?" asked Misty in disbelief. "They want all gym leaders to be trained for an entire month, because we're not up to par!?"

Daisy looked at her weirdly. "Misty ... you were the one who signed the document in the first place. Didn't you read it through?"

Ignoring the fact she had totally not read the document she signed on that day she had taken a heav dose of estrogen, Misty continued to rant on. "But but, what about the gyms themselves? What will happen to that?"

Her sister frowned. "Well, they didn't tell me that much, I think they're just shutting the gyms down for a month. Either way, you're the one going, not us."

"And when exactly will that be?"

"They said you should be in Jubilife City by next week."

Misty's eyes grew wide in utter shock. "Jubilife? That's … that's in Sinnoh!"

"Yup, so good luck with that lil' sis, we'll take care of the gym for you. Somewhat."

Daisy finally left Misty alone, and the redhead was still in disbelief at the new information. To go on a training spree for an entire month in Sinnoh? That was like, on the other side of the country! And it couldn't have come at a worse moment, since she had just realized she really, really liked Gary.


Backstory: Misty is training hard in Sinnoh along with all the other gym leaders (Bradley is training Misty personally). She calls Gary whenever she gets the time. Gary is currently working on cracking some kind of DNA code for a pokemon. This scene is written in Gary's PoV because sometimes I write scenes twice to know what the other person is thinking, I just never managed to write Misty's version.

"Ugh, I've been so busy these past few days, it's been driving me mad!" complained Misty over the video phone.

Gary chuckled at her feistiness. "Oh right, I forgot—I cracked that DNA code."

Misty's eyes lit up in a second. "Really? The one you've been working on for a month?"

"Yup! I managed to solve it two days ago."

"Oh my god, congratulations! You did it again, Gary Oak!" she said happily.

That was the reaction he was looking for; the redhead smiling at him and complimenting him like she always did. Gary felt a lot more content now.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there during your major breakthrough. I really hope this conference thing will be done with soon."

"I agree, they've been hogging you for far too long," said Gary while folding his arms over his chest. The girl on the other end of the screen gave a small giggle.

"What's that Gary, you miss me?" she said teasingly. Gary didn't respond; agreeing to that was too embarrassing. She waved her hand at him, as if to dismiss his childish embarrassment. "Don't worry, I miss you too. Wish I was home already—it's so boring without having you around."

Gary gave up on the idea of withholding the fact that he really missed her. "You have no idea. I never really noticed how empty the lab is without you breathing up all the air inside of it."

"I don't know whether that was a compliment or not—but I'm gonna take it as one!"

He saw another person enter the video phone screen, so his vision of Misty was blocked.

"Come on Misty, let's go," said the man, then he left the screen.

"Sorry Gary, I gotta go. I'll promise to call again tomorrow!"

Irritated that his conversation was cut short by this unknown man, Gary grudgingly said his goodbyes to Misty.


Backstory: directly follows the previous scene, back to Misty's PoV again. Misty comes across a familiar person in Sinnoh.

"Hey Ash! I didn't expect to see you here," said Misty as she walked over to Ash, who was eating lunch on a bench.

"Oh hey Misty, nice to see you! Yeah, I'm here as a supervisor."

"You are? So you're going to be training me then?" she asked curiously.

Ash simply nodded with a smile. It's been a while since she saw him again, and she never really bothered to see how much he had changed since they were kids. He had definitely grown a lot taller, and far more broader. He probably had a very muscular build as well, since training Pokemon does take it out on you. His black hair was unruly as always, and stopped short right at his neck. A new cap adorned his head, which had the new logo of the Pokemon league on the front. Aside from his body looking different, he hadn't changed all that much. It was still Ash.

"So, is Brock going to come over here too? This feels a little nostalgic," she said and looked around the arenas with people battling with their Pokemon.

"Brock? No, last I heard he's busy running his daycare center."

Misty nodded slightly, assuming that he kept as much contact with Brock as he did with her, which was none. She then sat down on the bench next to him, and Pikachu gladly greeted her, sitting on her lap happily chattering away.

"Hey Pikachu, I missed you!" she said and patted the yellow mouse on his head."Haha, it seems you've grown a lot stronger! I hope Ash still treats you well."

"Pika, pika!" said the Pokemon happily, and snuggled up against Misty.

"So how's your gym doing?" asked Ash.

"Well apparently, the Pokemon League seems to think it's doing rather awful," she joked. "Truthfully, it's doing just fine. A bit boring sometimes when there are no challengers, but I can't complain."

"I see. Are you still dating Gary?"

That question really came out of nowhere, that Misty's jaw dropped open and she started to sputter incoherent things. "N-no! We were never dating in the first place!"

Ash rose his black eyebrows up to his cap. "You weren't? I'm pretty sure Gary said the two of you went on date last time I saw you."

Misty waved her hands in front of her face to indicate clearly they were not dating. "Gary was just messing with you at that time, we are definitely not dating."

Ash then started to laugh out loud. "You're right, it would be impossible for the two of you to date, much less be friends!"

Misty frowned at him. "I am still very good friends with Gary, just so you know. I really did have plans with him on that day."

"Really? So you two are best buds now or something?"

She stroked Pikachu's head and smiled at the Pokemon. "Pretty much. I still call him each day just to chat and let him know how I'm doing over here." Unlike someone who never bothered to call her at all, no matter how busy he was.

The boy chuckled awkwardly. "Who knew, one of my old best friends and rival managed to become really close friends later in life. I'd have never guessed it."

"Well, life moves on, Ash. It'd be weird if it didn't."

"I guess that's true. I can't expect you to still be that Misty I knew of several years ago."

Misty had to smile brightly at that. It was proof that she had managed to move on with her life after she stopped traveling with Ash. Suddenly, she didn't feel that pathetic anymore, she was actually quite content with her life at the moment. Just over half a year ago she was complaining her life was boring and static. Ever since Gary entered her life, she's been enjoying it once more.

Then she hit Ash's cap with her finger. "But you, you're still the same as you were back in the old days!" she said while laughing. It was true, Ash hadn't changed a bit aside from physical changes.

Ash slapped her hand away. "Hey, I resent that! I did too change!"

Misty simply laughed at him, the finally got up as Pikachu hopped off of her lap. "Well, it's nice seeing you Ash, but I gotta get back to training! See you later!" she then waved at him and ran away with a large and content smile on her lips.

She had changed, she wasn't the puny Misty Waterflower that followed Ash everywhere anymore. No, she was the Misty Waterflower, she was her own person who quite enjoyed her life at the moment. She might not have a boyfriend as she hoped, but that barely even mattered anymore when she enjoyed spending time with her best friend. Which definitely wasn't Ash anymore.

As she finally finished up her training for today, Misty hurriedly went over to the videophones to call Gary and just share her good day with him. She hadn't managed to see Ash anymore after their little chat, but it's not like she was expecting too anyway. The videophone dialed over a few times, almost taking an entire minute before the screen flicked on and she saw Gary in his familiar and old lab coat. His hair was the same as always; messy and at the same time, very alluring.

"I was in the middle of so-" he began, but Misty cut him off.

"Hey there, Gary!" she said very cheerfully, causing Gary to look at her weirdly. "You never guess who I saw today."

"I don't really want to guess. And what's with that dumb, goofy smile you have in your face."

"Ash Ketchum! Yup, it appears he's working here as a supervisor." As soon as Misty had finished saying that, their connection broke.

Caller broke connection. It said on the monitor. Misty bit her lips and huffed indignantly, then redialed Gary's number. After a few seconds, he picked up again.

"How rude!" said Misty as she tried to glare at him.

"Oh I'm sorry. I assumed you were going to tell me about your best day yet that involved Ash Ketchum. Stuff I'd rather not listen to."

Misty pouted like a little child, offended Gary even broke their call because she was happy to see him again. "That's not it. I just had a small talk with Ash, and realized something very important."

"Do I dare ask what?" asked Gary in a toneless voice.

Misty smiled brightly and puffed up her chest. "I am Misty Waterflower!"

The screen flickered off once again, showing the same message as before. Misty growled out loud and stomped her foot on the ground. The nerve of that guy! She quickly redialed his number. When his face popped up on her screen again, she angrily pointed her finger at him.

"Oops, my finger slipped," he said, feigning innocence.

"Look here you little shithead, do that again and I won't talk to you ever again!" she yelled at him.

Gary simply laughed at her antics. "Now that's the Misty Waterflower I know, not the happy-go-lucky ditz I saw just a few seconds ago. It was kind of creeping me out, really."

Misty didn't know whether to feel insulted, or complimented, but decided on the former. "Well so-ry for feeling rather happy today. I was just happy to share the news with you."

"News? That you're Misty Waterflower? I think I knew that from the moment we met."

"Argh, not that! It was an epiphany! An epiphany I tell you!"

"Sure, whatever you say Misty."

She was feeling rather exhausted dealing with Gary like that, but hey, it was Gary. What did she expect? Misty shook her head and smiled, she wouldn't have had it any other way.

"So how's it going in the lab? Still working on that DNA code?" she asked, completely changing the subject.

"Yeah, in fact, I was working on it right now. Until you oh so rudely interrupted me."

"Oh my, I'm so awfully sorry. What ever could I do to make it up to you?" she said in a sickly sweet voice.

Gary placed his fingers on his chin, pretending to be deep in thought. "I don't know. Maybe stop calling me?"

The redhead snorted in response. "Yeah right, like I could do that."

"So, how was your day? Aside from that epiphany and all."

"Don't mock my epiphany!" she said, pointing her finger at the screen once more.

Gary held up his hands. "Oh no, I could never do such a thing."

"Well same old, same old. Training the whole day, then I met Ash who was eating lunch and found out he was a supervisor. Then trained some more and then I called you."

"Yuck, you didn't even take a shower after all that training?"

Misty lifted up her arm and smelled her armpit. A nasty stench of sweat engulfed her nostrils, and she pulled a foul face. "I guess I should, huh?"

"You think?"

Misty giggled at him, knowing he was right. She was sweating rather a lot during the day when training so hard with her Pokemon.

"Alright, I'll take one once we hang up."

"Sweet, I get to know my best friend went all hot and naked after our call."

Misty glared at him as her cheeks turned a bit pink. "Bastard," she said with a pout and covered up her breasts with her arms.

Gary simply laughed over on the other side of the call. Then he suddenly turned his head away from the screen. "Give me a second!" he yelled, probably to Tracey. He turned back to Misty again. "Sorry, gotta go, I did tell you I was in the middle of something."

"Yeah yeah, excuses excuses," she said with a smile. "Go do your thing, I'll take a long shower, rubbing soap all over my hot body."

The brunette laughed once more and shook his head. "You go ahead and do that. See yah."

Misty bid him goodbye as well and turned off the videophone. She skipped over to her room, all giddy and happy of having talked to Gary for today, which always made her mood 100x better than before. She gathered some of her stuff together, getting ready to take a shower. She placed it all in a bag and went over to the showers.

The room was a big square, full of white tiles and small cubicles for more privacy during showering. Luckily no one was there, so Misty went to the further cubicle in the room and locked the door. The cubicles were still rather open, and only the walls and door covered most of their body, but their faces were still rather visible, especially if you were tall. She slowly started to undress and safely stacked her clothes away in a hole in a wall, as well as all of her other stuff. She turned on the shower, and shrieked away from the cold water raining down. After a few seconds, the water started to get warm so she stood underneath the head, letting the water hit her skin.

Her thoughts wandered over to Gary and what he was working on at the moment. Even though they were far apart from each other, they still shared what happened during their days, and Misty was very grateful for that. She felt more at home whenever she talked to Gary, since she got a little bit homesick without him. Which was embarrassing enough to admit. As she started to rub soap on her body, she snickered at what she had said earlier. It was rather weird how she could make perverted jokes with Gary, considering the incident that happened a few months ago. Misty grew red just at the memory of it, and shook them out of her head. She would rather not be reminded of that again, it was truly horrifying and embarrassing to her.

When she suddenly heard another showerhead turn on, Misty covered her body up with her arms and frantically looked around to see who else was in the showers.

"Oh hey Misty, taking a shower too?" asked the all familiar voice of Ash.

Misty felt like she could crawl in a hole and die—why did Ash have to come in and take a shower too? She looked across the room and saw he had taken a cubicle on the other side of the room. Good, at least he wouldn't be able to see anything.

"Seems like it," she said, a hint of sarcasm tinting her words.

This was rather awkward, especially since that conversation they had today. Misty awkwardly rubbed her body to get rid of the soap, as she wanted to get away as soon as possible.

"I couldn't help but overhear some of your conversation with Gary just now."

"What!? That's private!"

"Hey, that's rude you know. We were friends once too."

Misty gritted her teeth and quickly washed her hair with shampoo. "That doesn't matter, a phonecall should be private, you shouldn't be listening in on it at all."

"Anyways," he said, totally ignoring what she said a few seconds ago. "After seeing you so giddy just by talking to him." Misty blushed a deep red at that. "I realized I should probably apologize."

Misty looked over at him, though she couldn't see anything but steam. "Huh?" she said dumbfounded.

"I'm not one to call people … so yeah … I'm sorry I never did," he said more bitterly this time.

"I can't believe it, Ash Ketchum apologizing for his behavior," she said loudly. "Maybe I was wrong, maybe you have changed."

"I told you I did!" he said incredulously.

