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"Stay near Black, Dragon." He handed the boy one of the daggers Voldemort had left behind. "If he tries anything, slit his throat."

Draco moved to his assigned spot, no emotion on his face. His glossed over eyes looked nowhere but straight ahead. He placed the dagger at Sirius Black's throat without hesitation. Tom gazed at Draco again, feeling the guilt inside of him once more. It hurt him to see his dragon with the usual light and confidence in his eyes. He moved over and brushed his fingers through Draco's usually perfect hair. The boy had been a mess recently. His poor dragon was under a lot of stress, both with his family and the Dark Lord. He knew that Draco had turned to him when he thought all was lost, and he had went and deceived the boy. Of course the deception was essential, but that didn't make it heart his heart any less. He had known little Draco ever since he was a baby. They were like friends.

He pushed these thoughts away yet again. He had more important matters to attend to at the moment. Like the beautiful weak boy now resting on the bed, waiting for him.

Tom's eyes darken and his trademark smirk slid into place. He went to the edge of the bed, stopping for a second to admire the boy. He really was stunning, even with his injuries. The scars stood out vividly against the boy's pale skin. His startling green eyes peeked out from under half closed lids. Silky raven hair lay messily around his head, like a halo. Harry was an angel that he was going to corrupt. Even if he had had nothing to gain from doing so, he still would have jumped at the chance to get beautiful Harry into his bed. To ravish him until he could barely move.

He placed one of his hands against Harry's flat stomach, moving it up and just brushing the boy's pink little nipples. Harry was too weak to move away from his touch. Perfect. He climbed on top of the bed and straddled the boy, leaning forward to whisper in his ear. "You knew this was inevitable, Harry. Ever since I saw you step from that shower looking so perfectly edible I knew I would have you like this. Weak, defenseless, and at my mercy. I can do whatever I want to you, Harry. There is nothing you can do to stop me. And I plan to use that fact to my full advantage. You and your powers will be mine."

Leaning forward Tom pressed his lips to Harry's closed ones. He grabbed the boy's head and brought it closer to his, trying to force his tongue past the boy's lips and get to the sweet warm cavern inside. But try as he might, the boy stubbornness held through. Growling, Tom shoved the boy back onto the bed and glared at him. "Resistance will only hurt you, Harry. I suggest you give in before I have to hurt your precious god father."

Harry's gaze flickered to the end of the bed, where Draco had a knife at Sirius' throat. Knowing he didn't have a choice, he slowly opened his mouth. Tom immediately plunged forward, forcing his tongue into Harry's mouth and proceeding to map out every inch of the boy's hot, delicious mouth. He tried to coax the other tongue into battling with his, but it did not move.

He moved his mouth from Harry's and instead latched onto his neck. Usually he would have been way past this stage in sex, but it had been far too long. He wanted to enjoy this to the fullest extent, savoring every inch of his Harry's exquisite tasting skin. In between nips and licks at the boy's lovely throat, he managed to say a few words. "I want you to participate too, Harry. It is no fun if you lay there like a rag doll."

"N-never…" Harry choked out. If he was going to be raped there was no way he was going to play along with it.

Tom paused from where he was sucking a hickey into the neck under his lips. "Remember your godfather."

Harry closed his eyes and steeled himself. He had just come up with a plan. It really didn't help him out of Voldemort's grasp, but it would hopefully prevent him from getting raped. So he reached up, dug his fingers into Tom's hair, and yanked the young Dark Lord into a harsh kiss. His tongue went right past Tom's lips and started attacking his tongue. Harry didn't have any experience with kissing, but he assumed he was doing something right by the moan Tom let out. Harry internally gagged.

He wrapped his arms around Tom's neck and thrust his hips up a bit. Tom immediately meet it with a thrust of his own, this one slamming Harry into the mattress. Tom kept up this brutalizing pace; slamming his hips against Harry's again and again, letting out little grunts of pleasure. It hurt immensely, especially since his body was still weak and bruised from the torture. He was sure to have some more bruises now.

