Prologue: Nervous Feelings, Daisuke's Thoughts.

Location: Motomiya Household. December 2nd, 2005. 4:29.


I slowly turn over to glance at my alarm.


It seems like I'm not falling asleep tonight.

How could they do this to me? I finally have a steady life. Everything is back to normal. No more bad guys or trouble...well, other than the occasional mean teacher or me breaking a window.

America is so far away. Knowing me, I probably won't get along with anyone there. I'll be the odd kid out, just like I was before this whole digidestined thing. And to even think about telling the others makes my stomach turn over. What do I say? "Hey guys, I'm leaving today, sorry I didn't tell you a week ago when I found out."

Yeah. That would go over well.

Will they even miss me? Sometimes all they do is poke fun at my mistakes. Yeah, sometimes I deserve it, but I don't think I'm that bad of a person, am I? I don't even have Ken to back me up anymore, now that he's dating Miyako. They're happy together, and I'm glad, but he kind of just pushed me away...and then the thing with Takeru and Hikari...

I'm nervous.

Nervous to leave my friends behind.

Nervous to have to get used to a brand new place.

Nervous to be alone again.

I wish I had a choice. I wish my dad hadn't accepted the job.

But now it's too late. We need the money, and they apparently have great cancer centers in America...

If this can save mom, it's worth it...

But if it can't-



Here we go.