Misty laughed out loud, frankly not caring about his apology. She got over that a long time ago, as she realized today in her epiphany. It was silly of her to ever expect to keep close contact with Ash once she became a gym leader. And it was silly to even resent him for it.

"It's alright Ash, no hard feelings." She smiled to herself as she realized that Misty really had no more hard feelings. She used to resent Ash for a lot of things, but now? Not a shred of any sort of emotion was coming out of her now that Ash apologized to her.

"Hey Ash, let me tell you something funny," she said, feeling perfectly ready to say this.

"What's that?" he asked from the other side of the room.

"You know when we were still traveling together?"


"Well, I had this huuuuge crush on you. Enormous, really. For a very long time as well."

She could literally hear Ash's mouth drop open in shock, even though the room had a thick fog of water hanging around them.

"S-seriously?" he asked in a shaky voice.

"Oh you betcha I did. Why else would I have traveled so long with you? Because I wanted back my bike? Hah! Who'd fall for such an excuse." She then snorted loudly. "Right, you did. I almost forgot."

"I had … I had literally no idea, Misty."

"I know you didn't, hence why I'm completely over it now, and again, no hard feelings Ash. You just didn't see me that way, and I was too much of a coward to let you know how I felt." Misty then stretched her arms in the warm water. "Ahh, that feels good getting off my chest."

"Misty, I-"

"Say no more, say no more Ash. It's in the past now. I hope we can still be friends," she said while smiling still, the finally fetched her towel, wrapped it around her and stepped outside the cubicle with her other stuff in tow.


Backstory: set a few days later after the previous scene. Misty is amazed she managed to tell Ash she liked him, and feels she has completely gotten over him. Right now she's on the phone with Gary.

"Hello, Misty? Can you hear me?" asked Gary. Misty blinked and shook her head, then greeted Gary as well. "Got a lot on your mind?" he asked, noticing right away that she was thinking about something.

"Well, I just did something totally out of character for me," she said tonelessly.

"And what's that?"

"A few days ago, I confessed to Ash."

Gary's eyes grew wide and his face told it all; what the hell was she talking about.

Misty shook her head. "Sorry, let me re-word that. A few days ago I confessed to Ash that I had a crush on him when we were still traveling together. I managed to finally let him know what I felt for him, because I seriously had no shred of emotion left for him anymore."

"Thank god, here I was thinking you were shacking up with Ashy-boy or something."


Backstory: just more fluff, Misty is still being trained hard by Bradley.

She didn't have the chance of calling Gary like she usually did each day last night, she was so overworked by Bradley, that she simply fell exhausted on top of her bed, and never got back up again until morning. It made her anxious to knew she skipped a phonecall, especially since that was the only thing to look forward to during her entire day.

So when she was finally done with her day, she raced over towards the videophone hall, eager to call Gary and tell him how sorry she was for missing their daily phonecall. Misty wiggled nervously on her seat, waiting for Gary to pick up the phone. When the screen turned on, Misty smiled brightly.

"Hey Gary!" she greeted.

Except it wasn't Gary that had answered the phone, it was the real Professor Oak.

"Why hello there, Misty. I'm sorry to say but, if you were calling for Gary, he's out of town at the moment because of an errand I made him do."

Misty felt crestfallen at this news. "Oh, that's alright. When will he be back?"

"Hmm, maybe in a day or two. Do you want me to leave him a message?"

"No that's alright, Professor Oak, thank you for telling me."


Backstory: Misty manages to call Gary this time.

Misty rubbed her sore shoulder with her hands, wishing her muscle pains would disappear already. "Ugh, I'm so sore everywhere," she complained to Gary.

Gary merely snickered, probably because he was amused at seeing her in pain while there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.

"A good night's sleep should fix that," he added with a smile that was trying to say 'haha, you're miserable and I'm not'.

"The beds are really uncomfortable in here, you know, it's like I'm sleeping on the floor!" She massaged her shoulder once more, then thought of something. "The first thing I'm gonna do when I get back, is sleep in your bed."

Gary rose his eyebrows at this, then smirked at her. "Why, Misty, I didn't know you wanted to bed me that badly."

"Whether you're sleeping in it or not, I am going to concur that bed. Just watch me."

"You never managed to sleep in it till now, so what makes you feel so confident it will be different this time?"

Misty placed on a smug smile. "Because you're not going to kick me out of it—and I won't allow you to do it either!"

"We'll see about that, red, we'll see."


Backstory: Misty has finally finished her training and is back in Kanto again. Remember the Rhyhorns that trampled the lab in the previous chapter? Well, the generator is still broken, and will make a return again in this scene.

Misty couldn't help but feel extremely excited at the prospect of seeing Gary again. It had been a very long and exhausting month for her, being away from him for so long had really paid a toll on her. That's why she wanted to surprise him, she told him that she'd be back in Cerulean City tomorrow night, while she was actually back in Pallet Town already. It was in the middle of the night, so Gary was probably asleep, he was going to have one hell of a surprise. Misty bit her lip to keep her smile from spreading, then bent down to lift up the rock on the floor and take his spare key. It hadn't moved since the last time she used it, that almost reassured her to know she could always return to his place.

She entered the house quietly, walking slowly to prevent the wooden floor from creaking too much. She made her way across the stairs, knowing exactly where to go even if it were dark, getting closer to his bedroom, and she suddenly found her heart to beat faster with each step she took. Whether that was from excitement at seeing him again, or something else entirely, she didn't know, but at the moment, she frankly couldn't care because she was going to see Gary again. Misty placed her hand on the doorknob, then waited a few seconds in case he was awake, but when she didn't hear any movement from his room, Misty inhaled a large breath then turned the knob over and quietly opened the door.

Gary's sleeping frame was slightly visible in the dark, with a small ray of moonlight peering through his curtains that lit his bed up enough for her to see him. His hair was sticking out in all directions from underneath the blanket, covering his face. Misty closed the door behind her and inched closer to the bed. There were a few things on her mind; the fact that she was so happy to see him again, and that she was still planning on sleeping in his bed. Misty sat down softly on the bed, as not to wake up, then stared at his sleeping frame, his stomach slowly going up and down as he breathed in and out.

Misty resisted the urge to touch his cheek with her hand, or run her fingers through his hair—an urge she had never really felt before until she saw him again. She had missed him so much, she wanted to wake him up, but decided against it. Instead, Misty quickly undressed in her pajamas, knowing Gary was in deep sleep and couldn't see her anyway, then she crawled underneath the blanket and snuggled up close to Gary with a bashful smile. She could feel his hot body warmth engulfing her own, since he had probably been sleeping for hours already. She had to grin, knowing she had won the battle and was going to sleep in his bed now.

Then suddenly, Gary moved around, and Misty could spot the sparkle from the moonlight in his eyes as he opened them. There were a few long stretched out seconds of silence, with Gary stupidly staring at her without saying a word.

"Misty?" he asked with a strangled voice, considering she just woke him up.

She lowered her head a bit in embarrassment, but couldn't help the smile spreading on her face. "Surprise!" she said meekly. "I came back earlier."

"But," he started slowly, probably half asleep still. "Why are you in my bed?"

"I told you the first thing I would do is sleep in your bed when I came back."

"Ah," he said slowly. Then he did something Misty didn't expect. His arms snaked around her waist, grabbing onto her back as he pulled her close, pressed up against his chest. "Then I'll just go to sleep like this."

Misty blinked a few times; not expecting him to embrace her and hold her close to him. He was probably still half asleep and not really aware of the fact that she was back, and in his bed, but at the moment, when his warm hands where clutching at her back, she could care less if he thought it was real or not. She couldn't deny that it felt very good to be in his arms—especially since she hadn't seen him in a while. Seeing him again and feeling his arms embrace her was like a warm blanket covering her sensations. She felt warm and comfortable against him. It was so comforting that Misty couldn't help but close her eyes and fall asleep, right in Gary's arms. The next time she woke up again, it was morning and she was alone in Gary's bed. Misty sighed loudly then turned around on her stomach, burying her face in his pillow. It smelled of him, something which made her smile. She had really missed him, and the first thing she did was sleep in his bed, how outrageous. She snorted at herself, then took comfort in the fact he hadn't kicked her out of his bed. Nope, he held her close! The girl blushed deeply, then shook her head and got out of his bed.

Gary was downstairs, preparing some breakfast. Misty stared at his back, he was sloppily half dressed, only wearing sweatpants and showing off his naked back. She wasn't much different as she was only wearing some white long pajamas that barely didn't cover her knees. The redhead continued to stare at him for several more minutes, not thinking about anything else but him. An entire month of being away from him really made her see things weirdly, because she wanted nothing to do but just go up to him and hug him real tight, to feel his naked back pressed up against her. When he finally turned around to acknowledge her, Misty snapped out of her daze.

"Good morning!" she said happily, pretending to not have stared at him for several minutes.

"Morning," he said in a scruffy voice, which made him sound really sexy. Or was she just imagining things?

The redhead took a seat at the kitchen table and her cyan eyes continued to follow him around. His hair was messy, like his usual bedhead look, his toned chest was looking really good, and it really didn't help that his green eyes were half-open, giving him this sensual look. Misty couldn't believe her own thoughts; she had done nothing but stare at Gary's body, or think about it when she came back!

"Want some eggs?" he asked after a while of silence. He voice sounded a bit strange, but she couldn't quite place it.

"I didn't know you could make eggs," she replied. "Since when can you make them?"

Gary flicked a smile at her direction, making her feel woozy in her head. "Since you left and I missed your food."

This made Misty stand up and walk over to him, not believing his words until she saw the eggs herself. Yet there it was; a frying pan on the stove with a nice egg bubbling in the middle of it. He was actually cooking breakfast. When her shoulder accidentally brushed against his naked chest, Misty jerked back in surprise; forgetting how close she was to him. Weird sensations ran through her body during that brief contact. She was seriously so into him right now, it was crazy!

"I can't believe it, but you're actually making a decent looking egg," she said softly. Her eyes however, weren't looking at the egg.

"You better believe it!" he said proudly, puffing up his chest to emphasize his point.

Again, Misty couldn't tear her eyes off of him. Had it really been that long since she had seen him strutting around half naked? During the time that she was gone, she had really missed his company, but it seemed she had really missed his body as well! Misty placed a hand on his bare shoulder, letting the tips of her fingers softly caress his skin, and felt the hairs on her arm stand up straight, then pushed herself forward to bend down and smell his egg.

"Hhmm, smells really nice," she admitted. Misty pulled back and gently let her fingers trail over his shoulders before she pulled away completely. It was entrancing the way she was so intoxicated by him. He was looking damn fine in his sweatpants and his bedhead look, and Misty really couldn't deny how attracted she felt to him. And here she was; sitting in her old pajamas that was way too big for her. No doubt very unattractive. Feeling a bit ashamed at her actions, she went to sit down again and tried to get a hold of herself.

"When did you get back? I thought you weren't getting back until tomorrow."

Misty propped her elbow on the table and leaned her face on her hands. "I got back last night, I wanted to surprise you by being here early."

"Well, you certainly did surprise me," he mumbled under his breath. This comment made Misty blush hotly, since she did sneak into his bed and slept with him.

"Aren't you going to ask me how my trip went?" she asked, feigning hurt.

Gary spun around to face her, and leaned against the kitchen counter. "How was your trip?" he asked nonchalantly.

"It sucked."

"You shouldn't have gone then."

"I couldn't very well deny the Pokemon League!"

"You have every right to deny something."

"Not if I want to keep my position as a gym leader."

Gary then finally turned his attention to the egg again. After a while of prodding the egg with a spatula, he spoke up. "Aside from lover-boy Ash, did you meet any other guys there?"

Misty's ears perked up and she sat up straight. "Why? Jealous?" she taunted him.

The brunette slipped the finished egg on a plate and slid it across the kitchen table towards Misty. "In our videocalls you sometimes get interrupted by some guy calling your name," he replied.

Misty pointed at the kitchen drawer, indicating she wanted a fork, but her eyes never left his. Yes she did meet someone else other than Ash over there, but it's not like she considered him a friend or anything. It was none other than Brawly, the gym leader of Dewford Gym. Gary fished out a fork from the drawer and gave it to her, his eyes lingering on hers for a while, waiting for her to respond.

"Oh, that's just Brawly," she said offhandedly, then took the fork and tore off a piece of the egg. "We had a lot of assignments together, so he kept bugging me every time I was slacking off." Misty then popped the piece in her mouth and chewed on it.

It wasn't bad, not that bad for someone who could only make Mac & Cheese in the beginning. Gary placed his hands on his side and cocked his head at her. "Well?" he pressed on. Misty stared at his half naked body and it didn't register in her mind he wasn't waiting for her reply.

Misty swallowed. "Well what?" Did he expect her to explain that she had no romantic interest in Brawly?

"Who was it again that said something about it only being polite to say the food was good?" He pointed his index finger at the egg.

"Oh! Yes, it's not that bad."

Gary turned around to prepare for his own breakfast. "Good."

"So," she started and played around with her fork for a bit. "What have you been doing while I was gone?"

"You mean, aside from learning how to cook eggs?" he asked with a chuckle. "Nothing special, work as usual. You should know, we almost called every day."

Being reminded of one of their earlier conversations, Misty said; "right, you finished cracking that DNA, how did that go?"

"I wouldn't want to bore you with technical details, so I'll just say I'm still fine-tuning it before I present it to the other Researchers."