Tugging on Tom's shirt, Harry put his lips next to the brunette's hair. "Tom…Tom, I need you." He said, mustering up the most wanton voice he could, going along with the act. "Tom…please…take off your shirt…let me touch you…"

Tom practically ripped his shirt off, tossing it off the bed where it landed on the floor. With the barrier gone, Tom pressed their chest together so they were skin on skin. Harry shivered. Tom's skin was very cold against his own, like ice. His lips were once again captured and the thrusting began again, which eventually turned to grinding. Tom had slipped his hands down Harry's pants, grabbing to handfuls of his ass and using the grip as leverage to grind longer and harder. All the while Tom had been marking the boy with hickeys, claiming him all over.

Much to Harry's embarrassment, he found himself to be at least half hard. Not because of Tom but because of the pleasurable fiction that the man was providing. He really did hate himself in the moment for reacting in such a way.

Tom was all over him, biting and licking and sucking every inch of skin he could. He pulled back for a moment, admiring the marks placed all over the pale skin, the boy's kiss swollen lips and tortured nipples. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. While that was fun, Tom was now achingly hard and he wanted to go farther into even more pleasurable activities. Like pounding his little Gryffindor into the mattress and making him scream.

But the second his hands moved to take off the garment that was separating him from his prize, Harry instantly froze up, losing the whole act. He tried to scoot away from Tom, but was pinned. Harry hadn't expected it to go this far. He had thought Voldemort would have arrived back by now, stopping Tom from going through with the deed. He had hoped he could distract Tom long enough, giving the Dark Lord time to return.

"Spread your legs and take off your pants." Tom ordered.

Harry shook his head firmly. He couldn't go through with this. He couldn't let Tom take his virginity. Hell, he couldn't have sex with young Lord Voldemort! That was wrong.

Tom let out an irritated sigh. "You were being such a good boy, Harry. I was even considering being gentle with you. But you are testing my patience. Do as I say."

"I…I can't. And I won't." Harry said firmly, covering the button of his pants with his hand.

Black eyes darkened even further. "You can and you will. Are you forgetting that with just a word I can order Draco to kill your godfather? You must do as I say or pay the consequences." Tom ran a hand down Harry's side. "If you are concerned about losing your virginity, you shouldn't be. Even if you do manage by some miracle to escape me with it still intact, no one else will have it. That purity is mine to take, and only mine. Besides, once I've had you no one else will be able to touch you. You belong to me, Harry. Your body is mine. This doesn't have to be difficult. This doesn't have to hurt. You can give in and I can make it as enjoyable for you as it will be for me. But continue this stubbornness and I will be rough with you. And if you carry on as you are even after that, I will take you painfully again and again and again until you finally learn. Then and only then will be gentle with you. Do you understand, Harry?"

Still Harry did not remove his hands from their place protecting the button.

Tom let out a growl and grabbed the hand, forcing it away and pinning it to the mattress. "You test my patience, Harry. I haven't had sex in decades and now I have your gorgeous body under me, unable to get free, and you expect me not to pound into you so hard you can't walk for a week? I do not think so. When you walked your little scrumptious ass out of the shower you made a mistake. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, dreaming about all the different ways I could take you. I have so much time on my hands. So much time to think about what I was going to do when I got you like this. And I plan to try out every single one of them. When I'm done here I'm going to take that remote and make you kill Voldemort so I will rule. All his Death Eaters will fall under my order along with the rest of the Wizarding World. And you, dear Harry," Tom laughed, grabbing Harry's face between his thumb and forefinger. "You will be in my lap, completely loyal to me and willing to fulfill my sexual desires at the drop of a hat." He stroked Harry's cheek. "You'll worship me and work your very hardest to do whatever pleases me, whether that be killing when told or spreading your legs and begging to be taken."

"You're…a sick, twisted man…Tom. I'll never…be loyal to you…ever…" Harry hissed.

This didn't faze Tom. The smirk was back in place. "It does not matter what you think of me. Right now all I care about is taking what is rightfully mine from you. So be a good boy and let me."

Instead, Harry kicked him.

"Draco…" Tom called without looking back at the boy. "Give Harry a little warning."

