Whenever people talk about tragic events they always say you can remember exactly where you were when you first herd the news. I can speak first hand about how true that was.

South Park had always been on the ridiculous side of things, and as I had grown up much else hadn't changed. There were still wild beasts roaming the streets, and Micheal Jackson's ghost still terrorized my little brother, but this... this was deep shit. And it covered more than just our small little mountain town.

Over the years Cartman had gotten more and more persuasive while the citizens hadn't raised a single IQ point. It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that eventually Cartman would win them all over, and it certainly didn't take anyone with half a brain cell to know exactly what he wanted to do.

I sat there, in a stupor on my couch as my parents explained everything to me as calmly as possible. In simplest form – which they had probably put it down to for themselves instead of me or my brother, and I couldn't blame them, explaining this had to be hell – Someone had raised a somewhat underground alliance with the new president. America, instead of turning into a more liberal and freeing country like it's originated purpose, had grown so obsessed with protecting it's citizens that they hadn't seen the damage they were doing. Or maybe they had, and this was their plan. I wasn't much of a politician. It started with TSA pat-downs at the airport, then standardized mobile devices that held all personal information so if person convicted of a felony had bought anything, or signed in at any modern hotel without the use of cash – which had become all but extinct these days – could be arrested in seconds. It all seemed well, or at least that's how they presented it to us. But from under our fingers all our freedoms were slipping away.

And who would Cartman be if he didn't take advantage of that? He befriended anyone with power he could, doing so in such a conspicuous manor that in the span of ten years we hadn't had a clue about what was going on in our own neighborhood. Soon enough he'd made his way up the power ladder, becoming close friends with, and an adviser of the president, all without missing a day of school.

Besides the personal freedoms and liberties that were promised to every American, the government also ripped away any steps we had taken to a united society. This also started in a way that no one noticed: hate crimes made headline news and religious disputes were blaring on every television channel. We all assumed this was a good thing since it had to be utterly disgusting to be so public, but what we hadn't noticed was that this just put emphasis on how different we all really were. Without much time it started to become easier to notice whether someone was black, white, gay or straight.

And with Cartman running the minds of the movement it was clear who would be blamed for America turning into what politicians called anarchy.

Yes, I know this story has been done before, but I'm trying to add a few of my own twists :) Either way, at the end of the day I'd like to please my readers. Please review and let me know if I should continue or just scrap this and start a new plot.