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Warning: OOC on Lightning's part, because everyone loves an overly-possessive Light (at least I do :3), language, and, of course, sexual content.

Chapter 1

The brute settled down at the base camp after completing his task of gathering food for the crew. He was expecting a warm, hungry welcoming from his friends, but instead, he could feel an unpleasant tension in the air. The thickness was evidently coming from Fang and Vanille – they were, unusually, sitting apart from each other. Actually they had been doing this since they've arrived on Gran Pulse. "Um… what's going on?" Snow whispered to Sazh, thinking that the most mature of the group would understand, "Has the situation gone worse?"

To which the man responded by sighing and shaking his head. "Women…"

The huntress was sitting in one corner, her arms folded and her back facing the group. Vanille was sitting in another, beside Hope, pouting. Nobody really knew what they were fighting about, but it couldn't be anything more than a lovers' quarrel.

Sounds of soft footsteps approaching, Hope looked to the direction. "Oh, Light-san!" He called, seeing their leader coming back from her daily scouting. As usual, she returned with empty hands – the result of an empty exploration, and not a mission to gather food for everyone like Snow.

The strawberry-blonde nodded lightly at the boy. "Let's get going," She said immediately afterwards.

Snow cleared his throat. "Psst…" He gestured towards the Oerba girls, "Nee-san, I don't think… uh…" The blonde was trying to tell his to-be sister-in-law that the two weren't exactly on the right terms at the moment, and it wasn't exactly okay to talk to them right now.

Lightning raised a brow. Eyeing the girls, she found Fang sitting like a statue, and Vanille pouting like a child. She rolled her eyes. "What the hell, cut this out. Let's go." She held onto her hips and ordered strictly.

But nobody in the group answered – no one had the will to move anyway, since it was getting dark. Though all of a sudden, the redhead huffed and stood up. She gave one angry look at Fang's back and then ran off. Vanille brushed past her leader's arm gently – most likely, the girl was complying with her orders. There was no point in sitting around anyway, she must have been thinking. She just wanted to get out of this heavy tension.

"Oi, Vanille!" Sazh and Snow called.

Hope stood up, "Vanille-san, come back!"

"Shut up and leave her!" Fang yelled.

The group froze and eyed each other awkwardly.

Lightning, as the leader, exhaled with frustration. "Is this really a good time to be fighting?"

"Hn," The huntress remained in her cold posture, never turning back to look at her friends.

"Vanille-san is going to wander off really far…" Hope, innocently, was trying to amend the two's relationship by directing his words to Fang. The last thing he'd want was to see Lightning get angry again.

And Snow very much supported the boy with that thought. "… And it's getting late too…" He said, looking at the sunset.

"The kid's a good fighter, but…" Sazh joined in, "… I don't know if she can handle it during the night. Isn't she afraid of the dark as well?"

Even so, Fang just remained motionless, sitting there as if nothing was going through her ears.

Lightning grunted. "Oh, for the love of God." She rolled her eyes and followed after Vanille's trails.

"Nee-san, what are you—"

"I'll go get her." She said calmly and disappeared into the darkness of the woods.

Tired of running, Vanille sat down on a boulder. She clasped her hands together and rested them on her lap. Head down, she closed her eyes and listened to the surroundings. The truth was, she really wanted somebody – Fang, in particular, to run after her. She wanted comfort, she wanted someone… she didn't want to be alone. Just anyone…

"I've been following your tracks for around an hour. You do realize that, don't you?"

Vanille snapped her eyes open. "O-onee-san!"

Lightning nodded lightly and crossed her arms. "It's going to take a while to get back." She was standing directing in front of the girl. "Why'd you run off?"

