"Donatello? Donatello, please speak to us!"

Donny groaned as he returned to consciousness. His vision was a bit blurry but he thought he could make out Master Splinter with the ceiling of the lair in the background. "Sensei?"

"Yes I'm here.

"We're here too" Leo said

"Do I smell pizza?" Donny asked as he blinked and found he could focus

"I told you guys it would work" Mikey jubilantly exclaimed "Even just the smell of a pizza can cure anything."

Donny tried to sit up but felt like he was going to throw up. "Lie still" Splinter said as he restrained the recovering Turtle "You need your rest. We were afraid we'd lost you."

"Thankfully Master Splinter can fly a blimp" Raph said "Who knew?"

"It is indeed amazing what we can do in times of desperation and need" Splinter said with a chuckle

"I wish you'd reached us earlier Sensei" Mikey said "That battle with Shrdder was intense."

"And yet you performed admirably. I couldn't be any prouder than I am right now."

"Thank you Sensei" Leo said and Donny could picture him bowing to Master Splinter.

Mikey said "Thanks Master" and Raph said "Yeah we were pretty great…I mean thank you."

"I hope you are all proud of yourselves as well."

"I'm just happy my idea worked" Donny said as he tried to sit up in bed again. He still felt dizzy and nauseous but he managed to lead back against his pillows. "I knew we had to act quickly and I couldn't think of anything else to do."

"You could have killed yourself" Leo said

Now that Donny was sitting up and his head was clearer he was able to see the other Turtles more clearly. They all bore bandages and other signs of battle. He glanced down and saw that his own wounds have been dressed as well. He looked back at Leo and said "So could all of you. So could the city, heck the world. All of it could have either been crushed or conquered. All I could think of was saving everyone. I really had no idea the Sword and the Amulet had that much power."

"And you handled that power very well Donatello" Splinter said as he sat down on Donny's bed and looked right into his eyes. "I remember not that long ago we were discussing the power of the amulet and I asked if you could handle it. Yesterday, you proved that you could."

"Yesterday? I was unconscious that long?"


"Some control of power."

"I still say that it was. The others have filled me in on your adventures in time and I believe that all of you have proven your worth as ninjas."

They all thanked their sensei and bowed again. Raph then asked "There is one thing I've got to know; what did you do to the Technodrome? It just disappeared."

Donny smiled and said "I did the same thing I did before, just a bit more remotely. Do you guys remember way back when we first met Shredder and ended up having to rescue Splinter from the Technodrome?"


"Back then I rewired the dimensional portal to suck the Technodrome into Demension X. I did the same thing using the power of the amulet. Of course, I also trashed the circuits a bit so Shredder may have a difficult time coming back right away."

"Righteous move Amigo!" Mikey said as he hi-fived Donny

"Indeed that was quick and clever thinking" Splinter said "I am sure however that our enemies will one day reassemble and attack us once again."

"And we'll kick their butts again" Raph said. He punched the air in triumph before wincing and clutching his stomach. "Oh yeah, I defiantly owe Shredder for that."

"I think you paid him back Raph" Donny said with a smile

"Yeah but I'm just saying. When that scumbag comes back, I'll…I mean we'll be ready for him."

Splinter stood and said "There is still one more matter to deal with." He reached into the pocket of his kimono and pulled out the Amulet of Dragoon. "The Sword of Tengu should be returned to the government to do with what they will but this, the key to its power, needs to be disposed of in some way."

"Can it be destroyed?" Leo asked

"I don't know."

"Couldn't that thing, like, be useful against Shredder and other creeps?" Mikey asked

"I think its best if that thing weren't in anyone's hands, especially ours." Leo said "Donny got lucky that it didn't mess him up more. Also, we aren't always the most responsible. What if one of us got drunk on that kind of power? No, it's tempting to keep it because I too can see the good it could do but I also see the bad."

"I agree Leonardo" Splinter said with a nod "How do the rest of you feel?"

Raph sighed and said "Yeah…I guess you're right. Get rid of it."

Mikey replied "Indeed Dudes."

There was a pause before Splinter said "Donatello? What do you have to say?"

"Huh? Oh, I definitely agree. I tasted the power and it isn't worth the risk. I was just thinking of what to do with it."

"And what did you come up with?"

"We'll use the power one more time. Hear me out" he said quickly as the others protested. "We'll share the power and scatter the pieces again. In time, in space, in another dimension, it doesn't matter as long as it's difficult to reassemble. My thought was that we each think of a place and imagine a piece of the amulet going there. Considering our different ideas and ways of thinking, this might almost impossible to put back together." He blushed and said "Or is that sort of thing going overboard?"

"Dude, it's brilliant!" Mikey beamed

"It seems a fine suggestion to me" Splinter said "Are we all in agreement?" The others all nodded and he said "Ok then."

In a matter of moments the sword and the amulet were both lying on the kitchen table. The Turtles and their master had each taken a chair and were visualizing where they wanted to send their fragment.

Donny said "Let's do this. Just concentrate and all should be fine."

They all extended their hands and laid one on the sword and one on the amulet. Mikey said "This is so cool. Like a ritual or something."

"I said concentrate!"

"Ok ok sheesh."

They all closed their eyes and concentrated. The amulet glowed at first with a mixture of red, blue, orange, purple, and brown but these auras quickly merged into white. The amulet vanished and the family collectively gasped.

"That was weird" Raph said

"And apparently effective" Splinter added

"No one is ever going to find my fragment" Mikey said with a grin. His smile faded a bit and he added "I wonder which fragment was mine."

"While Mikey figures that one out" Leo said as he stood up "I'm going to go watch TV. It's almost time for April's evening report."

Soon they were all gathered in the living room watching Channel Six. April was covering a festival taking place on Liberty Island. "You can feel the electricity in the air as the citizens of New York celebrate the return of the Statue of Liberty. We're told that similar celebrations, parties, and festivals are being held across the country to commemorate the survival of this national treasure. However, here in New York the joyous atmosphere is also due to the defeat of Shredder and his allies at the hands of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Once again, we owe our lives to these brave heroes."

"Dudes I do believe that there is only one word that can sum up this moment."

The other three nodded at Michelangelo and together the four Turtles shouted "Cowabunga!"

And it's finally over! Again I apologize for taking so long. Maybe someday I'll learn. However, I do think some of my better ideas came from taking time to think...I just didn't need that long lol. I hope you all enjoyed the ride. Feel free to let me know what you thought in your reviews. Sayonara dudes!