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Summary: There are some people you really shouldn't mess with especially when you have crossed the line. Mess with this person and you will have the most gruesome death imaginable.

Pairing: Ash/Trip, Cilan/Iris with hints of Cilan/Trip, Blair/Bianca and Blair/N

And this is the last chapter! This is the first multi chapter story I have EVER finished and I have people who continued to read this to thank. Grey Reflections doesn't count since it was only six chapters with 10000+ words per chapter. After this story, it's back to Fallen Angel. Everyone happy?

Epilogue: Fool

There was a reason why the police in all Pokémon regions had a bad reputation. Terrifying criminals always got away from them when they looked away for one second.

Cipher was known for being able to turn tail and run. That's why despite Wes being the most threatening anti-hero in the Orre region, what he did meant nothing if Cipher could constantly run away and start the Shadow Pokémon project again. It was rinse and repeat with Michael clearing things up in the Orre region years later but Cipher made it apparent that no matter who rises up to them, they will always come back stronger than ever.

That's why Bane didn't hesitate to escape from Officer Jenny when she turned her back on him. He and Lovrina were escape artists, so they easily fled the cops and escaped to Anville Town, a place where no one would look for them. Officer Jenny could try as she might, but she had failed to keep the villains in check before Mr. Looker came to pick them up.

However, even though he escaped, he was already a ruined man. Defeated by some punk ass kids, Team Rocket gaining their name in the Unova region over Cipher when they were nothing but losers who couldn't even take over the Kanto region where they belong, and finally being humiliated by his nephew who told him that he was a good or nothing asshole that needed to rot in jail with the rest of them. He wanted to punch someone at that memory. He was going to drag Trip down with him, but no one would believe him when he said that Trip murdered his comrades. Even with his henchmen backing him up on the claim and Trip's confession, Est convinced the police Trip didn't murder them and he was set up. That little witch knew how to handle situations like this. He should have known given how she was still part of the Mephisto family. They would use every trick in the book to make sure they weren't convicted of a felony and she made it seem like Trip was the victim the entire time. Given his record of abuse, it was bound to help him out and this situation was no exception.

Bane would be the one to be charged with kidnapping, smuggling Shadow Pokémon into the Unova region, assault, Pokémon abuse, child abuse physically and sexually, attempted murder and first degree murder. It's amazing how many crimes he racked up in such a small amount of time, but Est made sure to list all of them including the ones he did in the past.

Lovrina had minor charges in comparison. They included: evading arrest in the past, smuggling Shadow Pokémon into the Unova region, assault, attempted murder and being an accomplish in the murders that Bane attempted. However, Lovrina was an escape artist in comparison so while she got away too, she would simply go back to Orre. Losing to Michael again infuriated her. She even received the Pokémon he snagged from her originally to kick his ass and he snatched it yet again. She didn't even underestimate him this time and it just wasn't fair.

"I'll kill them all!" Bane cursed as he punched the nearby wall. "They'll never get away with humiliating me like this!"

"I think we like totally need to lay low for a while." Lovrina told him calmly but just as angry as he was. "All Cipher members that were helping us out were like arrested. Mr. Looker has them all, so we can't make a clean getaway until we call for more help."

"Fuck this shit!" Bane continued cursing. "I should have killed him! That fucking brat should have died at the very least! I'll curse him until I die."

He stopped fuming when he had an idea. "Wait…I can't believe I totally forgot about that."

"Forgot what?"

He still had his cellphone on him. He took it out and began texting his brother. "It's simple. I'll just have my little brother finish off that flea. I'll tell him that he got me arrested and that revenge needs to be extracted."

"But your brother is a father. He's not like you."

"Oh, he's not is he?"

While he was texting a message, he didn't seem to notice that people were approaching them, armed and dangerous. Lovrina noticed and instantly shrieked.

"Why are you shrieking?" He turned around and the smirk that was plastered on his face fell. "Y-You!"

"Miss me Bane?"

"M-Maddalen! What the hell are you doing here? And how did you find us?"