Her mouth hung open, she was prepared to tell her, but… "I… I don't…" but she couldn't find the right words, "I don't think I'm… close enough with her yet…"

How odd, Lightning thought. Not close enough? For a long time, she had been paying attention to the two Oerbans. They were always so close, so attached; they looked literally inseparable. Even when they were apart from each other, Lightning felt that they were still connected somehow. It was easy to tell – during the little time she spent with the girl at Lake Bresha and Vile Peaks, the ex-soldier could tell that she was hiding something, no, looking for something – someone – important. This theory was very much confirmed when she met Fang at Palumpolum, and when the huntress told her about their story. Their tragic… love story.

It made her feel sick.

"Should we head back?" Lightning questioned softly.

Vanille looked down at her feet.

Well, she clearly didn't want to, and getting that dreary reaction from the group earlier, even if they head back now, they wouldn't be travelling much, given that the sun had nearly set by now. The woman heaved a sigh and walked towards the redhead, sitting beside her on the large boulder.

Naturally, Vanille rested her head on the woman's shoulder, and she wasn't surprised that the latter didn't shake her off.

They listened to the calls of the creatures in the woods, the running river's sounds, and the soft breeze that moved with the trees. Lightning inhaled deeply; she was expecting fresh smells of grass and nature, but instead, she took in a sweet vanilla scent. Looking down at the girl, she couldn't help it but to feel calm and peaceful. Vanille had such a beautiful face… such an innocent aura… it made her so…


Lightning swallowed. "What is it?"

Vanille didn't answer immediately. She lifted her head from her leader's shoulder and looked her straight in the eye. "Have you ever… dated before?"

If she weren't feeling so calm right now, she wouldn't even bother answering. But what was this…? What was this need to answer, what was this need to give in to this girl? She started, "Back then, when this fal'Cie nonsense didn't take over my life, yes."

"Did you like it? The feeling of being loved, the feeling of loving someone else… was it good to you?"

The ex-soldier took a deep breath. She tried to recall the so-called 'feelings'. It was vague, but she could definitely remember them being… soothing. "Why are you asking?" She answered, maintaining a cool tone.

Vanille's head fell back onto the woman's shoulder. "I… I don't really know if my relationship with Fang is even at that stage yet. I mean, sure, I like her, she likes me, our feelings are mutual, but… I don't think I love her enough…" She paused, swallowing hard. "… We haven't even done it yet…"

Haven't even done it?

Feeling slightly awkward, Lightning began, "And you're telling me all of this because…?"

A moment of silence passed by, and Vanille, like before, stood up without warning and turned around to look at her leader. Standing right in front of Lightning who was still sitting on the boulder, she answered, "I-I don't know… I just think that you could give me some advice…"

Don't tempt me, girl.

Lightning was already expecting her to say something like this the moment she jumped up by surprise like that, but she did not expect her to ask so straightforwardly. Her expression never changing, the leader replied, "Are you trying to be funny, here? Go figure this out on your own." She stood up. "Get out of the way."

Don't tempt me, otherwise, I…

But the girl stayed still. She blocked her leader's path, and at the same time, they did not break eye contact.

"Get out of the way." Lightning repeated.

Vanille ignored her.


She refused to do so.

Lightning narrowed her eyebrows. If the girl was unwilling to move, then she would make her move. She grabbed onto her shoulders and intended to push her aside, but—

Vanille tiptoed just as the woman was going to move her, and pecked Lightning lightly on the lips.


Oh, man, what have you done? She didn't know what came over her. Vanille only did it because… well, she didn't know why, but her body just somehow moved on its own. Her self-control didn't jump in at the right time, and that was why she… abruptly… kissed Lightning Farron. "I… onee-san, I'm…" She had the intention of apologizing; she wanted to explain that some haunted thing overcame her which made her behave so damn strangely, but…

"What… the fuck… was that…?" Lightning pronounced each word loudly and clearly. Blood was rushing up her head, and clearly, she was blushing mad like a little girl. Slowly, she released the girl's shoulders and clenched her fists. Instead of planting a punch on the girl (which was obviously her intention), she moved it up to her chest, feeling her pounding heart. Her other hand moved up to feel the intensifying heat on her cheek. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to react. How could… how could anyone even dare to come so close to her?

