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Days melted to weeks, and the weeks faded into months. Surprisingly, time passed quickly here, possibly because there was no real way of telling which day it was. The so called Family Nights never were arranged, and every day I spent working on trivial bullshit. Most recently I got stuck with making ammunition for guns I never saw. It was a bit of an assembly line, shoving bits on gun powder here, and bending plastic with my fingers there. Luckily I didn't have to worry about my brother since he only labored for about five hours a day, then was sent back to our room. I, on the other hand got the delightful pleasure of working twelve hours, dragging Ike down to the cafeteria and forcing him to eat whatever nasty shit they made us eat. Not surprisingly the latter was the more difficult one.

Once I got back to my room my back ached from hunching over my work, and my hands shook partially with exhaust and the face that I'm diabetic and I only got my insulin shot about every other day. While I went down to breakfast they scanned my wrist to monitor how much food one person took, then sometimes handed me a shot on the tray next to my toast.

Working for twelve hours did suck, needless to say, but it kept me away from Cartman. After that night I couldn't help but feel a bit awkward, I mean, I did suck his dick after all. Of course I had what I guessed was normal and natural performance anxiety. Perhaps without the lust he'd thought back on how I'd practically choked when he came, or how the way I tried to keep eye contact was creepy rather than sexy. Chagrin really sucked and with Cartman that was the only emotion I felt. I'd rather keep the illusion that he enjoyed it instead of facing the truth.

Which brought up another issue. How could I be so certain that he was even thinking about it still? I'd been replaying the moment in my mind, over and over again until I'd over analyzed every second, then ran through it a few more times. But to the most of my knowledge Cartman could have been out fucking anyone who passed him. I liked to think that there might be something special between us. After all, he was playing with my hair... that had to mean something.

I really shouldn't have been thinking about that at this moment. After all, Cartman did have me pinned to a wall in a desolated hallway. Thank God he learned when I walked out for my half hour brake, and even more impressing – he hadn't said a single word. Just grabbed my wrist as I walked by and threw me against the cold stone.

I let out a sigh from the deepest cavern of my chest, my breath falling against the back of Cartman's neck as he nibbled against my ear. His thick hands ran up the sides of my chest, as if he as trying to memorize every curve of my body. I was stuck in my semi-romantic vision until his hands changed from caressing to pushing. Putting a single hand over my lower stomach he pinned me against the wall, and in return I let out a low growl, my legs separating to allow him access to get even closer.

A small nip to my neck forced a light moan from my gritted teeth. Fuck Cartman being who he was; no way I wanted to get caught. I didn't need to be hit with more defamation than being a Jew handed out. "Are you going to fuck me or just keep kissing me?" I hissed, pulling him back by his hair.

The fat boy sucked in a breath between his teeth, trying not to let me see how much he really loved this whole damn situation. "What happened to you wanting to wait?" He asked, but his real attention was on running his open palms up my chest, then back down and finally coming up again but this time with my shirt clasped between his fingers.

Undressing would have had to be the most awkward part about sex. Being a virgin all I could wonder was, what the hell am I going to do with my socks? Do I keep them or take them off. I mean, unless Cartman has some sort of foot fetish I doubt he'd care. Thankfully he took the liberty of stripping me, yanking my shirt and opening the bottom of my pants. He gave a stern pull, but they only inched down. He left me to deal with getting out of my bottom half, and stepped back to deal with his own clothes.

I shimmied out of my jeans and boxers before shamelessly watching him. Yeah, he was huge but he had a confidence that made me positive that I'd enjoy every second of that body against mine. His fortitude covered any doubts I once had.

Once again I felt my spine rattle as he slammed back against me, flesh against flesh in the middle of an open public area. God, I was going to lose my virginity with the possible onlooker. "Like what you see?" He asked before I could answer his last question, lips attacking mine.

It was a messy kiss, since neither of us were really experienced, but I had to admit to loving every second of it. His taste, his feel, his technique. Once again I grabbed him by his hair, pulling him back. "Of course I do. And so does everyone who could be watching." I laughed a breathy giggle.

He reached around me, kissing me and pulling me a few feet to a door I hadn't noticed. Guess the spot wasn't as desultory as I thought. Scanning his wrist under it, I herd a click. He separated out lips only to push me into the dark room. Confounded I tried to make sense of my surroundings. After all, the boy that hated me for years just shoved me, naked and aroused into a small dark room. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a gas camber. And he was taking so goddamn long to get in!

