Title- It's sort of a gray area

Warnings: Slight language, very AU, and I'm going to change facts around so that they suit me


It had started the way most situations did, with Young Justice getting a mission. It wasn't an exciting mission. They were only supposed to oversee the transport of xenothium, which was only made slightly more difficult by Robin's absence (off going solo with Batman again, he had said.)

Of course, all of that quickly changed when a figure in a skull mask appeared.

"Hey, what's that?" Kid Flash asked as he saw a black blur land on the truck. Aqualad got into a defensive stance, using his waterbearers to jump on the truck.


A deep electronic chuckle came from the figure. "Well, if you insist." He said, and his outfit was revealed to be mostly black, with a red X on the chest and on the white mask.

"What is your business here?"

"Hey man, I have no beef with you. Just let me take this fancy cargo you got here and I'll be on my way." Within seconds, all of Young Justice was attacking him. However, he seemed to have planned their attacks before even they had. He threw restraints at Kid flash and Aqualad, restraining their legs and arms, respectively. Artemis was encased in an indestructible net, and Miss Martian was trapped by a sticky substance that she couldn't get rid of. Only Superboy was still able to fight, and the mysterious figure simply sidestepped all of his attempts with a catlike grace. Quickly taking an 'X' shaped weapon from his belt, the figure cut a hole in the truck, ducking in and out in no time, and disappearing in a way that the team had only seen Robin do before.

"Oh crap…What are we going to tell Batman?" Kid Flash asked as he hobbled to a standing position.

Robin/Red X

He groaned as he leaned against a building in nowheresville Pennsylvania. Okay, so he had the stuff he needed. That was good, at least. The problem was, he had just buried himself in way too deep. At the moment, he was a bad guy, and that never turned out well.

He should've told someone that the xenothium was headed straight to a major baddie. Kaldur would've told Red Tornado, or Batman would've stopped the shipment… Everything was looking less stupid than playing dress-up and stealing the stuff himself, come on! Where was he planning on putting it, certainly not the batcave! Batman would sniff it out in a second. Still, it hadn't felt bad, going solo, completely ignoring the illegal parts of it, and he had stopped the stuff from reaching a madman who would use it to turn the whole world into bran muffins or something.

So, really, while the whole 'stealing a highly dangerous and valuable substance' thing was bad, the whole 'stopping said substance from turning everyone into baked goods' was good.

He figured it was sort of a gray area.

Now, if only he could figure out what to do with the stuff… He went to take it from his belt and noticed it was stuck.

'Oh no…oh no no no no no…' He moved the cape, ready to struggle with it, but noticed it was glowing slightly. He also noticed that his previous (very weak) power source had fallen out while he was running.

"It'll power the suit…well, that solves one problem…" Suddenly, he heard a soft thump from behind him. He spun around and his hand flew to his utility belt.

"Calm down, I'm not here to fight." The man said. He was wearing a costume that was mostly black with silver weapons and a full face mask that was half black, half orange. "I just heard about your little stunt with the junior justice league. I was very impressed. However, I became curious. I was sure I knew of everyone in the trade, but I've never heard of you before." Robin shrugged.

"You could say I'm a newbie."

"Ah, I see. Well, I guess I should get down to business then." He stepped closer to Robin. "This business is tough on newcomers, as I know from personal experience…"

"What's your angle?" Robin asked suspiciously. The man chuckled.

"I simply want to offer my services. Take you under my wing. I have resources to help you, resources I was not granted when I was starting out."

"And the catch?"

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine later on." Robin shook his head.

"I work alone. Sorry." The man shrugged.

"I won't force you. But think about it, and if you change your mind, give me a call." He threw a weapon towards Robin, who ducked. When he looked up, the man was gone. Robin looked at the wall behind him and pulled out the weapon. On it there was writing.

"Slade." Shit.

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