Oh so slowly Draco dragged the dagger across Sirius' throat, leaving behind a line of blood the slowly trickled down his neck, staining his shirt.

"Now, Harry, must I order him to push the blade deeper?"

Harry shook his head, removing his hands from the button. "Good boy…" Tom cooed, replacing Harry's hands with his own. He looked down as he felt a faint bulge there. "Oh, look. Little Harry is enjoying himself as well. Aren't you, Harry?"

While Tom continued to tease Harry, Draco was struggling to overcome the effects of the Imperius Curse. So far he had been unsuccessful. He knew it was possible. Potter had done it millions of times. But for him it was hard. He couldn't believe that Tom had betrayed him in such a way. He had trusted him with everything. Things he had barely even thought to himself he had told Tom. And Tom had sworn he was trustworthy. Draco should have known better. He was a Malfoy. Malfoys' weren't supposed to trust others, only themselves. This is what Draco got for opening up to someone. Betrayal. And now because of his stupidity, Potter was about to get raped. Never in a million years would he have thought that was what Tom wanted. Tom had never shown or said anything about having an interest in boys. So did that mean all the times he had gotten changed in front of Tom…?

Draco pushed that thought away. He couldn't think about something like that now. It would only hurt him more. So instead he just focused on his raw anger and pushed it at the calm surrounding him, trying to break free. He would not obey any more of Tom's orders. He needed to stop Tom before he did something horrible to Potter. He pushed against the pleasant fog clouding his senses and finally broke free, gasping for air. He quickly stopped, worried that Tom had heard. But the young Dark Lord was too distracted by kissing Potter and struggling with the button of his pants.

Draco shoved any thoughts of anger and betrayal into the back of his mind for later. He needed a clear head if he was going to save Potter. Quietly, Draco took out his wand and released Black from his bonds, motioning for him to be quiet. Black ripped a cloth of fabric and held it to the cut on his throat.

Tom had finally got the button free and had pulled down the zipper, finally ready to rid the boy of the unnecessary layer, when a spell hit him in the side, knocking him off the bed and onto the floor. Sirius moved forward and took Harry into his arms. "Harry…" he whispered, holding his godson tight. "Harry, I was so worried I would lose you."

Harry wrapped his arms around his god father's neck, holding on for dear life as if he was afraid he would be ripped away. Sirius watched as Draco went around the side of the bed, pointing his wand at the shirtless Tom Riddle who lay on the floor.

"You lied to me." Draco accused through gritted teeth. "I trusted you, Tom."

Tom stood, his own wand in his hand, and moved towards Draco. The Malfoy heir stepped back. "Dragon, I didn't want to betray your trust, but it was part of the plan. You wouldn't have understood."

"Of course I wouldn't have understood! You tried to rape Potter! How was that part of any plan!"

"You are too young to understand what is necessary, Dragon. You know I would never hurt you unless it was essential to my plan. The plan that will make it better for you and your family. With Harry's powers I can overthrow Voldemort and take his place."

"I was a fool to trust you, Tom!" Draco said, trying to let the tears building up in his eyes fall. Malfoys' didn't cry, not even if they had been betrayed to such an extent. "There is no reason for you to try and do that to Potter! You only did it because you are a sick perverted man and I hate you!"

"Dragon…" Tom walked over to Draco and placed a hand on his shoulder. Draco flinched, avoiding Tom's eyes. "You have no idea how terribly sorry I am. But you have to know that everything I do is leading towards an ultimate goal. A goal that will help you and me."

"But it won't help Potter."

Tom chuckled. "But it will. His magic is so unstable. Under my control his magic can be used to help. Left to his own devices that amount of power will overwhelm him. I will be able to help him."

"Draco," Sirius cut in, glancing at the door. "Harry said that Voldemort is back in the manor. We have to leave."

"You have a choice, Dragon. You can leave Harry here where he will be safe with me or leave and have him be captured by the Dark Lord. He will be tortured and both you and Black will be killed." He tightened his grasp on Draco's shoulder. Unbeknownst to the blonde, Tom slipped his wand out and pointed it at Draco's back. "I will not harm you and I swear I will make it so Potter does not feel any pain. You have to trust me."