Vanille's throat had long been dried. She was going to get beaten up – she knew it. "S-sorry… I don't know what I was doing…" Her voice was shaking, "I… onee-san…"

Was this the feeling that Fang got all the time? Was this the reason why Fang was so protective over the girl? The fact that every move she made was innocently seductive. She continued to stare at Vanille, who was trying her best to look away without being rude.

You want her. You can have her now, nobody would know. Do it, Lightning, do what you want. Claim what's yours FOR ONCE.


"Y-yes!" She stood up straight upon hearing her name from the ex-soldier.

Lightning pushed herself off the boulder and took a step forward, her face was mere inches away from the girl's, and she could swear, they were so close, their thundering heartbeats were audible to each other. She gazed into Vanille's emerald orbs. Whispering, "You asked," Lightning wrapped an arm around the shorter girl's waist, placing her palm flat on the small of her back.

Vanille gasped at the contact.

She finished, "… and I will answer."

The girl pulled her head away to look up at the woman, "Onee-sa—" and was immediately interrupted by those lush lips of hers.

It was a chaste kiss. A kiss of softness, gentleness, just… nothing that was too outrageous. But when Vanille opened slightly to gasp for air, a spark lit within Lightning, fuelling an urge, a need, a passion to attack the girl, to abuse her. She bit onto her lower lip, earning herself a louder squeak from the redhead.

Vanille yelped. Her reaction was instant; she moved her hands up to hold onto the strawberry-blonde's biceps, squeezing them to match the woman's strength on her own lips.

Lightning continued to nibble on the girl's lower lip, controlling herself to do it as gently as possible. Vanille had yet to show any reaction – the ex-soldier was the one in command right now, and she decided to take it further a step. She wanted the girl to beg for more, she wanted Vanille to initiate it, and she wanted her to… to just…

I want you to just…

"Hnn…!" Vanille gasped sensually as Lightning's tongue came in contact with hers. Disgusting. She knew this was wrong, she knew very well, but it felt so good… there was no way that she was going to let this stop. No way. She was… she was doing this for Fang, yeah… she was doing this so that Fang could appreciate her more, so that she could satisfy the huntress she adored. Yeah, she was only learning from Lightning – this wasn't anything bad. Not at all. Her arms slid upwards to hold onto the taller woman's neck, pulling her closer at the same time so that she could explore more of her.

The girl was kissing back. This girl that belonged to somebody else was kissing her with so much need, and… and Lightning couldn't help it anymore. She grabbed onto Vanille's thighs and lifted her up. Swiftly, she exchanged positions with the girl, with the latter now lying on the boulder. Lightning broke away from the kiss to stare at the girl. The woman wanted this desperately, but she had morals, and these morals were telling her to stop messing with someone else's girl.

Who are you trying to kid? She's yours, Lightning, have her.


When Vanille moaned her name like that, it only made Lightning realize how much she wanted her to scream it. Her voice was so sweet and enticing… it just made her want to violate that little body of hers. She wanted to admit that she didn't care if Vanille belonged to Fang – oh, yes she did – but was this really a good time to be doing this? To have sex in the middle of nowhere, and when they were defying fate? Was this really appropriate?

Vanille could see the uncertainty in Lightning's eyes. So many questions and doubts clouded in that blue colour, floating around all at once. She could almost read them all, because she was thinking the exact same things. This was for Fang, she had convinced herself of that, but why was Lightning doing this? Why was her cold, bitter, and quiet leader doing this so willingly? She couldn't simply be 'giving her advice', right? That kiss they shared seconds ago, it wasn't raw lust or need; it was full, passionate, and she could swear that she felt something from the woman as they kissed. Vanille decided to ask – it wasn't like she could lose much anyway. "Why?" She whispered.

Lightning had no intention of answering. She continued to stare, blankly.