Misty smiled at him; it somehow made her feel proud whenever Gary did something intelligent. "You're so smart," she complimented him. "I wish I had brains like yours."

"And my good looks," he laughed.

"Hey! Are you saying I'm not good looking?" she asked him with a pout, though he couldn't see her since he was busy making another egg.

"I'm saying you wish you had my good looks. After all, I'm far more attractive." His words sounded like he was subtly trying to insult her, but Misty knew better. After she had known him for a while, she knew that Gary would put up an arrogant front to swiftly deny something he didn't want to answer. She quietly smiled to herself and decided not to say anything.

Gary continued making his egg, and Misty slowly ate hers. He then finally finished his own portion and came to sit at the table with her, taking a seat next to her. His bare chest hung over the table as he cut up the egg and started to eat it. Misty tried her best to not stare at him. It was insane how much she wanted to look at him, stare at him, touch him—insane! One month away from each other couldn't possibly make her this crazy, right?

"Did you have any fun while you were there?" he asked after a while.

"Talking to you was the only fun thing I did over there," she said with a loud huff. "They made me work so hard on shaping up my skills, and Brawly kept annoying me with more work. It was hectic really, no time for fun."

Misty was then startled when Gary ruffled her orange hair with his hand. "Welcome back then," he said with a charming smile that made her melt into a puddle of drool.

Feeling devious, she placed her hand on top of his right thigh and asked; "did you miss me?"

Gary's leg jerked in response at the sudden contact, but he tilted his head to look at her. "Do you want me to miss you?" he asked back.

She gave a slight squeeze and grinned. "Maybe."

Not expecting that kind of answer, he coughed and returned to eating his egg. "Then yes."

Misty finally lifted her hand up and stared at the egg in front of her. She knew Gary missed her, maybe not as much as she did apparently, but he definitely did miss her! Which made her feel all bubbly inside, since they were at least feeling the same thing. Then again, it was her that was going gaga for his body at the moment.

"Is it bad?" he asked once he noticed she wasn't eating.

"Oh no, I was just … thinking," she said sheepishly and finished eating her egg. The egg really wasn't bad, she could do better of course, but it tasted fine to her. "It's good, I actually like it."

"What were you thinking about?"

About you sitting half naked next to me? How I feel like I could jump on you right now? How much I've missed spending time with you? How you eating that egg makes me like your cooking even more? How sexy you look like when you just woke up? How I can feel the slighted brush of our legs because we're sitting that close? Dear god Gary, I can't stop thinking about you!

"Nothing important!" she said awkwardly. She prodded her egg with her fork and finally finished the entire thing, hoping Gary wouldn't question further.

Noticing that she ate his egg, he smiled proudly in return. "Now that I've cooked you breakfast, it's your turn to make dinner later tonight."

"What am I, your wife?" she sputtered.

A hand brushed away the hair from her ear, and Gary's face leaned in closer to hers. Misty stiffened up and felt the electricity paralyze her. He hovered close to her ear and she grew hot from the near contact of his lips, feeling his breath caress her earlobe.

"You wish," he whispered in an arrogant tone. He leaned back and smirked at Misty who was still blushing a bit.

She turned her head away from him, embarrassed he caught her blushing at his stupid little act. Then a thought popped up in her mind, two could play that game. She slowly got up, with the plate in her hand and walked around the table to stand in front of Gary, then bent down to his face and gave a small peck on his left cheek.

"Thanks for the meal, husband," she said mockingly and left his side.

Misty placed the plate into the sink and whirled around to smile at Gary, who was looking at her kind of speechless. He then merely returned her smile and finished up his egg.

They soon finished up their morning routine, and left for the lab, where Gary had to work again on the computer. Misty sat on the desk as always, playing around with her crossword puzzle. However, she wasn't really paying attention to her puzzle, as her eyes kept flickering over to Gary. He was radiating hotness ever since she returned home again, and Misty couldn't tear her eyes away from this man. She had no idea why her head was filled of nothing but Gary and his amazing looking body that she could totally ravish right now. It was as if her hormones were going crazy, and she sincerely hoped that she hadn't managed to drink one of those tonics again. Remembering what happened last time, Misty nudged Gary with her foot.

His green eyes blinked a few times, then stared at her. "What?"

"You don't have any of those estrogen tonics laying around, do you?"

He rose an eyebrow at her. "We don't have any at the moment … why do you ask?"

Misty shoved the puzzle book back in her face, hiding the slight blush on her cheeks. "No reason!" she said and hoped he wouldn't question any further than that.

Luckily, he didn't, and he returned to staring at his monitor again. Misty pretended to work on her puzzle, while she gnawed on the end of her pencil, still wondering why the hell she was so intoxicated by him. If it wasn't the tonic, then what was it? Did spending away a month from each other really make her more attracted to him? Misty glanced over and stared at his profile, and she felt the urge to touch his hair. It was so weird and crazy to be feeling like this, so all Misty could do was hide her face in embarrassment. She tried to focus on her puzzle, but it was as if Gary was radiating this magnetic field that was causing her to keep looking up at him. The urge to touch him was almost overwhelming, so she started to hum a song to calm her down.

Gary hadn't caught on her inner turmoil yet, which was a good thing, she didn't think she could survive another scene in which she tried to rape Gary again. Not that she wanted to rape him or anything, but her feelings for him felt an awful lot like the time she drunk the tonic.

Misty continued humming the song, but it wasn't really helping. She had to clench her pencil in her hand really hard to prevent her from randomly touching his hair, or his face, or anywhere really. There was something seriously wrong with her. She tried to read the first few words of her crossword puzzle, but utterly failed as the desire grew stronger.

Finally giving into that desire, she slowly inched her toes closer to his thigh. She had always sat like this, having her feet lean on his chair, so it was really easy to just poke him with her toes. Except this time, she just slowly brushed across his pants with her big toe, humming softly and pretending to be working on her crossword puzzle. It wasn't the fabric of his pants that was sending tingling sensations down her back, but the fact that there was merely a piece of cloth in her way of touching his raw skin that did the trick. Misty was weirded out by the way she was acting, but didn't show any intention of stopping her behavior.

Gary wasn't saying anything either, he'd usually tell her to quit it, but he didn't at the moment. He was either too engrossed with his research to care, or he just didn't mind. That latter part made Misty a bit more confident than she already was, and started making large sweeps across his thigh, almost going from his knee to his upper thigh. She peeped over her crossword puzzle to see if he had any sort of reaction to her actions.

He didn't look much different than normal, except his eyes were still a bit sleepy, and his lips were partly open. Misty wanted to groan out loud; how could Gary look so good when he wasn't even trying? He looked so god damn sexy, Misty wondered if it was even possible for anyone else to look as good as he did. Without trying! She pouted slightly as she continued to drag her toe across his leg, still not wanting to quit it as it was strangely addicting.

"Misty?" said Gary in a rough voice. Misty stopped in an instant, wondering if he wanted her to stop, or if he figured out that she was mentally drooling over his body. He cleared out his throat and his eyes briefly glanced over at her. "Could you get me some water?"

Oh, he just wanted some water, he didn't say anything about her strange behavior. Misty gave him a small nod and hopped off the desk, slipping her feet back into her flip-flops and walked out of the lab. It gave her a break to catch up and calm herself down, because being around Gary was so tense. She dragged her hands across her face, not knowing what to do anymore. If she were to stick around him any longer, she feared she would give in to her hormones and just do him right there.

And she had never even had a boyfriend before! All of those thoughts made Misty blush and she shook her head to keep them from invading her mind for too long. She got some tap water at the kitchen and slowly walked back, finding it somewhat scary to see him again, and on the other hand, very excited. As she stepped inside of the lab again, it only took one look at Gary's back to make her shiver on the spot. Those damn hormones. She stuck her nose up in the air and marched right over to him.

She badly wanted to lean down on his head and hold him close to her body as she placed the glass on his desk. However, Misty made it a point to avoid any sort of contact with him, she was sure it would drive her up the wall if she did manage to accidentally touch him.

"Here you go," she said in a sort of strained voice, then hopped back on the desk as usual, letting her flip-flops slip off of her feet.

Gary hadn't looked at her once since she gave him his water. He quickly gulped down most of the water, then wiped off his mouth, still staring at the screen. "Thanks."

The redhead stuffed her crossword puzzle back in her face, pretending she wasn't staring at the hot professor at all. She decided against leaning her feet on the edge of the chair this time, fearing what else might come of it. A few seconds later of stealing glances, Gary suddenly stood up straight. She looked up at him, wondering what he was going to do.

"Move, you're in the way," he said in a low voice, then bent over towards her.

Misty froze on the spot and could only watch as Gary bent over towards her, and saw his body coming alarmingly closer, his arm stretched out as if to touch her cheek. Her mind went blank when he accidentally grazed the side of her neck with the tips of his fingers as he tried to reach for the archive cabinet behind her. Misty drew back a sharp breath, then she mentally punched herself in the face—she had to pull it together!

She giggled outrageously nervous, not natural at all, then scooted over a bit so he could reach it. "Sorry, hehe," she said nervously, carefully running her hand across her neck where he had touched her. It felt warm and tingly.

Gary pulled back with a file in his hand and went to sit back down again. Misty hid her reddish cheeks behind the crossword puzzle, and didn't dare to put her feet back up to where they were before, in fear of him finding it strange or annoying. Instead she tried to fill out a few words on her puzzle, to no avail of course, since she kept sneaking glances at Gary—each time her eyes made contact with him, it made her heart beat faster, and her cheeks grow redder. She couldn't stop feeling like this, it was impossible for her to stop blushing like a little schoolgirl whenever their eyes met. Maybe she had finally ventured into insanity, and Gary was all to blame for it. Damn that hot looking professor, why did he choose today to radiate those pheromones of his?

"Hey Gary, can you come over for a second? I need your help." Tracey's voice made Misty almost jump out of her skin. It had been so quiet before with only the sound of Gary's fingers hitting the keyboard fill the room.

Gary twisted his body around to address Tracey, taking a break from his keyboard. "What is it?"

"The generator is acting wonky, can you take a look at it?"

"Fine," he said and got up, leaving Misty behind.

When they both left the room, Misty finally felt like she could breathe again. What a murderous atmosphere had filled the room before! There was literally no end to her hormones, she felt like she was about to explode if she stayed around Gary any longer, it was a good thing Tracey called him away. Misty placed her feet back up on the empty chair, a bit relieved he wasn't there to see it. When her eyes curiously glanced at his screen, something which she didn't normally do because she could never understand what exactly he was writing (he used way too many big, scientific words), she noticed something strange. She stretched her body so she could see the screen better and started to scan over the bits he had written only moments ago.

It was nothing but gibberish. Some words were heavily misspelled, some letters were repeated for 5 times in a row as if he had been pressing down the button for too long, and the grammar was like that of a 5 year old. Misty frowned at his; why was Gary writing this? Was there something wrong with him? Her eyes traveled upwards on the document, and she found even more misspellings, as well as entire blank sentences. Obviously Gary either had the mind of that of a 5 year old, or he was heavily distracted by something.

She gulped down hard as she realized what that meant; he had written the top part a few minutes ago, and the bottom part right before he left. She was with him this entire time—was she the cause of his distraction? No wait, he couldn't possibly be … feeling the same thing as she was, right? Sure her hormones were out of control and he had the body of that of a god and she wanted to just jump on him and ravish him, but she didn't think, not for a moment, that Gary could possibly be experiencing the same thing. It had to be impossible, there had to be some other reason why he was being distracted. It wasn't because she was brushing her foot against his leg or anything, that would be ridiculous. Gary was a composed young man, and her best friend at that, he wouldn't feel the same way as she was, that was simply wishful thinking. She should be ashamed of even having those kind of feelings for a friend.

Then why could she not stop thinking about it? If they were feeling the same things … why would he act as if everything was normal? They hadn't seen each other for a month, and she only got back yesterday and slept in his bed (in his arms no less), and already they were falling into their old routine. Except of course, Misty was burning with fire on the inside, and every move or action Gary made, was recorded by her watchful eyes. Every breath he took sent a chill down her spine, and everywhere he'd touch her skin it was as if lightning had struck her. He couldn't possibly be feeling the same way, could he?

A door swung open and Misty yelped out in surprise. "Hey Misty, we need your help."

Misty who was still a bit scrambled with her thoughts looked at Tracey with a huge question mark over her head.

"We're trying to fix the generator, Gary found out what it was, a broken wire—but we can't reach it since it's so small. And well," he shyly looked at the floor. "You have a very slim body, I'm sure you could fit through the opening and fix the broken wire."

She hopped off the desk, a bit unsure what exactly Tracey wanted her to do, but if they needed her help, she was going to help them.

Tracey led her to the basement where the big generator was located. She could see Gary halfway leaning into a crack of the generator, unaware that they had come back. Misty tore her eyes away from his behind and tried to focus her attention to Tracey, who had started to ramble about something.

"Alright Misty, see that crack?" said Tracey as he pointed at the back of the generator.

The machine was big and lumpy, but there was indeed a space to crawl through, but its shape was very irregular and very small, Misty wasn't so sure if she could fit through it. Tracey then bent down and pointed at a loose blue wire hanging in the middle of the opening, but it was too far for them to reach.

"That's the wire we need. If you could get in there, then we could tell you how to fix it. Here, take this tool," he said and handed her over something that looked like a wire stripping tool.

"Are you sure you can fit in the hole?" asked Gary who was suddenly behind her.

