Rawr. Life is being weird with me. High school drama time: this guy who I barely know just told me that he is largely infatuated with me and I don't know what to do because I just…I'm so confused. And this is the second time this year this has happened to me. ANYWAY, it was pointed out last chapter that Batman shouldn't have been so easily tricked by Robin. To answer those statements simply, he wasn't. I have actually written a short, 500 word mini-chapter about that, so if anyone wants to read it, let me know. It probably won't be essential to the plot, but, it's there, if someone wants to read it.

Also, just so you know, I feel like advancing the plot now. So here's a brief explanation of what went on that caused this storyline: Robin found out that the xenothium was going to the evil dude, but Batman was doing official Waynetech business and said specifically 'I only want my phone to go off if someone is dying' so instead he went all Red X awesomeness and left a note saying he was going to tutor some kid. So, yeah. That's the best I could come up with.

Guys, I did research to write this chapter. I went on youtube and I looked up 'masks' (the first episode with Red X in it) and watched it before I started writing. I did this at midnight, to avoid working on my research paper. Cool beans? Indeed. But after watching, I know how I want Slade and Robin's relationship to work, but not what evil deeds I want them to do. So close and still so far.



Robin didn't know how many times he was going to be able to sneak out like this, especially with the league on the lookout for him. But if he was going to work with Slade, he had to do exactly what he was told, and that meant he was in the middle of a warehouse district in Connecticut at 9:59 pm, waiting to meet up with the villain.

"Right on time. I respect that." The familiar voice came from behind him, and Robin spun on his heels to be face to face with Slade. "Are you ready for your first training session?"

"As I'll ever be." Robin replied, the voice modifier in his mask making his voice unrecognizably deep, which for some reason made him feel safer than his domino mask had lately.

"Excellent. Then we'll get started, shall we? In one of these warehouses, I'll show you in a moment, there is a microchip being stored, hardly bigger than your fingernail, but it stores enough information about Waynetech industries to shut it down from the inside out." Robin stopped breathing at this point.

"Why would we want to do that?" He finally choked out. 'This is not good. This is disastrous. This is blissless. This is-'

"Oh, we don't. We simply want enough information to find out where some….merchandise is being stored. But I'll tell you more about that when the time comes. First, we will finish the task at hand. Or rather, you will."

"And, how is this training if you're just throwing me in there?"

"I'm a…learn on the job kind of guy. Move along now." Slade began weaving through the warehouses, and even though to Robin they looked the same, he seemed to know exactly where he was going. Eventually, they stopped in the shadows of a seemingly random warehouse. "I must warn you, because of how valuable this chip is, it will be heavily guarded. You could very well be shot, or worse, if you allow yourself to be found. This is your last chance to back out. Moving forward from here means sealing your fate. I cannot guarantee that you will live through any of the training exercises I have for you, nor will I guarantee you will die. It's all a game of chance, and a dangerous one at that. Do you still want to continue?" A large part of Robin's brain said no. This was the part of his brain he called 'Dick Grayson' some of the time, 'Cowardice' some of the time, and 'common sense' the rest of it.

But there was a part, a very small part of Robin's brain, that not only wanted to continue, but was genuinely thrilled at the prospect of going undercover, of officially being free to fight crime his way…of getting to use the voice modifier and hearing his voice sound vaguely like Darth Vader's...and usually, he listened to this part of his brain, and since it usually didn't steer him wrong…

"I'm in. So you want me to break in, get the chip, and get back out again? What's the catch?"

"No catch. Like I said, we simply need it for informational purposes." Robin shrugged before scanning the warehouse, quickly spotting a window he could break in through. Wasting no time, he pulled out his grappling hook and made his way up, sighing when he noticed the window was closed, though he had expected no less. Not wanting to alert anyone to his whereabouts before he even started, he copied the move he had seen done countless times before, cutting a hole in the glass large enough to slip through, and doing just that, before laying the useless circle against the wall. Now he just had to find the chip.

'Of course he couldn't have mentioned where it was before I went in…oh. Probably there.' One of the rooms was being guarded by two heavily armed officers with huge muscles to go with their big guns. 'Well, it seems I have two options. Go for the easier entrance ,alerting them to my presence and making my exit harder, or working a little harder now to save me from being spotted.' Contemplating for a moment, he chose the second option, though how he could possibly put it into practice escaped him. 'You know what, forget that. I'll just roll with whatever happens.'

He then proceeded to descend upon the guards, knocking one out with a well placed kick to the head before he'd even noticed Robin was there, and binding the other's arms and legs with his X shaped weapons before he had the chance to get over the shock of a guy falling out of the sky. When he opened his mouth to yell, Robin quickly covered that too.

"Now for the easy part." He said to himself, only to open the door and discover how wrong he was.

Eh. I don't know what I meant by the ending. It's just one am, and I needed some way to end the chapter, you know?