"Why are you doing this…?"

Her lower lid twitched, and then slowly, her brows narrowed. "I'm simply showing you… as you have asked." She answered coldly.

"Don't lie," Vanille said, "Do you… have feelings for me?"

Lightning smirked. "Me, feelings for you?" Looking away, she snickered. "Don't make me laugh."

"Then let go of me."

She couldn't do that. Truthfully, Lightning was afraid. She was afraid that Vanille would run away once she let go… she would run back to Fang. Why did it matter?

Claim her, Lightning, if you want her.

Why? Why was she scared of something this absurd? Why fear of all feelings? Lightning didn't know. She had no idea. This was the first time she had been so close to the girl, but already, she didn't want her to leave. She wanted this girl all… to herself. "I can't."

Vanille knew she should be concerned, but deep inside, there was a feeling of relief; she liked the woman's answer.

"I know this is wrong, but I can't let go," The woman grunted. "And you know too, Vanille…"

"But I can't let go either." She finished for her.

Lightning sighed. So it was confirmed; the girl was going through the same doubtful feelings. "I am not Fang." She said, almost sadly.

Vanille tightened her grasp around the ex-soldier's neck. She nodded, "I know." Hesitantly, she leaned in, "I know, but…"

"This is wrong."

Why bother with the good-girl act, Lightning?

It wasn't like she had been ignoring that god damn voice in her head; she was listening all along and, hell, did she want to oblige to it. What was the point in following morals anymore? It wasn't like the Goddess was watching over her. She wasn't guarding, or blessing her. She already took everything away – Serah, her family, her freedom – so what was wrong with doing something she wanted for once?

"Tonight, I need this more than anything." Lightning suddenly said.

"Just tonight…" The girl whispered in agreement. Her fingers played with the soft hairs on the woman's nape, testing the ex-soldier's reactions as their lips moved in closer. "Please, onee-san…"

She couldn't resist any longer. Lightning was trying her best to hold back, to use the last of her resolve to control this overwhelming feeling of lust, and only – really? – lust. She wanted Vanille's body, lips, hands, eyes, everything, because they were all screaming for her touch. Those slender legs that were still strapped around her waist – oh, god, how she wanted to touch them. The warmth in between the girl's legs, it was touching her navel area, and… god…! "Just… this once…" She moved closer, her body literally crushing Vanille's smaller frame by now, and kissed her once more.

Small, sensual breaths and gasps escaped her mouth every time they parted briefly to discover new angles for the kiss. These sounds she was making – Vanille had to admit, it was turning herself on; she couldn't imagine the impact it was giving the woman. But she could care less – this felt so right in such a wrong way, she wanted to scream it out.

Lightning finally released her bruised lips. Moving down slowly to her neck, the ex-soldier sucked lightly on the girl's sensitive skin.


She went on to bite her collarbone. Vanille threw her head back and bit onto her lips to prevent herself from making any more weird noises. Unintentionally, she arched her body, and her leader reacted quickly; holding her up in that position, she bit harder, drawing blood from her skin.

"Onee-san…! Don't – they'll see it…!" Vanille forced her eyes open to look down at the strawberry-blonde.

Lightning ignored her and lapped up the blood that tasted so much like metal with the tip of her tongue. Her hands moved down, feeling the softness of Vanille's skin. She thrust a knee up to part the girl's warmth, and, as expected, she could feel a hot dampness there – Vanille was more than ready. She pulled away to stare at her, smirking, "Do you really think I'd care?" She dipped her head back down, this time burying herself in the redhead's bosom.

A droplet of sweat rolled down Vanille's flushed cheeks. Oh god… S-she… Lightning looked so incredibly hot just now—

"Nothing matters right now…" The woman interrupted her thoughts. She lifted the girl up by her legs and got away from the boulder, placing her flat onto a bed of tall grass below. Lightning trapped Vanille in between her legs, and with urgency, she removed her gloves. Throwing them somewhere behind her, all of the attention she had were then shifted onto the girl underneath.