The hairs on her neck stood up straight and she spun around a bit surprised and embarrassed that he could have this kind of effect on her. She clenched the tool in her hands and kept it behind her, acting as if he had just caught her in something suspicious.

"Are you calling me fat?" she said, not really caring what she was saying since her mind went blank again. Stupid Gary, he appeared out of nowhere.

"Well," he said in that sexy voice of his. His green eyes traveled from her toes, to her waist, to her face—and Misty felt every second of his gaze piercing right through her. Dear god, it was turning her on having him look at her like that! "While you have a pretty skinny build, you have a rather large ass. You'll easily get stuck."

Misty could only comprehend 'large' and 'ass' and couldn't give a damn what Gary was saying anymore and simply nodded her head like a mindless zombie. The way he had his hands in his lab coat, and his shoulder leaning against the generator, causing his head to tilt away from it, exposing some of his neck which was partly covered by his chestnut hair—it was a sight that took her breath away and tinge her cheeks red.

"Misty, are you alright? Is it too hot in here?" asked Tracey, whom she had totally forgotten was there.

Misty whirled around and fanned her face with one of her hands to take off some of the heat on her cheeks and gave the black haired boy a sheepish smile. "Y-yeah, it is pretty hot in here."

"I know, the generator is malfunctioning and going into overdrive, making it pretty damn hot down here."

Misty shot a look over at Gary who hadn't moved from his instant-kill pose. You got that damn right, Tracey, it is pretty damn hot down here.

"Can you try to get in?" asked Tracey.

The redhead finally dared to turn away from the brunette, and she simply started to try and push herself through the small crack. With the tool in her hand, it was hard to balance right and maneuver her body around the irregular metal parts. Soon she was halfway in, and she reached out to the loose hanging blue wire in the middle, but her fingers couldn't reach it, it was still too far. Unfortunately, the lower half of her body was still on the outside of the generator, which was preventing her from entering the area entirely. She tried to pull herself through the metal, and felt her thighs and butt roughly getting pulled along. Misty had to admit; she had a pretty large ass, and it was certainly showing now seeing as she was almost getting stuck because of it.

"I guess this is the part where I tell you … I told you so," she heard Gary's wavering voice say, as if he was about to burst into laughter.

Misty's cheeks burned with embarrassment as the truth hit her dead on; her ass was stuck in between the opening, not letting her go in or out. What was worse, was that Gary had a very nice view of her ass being stuck outside the generator. Just knowing that he was watching her from behind like that was enough to turn her face entirely red as well as her ears.

"Shut up!" she called out with a broken voice. "Just give me a little push, I'll get in!"

She heard some movement on the outside, Gary was probably going to take up on her word and forcefully push her in. Now that she had a few seconds to reflect on that, Misty realized how perverted it really was.

"Alright then, don't complain if it hurts."

She started to panic a bit; she didn't want Gary pushing her ass—not when she was in such a state! It would only send her mind over the edge and she would stop functioning normally! Alas, before she could cry out to tell Tracey to do it instead, she heard Gary's voice say 'ready?' before he placed the palm of her hand on her butt. Misty felt herself turn into stone, and her face was about to explode from all the blood that was flowing through it. His hand, was on her left butt cheek, firmly cupping it and it felt oh so good, but oh so bad. This was way too erotic for her tastes.

"I'm gonna push now," he said as he placed another hand on her ass.

Well, fuck me! Misty started screaming curse words in her mind, only able to think of Gary doing her from behind, especially when he asked her if she was 'ready' and he was going to 'push'. Oh god, she had turned into a mega pervert!

"Just do it already!" she hissed out at him, wanting him to stop touching her like that already. He had no idea what kind of power he had over her, absolutely no idea at all. If he knew, then he would be the biggest jackass in the world to toy around with her like that. No way could he have known Misty was filled with perverted fantasies as she felt his hips grind into her ass.

Within a second, Misty was pushed inside and she stumbled forward, almost crashing into the other end of the generator, but managed to stop herself in time before that happened. Now that she was completely inside of it, with wires hanging around everywhere, Misty finally noticed how hot it was in there. Good, at least she had an excuse why her head resembled a tomato.

"Okay, see that blue wire hanging there?" asked Gary as he peered through the crack with his head.

Misty shyly looked up at him, afraid he could tell she was blushing like crazy. Then she noticed his cheeks were slightly red as well, and sighed in relief knowing that his were red from the heat, and she could use this as an excuse. To emphasize this, she cleared out her throat loudly.

"Crap, it's really hot in here!" she complained, hoping Gary would take this as an explanation why her face was on fire.

He gave her an annoyed look, which only succeeded in him looking very attractive with a slight blush on his cheeks, his eyebrows pulled into a frown, and his lips into a scowl. It made him look like he was definitely enjoying … something … Misty quickly turned her head away from him to stop her rambling thoughts and looked at the loose wire.

"Use that tool to strip both ends of the wire."

Misty followed his command and stripped the ends of the blue wire to reveal all these colourful wires underneath it. She had no idea what to do with them, so she awaited further instruction from the pokemon Professor.

"Then simply connect the wires together so that the colours match up, that's it."

"Okay, doesn't seem that hard," she said with a small smile. At least when her mind was focused on something, she could ignore Gary's stare on her.

She slowly connected the copper wires together, making sure the colours were all correct, there were about a dozen of them so it took her about two minutes to finish it up. As she connected the last two wires, she nodded her head at it, satisfied with the result and gave Gary a thumbs up.

"Tracey, try it now," said Gary as he finally pulled his head out of the opening.

Tracey did something on the outside of the generator and she heard the machine make a very loud windy noise, and she could feel air circulate around her, a breath of fresh air so to speak!

"Yes, it works again! Thanks a lot Misty!" he called out at her.

"Great, now get out of there, it's actually pretty dangerous," said Gary as he held out a hand through the crack so he could pull her out.

Misty was once again in fantasizing land as her blue eyes landed on his bony fingers. She stretched out her own hand, hesitantly, and felt herself shiver when her fingers touched the palm of his hand. His fingers closed around hers, and he gently pulled her forwards so she could get through the opening. Misty bent her body in every way imaginable to crawl through the place, and finally managed to get the upper half of her body to come out. Except of course, the rest of hers was still stuck behind in the generator. Gary's hold on her hand tightened, and he gave her a wide smirk—god only knows that he had in mind.

He gave a hard yank on her arm, and Misty was squished through the opening in one go, and was launched forwards, crashing into Gary and almost making him fall down. Her face was pressed up against his chest, and Misty couldn't do anything but inhale his scent as her nose brushed up against his black shirt. However, Gary abruptly placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away from him.

"Good, you fixed it, let's go back," he said in a toneless voice. Before she could even look at his face, the brunette quickly turned around and left the generator room, with his lab coat swishing behind him with each fast step he took.

That was kind of rude. "Hey Tracey, have you noticed Gary's been acting a bit weird today?" she asked, wondering if it wasn't just her who saw Gary be so … there wasn't really a word to describe it.

Tracey walked up next to her. "No, not really. Though if he's acting different, it's because you're back."

Misty looked up at him with raised eyebrows.

"I'm sure he's just happy to see you."

Misty's mind was flooded with perverted thoughts as that sentence could be taken to a whole other level of 'happy to see you'. She had to prevent herself from giggling out loud as she imagined herself pressing up against Gary and asking; 'Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?'. She was too cruel on herself, and unsuspecting Gary—though she did have to smile at the fact that he was happy to see her for real. It was nice hearing it from a third party who could see it in an objective way.

"Let's go back, Trace," she said with a smile, and they both exited the room.

When Gary wasn't at his usual place at the computer, Misty left Tracey alone as she searched through the complex for the brunette. He couldn't hide from her, not when she had an internal radar going off every time she was near him. It didn't take long for her to find him, seeing as he almost bumped into her when he came out of the bathroom. It was uncharacteristic of her, especially since she was overwhelmed by all these different kinds of emotions, but Misty managed to fling her arms around his neck and pull herself closer, her body melding into his. Her face was only a few inches away from his, a closeness that made her very weak in the knees.

"So," she said with a sly smile. Her eyes met up with his surprised ones, he was definitely startled by this sudden action. "I heard from Tracey that you're happy to see me."

Her heart was beating really fast in her throat, and she had no idea how her voice managed to come out so perfectly normal without it cracking up or stuttering incoherently. Their faces were really close, so close that his breath was hitting her cheeks and making her shiver, it was a miracle she hadn't passed out from the pleasurable feeling she got by being able to touch him so directly. Even her hands that were on the back of his neck, she didn't dare move them in fear of causing herself to fall down to her knees.

Green eyes stared at her bewildered for a few seconds, very long and silent seconds. He was definitely caught of guard. It was almost like she had managed to paralyze him, a fact that made her wonder if she was really the only one feeling like this. With the way his lips were parted so he could speak, but never did, and how utterly frozen he was on the spot, it seemed that maybe—just maybe, she wasn't alone. Maybe she was driving Gary as nuts as he was her.

Breath escaped from her mouth as she felt Gary wrap his arms around her waist, and he bent his head down on her shoulder and pulled her even closer. The warmth of his body was like a gentle blanket covering her skin and she felt herself relax in his arms and simply enjoyed the feeling, not even daring to think straight anymore. Her face was buried against his shoulder, and his was resting on her own, they stayed that way without saying a word. Misty started to shiver a bit as the feelings grew more intense by the second, no doubt Gary had picked up on that by now.

"I am," he finally spoke, her hair slightly moving because of his breath. "I missed you." Those words gave way to her knees, and she trembled to stay balanced on her feet, but to no avail and simply hoped Gary would keep her upright.

The firm grip on her waist fortunately did keep her upright, so now she had half her face pressed up against his chest so she could hear his heart beating very fast. Her heart was beating as fast as his, maybe even faster, but combined with his soothing words and his heartbeat, Misty had said goodbye to her soul as she realized Gary now had full control over her. Everything he did made her swoon, every sweet little word he would utter would cause her heart to either beat faster or stop completely. Misty simply enjoyed the ever changing experience of her feelings, and tightened her hold on his neck; she didn't want to let go of him.

"I missed you a lot too," she managed to mumble into his chest. His heartbeat sped up and pounded in her ears, she felt it vibrate through her body, he could probably feel hers as well, since it was going crazy inside of her chest. Crazy for him that is. Fuck, she wasn't even going to fight it anymore, to hell with it—she was going to enjoy every single second that she was in his arms, and would make no move to get away from him.

Except of course, when he moved away first. His arms slipped away from her waist, and he pulled away, simultaneously pulling her back into reality. Misty diverted her face away from him and let him go, completely embarrassed that she had wanted to continue holding him like that, and thinking he wanted it too. Who was she kidding? This was Gary, he couldn't possibly feel the same as her, was she deluded or something?

When her eyes sneaked a peak at his face, a shiver went through her body as his facial expression matched hers; red cheeks, half-open eyes that were avoiding her gaze, and his eyebrows pulled into a frown. He cleared out his throat, then slowly turned around, as if he didn't want to look at her.

"Let's go back," he said in a gentle voice.

Was she crazy? Was she crazy to hold onto that little bit of hope that he felt the same way? She couldn't be making up those expressions of his, those expressions that sent her into ecstasy and she couldn't look away, not even if she tried. Gary started to walk away, and Misty quickly stumbled after him, not wanting to be separated from him. Her eyes rested on his hand that was dangling beside his hips, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. She was crazy about him at the moment, that was something she simply couldn't deny—but was Gary the same way? Was she arrogant to think he wanted it every bit as much as she did?

How did they even manage to act normal before all this? Before, she could casually touch him whenever she wanted and it didn't feel weird, forced, or any other weird emotion—it felt right. This time, it seemed it was impossible to act natural like before, because every touch was driving her nuts, and it was making her long for more. She desperately wanted to touch him, and not let go—so almost on instinct, Misty slipped her hand into his, and intertwined their fingers. She wanted him.

If Gary didn't feel the same way, he would pull his hand back so fast as if she had burned him, so Misty awaited his reaction in anticipation while not trying to break into a huge crooked smile because she was holding his hand. How many times had she done something like this before? Linking his arm with hers, holding his hands—acts that seemed were done ages ago, almost foreign to her.

Gary's head slowly turned as his green eyes landed on her hand that was intertwined with his. He made no move aside from continuing to walk ahead, it was slowly driving her mad. He then tilted up his head and stared into her eyes. She felt embarrassed but happy, and gave him a bashful smile, a smile that was letting him know she wasn't going to let go. When Gary quickly whipped his head away from her, opting to stare at the floor, she managed to catch his reddening cheeks in a split moment. His hand finally reacted, which wrapped tighter around her fingers, while his other hand was mostly trying to hide his own face. It was the most adorable Gary moment she'd ever seen in her life, she wished she could relive this moment forever.

Misty didn't know what to do at the moment, but one thing was for sure; she could die happily now.

Though the moment was short lived as they reached the laboratory, Gary finally let go of her hand and stepped inside. They went back to their normal routine, like nothing had happened before—but her red cheeks told everything. He sat down at his desk, already typing on his keyboard the moment he did. Misty hopped on the desk and made very serious efforts of concentrating on her crossword puzzle, and to stop thinking about Gary.

It had been hours when Gary finally told her he was done with work and they could go home.

"So, about that dinner," he said with a smirk.

