Disclaimer: Whole hearted thanks to the beloved creators of Twilight/Angel/and Buffy. Who gave them to us to enjoy. And, understand our need for more; some enjoying the fact that we come up with storylines that continue the legacy.

First part third person, second have is in Renesmee's point of view.

Sorry, about that. My friend and co-writer works in 3rd person and I tend to do first person.

Tasting the Treats

When the Cullen girls got back from the market, they began organizing and putting their items away, while gathering the ingredients to make the first of the snacks for Renesmee.

"So, What will we make first?" Renesmee asked.

"Ooh, Look at this!" Auntie Alice pointed out. She had been looking into Renesmee's Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, that Jacob gotten for her, birthday. Believing, Jacob figured she might be interested in eating human food featured in one of her favorite series of both books and movies. "There's a recipe for Blood Pudding in here. That actually uses pigs blood." Alice finished excitedly.

"That sounds gross." Renesmee replied. Earning he a look from her Grandmother, Mom, and both her Aunts as if she were crazy.

"Renesmee, your Dad and Uncle Jasper caught you eating cereal with blood. As if it was milk! And, you think that's gross?" Renesmee's mom asked shocked. All Renesmee just could do was shrug her shoulders as a response. She noticed that her uncles and dad had just got back from their hunting trip.

"Oh, common. Bella. What do you expect?" Uncle Emmett questioned my mom as he entered the kitchen, having heard part of the conversation from the door. "She's your daughter after all."

"Whatever!" mom whined sarcastically.

"Bella, I believe what Emmett was wanting to say; is that Renesmee might not act in ways that are to be expected. Consider that you never responded with what is expected, even when you were human. I am sure Edward told you why I reacted the way I did after you first changed. I think the rest might agree with me when I say that you still aren't normal as a vampire." Uncle Jasper replied using his calm soothing voice whenever atmosphere gets tense. Then he added, "Not that you were as a human either."

"See! C'mon mom! Try it! You might like it…" I answered sarcastically.