Disclaimer: Alice and Jasper belongs to Stephenie Meyer who created them for the whole world to enjoy. However, her thoughts in this one-shot dabble is all mine.


I was focusing on the out come of the meeting, when suddenly I was brought back to reality. It was that of my niece, Renesmee, dropping her head on the table with a thud. It had startled me. I know, I am a vampire and have highly tuned senses. Renesmee reaction shouldn't have made me react the way I did. Then, again I guess I never was normal. Having the ability to see the possible future isn't something everyone can do. I, then noticed, my adorable husband. He was sporting that smirk, which I personally find cute. That one smile always reminds me of Clark Gable in 'Gone with the Wind' as Rhett Butler.

Instantly flashback to 1939 the first time I saw 'Gone with the Wind'. I manage to get to Atlanta, Georgia and attend the première. I wasn't opposed to committing a petty crime for the perfect outfit to wear that day. I managed to get a cocktail dress that was reminiscence of a southern bell. My shoes patient leather heels and diamond necklace with earrings to almost match. I managed to procure an invitation letting me in; as I was sitting the dark I knew it wouldn't cause harm to those around me. I saw it. I was able to watch the whole three and a half hour movie to the end.

Every time I see Jasper with that particular smirk, only one scene pops in my mind. It is the scene where Rhett is standing at the bottom of the staircase; looking as though he has the ability to see the girls dressed only in their underwear, while walking up the stairs. The first time Jasper caught me watching 'Gone with the Wind'; he asked me why I enjoyed watching it so much. He couldn't understand the fascination I had with it, having lived through the war himself. I told Jasper it was for the costumes, which he believed. Just like Edward, he lets me do whatever makes me happy. Which includes watching 'Gone with the Wind' over again for the umpteenth time. In all honesty, I am a sap for those love triangles. Even, when I know the outcome.

Ooh, I know the theme for next Halloween. Nessie would enjoy it. She always thinks of Ashley Wilkes, whenever Jasper is disciplining her for something. Of course I was responsible for Renesmee doing so. I was the one to introduce her to the movie. I can see Edward and Bella as Rhett and Scarlett. Nessie could be Bonnie Blue. Oh no! I better stop. Edward's giving me that look, he gets when he's annoyed with me.