Maddalen sighed. "You escaped on one of the trains to Anville Town. Ingo and Emmet for some strange reason couldn't track you down even though they knew you were here. Of course, I just jumped on the same train you did and here I am…along with these two of course."

The two people she was referring to were her bodyguards Nova and Noah. Both of them have weapons in their hand ready to kill when Maddalen gave the signal. Lovrina started to freak out. She knew she was cornered so she backed up. Bane however stood his ground.

"You…you knew?"

Maddalen feigned confusion. "Hmm? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't play dumb! You knew I was going to try and use your fucking son to lure you out. You knew I wanted what was behind the door and you knew that your son wouldn't figure out where the key to that door was at all! I was just wasting my time and here you were in Nimbasa laughing from the sidelines despite the bombings!"

Maddalen chuckled as she slowly walked over to her ex-brother in law. "Oh you, Bane. I wasn't in Nimbasa City during the attack. I was doing a shooting in Driftveil City. You should know that there is a secret passage that will transfer people from Driftveil to Nimbasa without having to cross that damn drawbridge."

"…Then that means…"

Maddalen gave a cruel smile. "You and Team Plasma are just pawns in my game~"

"Even though the lady isn't good at chess." Noah mocked.

The model glared at her male bodyguard as he chuckled as a response.

"Anyway, Ingo and Emmet will be here soon with Looker to arrest you guys…but I don't think getting the life penalty is going to do anything to your ego."

"W-What do you mean?"

Maddalen glared daggers into his soul. "You know what I'm talking about. Did you honestly think I would let you get away with that crime?"

When she said that, the Woobats that were in the area suddenly flew out of the trees in the background. Her eyes were shining a metallic gray like that of a bullet. Bane knew he was fucked, but he didn't have anything to defend himself with so he stood his ground.

"Why are you so worried about that?" He asked as his ego started to get the best of him. "You hate that brat more than anything in the world! You said it yourself! If he weren't born then you would have the perfect life! That old hag wouldn't be so cranky and trying to force you or your sister to be the heir to the Mephisto family! Your old man would still be alive! You would have the love of your life! You would be one of the best actors in the world and everyone would know you! But that kid ruined it all, yet why are you pissed off now when you engraved those hateful words into him?"

"The train is coming Maddalen." Nova informed her in a cold-hearted tone.

"I know. They're here." Her smiled became deformed. "You're right. That boy has caused nothing but trouble for me…but now…my life is almost the way I wanted it because I had to fight for it. In order to fight for my dreams, I left him behind…but…"

Bane didn't expect her to reach out and grab his shirt pulling him close to her face.

"You know better than anyone why I cannot tolerate rape."

Her two bodyguards moved out of the way as she dragged him away from the wall and near the train tracks.

"W-What are you-"

"You broke my child the same way I was broken. You may be brought to justice if I let you go now, but you will never escape my wrath after what you have done!"

The train was coming at top speed. It was the last one for the night. Bane's eyes widened in horror when he realized what she planned on doing. Lovrina could only watch in horror as the person known as Maddalen Mephisto used her strength to move Bane behind her so his back was facing the train tracks and then push him toward the oncoming train. Despite Ingo and Emmet being the conductor, at the speed they were going, there was no way to stop it.

"Good bye, my once beloved brother in law." Maddalen said in a mocking tone. Bane caught the sickening smile that was on her face when the train collided with him.

Lovrina's scream filled the tunnel as the train came to a stop. His body parts either flew everywhere or were run over by the train's speed. Maddalen was still smiling because Bane grabbed onto her hand when he was falling. When he was run over, his entire body was knocked off leaving her with his arm still holding her.

"Nice train." Noah joked.

"No times for jokes brother." Nova mumbled. "Now how are Ingo and Emmet going to clean up this mess? What will you do my lady?"

"I'll just say it's an accident." Maddalen said with a laugh. "I was going to shoot him but this death was more fitting." Maddalen then turned her attention to Lovrina who fell to her knees and started sobbing like the pathetic human girl she was. "As for you." She screamed when Maddalen yanked at her hair. "If you Cipher minions dare to hurt my son ever again, you will experience the wrath of the Mephisto family." She smiled innocently again as she threw her body against the wall. "Remember, the Mephisto family is a family that is known for killing their targets gruesomely. If you thought that was bad, wait until you see the death chamber at the bottom of the Mephisto chamber~"



"No more…I'll turn myself in…please…I totally don't want to die…please…"

Maddalen grumbled as she heard Ingo cursing at her in German. Emmet slowly got off the train horrified at what just took place.