Misty gave him a smile in return; she hadn't forgotten about that. "First let's see what you have in your refrigerator."

They walked back to his house while it was dark outside, it was also pretty cold. Misty rubbed her arms up and down since she wasn't wearing a shirt with long sleeves.

"Cold?" asked Gary as he stared at her arms.

"No, not at all," she said sarcastically.

"I think you can hold it until we're there," he said with a chuckle.

Misty was about to retort when her body was slammed against his. His arm was thrown around her shoulder and keeping her steady against his side. Immediately she felt her body warming up for different reasons entirely. She had been doing so well for hours—then he had to go ahead and touch her so romantically that swept her off her feet and made her all crazy for him again. Damn that Gary Oak, it's like he knew exactly what to do. Luckily for her, he really didn't live that far, and within a minute, they were at his house.

"Alright, let's see what I can make for dinner," she said with a smile as she skipped over to the kitchen.

"Hey," Gary called out at her. She turned around to face him.

"Here, I forgot to give it to you." A small box was tossed into her hands.

Misty lifted up her eyebrows and looked at the box, it was gift wrapped in blue with a white bow tied around. She smiled as she started to unwrap it immediately. She lifted the lid from the box, and inside was a small bracelet made out of sea shells. Misty picked it up delicately, making sure she wouldn't break it, then dangled it in front of her face. Gary hadn't lied when he said he'd make her another one, it seemed he actually took the effort in creating her another one of these bracelets. It was this sort of gesture that made Misty even more happy than she already was, so she flung her arms around his neck and jumped into his chest.

"I love it!" she cried out happily.

Gary caught her as he stumbled backwards for a bit, then steadied the both of them. "You're … welcome," he said a bit startled.

Misty had to force herself to let Gary go, since all she wanted to do was stay like that, and leaned back. She then placed the bracelet in Gary's hands.

"Put it on for me," she said and stuck out her wrist.

Gary gave her his trademark smirk, one that sent chills down her spine. He took a step closer and gently took her wrist in his hand. The feeling of him touching her like that felt like she was rubbing her face on a pillow made out of silk, and she could do that all day long. He slowly wrapped the bracelet around her thin wrist, and locked the ends together. Misty retrieved her wrist and looked at it with a wide smile.


The brunette quickly turned his face away, covering it with his hand again. Misty couldn't help herself as she tried to pry his hand away from his face, she wanted to tease him relentlessly for even being so shy around her.

"Look at you, you're blushing!" she said with a laugh as she kept trying to get Gary to move his hand out of his face.

He dodged her multiple attempts and glared at her. "Am not!" he denied vigorously.

Misty bit her lip, then saw an opening and quickly grabbed his hand with both of hers, and pulled it down so that she was now staring into his green eyes. His face was red, and it seemed to be getting redder by the second. It might had have something to do with Misty staring at him with big, wide eyes.

"Aww, you totally are," she said with a sigh.

Gary jerked his hand out of hers, then backed off a few steps. "So what! You are too!"

Misty's hands flew up to her cheeks, she hadn't even noticed they were burning this much. She was just so excited to see Gary's bashful face that she totally forgot her own. The redhead shook her face, then let out a nervous giggle, not knowing what to say or do. Neither did Gary, as he was standing there, staring at the floor as well.

"Well then, I'll go make some food!" she exclaimed hurriedly, then quickly dashed away from him.

That was so embarrassing, weird and awkward. In fact, what the heck was that all about? Why where they both blushing like mad? Misty threw a glance over her shoulder as she heard Gary shuffle into the kitchen. He was sitting down at the table like always, and his cheeks were still red from before. Then again, so were hers. As she tried to ignore Gary's piercing stare in her back, Misty fumbled around trying to look for something to make. When she noticed some pasta and some tomato paste cans in one of his cupboards, she decided to make spaghetti in the spur of the moment.

She quietly went to work, all the while trying so hard to ignore the fact that Gary was watching her every move. When she started to make the sauce, he suddenly appeared next to her. Misty's mind went blank and she tried tot hink of something to say, except Gary managed to do so first.

"Spaghetti, how typical of you," he said with a soft voice. His shoulder brushed against hers and she jerked away in response. He looked at her with his eyebrows raised, then gave her a smirk. He knew—Gary definitely knew. Misty's face was slowly turning red again and she was yelling inside of her head to calm down and ignore him. To prove to him she wasn't a bumbling idiot around him, she concentrated on her tomato sauce, which she stirred with a wooden spoon.

When she noticed that Gary was about to turn away, she pulled his sleeve, causing him to halt and look at her.

She lifted up the spoon, and brought it up to his face, with her hand hovering beneath it so that the sauce wouldn't fall on the ground. Gary's eyes glanced at the spoon, then looked at her with a serious expression.

"Well, try it," she said impatiently. Misty was trying very hard to control herself so she wouldn't fling away the spoon and launch herself at him, not when he was looking at her like that.

Gary then placed his hand on top of hers, and forced her to bring the spoon closer to his face. He bent down, his eyes never leaving her, and parted his lips so he could suck off the sauce from the spoon in a very sensual way. Misty's eyes felt droopy and her legs felt like jelly, he was doing this on purpose, wasn't he? His hand finally released hers and he swallowed the sauce, turning away from her.

"Tastes good," he said with a small cough.

He was definitely doing this on purpose, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was teasing her, because he finally realized he had power over her. Misty's face was flushed, even though she knew he was just messing with her—but she could do the same thing to him as well. She wasn't blind either, so she kept herself from smirking as she tried to think of something that she could pay him back with.

Gary went to sit back down at the table and this time, patiently waiting for her to finish the spaghetti. They were both silent, which lasted for about twenty minutes until she was finally done and placing the food on a plate for the both of them. She turned around with the plates in her hand and walked over to the table, her hips swaying from left and right in a very exaggerated way. Misty had to keep herself from smirking in triumph when she noticed Gary's eyes were glued on her hips. She proudly placed the plates down on the table, then took a seat next to him on the bench.

"Here you go," she said with a small smile.

"Thanks," was all he managed to say. Gary took his fork and swirled his spaghetti around it, the steam was steadily emerging from it, then lifted it up and brought it to his face.

"No wait, let me blow on it," said Misty and seized the opportunity to pay back all the gestures he had been doing that were driving her crazy. Misty leaned forward, until her face was positioned in front of his fork, which were barely touching his lips since he was about to eat it.

She pursed her lips, and gently blew on the heap of spaghetti wrapped around the fork, and she made sure to stare straight into his eyes when she did this. He did exactly what she hoped he would do, he stared right back at her, as if frozen on the spot, and his cheeks were starting to fill up with blood. Misty's own face was gradually getting redder, since they were very close to each other. She blew on it a couple of more times before she finally closed her lips and gave him a tiny smile.

"There, it's safe to eat."

While she had meant for this to tease him, Misty suddenly found herself not wanting to leave this close proximity with each other. Gary was still frozen, but he didn't seem to want her to leave either, still staring at her with those half-open eyes of his. When she saw his face move forward only by a centimeter and putting the fork down, Misty slowly started to lean in as well, fluttering her eyes closed and licking her lips as she did so.

After all this sexual tension between them the entire day, was it finally going to happen? Was the teasing and innocent touching going to stop, and were they finally going to cross that line? Those were thoughts that ran through her mind as she felt herself zoning in on his face in slow motion. Their lips were seriously only a few millimeters apart when Gary decided to speak up.

"Misty?" he asked, his lips barely managing to not brush against her as he spoke. Misty was only half listening, but restrained herself from planting her lips on his.

"Hmm?" she said in response. They were so close—sooooo close. Why'd he have to stop?

Misty finally cracked open her eyes again, looking at him cross-eyed because of the closeness. He seemed to struggle to get some words out, and Misty briefly contemplated shutting him up and doing it already.

"C-can I?" he asked unsure.

Gary needn't say no more, Misty finally pushed herself those extra few millimeters and their lips finally connected. Both of them drew back a breath as they held it in while their lips were squished up against each other. Her mind had officially shut down; reason and logic was thrown out the window, and overcome by passion and instinct. She could barely even remember what he had said to her moments ago when her heart felt like it was on fire (not to mention her face). She sucked his lips hard, cupping his face with her hands to pull him closer to her. They briefly separated from each other, a trail of saliva stretching out that was connected to both of their lips. Her breathing had sped up in so little time, as if she had been running and out of breath for a while now.

It was Gary who leaned in this time, his arms going around her back and pulling her into his lap as he locked lips with her hard. He stole her breath when she felt his lips on her again, it was as if lightning has struck her on the spot. His wet lips slid across hers, pulling down her bottom lip and she sighed softly once her lips were forced to part. Her fingers dug into his cheeks, overcome with pleasurable feelings that exploded everywhere inside of her. Misty roughly pushed her lips on his as well, sucking them hard, managing to suck out his breath as well. She was shivering badly, shivering with pleasure that is. They moved their lips against each other, inexperienced and on instinct, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. She never wanted this to stop, this was something she had been wanting to do ever since she came back.

They were breathing hard through their noses, sometimes through their mouths as they opened it to take a quick breath, but then closed them again so they could kiss each other once more. Gary's hands were running up and down her back, holding her close to him at the same time, while Misty had her fingers crawling through his spiky hair. His lips were so delicious, so wet and warm, but also very soft. She had no idea how good it would feel with his lips pressed against her, but now that she knew, she couldn't get enough of it. They kissed each other hard, as if the opportunity would never come to them like this again, so they had to enjoy this as much as possible.

Misty parted their lips for a second, so she could stare at his gorgeous face. The face that looked like he had just been attacked, but was feeling so good he could care less about the way he looked like. Gary placed a hand behind her head, then pushed her towards him and their lips crashed against each other, hungry for more. Misty crawled up on the bench, her knees now resting on it so she could get closer to him, while Gary was being backed up in the corner, not minding it at all. She crawled over him, not daring to break their passionate kiss, while Gary's hands traveled down to her ass, rubbing it as he did with her back, then slid his hands across her back again, then back to her ass.

She moved a bit closer to him to get in a more comfortable position, but unfortunately, she managed to knock her elbow against the table, causing the plate full of hot spaghetti to land on the both of them.

"Aye, hot, hot!" cried out Misty as she jumped off of the bench and pulling the spaghetti off of her arms. Gary was doing the same thing, since most of it landed on his shirt.

"Fuck, that's really hot!" he wailed in pain, then quickly took off his shirt and threw it on the ground.

Misty stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes widened when she saw Gary's naked chest. This was too much for her; was he trying to give her a heart attack, or a permanent nosebleed? Especially since they were so grossly engaged in battling with their lips. Misty's face went bright red as the reality of what they had just done finally weighed down on her. She had kissed Gary.

Gary started to suddenly feel self conscious about himself, then awkwardly bent his head down and picked up the plate from the floor, putting it back on the table. He avoided looking at her, and so did she.

"You know what, I'm not really hungry. I think I'm gonna go to bed."

Misty frowned and felt a bit sad. The truth was, she wasn't hungry either, all she wanted to do was continue touching him like before. In fact, she really—really wanted to do this, so she followed him to his bedroom.

Gary turned around and stared at her weirdly, which came across as a shy look since his face kept getting red whenever he saw her. "What are you doing?" he asked, or rather, demanded.

Misty then finally stood her ground. "Look, I'm not gonna talk about what just happened, but right now. I want to be with you." Misty kicked off her shoes, then crawled underneath his blanket in a stubborn way. "I won't allow you to go to bed without me."

Gary scratched the back of his head, then sighed, but crawled into the bed as well, laying down next to her. His green eyes stared into her own, as if he was trying to figure out why she was acting like this. Hell, even Misty herself didn't know what made her jump into bed with Gary. She wanted to, that's all.

"As long as you don't hog all of the blanket."

"Well," she started and pushed herself up against Gary's half naked body. "If we stay like this, we don't have to worry about who's going to get most of the blanket share." She looked up at his face and smiled innocently at him. Or at least, as innocent as she could manage, because this definitely wasn't innocent.

Gary sighed a bit, but he managed to wrap his arm around her waist, holding her close to him. He laid his head into the nook of her neck, slowly breathing in her scent. Misty was far too awake to be able to go to bed right now, especially since she was in bed with Gary—and he was holding her, right after they had just kissed.

"Hmm, well this is weird," he said a bit unsure.

Misty wormed her arms around him as well, then squished her face against his chest. "I don't particularly care."


Backstory: it's the morning after the previous scene.

Waking up next to Gary really had its perks. For one, it felt very warm in bed, so warm that she felt like she could never climb out of bed, even if she tried. Two, snuggling close to him felt very, very good. Three, he didn't seem to object to Misty snuggling her face into his chest, while her arm was around his waist. In fact, Gary's response was to put his head on top of hers, and pull her in closer with his arm, so they were effectively holding each other.

"Morning," she whispered softly, then let her hands run over his back.

"Mornin'," he whispered back hotly.

Her fingers fluttered over his backside, feeling his bones pop out, and the muscles surrounding it. Misty was still intoxicated with Gary, especially since she woke up in an embrace with him, so she couldn't help herself but continue to explore his body with her hands. In return, Gary moved his hand over her back as well, which made her snuggle her face into his neck, savoring the feeling. Thoughts such as what she was doing, and why, never once entered her mind. She was focused on Gary's body pressed up against her, and his hand rubbing her back, and the way his neck seemed so vulnerable for her to attack. Unconsciously her feet started to rub against his more manlier and bigger ones. His neck started to look more and more attractive to her, so Misty pulled away a bit to look up at his face.

