for Bri (swirling-summernotes), as requested on Drabble Tag, at the NextGen Fanatics Forum

pairing: lilyscorpius

prompt: rain


let it rain, let it pour


She loves the rain. There's just something about it; about water falling from the sky like that. She has this idea that it can wash away more than dirt - that it can wash away sins and unwanted anguish. It can calm you, she thinks. It may be just water falling from the sky, but to Lily Luna, it's so much more than that.

He likes her idea of the rain. He doesn't believe in it, but he likes it. He wishes, every single day, that it were true, her theory of it washing away sins and such. But it's just that: a theory. Nothing more, nothing less. He's had a ruff past, though. He's done things he regrets every single night. And, sometimes, