I have wanted to do this for a while and I finally am. I am going to take aspects from all three versions of the game as well as adding a few of my design. I hope that I can give you an enjoyable story.

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The Eve of Battle

The caverns and tunnels deep within the Earth's crust rumbled and shook as a massive round tank rolled ever forward and upwards. The enormous sphere reached a dead end but kept moving forward without slowing; drills and lasers simply cut a fresh path. The Technodrome was enjoying a rare moment of full energy and its inhabitants were full of jubilation at their newest plan.

"Excellent" the disembodied brain known as Krang chortled from inside his robotic body "We are progressing right on schedule and will be approaching the surface in no time."

"And then we will not only subdue this planet but we will crush it so thoroughly under our power that nothing will ever even dream of opposing us." The speaker was The Shredder, a ninja master covered in spiked armor as well as a metal mask.

"That is" Krang returned "once our little quest is complete."

"That will be nothing, as you well know Krang. Our newly refined technology will not only be sufficient for achieving our goals but it will rid us of the Turtles for all time!"

"Yes it will be sublime luring them into the trap and then…" Krang did not complete the sentence but laughed out loud at the brilliance of the plan.

A pair of doors slid open and the mutants Rocksteady and Bebop entered the room. "Um Boss" Rocksteady, a mutant rhinoceros, spoke up "I thought yous should know that the troops are assembled and ready."

"That is indeed good news" Shredder responded "Tell them we will be beginning phase one very shortly."

"Yes Boss" the warthog known as Bebop snorted. They departed and Krang and Shredder once again began to laugh.

Meanwhile in the sewers of New York City the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were going about their everyday lives never suspecting that their worst enemies were moving ever closer. Leonardo and Raphael were sparring under the tutelage of Master Splinter, Michelangelo was licking his lips whilst checking the oven, and Donatello was laid out on the couch with a thick book.

Leo swung his swords through the air but Raph jumped right over his brother's head. He grabbed Leo's arm and twisted it behind his back.

"Had enough yet fearless leader?"

"Not even close!" Leo proceeded to kick off a nearby chair in a backflip that not only freed himself but placed Raph at his mercy.

Splinter applauded "Very well done Leonardo; very well done indeed."

Rahp however wasn't done yet; he managed to poke Leo with one of his sais and regain the advantage while his brother reacted in pain. The two turtles became locked in a storm of punches and kicks with neither giving an inch. They pushed each other all over the training room with Splinter keeping a safe distance. Leo managed to pin Raph to the ground but ended up being hurled right out of the training room and into the living room. Raph followed with a flying tackle and the battle continued with the whole room suffering from the chaos.

Don sharply looked up from his book when a lamp sailed right by his head.

"Seriously guys, do you have to destroy the lair every time you spar? I'm trying to concentrate here."

Splinter got between Leo and Raph and held them apart from each other "Donatello is right; this practice session is getting out of hand. You both have had plenty of exercise for one day and now you can cool off by cleaning up this mess."

"Yes Sensei" they both intoned with slightly guilty tones

As they got to work Splinter approached Don and said "I can understand your frustration. I've had to put up with it for quite a while now. What are you reading by the way?"

Don shifted his position on the couch to allow room for Splinter to sit down and explained: "I'm working on some research I started several days ago in my spare time. Master, have you ever heard of the Amulet of Dragoon?"

"I can not say that I have."

"Well according to legend it was a magical amulet crafted long ago (the exact date or era is unknown) by a Ninja Sorcerer who came to be known, among other t hings, as Doragonmajikku, which means…"

"Dragon Magic; I can speak Japanese Donatello."

"Right of course. Anyway, Doragonmajikku supposedly managed to create an amulet of incredible power; said to grant amazing abilities and exponentially multiply the chi of the wearer. The legend took root and the amulet has had many names but the most popular English name is The Amulet of Dragoon."

"Most interesting. Do the legends tell what happened to this remarkable object?"

"There are conflicting details but the core of the story is that the amulet was deemed too dangerous but it was unable to be destroyed so Doragonmajikku's clan did the best they could; they broke it into several pieces and hid them. However no story tells where or how the fragments were hidden."

"Hmm…it certainly stirs the imagination. Do you believe that the amulet is real?"

"Well I can't justify being too skeptical after all of our adventures and what we actually are. I believe in the possibility of it being true and I've…oh never mind."

"What is it Donatello?"

"I've actually been working on a tracking device in the hopes of possibly reassembling the amulet."

Splinter was silent for a moment before asking "Do you think that is wise? The Amulet of Dragoon was hidden from the world because of the danger it represented. Do you think yourself capable of mastering such power?"

"I…I…I don't think so. As much as I'd like to believe I was worthy my interest is mostly for academic purposes as well as the sheer adventure."

"Whatever you do, do it with humility and wisdom."

Michelangelo's voice broke serious moment "Yo Dudes; the pizza is done and April's report will be on any minute."

Everyone gathered comfortably before the television as the Channel Six evening news started. April O'Neil, Channel Six's star reporter, was the gang's best friend and thus they watched her reports whenever possible. Today she was standing with the crowd on Liberty Island covering a story on the Statue of Liberty in celebration of the fast approaching Fourth of July.

"This is April O' Neil reporting live from…" she was struck dumb in mid-sentence by a horrifying sight; Krang's mechanical body, now the size of a giant, flying swiftly into view. The gargantuan robot flexed its muscles as its equally large operator grinned evilly. In less time than it took the crowd to start panicking, massive arms had wrapped around the statue and were wrenching it from its base. All of New York watching in horror as the Statue of Liberty was carried into the sky and quickly out of sight.

April began to comment on the bizarre occurrence but her face was replaced by Shredder's. "Greetings America! This is only a small display of our power so you will realize the folly of opposing us. I speak now directly to the United States Government; if you want the Statue returned you will release into my possession The Sword of Tengu which is currently on display in the Smithsonian. I am currently e-mailing all other relevant details directly. It would be wise of you to comply immediately because the next request may not be quite so polite."

He laughed evily as the screen faded back to April. She began to comment on Shredder's demands but the Turtles had heard enough. Leonardo turned off the TV and raged "I have had it up to here with Shredder! Oh what I'd love to do to that bloated beanbag…"

"Leonardo!" Splinter interrupted sternly "Calm yourself; a hot head will not be able to think clearly in the coming battle."

"Yes Master Splinter I understand."

Raph stood up and said "What are we waiting for; let's get those creeps!"

Donatello was less eager to leap into action just yet "Hold on guys, we need to be careful this time. For one thing we don't know how to find them yet and for another the whole thing stinks. Shredder and his goons can easily steal a sword even from the Smithsonian; this elaborate blackmail scheme is fishy. He must be planning something truly monumental if they are willing to reveal themselves this quickly."

Splinter said "Donatello is right. There are many questions to be answered before blindly rushing ahead. I suggest our first course of action to be checking in on April to see if she can aid us in any way."

"And to make sure phase two isn't kidnapping her" Mikey said "Shred-head seems to consider kidnapping April to be a hobby."

And thuse the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began to prepare for what promised to be their most mysterious and perilous adventure yet.

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