She had never seen such a look on his face before; it was really relaxed, with his eyes half open, his lips parted and his cheeks slightly tinted with red. It was so different than his usual expression, which made Misty want to touch his face. She brought her hand up to his face and let her fingers trail down his cheek. He closed his green eyes and leaned in closer to her hand. Misty was simply mesmerized by his expression, as well as his hands clutching onto her back. Her eyes stared at his lips, which were lush and red, and she felt the urge to rub her thumb over it, so she did. Green eyes opened and stared at her with raw intensity as she slightly pulled his bottom lip down with the tip of her thumb. Unconsciously, she licked her lips while she stared at his own. She felt his fingers on her back pressing harder onto her skin, which felt really good. So good in fact, it made Misty breathe out loudly. That was all there was needed for Gary to lower his face to hers, his lips now hovering only an inch apart from her own. Hot breath hit her lips, but he never moved an inch closer than that, as if he was waiting for her to make the first move. Misty then took the plunge and quickly pressed her lips against his, because she really wanted to at the moment. She needed to kiss him.

She remembered it now; the feeling of Gary's lips on her own. She had kissed him forcefully, when he didn't want to be kissed, and thus pushed her away, not giving her enough time to get used to the feeling of his lips. Only now did she understood how good his lips felt against her. Slightly moist, thick and hot—and it was sending strange vibrations down her body. Misty pressed her body up against him even more, deepening the kiss with him, while Gary now brought his other hand behind her head, so he could bring her face closer to his. Gary then parted with her lips for a second, and they both inhaled sharp breaths, and Misty crashed her lips on his again to continue their make-out.

Misty had no idea what she was doing, since it was all running on instinct and pure emotions. Any rational thought that might have been in the back of her mind were soon destroyed completely when she felt Gary slip his tongue inside of her mouth. Having never French kissed before, Misty wasn't quite sure what to do, until she felt his tongue brush against her, and her body jerked in response of the pleasure. Gary's tongue then swept across hers several times, and she moaned loudly in his mouth, causing him to do the same. Her body started to shiver ever so slightly, and she couldn't stop rubbing her legs against his own. Misty made circles around his tongue with hers, enjoying the feeling she was getting from it. Gary then finally pulled his tongue out of her mouth, leaving behind a slight trail of saliva. She stared at him with glazed eyes, panting loudly, and so was he.

They stared at each other for minutes long, both not moving. How could one move after experiencing such a thing anyways? Misty could only continue to stare in his green eyes, while her hand was now intertwined with his, resting in between them. The longer they stared at each other, the more aware Misty become of herself. She suddenly started to notice the heat radiating from her cheeks; no doubt a massive blush residing on her them. The second thing she noticed was how wet she had become, and how she had unconsciously tried to rub herself against his leg. Though this might have embarrassed her till no end, for some reason, Misty felt quite at ease. Being around Gary and making out with him felt like heaven on earth—it felt right. Gary started to play with her fingers, but never averted his gaze from her, and neither did she.

After a while of staring at each other in silence, Gary finally spoke up. "That was certainly the best wake-up call I've ever experienced."

Misty chuckled and squeezed his hand in return. "Still think it was a bad idea I came to sleep in your bed?" she asked in a sweet voice.

The brunette smirked in return. "I don't know—why don't you convince me some more?"

Seeing that sexy smirk on his face, while his eyes still held the same spark as before, Misty lunged for him and started to kiss him again. Fire sparked between them in a mess of hot breath and sweat. They kissed hard and long, each sucking the breath out of the other. They would have continued if there hadn't been a sudden knock to his front door. Misty immediately pulled away from Gary and she hid herself under the blanket; not wanting anyone to find her in Gary's bed. Gary threw himself out of the bed and quickly pulled on some pants and a shirt as he went to see who was at the front door.

Misty was left alone in the room and she pulled the blanket off of her. She could hear Gary talking to someone, probably Tracey, but it was too soft and muffled for her to understand what they were saying. The redhead stared at the ceiling, remembering what happened only moments ago. Gary's lips were on hers, his hands were running all over her body—and she had enjoyed it to the max. It took her a while before it sunk into her mind; she had kissed Gary, they were in the middle of a make-out session that could have lead to who knows where if they continued. Misty knew she had a crush on Gary, but this felt like something so much more. A longing, a lust, she was yearning for him now. She had missed him tremendously when she was away for that one month, so she was overcome with the feeling of wanting to touch him everywhere and make sure he was real, and with her. It seemed he had felt the same way; he wouldn't have continued to kiss her like that either.

Suddenly the front door closed and the house was quiet, Misty was pulled out of her thoughts and she wondered if Gary had left without telling her. Alright, he couldn't very well let anyone know she was in his bed, horny as hell and wanting to do it all over again. The girl pressed the palm of her hand against her face as she thought about her previous actions.

"I kissed Gary Oak," she said with a groan. She then turned over on her stomach and buried her face within his pillow. "Oh god I kissed him!"


Backstory: direct continuation of the previous scene.

Misty had never wanted something so badly before in her life. Her cyan eyes continued to glare a hole through Tracey's skull while he worked on some sort of machine in the lab. Why in the world had the numbskull decided to work down on the lab with Gary? Why couldn't he piss off to who knows where so she could be alone with Gary and continue where they left off this morning? Misty sighed and finally tore her eyes away from Tracey—it wasn't like he was doing it on purpose. She then walked up behind Gary, who was working on the computer once more, typing some data on the keyboard. He visibly tensed up his shoulders when she hovered her face closer to him, sticking her head out in front of his. Oh how she wanted to touch him, and kiss him, and do all sorts of things with him.

Misty gave another death glare at Tracey who was innocently walking around. "Stupid Tracey," she mumbled under her breath, but Gary caught it and snorted loudly in response.

She lay her chin on his head, breathing in the smell of his hair. It smelled just like it did this morning, when it was driving her mad. She wondered if Gary was thinking the same; was it driving him nuts as well? Did she hold the same power over him as he did over her? Having him this close again, it made her mind go blank and not think about anyone else but him. Her heart was going pretty fast and it was filling her up with a warm feeling. Without even thinking about it, she had lightly wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled closer to him. This caused Gary to finally stop typing and he leaned back in her arms, now completely relaxed.

Within half a second she had her arms near her side and she was standing a foot away from Gary when she noticed Tracey had turned in their direction. She cursed him in a million different ways for interrupting their alone time, and especially since Gary didn't seem to mind at all! Misty let out a loud humph at Tracey, who looked up at her with confused eyes.

"What?" he asked, noticing the tension in the air.

"Nothing," said Misty, trying to keep her annoyance out of her voice.

Gary pretended he didn't hear anything and was typing away on his keyboard.

Tracey simply shrugged and went back to working on the same machine again, his back turned towards them once more. Seeing that he was busy, Misty tip-toed closer to Gary again, while the brunette kept a close eye on her, but still staring at his computer screen. Once more she was standing behind him and she let her arms fall around his shoulders and neck, and she nuzzled her face on the right side of his neck. She smelt a hint of sweat and his own scent, and it was seriously clouding her thoughts. Gary had stopped typing yet again, and he slightly tilted his head to the left, so she could have more space to lay her face down on his neck. Misty eyed the delicate flesh of his neck, and before she even knew it, she had her lips softly brushing against it. Gary shuddered and she felt his brown spikes touch her face, which for some reason, excited her. She was about to crush her lips on his neck for real and suck the daylights out of him, when Tracey turned around again.

It was Gary who stood up this time, slipping out of Misty's hold on him. "I'm going to get some files," he said loudly, mostly directed at Tracey.

Tracey simply raised his eyebrows; wondering what was going on. Gary then pushed his chair back under the desk and left the lab.

"He said he's getting some files!" proclaimed Misty loudly with a nervous chuckle.

It didn't take longer than a second for Misty to follow him, hastily trying to catch up to him. Misty pushed the doors open but there was no sign of Gary to be found. Misty racked her brain; where did he go? He said something about files—so that must mean he went to the archives closet. Filled with determination, Misty made her way over to the lone door that stood in the wall, with a sign on it saying 'Archives'. She turned the knob and pushed the door open.

Before she could even step one foot inside, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her in, closing the door behind her. She crashed against Gary Oak's chest, and she knew exactly what he wanted. His arms quickly wrapped around her waist and he pulled her closer to him, so that they both crashed against a rack of files. Misty brought her arms around his neck and their lips finally met. Never before had she felt the longing of feeling his lips on her, of needing to have him on her—until now that is. Their kisses were hot and saliva was now dripping down their lips. Gary grunted loudly and once more slammed his lips against her, then dipped his tongue inside of her. Misty welcomed his tongue like no other and toyed around with it. There were so many nerves on her tongue that he was touching, it was driving her mad. Misty's body trembled and she grinded against him, moaning loudly in his mouth. She could feel Gary's body shaking as well, which made it all the more exciting for her.

A yank of her hair tore her face away from his. She yelped in response, and was about to yell at him for pulling her hair when she felt his lips sucking down on her neck. Her insult turned into a loud gasp as she tried to find a way to breathe again. Electricity fired through her body, all originating from Gary's lips on her neck. He sucked hard and Misty's knees buckled against him, almost helplessly falling against him in the process. She panted loudly and leaned her face to the side so he could have more access to her neck. Her hands were on the back of his neck, massaging the bottom of his scalp, but also pushing him into her neck, because the feeling of him sucking her neck was overwhelmingly good. He left a trail of kisses, going from her collarbone towards her ear and Misty hissed in pleasure. As a reflex, she grinded her body into his again, this time noticing something different in his pants. Misty had to smirk at this, but it's not like she wasn't heavily tuned on by all of this either. The redhead then brought up her knee so that it brushed against his leg, and she rested it on one of the racks behind them. This supported her a bit more so that she could stand a bit taller and reach him more easily, as well as grind her hips into his, feeling the hard object in his pants throb in enthusiasm.

Gary switched sides of her neck and sucked her neck on a different spot. Misty's body trembled against him and she used her hands to rub his back and hold him close. She slipped her hands underneath his shirt, feeling his hot skin with her fingertips. She let her hands run across his naked back, while he kept kissing different spots on her neck. Misty then pulled away a little and grabbed his head with her hands, bringing it to her face so that she could kiss him again. Hungry for her lips, he eagerly replied to her request, and they were once again in a battle of tongues with each other. It was getting harder and harder to breathe like this, but Misty couldn't care less. This felt fucking awesome. She heard Gary moan softly a few times, which really excited her and she wanted to hear him moan more. To achieve this, Misty grinded into him again, making sure to rub herself against his hard penis that was slightly protruding from his pants. Gary made a weird sound that came from the back of his throat, but it was unmistakably a moan. She would have smiled at this, if it weren't for the fact that she was happily brushing around his tongue in his mouth with her own tongue.

Gary's hands wandered over her body, and she let him touch her wherever he wanted, because it didn't matter where he touched her, since it all felt great to her anyways. When she felt his hands making way for her chest, Misty felt herself feeling more hot. She kissed him harder, and one of his hands finally stroked over her breast.

And suddenly, it all stopped.

"Someone's coming," he hissed loudly in his sexy voice.

Misty's eyes widened and she frantically looked around. Gary then pushed her to the back of the other racks and she quietly hid in a dark corner. The door finally opened, reveling Professor Oak. Misty blushed heavily; they were interrupted by his grandfather. Misty couldn't help but want to return with what they were doing really fast. She was so into Gary at the moment, all she could do was want to ravish his body, and feel his hands exploring hers.

"Gary?" asked Professor Oak.

"Yeah?" he responded, his voice wavering.

Misty secretly smiled at this; she made him feel unsteady. The great, arrogant Gary Oak was taken down a notch by Misty Waterflower.

"What are you doing here in the dark?"

She blinked a few times, and then she realized the light wasn't even on. All this time they had been making out in the dark and it never even occurred to her. Well, how could she? Her mind was only thinking about Gary.

"I forgot to turn it on." What a lame excuse, but the good natured Professor Oak wouldn't have a clue of what he was really doing in the archives room.

The old man turned on the light and Misty cringed; was he going to spot her sitting in the corner? Gary moved in front of Professor Oak's view so he blocked Misty's body. The Professor took a file from the rack and smiled at Gary, saying he found what he was looking for and finally left. Misty sighed in relief. She then got up from her position and hugged Gary from behind, pressing her face against his back.

"As much as I would like to continue this," he said in a low voice. "I still have work to do today."

Misty let her arms slip off his body and she sighed pitifully. "Fine."

They both finally left the room and returned to the lab. Only, Misty couldn't stop thinking about doing it all over again with Gary. This has been a crazy day for her; waking up next to Gary Oak, kissing him, then making out in the archives storage room. What in the world was going on with her? Why was she so pulled in by his sex appeal? Misty shook her head to clear her mind a bit, and sat down on Gary's desk as always. She stared at him, studying his face and his body. His cheeks were tinted very lightly with the colour pink, and Misty had to stifle a giggle at this. Well, she probably looked much worse than him. Kissing him made her feel like her body was on fire, especially her face. She felt her heart rate speed up again just by thinking about it, so she focused her attention on her crossword puzzle, while leaning her bare feet on Gary's chair. It had always been a habit of hers, since she was sitting on his desk (they had no other chairs around), she would support her weight by putting the tip of her toes on the edge of his seat. He never seemed to mind, and she would often nudge him in his side with her toes to get his attention.


