"I'm dying, Ashley." Spencer says dramatically as I pack my clothes.

"No you're not." I giggle at her. "Stop being dramatic baby." I tell her and walk over to the side of the bed she's laying on. "I love you." I bend down and whisper to her lips before I kiss her.

"I am dying though." She pulls back and pouts.

"Don't be like that baby. We both knew this day was coming." I tell her, taking a seat next to her on the bed.
"Doesn't mean I still can' be upset about it." She says poking her lip out a little more.

"I know this sucks baby, but we'll make it work. I love you." I lean down a whisper to her. I hate having to say goodbye to her. It absolutely kills me.

"I love you more." She kisses me.

"Get up." I tell her, standing up from the bed and holding out a hand for her to take.

"But I don't wanna get up. I wanna stay in bed all day with you holding me." She whines out and I smile at her cuteness.

"I have eight hours until I have to get on a flight to South Carolina and we're not gonna spend that whole time laying in bed, Spencer. So get up and get dressed." I tell her firmly and she groans. "I'm not taking no for an answer.

"Fiiiiiine." She drawls out and slides off her bed. "But I'm not happy about this." She tells me with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah." I say and hit lift her up off the floor. She pouts before kissing my lips and going into the bathroom.

My phone buzzes on the nightstand and I go check it.

'I'm glad you're coming back today. I've missed you.' The text from Emily reads. Before I left I asked her not to text me this week while I'm with Spencer. I wasn't sure if I was gonna tell Spence about the almost kiss or not, but I wanted to be safe. I didn't want to tell her and then have Emily texting me every five minutes. This week definitely would not have been as much fun.

'I guess I kinda missed you guys too. I'll text you once I land.' I text back.

'I'm sure you did! If I were you I'd miss me too. ;) And okay, be sure to text as soon as you land.' She replies. I turn my phone off and put it in my pocket just as Spencer emerges from the bathroom.

"I'm ready." She says in a bland tone causing me to giggle.

"Well don't sound so exited." I playfully roll my eyes as I make my way over to my girlfriend.

"I'm thrilled." She says in monotone.

"I can tell." I smile and kiss her. "What are Madison and everyone else doing on this fine Sunday?" I ask and she shrugs. "Wanna hang out with them?" I suggest.

"Not really." She says and takes a seat on the bed.

"Well we are, so call them." I tell her trying to hold back my laughter from how dramatic my girlfriend is being right now.

"Fine." She says in a blasé tone.

"Okay then." I shake my head and smile at her before kissing her forehead.

"I hate that you're leaving, Ash." Madison says as we all lounge around Taylor's pool. All the couples on a chair together. I'm in the back while Spencer's back in pressed to my front. She hasn't said a word since we got here over an hour ago.

"Yeah, Spencer is gonna go back to being all depressed and bitchy." Taylor adds, receiving a look and a slap on the arm from her girlfriend.

"I wish I didn't have to go." I tell them honestly.

"Yeah, us too." Jade chimes in.

"I'm gonna try and come back for Christmas break but I'm not sure if my parent's will let me." They weren't too keen on letting me come this time, let alone a second time. And for almost three weeks. Probably not gonna happen but it doesn't hurt to put that out into the universe.

"That'd be cool. Gabby and I were talking about going snowboarding up in Colorado for the break. My parents are gonna rent us a cabin and everything." Taylor says.

"Well you didn't tell me any of this." Madison says to her friend.

Taylor shrugs, "I was gonna." She says before kissing her girlfriend.

"Oh, I'm sure you were." Madison retorts and they continue their playful banter but I tune them out as I look down at Spencer. I can tell that the thought of me leaving is really starting to get to her. All week we've been avoiding today, but now that it's here, we can't avoid it anymore.

"Baby." I lean down and whisper in her ear. She doesn't answer me, she just slightly turns her head to let me know she's listening. "I love you. And I'm sorry that I have to leave. I wish I could-" But my sentence is cut off when Spencer abruptly untangles herself from my arms and runs off into the house. The chatter around me stops and everyone's eyes are on me.

"She okay?" Jade asks in a confused tone.

"Should I?" Madison says but I shake my head at her.