I'm going to ruin you.

The girl blinked in surprise. She already agreed to this, so what was with the sudden aggressiveness? "W-what… onee-san…?"

"You can pretend that I am her."

She shuddered. The softness in Lightning's voice drove Vanille over the edge.

"Pretend that I am her as I do this…" And without warning, Lightning attacked the girl's lips. So much force was used that Vanille squeaked with pain. As she drove her tongue into the girl's mouth, her free hands found the opportunity to remove the Oerban's accessories. Strange, but she did so with ease; everything that got in her way came off. The necklaces, bracelets – everything – including that pink tank top, the fur pelt, her weapon pouch, and even that bright orange-yellow skirt – leaving the girl lying there with nothing but her pair of panties.

Vanille, out of reflex, crossed her arms and turned to the side to cover herself up. She wondered why she didn't stop Lightning when she was stripping her, but it was too late to think of that now. But perhaps it was because she was entranced by those eyes that never left her. The woman's beautiful eyes somehow put a spell on her – it prevented her from moving.

Lightning's face was straight. She moved the girl back, making her lie flat on the ground. Grabbing her wrists, the woman didn't have to use much effort to pin them to either side of Vanille's head, as the girl wasn't even resisting. When the ex-soldier caught the redhead's eyes filled with fear, she smirked again, and dove in to lick the wound she left earlier on her collarbone. The girl instantly arched her back into the stinging sensation. Pleased with her reaction, Lightning's tongue trailed lower, lower, and lower, all the way to the tip of one of Vanille's breasts.

"Aaah…!" An electric chill went down her spine. The girl shut her eyes as she let another moan escape her lips.

The woman then bit onto her erected nipple, tugging on it with her teeth as if she wanted to bite it off.

"Please… please… onee-san, it hurts…!" She whimpered painfully.

That sounded like music to her ears. "But you enjoy it, don't you?" She moved to her other breast, giving it the same treatment.


Such a cute squeak, she thought. "You're so sensitive…" Lightning purred. The girl's blush deepened, and that was enough to refill the drive in the woman – not that she was running out in the first place. Lightning released her wrists and moved her hands to do what her teeth did to the girl's nipples before, this time doing it simultaneously.

God, this woman was skilled, in so many ways.

While a hand remained on her breast, Lightning moved the other downwards. She traced the girl's abdomen feather-lightly with her fingertips just to tease around, and then stopped when she reached the base of Vanille's panties.

This was it. Vanille's heart rate was increasing, but she wanted this more than anything. It was, after all, for Fang. She closed her eyes. She tried to imagine Fang being on top of her. She tried… she really did. She tried to convince her mind that this sweet scent of Lightning's that surrounded her was actually Fang's heavy one. That hand that was massaging her breast, that hand that was so close to her warmth… everything was Fang, the woman on top was Fang…

It made her sick.

Lightning squeezed harder. She was literally clawing Vanille's breast by now, yet the girl below was merely moaning into her touch. She was hurting her, but she was enjoying it. The stupid girl was enjoying this only because she was Fang. There was no love at all. This was simply a test, an experiment; there were no mutual feelings, no love, nothing.

Vanille opened her eyes. "Fang…" She moaned as she looked at her leader. The girl thought that by hypnotizing herself into thinking that it was Fang, like Lightning suggested, everything would work out. But the person on top of her wasn't Fang. It just wasn't her… Lightning was Lightning, Fang was Fang… they were two separate beings.

"Damn it…" The ex-soldier grunted under her breath. She had convinced herself that she was doing this merely for her own entertainment, but when she caught sight of the girl's emerald eyes, she lost it. Her hands began to tremble. "Vanille…" She called out accidentally and pathetically. Countless, impossible-to-answer questions surfaced in her mind. Why was she losing to her emotions now? Why Vanille? Why… why couldn't she be the one to have met her first? Why couldn't she be a Pulsian? What was with all this shitty timing? Why couldn't she be in Fang's position? Why now…? Why did it have to be Vanille…?

Seeing her troubled expression, the girl looked to the side. "I… I can't do this…" She whispered, "You're not Fang, and this is wrong… even if I want this—"

"Had you met me first…" Lightning cut her off.

"…" Vanille shifted her gaze back to the woman.

"… would you… have fallen for me?"

The girl stayed silent.

"Vanille," Impatience went with her voice. She was desperate for an answer.

"I…" What! What was Lightning asking? "I don't know…" She said quietly.

"You don't know…" The woman snickered and shook her head. "It doesn't matter. But I know that I," her finger still between the girl's legs, she pushed her panties aside, "need this right now."

Vanille gasped, "Onee-sa—aan…!" Her voice rose; she had been interrupted by Lightning's finger; it was driven deep within her – it was inside… where even the girl herself had never explored, that she had never even thought about touching. It was something she wanted to save for her.

"I never, ever get what I want." Lightning growled as she plunged deeper into the girl's core. Vanille was getting wetter and wetter as she penetrated deeper; bits of her juices dripped onto the grass below, mixing with the dew. Increasing the speed, Lightning's thrusts became as equally violent as the redhead's rising voice. Her thumb played with the hardened bud, rubbing it in a circular motion as she plunged a second finger into the girl, setting a new, steady rhythm.

Vanille was overwhelmed; she was lost in bliss. This was a sensation she had never once before imagined. She couldn't control her voice, but she didn't care. Whatever she was calling, moaning, begging, screaming for… the girl didn't care. All she knew was that she needed more of this. Her hips moved with the woman's fingers, desperate for a satisfying climax. To her dismay, however, Lightning suddenly stopped. She snapped her head up to eye the woman with confusion. "Why… why did you stop…?" The girl panted.

Lightning brought her soaked fingers to her mouth. She looked at the wetness with wonder, and then lapped on the liquids like a cat. "Beg for it." She said coldly.

"… Eh…?"

"I am not Fang." She continued to lick her fingers, "Call my name… moan it, then I'll satisfy you, the way you want me to. Or, you can go back to her now, and let her do it."

The girl didn't know what to do. This was her last chance to decide, and this woman was giving her the right to decide. She could still turn back now, back to Fang, apologize, make up, forget about their stupid quarrel completely, and be a happy couple again. Either that, or she could stay with this selfish woman who was making her feel so damn good—

"Answer me."

Vanille looked at her leader angrily. "You're a selfish person." She declared.

She laughed – yeah, laughed – "As if you're not."

"I am." The girl said immediately, "More so than anything." Her eyes softened. "My selfishness cost billions of lives. It cost an entire planet. And right now, my selfishness is going to cost the love Fang has for me…"

Lightning returned her angered look with one of her own. "What are you trying to say?"

"I don't want to hurt anyone again," Vanille explained. "Not any of our friends, not Fang… not even you."

She felt weak – this was compassion coming from the girl. Compassion – something lacking in her life since her parents' death. But she despised it. "I don't need this bullshit. I simply asked for you to make a decision now." Little by little, she pushed a finger back into her slit, because she knew that this would make her comply.

"Ah… uhhnn…"

"Me," Her finger was making a circular motion, stretching the insides the girl, "or her?"

"I… I'm already a liar and a traitor… so w-what's wrong with adding another title? W-what's so much about being… being a slut…?" The redhead reached for the collar of Lightning's white vest.

"You're wasting my time, girl." The ex-soldier grunted, "Make up your mind."

Lightning's fingers weren't pleasuring her, they were torturing her. She was so close, but the woman wasn't bringing her to it – she was dragging on this plateau phase – dragging it on so that she could answer her ridiculous question. "W-why are you giving me a decision? Why not just do it and then leave? That's what you want, isn't it?"