Backstory: this is set maybe a week or two after the previous scene. Lots of kissing was to be had. I was going to rewrite this scene because it sucks pretty bad, and has a lackluster ending, but I guess that won't ever happen, so here's the 'rough draft' so to speak.

Misty sat down on the couch and threw her legs over the arm, while leaning with her back against Gary. He shifted his body a bit so that she could lay against him more comfortably.

"How long are you staying this time?" he asked and started to play with her hair.

"Gotta leave tomorrow morning for some unfinished business from the conference," she said sadly.

Gary twirled an orange strand of hair around his finger and he nodded his head slightly. Misty leaned her head against his shoulder, feeling quite relaxed at what he was doing. The brunette lowered his head so that his lips were next to her ear. She felt herself growing hot again and she slightly leaned into him.

"So this is your last day, huh," he drawled out, his breath touching her ear. Misty shivered in response. Emotions were stirring up in her again, and she wanted Gary—badly.

"I wonder what I should do on my last day," she said equally as soft as his voice from before. The girl sunk back into Gary's body and laid her face in his neck. She could feel his heartbeat pulse through his veins and smiled at the feeling.

Gary lowered his face, hovering it above her, his striking green eyes staring into her own. Misty felt entrapped in his stare, her face heating up once more. He then moved back so that he could gently place Misty's head on his lap, then bent down all the way to kiss her lips. It was her first upside-down kiss—but there had been many, many firsts this day anyway, so who cared? Misty simply responded to his gentle kiss and got more rough with him, sucking and even nipping at his bottom lip. It seemed doing it upside-down was actually quite exciting, and they both kissed each other hungrily, wanting more. Gary finally pulled away, and Misty took this opportunity to sit up straight, she pushed herself up and straddled herself on his lap, bringing her knees up to his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her face close to his ear, and found that this was the perfect position to start sucking on his neck.

A low groan escaped from Gary's lips, and she felt something twitch beneath her as her lips made contact with his delicate flesh. Liking the response she was getting from him, she buried her lips into his neck and sucked it hard. He trembled at her actions, and Misty was loving the feeling of control over his body. She used her tongue to make circles on his neck, which turned into kisses, moving upwards. Gary's hands were on her back, his fingers pressing deep into her skin, and she loved every second of it. She sucked again right underneath his jaw line and Gary moaned out loud again. This excited Misty way more than it should, and found herself getting extremely wet in her panties. Not only that, she felt something very hard pressing against her ass. To tease him even more, Misty wiggled her bottom against his lap, feeling the hard object brush against her butt cheek and kissed his neck again. The response was exactly as hoped for.

"Oh shit, Misty," he said out loud and she felt his body collapse against hers.

The redhead simply smiled seductively to him, and once more moved her bottom against his rock hard penis. Gary's hands finally left her back, and were placed upon her shoulders. He pushed her down on the couch and crawled on top of her, one of his knees in between her legs, and finally crashed his lips onto hers. Misty moaned out loud in pleasure, loving his lips on her as always. She wrapped her arms around his back and forced him to lower his body onto hers even more. He brought his tongue inside of her mouth and they engaged with each other, toying, playing, swiping, even nibbling on each other's lips. She loved being dominated by him, feeling his body against her, but she also loved the reverse, having his body tremble with pleasure because of how good she could make him feel. Gary shifted his weight, his hands were beside her head, supporting his body. In the process, his knee was brought closer to her crotch, and she felt him brush against her panties. Misty gasped, feeling a shockwave coarse through her body with the slightest touch.

Gary stopped and pulled away, staring at her with raised eyebrows. Misty looked at him with lustful eyes, and felt a bit embarrassed by what she was feeling. His arched eyebrows lowered, and the corners of his lips were pulled into a smirk. God only knows what Gary was thinking at that moment, but Misty really couldn't care less. A second later and she found out what he was planning; he had moved his knee to press up against her vagina. Misty squeezed her eyes shut and tightened her fingers into fists on Gary's back. That felt fucking awesome.

"Oh," he said in a low voice. "You like that, huh?"

Misty stared at him pointedly. Of course she did, why did he have to be so smug about it? She attempted to glare at his moment of arrogance, but only succeeded in looking like she needed him to continue what he was doing. Gary simply laughed at her attempt, then started kissing her lips again, and Misty quickly forgot her temporary anger at him. Then she felt his hands on her pants, trying to unbutton it. She broke the kiss and breathed loudly in his face.

"What are you doing?" she asked, almost in a hiss. She stared at those green and unwavering eyes, and suddenly couldn't remember what she was trying to say anymore.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he responded, and finally managed to open up the button of her hot pants. Then the zipper went down, the sound of the metal unclasping ringed through her ears.

His fingers pulled down the fabric, making room as it uncovered her blue panties—but Gary wasn't looking at them, he was busy kissing Misty's neck. She couldn't think straight anymore, his lips were on her neck, sucking the daylights out of it, and his fingers were on top of her panties, moving down. His middle finger slipped down even further, dragging it across her panties. Misty shivered in pleasure as he made brief contact with her clitoris.

Gary pressed his finger in between her wet lips and she squirmed underneath the contact. "Hmm, you're all wet," he said after breaking away from her neck. Misty then nipped his neck for being so damn cocky at this moment. This in turn made Gary yelp in pain and press harder through her panties. The girl groaned against his neck, not caring anymore, since it felt incredible that he was stimulating her vagina like that. His finger then gradually pulled away, out of her pants.

"No." The words flew out of her mouth once she felt Gary's warmth leave her crotch. He looked at her with a smirk, knowing all too well what she wanted.

"I don't want to get bitten," he said with a smirk then kissed her lips.

Misty wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer to her body, kissing him harder. Fine, two can play that game, Gary. Misty freed one of her arms and wormed it underneath his body, bringing it to his pants. When she felt the cold metal of his button touch her finger tips, she wasted no time in trying to unbutton it. Gary's lips suddenly parted from hers and he panted heavily, slowly opening his mouth to speak.

Misty gave him no time to say anything and she quickly unbuttoned his pants, zipped down the zipper, and had her hand cup the long pole sticking out of the boxers he was wearing. As soon as she touched his penis, Gary's body shook violently and he buckled against hers. He hissed at her actions and kissed her lips very roughly. Misty had no problems with this, since she liked it when he was rough with her. She then let her fingers explore his penis through the cloth of his boxers, secretly measuring the length as well. She traced the shape of it with her index finger and twirled around the tip of it, which Gary seemed to love very much, as he was groaning into her mouth and his hand was slightly pulling her orange hair. It was amazing how warm it felt, and how hard it was—it was literally sticking out vertically, right above her stomach. Misty continued tracing her fingers along the boxers, until she came across an opening, and used this opportunity to sneak her hand inside of his boxers, and finally touched his bare penis with her fingers. She wrapped her fingers against the warm and smooth skin. She tightened her grip, feeling his penis throb in response.

"Oh, fuck me," he said loudly after pulling away from her lips.

Misty laughed at his reaction, finding it amusing how the tables had turned and he was the one cowering under her control. He came down on her again, but kept a distance between their faces. He squeezed his eyes in pleasure when Misty pulled the skin of his penis up, finding it quite amazing how she was able to move his skin, almost as if there was an actual bone underneath it.

"M-misty," he said in a croaky voice, which Misty found particularly alluring. "We … we need to stop," he said in between breaths.

Misty looked at him with crestfallen eyes and pouted at him. "Why?" she asked, then pumped his penis once more for good measure.

"Because I want to fuck your brains out—that's why," he said harshly, his eyebrows lowering in anger.

Misty let his penis go, a bit taken aback by his behavior. She then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He was right, they should stop. She was way too fucking horny right now, and would have done who knows what if Gary hadn't said that.

"You're right," she said and let her other arm slip away from his body.

Gary finally crawled off of her body and sat against the couch in a normal sitting position, pushing his hard penis back in his pants and buttoning his pants closed again. Misty still lay there on this couch, with her hot pants still open and bare, and her panties soaked with her juices. She pushed herself up straight as well, closed her pants just like Gary did. However, her desire to touch him and to feel his body on her was still there. Not to mention the fact that she was still really wet.

A thought then popped in her head and she turned towards Gary. "I didn't take any more of that estrogen water, right?"

Gary cocked his head to the side and then laughed at her. "Well, I sure do hope not!"

Misty blushed a bit and looked down. "Good," she mumbled.


Backstory: oh boy, where to begin. Looooots of stuff happened, and this is actually the ending. Misty and Gary have had plenty of sex since the previous scene, and they had sort of gotten into this friends with benefits situation, where they basically went at it like rabbits all the time, but neither of them had the guts to tell the other how they felt. Both Gary and Misty tried to confess their feelings, but were thwarted each time (by Tracey, by Ash, hell, even Professor Oak), so they were at a standstill with their relationship, despite having lots of sex. Eventually, it's Professor Oak's 60th birthday (remember, it was mentioned in chapter 2, I think), and loads of familiar faces show up. Due to a lot of people finding out about Misty and Gary's new friendship, they keep teasing Misty about it at the party. They wonder why she hangs out with Gary now, and not with Ash, until Misty finally blows up after bottling up her feelings for a long time.

"Because!" yelled Misty hotly, her face turning red. Then, at the top of her lungs, she screamed; "because I love Gary Oak!"

Everyone looked over at her, everyone's eyes were staring at her. Misty's head now resembled a ripe tomato; she was embarrassed as hell. She then dared to look up and see Gary's expression. It pretty much matched her own. He was furiously red, and he tried to hide underneath the table when people started to look at him.

"Gee Misty, I had no idea you were in love with Gary!" piped up May.

Misty sharply turned her head to May to glare at the girl. "Well, I do! Now everyone knows and you can all stop bothering me about it!" She then stormed away from the party. Partly because she was embarrassed that everyone knew, and partly because she didn't want to face Gary after blurting out that she was in love with him.

But Gary followed anyway, and when Misty noticed, she ran. It turned into an odd chase, where Misty kept running further and further away from the party, and wished she could also run away from her feelings, her shame and her embarrassment. This is not how she imagined she'd confess to Gary, in a fit of anger. No, definitely not. But he heard it all the same, and now he's chasing her! Oh, that couldn't be good.

"Stop avoiding me you damn woman!" yelled Gary, still chasing her.

"Then stop following me!" she yelled back, trying to escape from him.

"Fine, I'll let you run away," he said curtly, then stopped in his tracks.

Misty looked back and slowed down her pace when she noticed he really had stopped chasing her. Their eyes locked and Misty quickly averted her eyes, a blush appearing on her cheeks.

"I just want you to know …" he then coughed loudly in his hand. "That I love Misty Waterflower!" he said in an outrageous loud voice, mimicking her earlier confession.

The blood shot up to her ears and Misty waggled on her spot, not quite knowing what to do anymore. Gary on the other hand seemed rather composed and sure of himself, save the red face he had. She then brought her hands to her ears.

"Well, you don't have to yell it!"

Gary laughed loudly at that. "I couldn't let someone best me at a confession, now could I?"

"Arrogant as always," she replied with a smirk.

"Now, can I come closer to you without you running away?" he said this while walking towards her.

Misty stood still. "Maybe." But then, without thinking, she ran towards him and jumped on him. She meant to tackle him to the ground so she could be on top of him, but he had a rather sturdy and heavy body, so all she managed to do was make him stumble back a few steps before he caught her in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. She was definitely in love with Gary Oak, and her confession was true to her heart. To hear him utter those words back, it made Misty feel complete. She parted from his lips.

"Are you sure you're not lying to me?" she asked, not quite one hundred percent sure he was being honest.

Gary bumped his forehead against her. "What are you, stupid? Can't even tell the difference between an honest confession and an obviously fake one? I'm hurt, really."

"I don't know, I was thinking Gary Oak was too arrogant to love anyone but himself."

Gary then brought his lips closer to her ear. "I love you," he whispered, sending chills to run down her spine.

Misty wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her closer to his own ear. "And I love you too," she whispered back. They then shared another passionate kiss together.

The brunette pulled back and smiled at her. "I was wondering when you were going to say it. God knows how long we've been attacking each other's bodies for a while."

Misty blushed a bit and pressed her face against his chest. "Well, you didn't say anything either!"

"I'm arrogant—what's your excuse?" he mumbled.

"I don't know … I guess I never really came to terms with it until now?"

Gary shook his head and laughed at her, but still held her close. "Seriously?"

"I've always had a crush on you … I just didn't realize it turned into … this."

"Oh really, you had a crush on me, eh? When did that start?"

Misty snorted and hit his chest with her hand. "Like I'd tell you."

Gary nuzzled his face in her neck and gave her a few kisses, which made Misty's eyes flutter close. "I'll tell you when I realized I had one on you; it was when we first saw the Bellossoms dance together."

Misty's face went even more red at this revelation. "Wait, does that mean you already liked me before I went all … you know … that one time." She couldn't get herself to say it out loud anymore, since it was so embarrassing for her.

"That time you drunk a bottle of estrogen hormones?" he said happily and Misty pulled his hair in return. "Then simply ravished me?" She kicked his shins and pulled away from him. "Ah come on, I was only teasing you," he said with a laugh, then wrapped his arms around her from behind. "To be fair, I really wanted to jump on you at that time."

"Hhmm," she said thoughtfully with a smile.

