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It was a cold winter morning When Jake and Finn stole princess Bubblegum's car so they could get to the ice king and save another princess, but Jake drove the wrong path and ended up at mordecai and rigby's house.

Jake: let's go knock on the door maybe they will let us in. It's freezing out here.

Finn: yeah dog

Jake: (knocks on door)

Rigby: (opens door). What do you want? I am trying to beat my high score on my new video game!

Mordecai: (pushes Rigby out of the way) Dude let these poor hobos have a quarter or something.

Finn: Actually we aren't …..

Jake: (stops Finn from speaking)

Jake: (whispers,'they were about to give us a quarter!)

Pops: (walks in) 'Oh guest come in. What are your names?

Rigby: Are you crazy pops, hobos don't have names!

Finn: I am Finn and this is Jake. Oh and by the way WE ARE NOT HOBOS!

Jake: I would still like a quarter though.

Pops: You guys look freezing out there. Come in and have some tea!

Finn: Thanks dude with a giant head.

Finn and Jake: (walk in slowly)

Finn: Can we watch you guys play your video games?

Mordecai: Sure! Pops, can you get us some tea?

Pops: Of course I will!

Jake: Thanks, his giant head is freaking me out.

Rigby: We got to the final level!

Finn: What is this game called?

Mordecai: Nobody beats the hammer's mom

Finn: We used to have a video game at home. His name Was Bemo

Rigby: Why did you name a video game? Did it talk to you too?

Finn: Well yeah.

Rigby: (Thinks Finn has an imaginary friend). What happened to him?

Finn: Jake crushed him with a giant hammer bigger than pop's head!

Jake: It was an accident. There was a fly on him!

Finn: Where did you even get a hammer that big?

Jake: I got it from the Get a Hammer Bigger than Pops Head Store.

Finn: oh that makes more sense.

Mordecai: Oh no they hammer's mom isn't hurt by furniture. We are going to die! (Talking about video game)

Jake: Try throwing babies at it.

Rigby: yes! The babies' dirty diapers are exploding on the hammer's mom.

Hammer's mom: (comes out of the television)

Mordecai: Not again! Do you guys know what this means? It means we shouldn't get Nobody beats the hammer's dad video game!

Finn: its weakness is babies!

Rigby: Where are we going to get babies?

Everyone: (goes to free store). Hey do you have any babies?

Cashier: Sorry no babies

Everyone: (goes to adoption center and steals babies.)

Everyone: (goes back to mordecai and rigby's house)

Finn: Is Pops watching television with the hammers mom?

Pops: good show! Good show!

Mordecai: (Throws 50 babies at the hammer's mom)

Everyone else: (Throws babies at the hammers mom)

The hammer's mom: (disappears and reappears on the video game) (poof)

Rigby: Quick grab a controller!

Mordecai: Keep throwing babies at him!

Game: You Win (shuts off)

Pops: Jolly good show!

Jake: (Sneaks away and steals Quarter) Yay!