She flicked the girl's clit lightly, to which Vanille reacted by letting out a sensual gasp. "You wouldn't know what I want. Nobody would. Even if you did, you wouldn't know what to do. I don't know what to do."

"… Then what… what do you want…?" Her breath uneven, it was a wonder she could still talk like that.

A muscle in her jaw twitched. She ignored the girl, "I gave you a fucking decision, now make it." She demanded. With force, she pinched onto Vanille's clit.

"Hahh… aahh!" Her scream filled the evening air. Why couldn't she just answer her? What did she want? What was this woman hiding…? As the pain subsided, Vanille let out a breath of relief. "Onee-san…" She moaned. And, right away, she felt Lightning sigh against her ear. The girl widened her eyes.

Could it be…?

She pulled away slightly, enough so that she could see the woman. Lightning was wearing a subtle smile, and her eyes were closed peacefully. She looked… happy. "Onee-san…"

"Is that your choice?" She asked with her eyes still shut. "You're going to regret it."

She knew, of course. But just now, Lightning wore a smile, and it was the most serene of things she had seen. She wanted to see it again. "Onee-san…" Vanille called as she rewrapped her arms around the ex-soldier's neck, drawing her close for a kiss. She parted her lips and allowed her leader to explore her, letting her skilful hands do the same thing – one slithered around like a snake, feeling each curve and contour of her body, while her other one worked its magic, digging into her core the way she liked it.

Vanille was moaning something into her mouth, and it was the way she called her. Nobody else but Vanille called her 'onee-san'. Her fingers obliged to the girl's thrashing hips; she moved faster, deeper, and at times, she would suddenly slow down and then thrust in again at a shocking and violent speed. Vanille would react by grabbing onto her hair at the back of her head, tugging at her desperately. It was a form of communication during sex, Lightning knew, and that action usually translated into words like 'harder' or 'deeper'.

She was almost there – her insides were contracting onto the ex-soldier's fingers, her voice was getting higher and higher… Vanille was losing her mind. She pulled away from the woman's mouth to breathe, to scream properly as her hands clawed at the latter's back, creating markings on the leathery material of her white vest. Her legs were numb, but she refused to give up; they were still straddled around Lightning's waist, aiding her hips as she bucked them furiously. She was so close, so close, nothing else was on her mind but lust. Her screams of the woman's name was all that was audible, and she was ashamed of the way she sounded.

They were nowhere close to the group's campsite, and Lightning used that as an advantage, "Louder." She ordered.

Vanille obeyed, screaming louder and louder as she came closer to her peak. A part of her wanted to get this over with, so that she could go back to Fang, but the larger part of her wanted this to last for an eternity. Finally—

"Hn," The woman exhaled; Vanille called her name, long and hard, and she was more than pleased with that. Not even breaking a sweat, she pulled back to eye the redhead from head to toe. Her bright orange locks were stuck to her sweaty face, it looked as sexy as hell. Her half-lidded eyes, half-opened mouth, and bruised lips made it seem as if she were begging for more. Her body that was gleaming with sweat, the marks she left on her neck and collarbone, that heaving chest and those breasts… god, Lightning wanted to do her all over again. And then there was her core down there – her sweet liquids… there was still so much more to her, so much more to taste…

Vanille felt dirtied, tainted, violated. She couldn't believe this… her virginity, her first orgasm – everything was taken away by her, but… but it was undeniable – it felt good. So good, she wanted more. "Onee… san…"

Lightning leaned down and caught her lips. The girl immediately slipped her tongue in upon tasting an ironically foreign taste in her mouth. But then she realized that this foreign taste was actually herself. The thought of it made her cheeks burn more than they already were. Still, she couldn't stop. She had no idea that humans could have a taste this addicting... she wanted more. She wanted more of all of this. But first…



Vanille, afraid that the woman would go away, clenched onto the collar of her vest. "Tell me, what do you want…?"