"But I had the decency to realize you were not in your right mind and to withhold from any things I might have done to you."

"Why thank you Gary, you're such a gentleman."

"That doesn't mean I didn't masturbate about it afterwards though," he said with a huff.

"You are such a pervert!" she said with a red face and then turned around to face him again. "But you know what—so am I," she said with a grin and kissed him. Gary happily returned the kiss.

"Can we go home now?" he asked. "Because I think I might pin you down on the grass right here if we don't hurry up."

Misty licked her lips and smiled seductively at him. "Is that such a bad idea?"

Gary then pushed Misty hard to the ground and crawled on top of her. "I guess not," he said then kissed her hungrily again.

When they met, he poisoned her, drowned her, and in return she crashed his car, found out about all of his secrets, kissed him under the influence of estrogen, and together they made a lot of memories. Gary Oak, he's not bad. Not bad at all. But when he's with her? Then he's great.

So, that's it. The end. I apologize for not writing a proper story, and only giving you bits and pieces I had written two years ago, but it is better than nothing, right? Oh, and a little side story that I never managed to write at all; remember in one of the scenes where Gary says he couldn't have been friends with Misty when they were kids? Well, I had written Gary as having a crush on Misty at that time, he was hopelessly charmed by her feisty temper and her orange hair. He hated that she traveled with Ash and not him (and he was also embarrassed by his crush), and this would have explained how he was always picking on Ash, but never directly insulted Misty. He said they couldn't have been friends, because Gary wanted to be more than friends. Over time, the crush faded away, but his old feelings definitely returned with a force when Misty helped him out with his research.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading.

Ah what the heck, here's a little extra, it's Gary's PoV when Misty returned from training in Sinnoh. Enjoy that, too.


He felt her gaze on his back for a while now. He tried very hard not to let it show, not to let her know how nerve wrecking it really was. She had finally come back, and when he woke up right next to her, it was almost as if it were a dream, too good to be true. Except it was true, and he wanted nothing more than to stay as he was, and just stare at her while she slept. Except he couldn't do that, it was impossible.

"Good morning!" Misty suddenly said.

"Morning," he replied in a scruffy voice, caught off guard for a second.

Gary heard her sit down at the kitchen table, and he was too much of a chicken to turn around and actually face her. She had no idea just how nervous he really was at the moment. He hadn't seen her in a month, and it stirred up all kinds of things inside of him when he woke up to find her in his bed.

"Want some eggs?" he asked after a while of silence.

"I didn't know you could make eggs," she replied. "Since when can you make them?"

Feeling a little bit more confident, he gave her a nervous smile as he flicked back his head. "Since you left and I missed your food." At least he could admit to missing her food without sounding stupid.

Misty finally got up and slowly walked over towards him, and he could literally feel her stepping inside of his personal space as she did so. He still didn't look at her, not even when she came to stand right next to him to see if he was really cooking. It was all he could do to hold the spatula in his hands and tighten his grip on it until his fingers became white from lack of blood. When her shoulder accidentally bumped against his chest, he didn't know who jerked back first; him or her. His eyes briefly looked at her, and it seemed she thought she was the one that jerked back, good, she didn't have to know what kind of effect she had on him at the moment.

"I can't believe it, but you're actually making a decent looking egg," she said softly. Her voice was ringing through his ears like music, he had really missed hearing her voice from up close.

Trying to shake off the feeling of losing control, he did a very Gary-like thing. "You better believe it!" he said proudly, puffing up his chest to emphasize his point.

He had to draw back a breath when Misty's slender fingers softly grabbed his shoulder, making them drag across his skin as she bent down to smell the egg. That tiny little gesture sent sparks flying through his body, and it turned him into stone, he didn't know how to react to this anymore.

"Hhmm, smells really nice," she said seductively. That voice sent chills down his back, how could she sound so darn sexy? Misty pulled back and gently let her fingers trail over his shoulders before she pulled away completely. Gary's body shivered when she finally left, and hoped to God she hadn't seen him do that, see her have this effect on him. Any kind of touch from her sent him wild, even her voice was driving him crazy. Trying to steady his thoughts now that she had gone back to her seat, he finally remembered a question he wanted to ask her.

"When did you get back? I thought you weren't getting back until tomorrow." Why couldn't she have come tomorrow? Tomorrow, at least he was prepared, today, he was caught off guard so much, it made him feels all these weird things and think all these weird thoughts.

"I got back this morning, I wanted to surprise you by being here early."

He squinted his eyes. "Well, you certainly did surprise me," he mumbled under his breath. He definitely did not expect to wake up to seeing Misty in his bed. Then he had the gall to hug her and fall asleep again. What was he thinking?

"Aren't you going to ask me how my trip went?" she asked, feigning hurt.

Gary spun around to face her, and leaned against the kitchen counter. "How was your trip?" he asked nonchalantly, or at least, hoped that she perceived him as this, since on the inside he was nervous just by facing her. For a split second, he wished he hadn't come down half dressed, and wished she hadn't either, since her milky white legs were very much visible under the kitchen table.

"It sucked," she replied annoyed.

"You shouldn't have gone then." No really, she shouldn't have left him at all. It was as if he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms now that she was back again.

"I couldn't very well deny the Pokemon League!"

"You have every right to deny something." Though not him, she could never deny him.

"Not if I want to keep my position as a gym leader."

Gary then finally turned his attention to the egg again, after staring for too long at her legs that were screaming for attention. It was silent for a moment, but he was still on edge. So he decided for some small talk. "Aside from lover-boy Ash, did you meet any other guys there?"

"Why? Jealous?" An instant reaction, she was taunting him.

The brunette slipped the finished egg on a plate and slid it across the kitchen table towards Misty. "In our videocalls you sometimes get interrupted by some guy calling your name," he replied. Whoever interrupted his videocalls with her had to die a violent death, that's what he thought.

"Oh, that's just Brawly," she said offhandedly, then took the fork and tore off a piece of the egg. "We had a lot of assignments together, so he kept bugging me every time I was slacking off." Misty then popped the piece in her mouth and chewed on it.

As she slowly chewed on the piece of egg, making her lips seem so juicy and seductive, Gary scratched his throat and hoped she could say something to lighten the mood. After a while of chewing and not saying anything, he became a bit impatient.

"Well?" he pressed on.

Misty swallowed. "Well what?"

"Who was it again that said something about it only being polite to say the food was good?" He pointed his index finger at the egg.

"Oh! Yes, it's not that bad."

Gary turned around to prepare for his own breakfast. "Good."

"So," she started. "What have you been doing while I was gone?"

Aside from thinking about you every day, and wishing you were here? Then jerking off to you while feeling horrible about it, and being jealous of every single guy you met over there? You have no idea how much I wanted to strangle Ash with my own two hands.

"You mean, aside from learning how to cook eggs?" he asked with a chuckle, ignoring his inner monologue. "Nothing special, work as usual. You should know, we almost called every day." He wished it was every day, but that didn't matter anymore, she was back, and right in front of him, just waiting for him to snatch her away.

"Right, you finished cracking that DNA, how did that go?"

"I wouldn't want to bore you with technical details, so I'll just say I'm still fine-tuning it before I present it to the other Researchers."

"You're so smart," she complimented him. "I wish I had brains like yours."

"And my good looks," said Gary with a laugh, secretly relieved that they could at least tease each other again like normal.

"Hey! Are you saying I'm not good looking?" she asked him with a fake hurt tone.

Oh no Misty, you are sex on legs, don't ever think you're not. "I'm saying you wish you had my good looks. After all, I'm far more attractive." He might be saying all that, but he hoped she could see that was a blatant lie. Misty had always been an attractive girl, but damn, today it was cranked up to eleven.

Gary continued making his egg, and Misty slowly ate hers. He then finally finished his own portion and came to sit at the table with her, reluctantly taking a seat next to her. Being this close to her was making his heart beat like crazy. Gary Oak was basically drooling over this girl, and he couldn't do a damn thing about it. He just hoped she didn't see through his facade.

"Did you have any fun while you were there?" he asked after a while. Gary scooted a bit further away from her when he felt his sweatpants briefly brush over her knee.

"Talking to you was the only fun thing I did over there," she said with a loud huff. "They made me work so hard on shaping up my skills, and Brawly kept annoying me with more work. It was hectic really, no time for fun."

Needless to say, Gary was very happy to hear that the only kind of fun she had was with him. For that, he overcame his weird hormones at the moment and messed up her orange hair. "Welcome back then," he said with a heart-felt smile.

And that small confidence he had at acting normal again flew out the window the minute she placed her hand on his thigh. Misty leaned closer and batted her eyelashes at him. "Did you miss me?"

Gary's leg jerked in response at the sudden contact, but he tilted his head to look at her. "Do you want me to miss you?" he asked back. All he could do was notice the way her hand was on his leg, so dangerously close to his crotch area as well, and the way she was leaning over a bit so that he could stare down her shirt, and see her–

Misty suddenly gave a slight squeeze and grinned. "Maybe."

Gary coughed loudly as he felt his face starting to heat up. Great, he was blushing now! He cleared his throat to compose himself. "Then yes," he said, admitting to missing her. He wouldn't say up front on how much he missed her though. That was a secret he was taking with him to the grave.

Misty finally lifted her hand up from his thigh, and he was immediately relieved she did so, because it was really driving him crazy.

"Is it bad?" he asked once he noticed she wasn't eating.

"Oh no, I was just … thinking," she said sheepishly and finished eating her egg. The egg really wasn't bad, she could do better of course, but it tasted fine to her. "It's good, I actually like it."

"What were you thinking about?"


Misty clearly had no idea what kind of effect shad had on him by running her foot up and down the length of his thigh. He was already full of crazy hormones today, and then the redhead decided it was a great idea to start rubbing his leg like she usually did. Except this time, it felt a hundred times better, and for fuck's sake, it was turning him on.

Gary closed his eyes for a few seconds, almost succumbing to the feeling, then he frowned and tried to concentrate on the computer screen instead. As he started to type, he realized much of it wasn't making sense, because his mind simply wasn't there. Misty's toes were still dragging across his leg, and each time she came closer to his waist, something inside of him started to build up. By now he was starting to breathe harder, partly opening his lips because of it. Misty innocently continued touching him, and Gary finally noticed that she had managed to give him an erection.

"Misty?" said Gary in a rough voice. Misty stopped in an instant, and Gary wondered in fear if she had noticed. He cleared out his throat and his eyes briefly glanced over at her. "Could you get me some water?"

Misty gave him a small nod and finally hopped off the desk, walking away on her flip-flops. Gary sighed in relief, she hadn't noticed. But damn, this was crazy—he got turned on by her rubbing her foot on his thigh! It was insane! He glared at his pants, and willed himself for it to go down. In the back of his mind, he wondered if he had taken an estrogen tonic or something, because this certainly wasn't normal.

Then he realized only a few moments ago, Misty had asked him if he had any estrogen tonics laying around. It was a completely out of the blue question, and he didn't think about it at the moment, since he was too busy ignoring the way her legs were crossed. But now that he thought about it more clearly, why did she ask him that? Gary's eyes grew wide in confused; it couldn't be that she … ? Could she possibly be feeling the same thing as he was? Could she be looking at him right now, and feeling the way he did when he saw her?

No, that would be impossible, right? Gary shook his head, but found that it might be true. He would have to find out, he would have to see her reaction to when he touched her (instead of the other way around). During all this thinking, his erection had finally gotten down, which he was pleasantly surprised with.

Not soon after, and Misty returned with a glass of water. She placed it next to him, and he noticed how she was avoiding any sort of skin contact between the two of them.

"Here you go," she said sweetly, then hopped back on the desk as usual.

Gary averted his gaze away from her and quickly took a drink from the water. He set it down after gulping down a lot of the water, and he wiped off his mouth. "Thanks." He really needed it.

There was one thing he had to find out though, the thing that really irked him. Gary had to find out about her reaction. Composing himself first before diving in, he took a deep breath, then stood up straight from his chair. Misty looked up at him, wondering what he was doing.

"Move, you're in the way," he said in a typical arrogant voice, and he bent over towards her, to reach the archive cabinet behind her.

He made sure to 'accidentally' touch the side of her neck with his hands as he reached for one of the drawers behind her head. Gary's eyes observed every movement of Misty as he did this. He saw her body tense up, and she drew back a sharp breath. Which she then let out and giggled nervously.

"Sorry, hehe," she said and moved out of the way. She suspiciously avoided his face after that, and Gary grabbed a random file out of the cabinet and went to sit back down again with his heart thumping in his throat.

He didn't imagine that, did he? She did tense up and tried to avoid suspicion by giggling, right? Gary's eyes briefly glanced over towards Misty, before returning back to the monitor. He started to type something on the keyboard, but he had no idea what he was typing anymore. Could it possibly be that Misty was affected by him too? He couldn't be too sure, this could have been an isolated incident in which Misty felt a bit shy around him, especially since it had been a month when they last saw each other.

Then again, she had no problem stroking up his leg with her toes and turning him on. Granted, she didn't know about that last part, but it was sending very mixed signals. He had to make sure, he had to touch her again. Though at the moment, he had no idea how. It was always so easy at first, gently touching her, teasing her, tickling her. These actions were like breathing to him in the past, and now it was as if everything was brought underneath a magnifying glass, and every touch was burned into his mind. He couldn't possibly touch her naturally now! Then how was he supposed to find out?