There aren't going to be any significant time jumps in the story anymore, so I'm going to get rid of the time format that I've been using. Plus, it was a real pain in the ass. :)

Anyway, this chapter is really really short as it's pretty much just a set up. Enjoy!

Chapter Twelve: Saying Goodbye

Daisuke wiped his brow as he finished patting down the final grave. He could hear the girls' whimpers slowly fading as he joined the rest of his friends. Wallace stared pan-faced at the fresh graves marked with flowers brought by May. He hadn't spoken a word in the last five hours, much less shown any emotion. The group bowed their heads in silence, letting the full severity and grief of the moment pass over them. Brian quietly retreated from the group in order to make a call back to base to inform them of the news while what was left of the group attempted to ease Wallace back into a responsive manner.

"Wallace…please, come back to us…"

"I know this is hard…"

May and Carol shared worried looks as they were denied any response from the boy. They rubbed his back sympathetically while Daisuke looked in his eyes for signs of life. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head.

"It's like he left with them…"

Brian came back into the clearing to pass on orders of their immediate return. After everything was packed up, the group slowly led Wallace as they journeyed down the hill. Night began to fall as they decided to set up camp yet again before making the final stretch to home. Wallace, though still silent, managed to move and respond again, though his expression still lacked any sense of emotion. Everyone sat around the fire without speaking, not one of them able to find sleep easily after the events of the day. Daisuke closed his eyes to indulge himself in the warmth from the fire. He listened to the soft crackling made by the embers – until suddenly there was none.

He opened his eyes, but could see nothing. The fire was gone and instead of its crackling, screams of his friends filled the air around him. He searched the waistband of his pants for his digivice in order to send an SOS signal to base, but was thrown to the floor by another body, causing his head to hit a rock and split open. His eyelids became heavy, and he felt his consciousness drift in and out. He attempted to stumble to his feet but was kicked back to the ground by a towering figure. He felt whatever it was grab his shirt by the color and lift him.

"No – we already have two of them, we'll come back for him later."

And with that, he was dropped to the ground as his world became black.