"You got lucky. The subway brothers are here to take you to Looker. If they ask for Bane, just tell them he had an accident~" She turned to Nova and Noah. "Nova, Noah, its time for my rehearsing in Driftveil City."

"Yes ma'am."

Ingo and Emmet tried to stop Maddalen when she tried to walk away from the crime scene. However, her bodyguards pulled their guns out toward them.

"Sorry you two. Our lady just got too carried away." Noah teased.

"Say it was an accident and we won't need to kill you." Nova added.

The two brothers were forced to comply as they were dealing with assassins here. The blue haired twins knew these brothers wouldn't report them and put their guns away and followed Maddalen.

"…Big brother…are you going to let them get away with this?" Emmet asked.

"…We have no choice…Emmet…there are some people you don't want to mess with…and that woman is on the top five people you don't want on their bad side…these five people don't care about having honorable Pokémon battles…they'll kill you on the spot…"

Ingo and Emmet could only watch from a distance as Maddalen got on her cellphone and called someone. Who she called, they didn't call but it was better not to ask. After all, to end up a victim on the train tracks was the last thing on their mind.

As the trio arrived at the secret exit, Maddalen smiled at the arm that belonged to Bane and continued to snicker before she started laughing psychotically. Her bodyguards kept their poker faces as they made a clean getaway. As they did, the head of Bane came rolling in their direction before stopping. His eyes were filled with horror because of what just became of him.

Me: And we come to an end with 2966 words.

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Me: I know. It's an achievement. A story finished…but I obviously left it open for the sequel. Now the problem now is that after this story, the story won't be in line with the anime…and I'm perfectly fine with that now that I'm done. I left a lot of unanswered questions but I'll just give you hints to pay attention to.

1. Maddalen mentions that there is a secret area that allows people to travel from Nimbasa to Driftveil undetected. That can imply that a certain character that has been mentioned since the first chapter is still alive.

2. Maddalen called someone. It should be obvious whom she called, but the sequel will reveal it.

3. Maddalen is going to Driftveil City. Her twin sister is there as well as her friends. Ash and the group are heading there in the sequel. You know where this is going…confrontation!

4. Maddalen's breakdown at the end is supposed to be similar to Light's breakdown and Shion's breakdown combined. Light because he was just found out for being Kira and Shion because she realized she fucked up. She just snaps even though she technically won this time. She gets away with a gruesome murder, but the question is, was it really for her son, or was it for herself given that I implied how she had Trip and why he's considered a nuisance to her.

Okay, about her bodyguards…they are twins. Noah is the witty guy who always has a joke even in dark situations like this one. He has a sick twist of humor, but despite that, he's a gentleman. Personality wise, he's like Sebastian from Black Butler and appearance wise, he would be an older version Minato Arisato from Persona 4. Nova on the other hand is dead serious with everything. Despite being emotionless, when she's acting, she can change her personality to fit the situation. She lives to serve Maddalen, which Noah finds disturbing. Personality wise, she's like Eve from Black Cat but appearance wise, she's Kula Diamond from King of Fighters.

And that's basically it. I hope you guys enjoyed the very first multi-chapter Kodakshipping story. I hope there will be more from other people in the future. It makes me sad at how out of all pairing with Ash this isn't that common. I don't understand how Comashipping is so common despite the fact that Paul hates Ash and the writers made Ash be the love martyr to him. Then again, its not like Paul fangirls have any reason to listen to treason, but that's me ranting.

Sequel? Probably a sequel when Trip starts appearing more dammit! Now everyone is waiting for me to go back into the Brawl fandom and finish Fallen Angel. You know what? I'm going to do that since I got Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. –insert Fluttershy's cheer- Thank you all so much for staying tune, ja ne!

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