Black Rusties

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1Chapter 1: Where am I?

Tally woke up after another long night. Her eyes were still closed and her flash tattoos were spinning, obviously from the strange dream she'd had. Her heart felt nice and relaxed though. "Hmm..." she thought.

She opened her eyes.

"Huh?" she asked.

Tally looked around, it didn't look like the Smoke at all, and where was David?

"David?" she searched all around this so-called Smoke. She couldn't find him anywhere.

Suddenly, she realized it looked like an image she'd seen back in school days of the Rusty times.

What could that mean?

She gasped. There was a noise. Tally knew this place, it was what the Rusties had called Coalbrook. She ran at top speed to a mine.

What's going on? she thought. She heard several people trying to run out.

"Oh no," said a person near Tally. "There are 437 people in there. The mine's about to collapse!"

Indeed it was. Tally saw it, the mine was breaking down, piece by piece.

She wanted to do something, but she couldn't. It would be too dangerous, and even more dangerous to change the past.

"Hey Mam?" a little boy asked. "What's today?"

"January 21 1960," said a woman. "Why?"

"I'm writing a book to the people of the future, so that they'll know what happened today," the boy said.

"Good for you," said the woman. "Now tell me, what did happen today?"

"This mine here in Coalbrook has collapsed, which kills, 437 people."

"Good, but you might want to change 'has' to 'did' for the people of the future."

"Good idea."

Oh, boy, you have no idea what happens to the people of the future, Tally thought. She watched as the mine finally collapsed.

"Aaah," she heard tons of people scream as it fell down on them.

Wait a minute, thought Tally. Did she say January 21, 1960? How did I end up here? Is this what the Rusties called South Africa? Hmm... I must get to the city... wherever that is.

She walked and walked for miles and miles, then, on February 1, she ended up in what the Rusties called Greensboro.

"Why did it take me so long to get here?" Tally asked. "Does my Special speed not work in this place?"

She saw a place nearby. "North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University? What the heck is that?" She heard something inside. It sounded like some people were doing something. What had the Rusties called it? a sit-in maybe?

Tally went inside, wanting to know what was going on. She had been right. Four black people were doing a sit-in at, she read what it said, it said at Woolworth's lunch counter. It also said segregated. What did segregated mean again? Tally tried to think.

"We are aloud to stay here at the counter," said one of the blacks. "Yet they don't serve us. What's right about that?"

"Listen," said a white guy at the counter. "There's nothing against the law that says we can't disallow blacks to be served."

"Then why allow us in at all?" another one of the blacks said.

"Good point," said the white guy. "We will think about not allowing that too."

"REBECCA," the other blacks said.

Tally looked at them. This was a whole area of Rusty history she knew nothing about, she had to stay and see what would happen next.

Black Rusties