Comfortable Sin

Summary: Tohru has a secret and its a secret that only the trusted of people could know about! She's in love...with a man...but a man a man 11 years older than her and he's in love with her to. The problem he's the loyal dog to Akito. If the Sohma finds out they both fear their lives will be torn apart.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure

Rated: M (For Later Chapters)

Pairing: ShigureXTohru

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'Inner Thoughts'



~Prologue: Smash Into You~

I stood on the balcony to the Sohma house where I usually hung up the laundry watching Yuki help Kyou with martial arts. It's been a few months now since I had that fateful meeting with Akito and we haven't heard from him at all. Honestly, I am glad for that because that meant he wasn't really around, especially since things have began to change. Even though its only been a few months I have started to grow up a little. I'm less clumsy and a bit more serious, but I'm still quit optimistic. Another thing that has changed...well...I'm in love with someone... Someone I shouldn't be in love with...for many reasons.

1. He's at least 11 years older than I am.

2. No one would approve.

3. Our lives would be torn apart if we got together and people found out.

If you still haven't figured out who it is, then here is a clue. He is Akito's loyal dog. Shigure Sohma, and he doesn't even know that I hold these feelings for him. This is for the best and if he were to find them out, then I pray I don't break when I am rejected. So far the only person I can trust with my secret is Momiji, and I was thankful to know he approved even though he was a bit weirded out. We just laughed about it, he had told me he couldn't judge me for the person I chose to love. It was my decision and no one can change that. It made me smile everytime I remembered our talk, cause he was right.

"Hey Tohru Kyou and I are going to go ahead and do your grocery shopping for you!" Yuki called up after they were done sparring with one another. This was one of the changes I didn't like, unless it was school or if one of them accompanied me, neither Yuki nor Kyou let me out of the house. Shigure helped out by letting me out when they weren't around or called Uo and Hana to come get me if they were home and I wanted to leave witout them. He knew I was feeling trapped and it was scarring me.

"Alright, I'll have dinner ready by the time you get back! Take your time and choose some things we might need or if you need!" I called back down to him and the two of them vanished into the house. I felt my usual carefree smile vanish and my eyes darkend as I heard the front door shut. They were actually the reason I have become so serious and not so clumsy. I didn't want to be in a cage or protected every minute, I can take care of myself. Letting out a sad sigh I plastered on my carefree smile that has become fake and headed downstairs to begin dinner. Shigure had been cooped up in his office working on one of his books all day, so I decided not to bother him. I looked at the ingrediants that Yuki and Kyou had pulled out for dinner tonight and sighed. It was for beef stew even though I really wanted to have Miso Soup instead. Lately I've been getting pay back as well by making their hated dishes and I guess the message was getting through, but even still I wasn't allowed out of the house.

Preparing the stew and steamed rice was easy and I just starred at the pot and rice cooker for a little while. I thought on what Akito said durring our meeting on how he was going to make me suffer like they had all suffered. Well he was right and he hadn't done anything yet, it was happening on it own and for once something angered me. Lately, I've been getting angry a lot and now I was to the point of not being able to hold it back. I've already lashed out at a Yuki and Kyou, that was last week...

We were all sitting at the table eating dinner quietly, well at least Shigure and I was. Yuki and Kyou were discussing more secruity options for me and I guess I finally snapped. Shigure didn't even try to stop me when I yelled at them about how ridiculous they were taking this situation. I guess I had really blown up because by the time I calmed down, I had woken up in Shigure's room with a wet wash cloth on my forehead and an ice pack under my pillow. Shigure had later explained to me that I never finished my outburst and had just passed out, and managed to get another fever. He told me he was proud of me that I finally was able to stand up to them about what they were doing. Unfortunately, it only made it worst. I was turning to walk out of the room to find something to do and was about to run right into Shigure. I guess trying to dodge him wasn't a bright idea cause I was falling backwards towards the floor in a heart beat. Suprisingly Shigure caught me and we both land on the floor him towering over me inches away from touching me in a way he'd transform.

"Oh I am so sorry Shigure! I wasn't paying attention!" I panicked feeling my face heat up.

"It's okay Tohru I didn't mean to come up from behind you." He chuckled, his left arm was wrapped around my waist keeping me some what lifted off the floor. His right arm was resting gently on the floor by my head. How he was keeping himself from transforming was beyond me. After that we just stayed like that and I knew my face was most likely as red as a tomato by now but my serious face never left.

"Why don't you smile as often anymore?" He whispered letting his forehead against mine.

"I can't find the will anymore Shigure. They've trapped me in a cage! I'm breaking Shigure and it...hurts!" I felt my inner wall of emotions beginning to break again. He opened his eyes, they to held sadness. Before anything else could be said he pulled me close and the expected poof came, my head smacked against the wood floor and I let out a yelp. I knew what he was doing because I heard the front door and I inwardly curssed sitting up and rubbed the back of my head. Yuki and Kyou both ran in with worried looks.

"I'm fine I tripped over my feet...Shigure tried to ctach me but he transformed." I said and walked out of the kitchen. I had mumbled to Kyou to keep an eye on dinner. I managed to get to my room and stand there in the middle before slumping to my knees my breathing becoming erratic. I heard the door to my room open and close and I prayed that it wasn't Yuki or Kyou.

"Tohru, I hope I didn't scare you." Shigure said walking to in front of me and sat down. I felt the tears finally spring up and fall as I looked into my lap.

"Thats not it at all Shigure...what I'm about to tell you could destroy us or destroy just me...I've had this locked up inside of me for a while now." I began to explain letting my arms wrap around myself. I heard Yuki and Kyou begin sparring outside again and I was glad.

"Tohru?" Shigure asked coming a bit closer to me after I went very quiet.

"...Shigure...I'm in love with you." I said looking up to him letting the tears fall freely. Shigure's hands cupped my cheek a smile gracing his lips his thumb wiping my tears away. His lips met my own as he pushed me onto my back keeping himself kneeled on his knees so he wouldn't transform. We soon parted both of us breathing heavily.

"I'm in love with you to Tohru Honda." He said smiling still and I felt him smiling back. Maybe this could work if we are careful. Yes, this could most defiantly work.


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