"I got it." I say getting up from the chair and walking into the house after her. "Spencer." I call out to her. Not entirely sure where she ran off too. I hear sobs and realize they're coming from the bathroom down the hall. "Spence?" I say softly as I open the bathroom door. She tries to quickly wipe her face as I enter and shut the door behind me.

"I'm sorry. I tried, I really did Ash, but I can't do this." She shakes her head.

"Shh." I say, wrapping my arms around her. "I know, I know." I tell her, pulling her impossibly closer to me.

"You're leaving and I can't take this." She says as the tears begin to fall again.

"Spence, please don't cry." I beg her, pulling back to look at her face. Her eyes are all red and puffy. I hate seeing her cry and I hate being the reason that she's crying.

"I'm gonna miss you so much." She tells me placing her forehead against mine as she silently sobs.

"But I'm here...right now I'm here. And I don't want to spend the last few hours we have left crying baby. I wanna have fun with you." I tell her and she wipes her face.

"You're right." She says lifting up.

"I'm gonna miss you more than words can express, but right now..." I pause as I lift a hand to her cheek to wipe away the falling tears. "...I just wanna be with you." I smile and kiss both her eyes. "Happy you."

She laughs through her tears and nods. "Okay."

"Okay." I nod along with her. "You wanna go back out there or did you wanna just leave?" I ask her.

"Can we just go?" She asks in a soft voice.

"Anything you want." I nod.

"Thank you." She says wrapping her arms around my neck

"Mhm." I nod and kiss her sweetly. "Let's go." I say grabbing her hand pulling her back out to the backyard. "Guys we're gonna go." I tell our friends and they all smile and stand to come say goodbye to me.

"We're gonna miss you, Davies." Taylor says hugging me.

"I'm gonna miss you guys too." I tell them as Taylor steps back and Gabby hugs me.

"You know..." Madison steps forward and hugs me as Gabby steps back. "...you could call me sometimes, we are friends you know." She tells me with a smile and I nod.

"Okay." I say and Jade hugs me.

"Don't mind her." Jade says into my ear. "She's just being a girl." She adds with a smile.

"I promise to call all you guys from now on." I tell them and they all smile.

"Now go have hot goodbye sex with your girlfriend." Taylor says after a moment and we all can't help but laugh at her.

"Baby, I'm gonna need you to put a filter on your mouth." Gabby scolds her girlfriend. Taylor just shrugs and sits down.

"We'll see you guys later." I laugh and wave at our friends before Spencer and I head back to the house.

"Ashley you leave tonight right?" Spencer's dad asks from the living room as Spencer and I enter the house.

"Would everyone just stop reminding me already!" Spencer half screams and stomps up the steps to her room. Her dad gives me a puzzled look and I wave her off. I'll go up in a minute and take her mind off the fact that I'm leaving.

"I was only asking because Paula and I wanted to give you a nice dinner before you left." He tells me and I smile.

"Thanks Mr. Carlin but that won't be necessary." I tell him and he shakes his head.

"Nonsense. Paula has already started to prepare it." He tells me.

"Oh, okay." I nod. "Well, I'm gonna go up and make sure Spencer's okay." I tell him awkwardly. I don't think I've ever said this many words to Spencer's dad before. He's hardly ever around.

"Okay. Dinner will start around four-thirty." He yells after my retreating figure. I go in Spencer's room to find her sprawled out on the bed face down. I shut and lock the door behind me and make my way over to her.

"Baby." I say laying on the bed next to her. She grunts but doesn't move. "Baby." I try again, trying to make a voice sound sexier. I guess it worked cause she turns and looks at me. "Your parent's are cooking me dinner." I tell her and she raises a brow. "Can I make love to you until it's ready?" I ask and she whimpers a little. "Please baby?" I ask when she doesn't say anything. She just keeps staring at me with those bright blue eyes. "Spencer." I try again and this time she opens her mouth to speak.

"I...mhm." Is all she gets out. I smile at her and flip her over so she's now on her back and I'm on top of her straddling her.

"I love you." I lean down and kiss her lips as my hand makes its way down between us.

"I love you more." She tells me back and she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me deeper.

We made love until her parents called us down for dinner and then again after dinner. Saying that I would miss Spencer when I leave would be a complete understatement. Now I feel like I'm dying.