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Summary: After a tragic event that occurred in Nimbasa City, Ash and co quickly get out of the city to head to Driftveil to avoid the madness that threatened to rise. However, the tragedy ends up hitting Cilan the hardest and he ends up falling ill as a result. It's bad for Ash and co when they realize that they're too far away from the Pokémon Center to do anything about it. Luckily for them, there's a mansion in the direction of the bridge. Bad news is that it belongs to Trip's mother. However, Trip is allowing Ash and the group to stay only to take care of Cilan. The big problem at first seems to be that Team Rocket is also taking shelter in the mansion and planning to steal Trip's Pokémon, but the bigger problem that they cannot comprehend is about to hit them all.

Pairing: Ash/Trip, Cilan/Iris with hints of Cilan/Trip and Blair/Bianca

Rated: M (for mature)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Family and Humor at the beginning

Warning: Child abuse, explicit violence and hints of rape

I'm basing Ash's age for the five regions he's went to: Kanto, Orange Island, Hoenn and Sinnoh so the ages in this story are…

Ash: 15

Iris: 13-16

Cilan: 17-18

Trip: 10

Bianca: 16

Blair: 16

Chili: 17-18

Cress: 17-18

The title translates to "Belief that Human Nature is Fundamentally Good" which is supposed to be the hint of the theme of this story. This is multi chapter but these chapters might be shorter than the usual. Enjoy! One final note! I still think Cilan and his brothers are the Shadow Triad and that will be mentioned in this story.

Prologue: Downpour

There was a reason why the overall population generally hated Team Plasma. Many people thought they were causing problems with just their speeches to release Pokémon. Other's thought they were just a bunch of hypocrites causing trouble by stealing Pokémon. They went too far this time.

Team Plasma decided that it wasn't enough to attack Castelia City. They went for major damage in Nimbasa City. They planted a bomb in the main stadium where there was a big game going on. Naturally, the bomb did go off and many people were caught in the explosion. The reason they planted the bomb was unknown. While some would argue that it was people impersonating Team Plasma, others would think otherwise.

Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town was just glad that he and his friends were far away from the stadium when the explosion happened. He had just won his fourth badge at the Nimbasa City gym that was on the other side of the stadium. Shortly after he defeated Elise and her Zebstrika, there was a huge explosion and a cry for help coming from the many citizens. When the group checked to see what happened, the sky was on fire.

The group did assist Elise in helping save the people that were still in the building but the damage was already done. Many people were killed the minute the bomb detonated.

One of the trainers that was helping out called himself Blair or Black. He was in the area when the attack happened and he clearly saw that it was people wearing Plasma suits that attacked. He ran over to a girl that with Ash and the group; the one with the blonde hair and the green hat known as Bianca. She was watching Ash win his fourth badge as she was going to challenge Elise the day after him, but now that this happened, she just wanted to get out.

The biggest problem though was that there were many people that the group knew that were inside the stadium. Cilan couldn't believe that Team Plasma would do something like this. He was almost certain that Team Rocket framed them, but he chose not to voice out that opinion.

"Oshawott, use water gun! Roggenrola, use sand storm!" Ash could be heard ordering to his Pokémon as they attacked the flames that engulfed the stadium.

Iris could not help out, as she had no Pokémon that could put out the fire. Cilan or Bianca did not have any water Pokémon either. Blair did as he sent out his Pokémon.

"Reim, use hydro pump!" He ordered.

Out of his Pokéball came a Samurott, the final form of Oshawott. The big blue Pokémon shot out a powerful water attack from its mouth hitting the flames and taking them out more easily than Ash's Pokémon.

"We got it from here." Blair told Cilan and the two girls. "Go try to fine any survivors!"

They nodded their heads in agreement as they all scattered to find someone. However, Cilan ran into an ally way where two men wearing black clothes like they were ninjas confronted him. He glared at them both.

"What the hell are you two doing?" He cursed when he was certain no one was following him. "Did Master Ghetsis order this?"

The two people ended up pulling their masks off revealing themselves to be Cilan's two other siblings Chili and Cress. They shook their head.

"Hell no!" Chili cursed, "That was Team Rocket! Not us! They attacked some of our members and put the outfit on! They're still running around as we speak!"

There was a long pause. Cilan shook his head trying to keep his cool. "I know you're lying Chili. Tell me why did you guys have to do it? Why did so many people have to die?"

The redhead turned away ashamed. Cress ended up speaking in his place. "It was the orders of Master Ghetsis. We cannot disobey his orders…no matter what…"


"We were told to bomb the stadium because that man is a threat to one of our main allies."

"…No…not…Kurtz…he's…a good guy…"

Cress shook his head. "As much of a good guy as he is, we cannot disobey orders…which reminds me, Master Ghetsis wants you to stop traveling with those kids and do something constructive for once."

The green haired trainer felt insulted for the first time by his Master's words. Sure he and his two brothers were the three members of the Shadow Triad, the three people that were closest to Ghetsis and would obey every order he gave him…they had to ever since he saved their lives…

That's what Cilan told himself until he met Ash Ketchum. There was something about this boy that was unique. Call it destiny but Cilan felt that he was meant to travel with Ash and make sure that everything would go alright for him in this region. However, his brothers did not approve of that at all. Cilan had to convince them to travel with Ash by saying that Ash might be the hero that Ghetsis needed to awaken one of the two legendary dragons. Cilan still had high hopes for Ash at this point but something told him that Ash would not be the hero of legends. He was too naïve for something like that.

Cilan was more interested in Iris though. Of course, since he was a member of the Shadow Triad, he knew who she was. Iris was the apprentice of the eighth gym leader Drayden and she was training to become the final and most powerful dragon gym leader. She has a long way to go but she has shown huge progress. The grass gym leader felt that she was an interesting person to observe in more than one ways. By traveling with Ash and meeting new people, Cilan almost forgot he was a member of Team Plasma. Almost…

"I can't…not now…" Cilan replied. "Tell Master Ghetsis that I'm still observing this boy to see if he's one of the two heroes."

Chili just shook his head. "You're in love~"

Cilan frowned at the suggestion. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I don't either." Cress said in a monotone voice. "But this is a warning. If you're not careful, you might as very well be the next target. You know how Master Ghetsis is about us."


The two put their masks on and within a few seconds, they were gone in a flash. Cilan just stood in the alley way thinking to himself what he should do. He was already feeling dizzy from the flames but he chose to ignore it. Saving the innocent people that had nothing to do with their target was the thing he had to do. He just prayed that Kurtz was alive…

Me: TBC with 1814 words. Not much to say about the prologue except that people are still wondering whether it's Team Rocket or Team Plasma that killed those people. Of course, Cilan will direct the attention to Team Rocket but of course Jessie and James will have a say in it. This will be a dark story but of course, the whole thing at the mansion will probably be the only light humor in this. With that said, Ghetsis is already portrayed in a dark light. Wouldn't put it past him to kill people, and he can easily say that the bombing wasn't Team Plasma's doing because he's portrayed as an extremist but not a monster to the public eye despite being a complete monster. Now why exactly they needed to bomb the place will be explained or at least hinted later since Cilan won't outright state why so many people had to die even though he acts like he doesn't know. Reviews get me to update faster. -_- Ja ne!

Oh yeah! One more thing! All of Blair's Pokemon will have nicknames. If you can guess which anime they're all coming from, then I give you cookies and spoilers for this story. LOL