Lightning breathed out. Her eyes dug deep into Vanille's as she thought of an answer. "You already know." She said quietly.

Yeah, she did, but… "Onee-san… I…"

"Don't know what to do, huh?" Lightning finished for her. "It's pointless." She brushed the girl's hands off and stood up. "I already told you; even if you knew what it is that I want, you wouldn't know what to do."

"But…" Vanille said weakly.

"That's enough," The woman ignored her, "What happened just now – that was enough for me."

"No…" She sat up.

Lightning turned around to the girl. "Get up. We need to go back. It's getting dark."

"Onee-san, wait, I—"

"Nobody else will know of this." She interrupted. Picking up her gloves, she started to walk away. "I don't talk to you much anyway, so the others won't wonder if we ignored each other."


"This never happened." She muttered.

"Nee-san, where's the other one?" Snow asked as Lightning returned to the group, "… and why do you look like you just had a battle with something?"

The leader ignored his second question. "She's coming back," Then she could see Fang, who was trying to look as if she didn't care, sighing in relief.

It made her feel sick.

"Vanille-san!" Hope called, "What took you so long?" He ran towards the girl.

"S-sorry…" She smiled, "I dropped a few things… and it was really hard to look for them in the dark." Tch, what a lie, Vanille. But somehow, it worked.

Sazh looked up into the sky, "Hm, now that you mention it, it is quite dark already. Might as well stay here for the night? What do you guys think?"

All but Lightning and Vanille nodded their heads.

"Alrighty! Time to find me a nice place to sleep!" Snow said out loud and collapsed to the ground, close to the campfire.

"Quiet down…" The boy had an annoyed tone in his voice.

"G'night, all!" Snow grinned.

"Well then," Sazh also found himself a nice, comfortable spot. "See you in the morning."

Seeing that the men were sleeping far away from the girls, Hope clenched his fingers together. He realized that he should go with the group. "Uh… um… good night, Light-san, Vanille-san, Fang-san." Then he nervously walked to the men, and lied down on the other side of the campfire.

Eventually, all but the sounds of snoring men and the sparking fire filled the area. Lightning crossed her arms and walked off silently; it was something she did every night, so nobody ever questioned about it.

And it was then Vanille had this urge to tell the woman to stay, but the words wouldn't come out of her throat. The leader ended up disappearing off into the woods again, unstopped.

"Vanille," Fang called.

She turned to the huntress.

"Why'd you run off?"


"Why'd you run off?"

Lightning's voice. What she heard just now was Lightning's voice, not Fang's, even if it was the latter who spoke. As the huntress approached her, a growing fear in her heart spread through her body. Her want to make up with this woman earlier no longer remained – all she had right now was merely fear.

"I'm sorry about before…" The taller woman wrapped her arms around Vanille.

She didn't know what to do. She didn't know why she was feeling so… weird with Fang holding her. It just… didn't feel right.

"… but don't run off again. You'll worry me, you know that?" Fang lifted her chin up, giving her a smile.

I cheated on you – was what she wanted to say, but instead, "Sorry… Fang…"


"I… want to be alone for the night."

The girl wasn't being her usual self; perhaps she was still angry at their fight? Whatever the case, Fang knew this wasn't a right time to question her. "Alright, I'll… see you in the morning." She released her and walked off, back to her own little area.

Vanille sighed and sat down. Hiding her face in her arms, she closed her eyes. Often, when she did that, memories of her and Fang would appear, but right now, the only memories flashing through was a certain person touching her, feeling her, giving her those incredible sensations. Even earlier, when Fang held her in her arms – usually, it soothed her, it brought her peace. But it was completely different. It wasn't like before anymore; it had changed.

And so did her heart.

She brought a hand to the wound that Lightning left behind on her collarbone. Pressing on it gently, spasms of pain shot all over her body. She bit onto her lips to suppress a moan. Yes, her heart had changed. The pain she felt just now – she liked it. She loved it. She needed more… she needed her.

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