I herd him kick cloth and the sound of a metal ziper clinking before Cartman shut the door and assumed he pushed out clothes in. With the click of a switch the room was engulfed in light and I realized we were standing in a storage closet. Not really enough room to fuck properly, but at that moment I needed release.

"Cartman goddamn it, I have half an hour. Fuck me already." I ordered, attempting to pin him this time. But he was much bigger and the fat boy turned me over, pressing me against the door, kissing me once again. What was with him and kissing me?

I wasn't complaining though, and brought my leg up to rest on his hip. I felt his cock brushing against my skin, noting that it was hotter than the rest of his body and let out a small moan. His hand dragged down to my ass, squeezing a cheek just short of painful, then jamming a finger into entrance.

"Ah-hh!" My nails punctured his shoulders. "God, that feels good." Without shame, I started humping against his finger, desperate for the friction.

He laughed a bit, sliding another finger into me and I wondered where he got the time to lube them up. I continued ridding against his finger, huffing and gurgling out my pleasure before I felt him give a good thrust of his hips and lifting me completely off the ground. About fucking time! I was ready to cum right there, getting off on a few of his pudgy fingers.

I couldn't see what he was doing down there, but I felt his hand moving around and knew it had to be something that took a lot of concentration since his lips weren't attached to my skin. I took that moment to wriggle myself, finding a comfortable spot and once again becoming thankful for Cartman's weight. As bad as it sounded, I could kind of sit on his fat, but, fuck, it was hot.

"Ready or not," He smiled and I was about to remark on how childish his come on was, but I was cut short by an amazing hot rod shoved into my ass.

"O-oh... ouch. Fucking-a, man." I hissed, feeling the walls of my entrance gather up somewhere around my lungs. It fucking hurt. I wasn't exactly lubed up, and Cartman wasn't the most gentle. In fact, even though I was groaning my displeasure, he was insisting on making tiny thrusts into my ass. "Stop! Fucking stop, asshole!" I punched into his shoulder before he finally stopped in his tracts.

For a few seconds his hazel eyes met mine in an apologetic way, and he kissed my lips gently. "Sorry." He muttered. "But you look fucking hot." He captured me in a deeper kiss, as one of his hands moved from their spot on my hips to help me balance, to my ass. He must have been fondling with his cock since I felt it move in an unnatural way inside of me. Bringing his hand back up to my cheek he brushed his fingers against my skin. It was only then that I noticed the warm, wet texture. "You're bleeding." He mentioned with a smug grin.

"No shit." I huffed, finding the fact that he was holding me up to the wall, smearing the blood from my popped cherry on my cheek incredibly kinky. "Just fuck me." This time I initiated the kiss as he smiled against my lips and pounded my ass into the door.

Soon all that could be herd was my moans, Cartman's grunts, the sound of the wooden door moving along with us, and thee wet skin-against-skin slaps as Cartman's balls hit against my ass.

"Ugh-n..." He hit my sweet spot and I grabbed against the back of his neck, searching for anything that could hold me down to earth. His warm hand engulfed my cock and with a measly three pumps, I exploded on both of our chest's. My whole body shook, and I cried out something but I couldn't be quite sure as to what word I was aiming for. All I new was that Cartman was all I needed and wanted at that moment.

"Ah.. Fuck Kyle..." He groaned, his nails busing my hips. "I fucking love your tight Jew-ass." Even though I was still in bliss the dirty words raised another small mewl from my lips. "I love fucking you and I love feeling you fucking cum around me..." The words must have been doing something for the Nazi too since within seconds of his last syllable, he grunted out something incoherent and his beautiful face screwed up into a pleasured expression. I felt warmth fill my ass once again, and let out a tiny moan as he rode out his orgasm, all the while still pounding into my abused entrance. Fuck, I was glad he could hold me because my legs were twitching like a motherfucker.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck..." He murmured, stuck on the word as he gently lowered us both down, all the while I was still security attached to him. He sat on the ground with no intention of moving, which I couldn't blame him for. He had held my weight up the entire time, but still, now that he wasn't moving his cock wasn't exactly comfy. I wriggled, getting stuck on the flared head for a few seconds and winced as I pulled it completely out. Cartman wasn't massive or anything, but it still hurt.

"I can't believe we did that." I muttered, before laying down against Cartman's chest, since it kinda hurt to sit on a concrete floor after he just ripped my cherry. Surprisingly, the fat boy hugged me against him.

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