Draco hesitated before he answered. He wanted to trust Tom, he really did. Tom was his friend and had been since he was very little. He knew that the Dark Lord would kill him for helping Tom, but Tom would rape Potter. He couldn't let that happen. He didn't really want to die either though.

Out of nowhere Tom hissed in pain, dropping his wand on the floor with a clatter. An angry red burn covered Tom's hand. As the wand fell behind Draco, he realized that Tom had been ready to attack him. He had been about to be betrayed again. Potter had shown him that.

He raised his wand and yelled, "Conjunctivitis!"

"My eyes!" Tom grabbed his face, stumbling around and knocking the dresser over.

Draco ran towards the door. "Follow me!" he ordered. "I know a back exit out of this place."

Sirius followed after him. "No!" Tom screamed, trying to look at them through burning eyes. "Potter is mine!" He blindly shot spells at them, all missing their intended target.

The three of them ran from the room, going by Draco's direction. They ran into Death Eaters along the way, all of which tried to stop them. Harry made them all disappear with a wave of his hand. Where they ended up he did not know, nor did he care.

They heard rather than saw Tom Riddle following after them, shooting spells at their retreating backs. Draco had quickly set up a magic shield to deflect the attack, but it was quaking under the force.

"Draco, are we close?" Sirius asked, looking worriedly at Harry. "Harry's too weak to be doing all this magic. It's taking a lot out of him."

"Yes, it's right…oh bloody hell…" They all stopped in their tracks. Before them stood a non-too pleased Lord Voldemort, who had his wand pointed at them. Soon after Tom caught up, his eyes blood shot. He too had his wand out. They were trapped.

"Tom, I see you have escaped your frame." Voldemort said coolly, his red eyes narrowed. He did not seemed shocked.

"Yes, I have. And now that I have been released there is nothing you can do to stop me. Once I have Harry you will fall."

Voldemort ignored him and instead looked at Draco. "I looked upon the letter that Greyback received and it seemed awfully familiar. Any reason that would be, Draco?"

"I have no idea, My Lord." Draco said, trying to keep his face as blank as possible. He chanced a glance at the portrait that would be their escape out of here. If only they could distract the two dark lords long enough to get through it. "Greyback disobeyed your orders is what I heard."

"Yes, he did. But it seems that someone else did as well. I know that Tom could not have returned on his own nor could Sirius Black have been released."

"Bugger it all…" Draco mumbled, dragging a hand across his face. Draco knew he wasn't fooling anyone. The one time he actually tried to help someone and now he was going to die.

The two versions of the Dark Lord locked eyes across the hall. "I do not know how you escaped, Tom, but you can rest assured that you will be destroyed."

"Not likely," Tom sneered, taking a cautious step forward. "I will break Harry and use his magic to take over. You will be the one who is destroyed. You are old and pathetic, not fit to rule. You can't possibly compete with me. Your Death Eaters will realize this and change loyalties."

"You are young and arrogant. You wear your heart on your sleeve like fools do. My Death Eaters will not fear you. They know where the real power lies. And in the end you will be dead and Harry will be used as my weapon. You will not touch him again."

"That is where you are wrong, Voldemort!" Draco and Sirius were back to back, watching as the two men continued walking forward. "Harry is mine! When I have him back in my clutches I will take him, destroying his will. He will become my own personal slave. His powers combined with mine will over throw your pitiful little rule. And I will take what is mine!"

A jet of light flew from his wand at that same time as Voldemort's. Draco closed his eyes and prepared to be killed. Instead there was a huge grinding noise that filled the hall. He dared to peek and saw to huge stone walls had erupted from the ground, hiding both Tom and Voldemort from view. Potter was passed out in Black's arms. He saw his chance. Grabbing Black's arm, he dragged the man over to a portrait of the Malfoy family. "Familia sanguinem currit fortis."

The picture went blank. He motioned for Black to follow him through it. Then he ran, only taking a moment to make sure Black was following him. He heard shouting behind them and knew the walls had fallen. They had to hurry. If they kept running soon…

Soon they would be free.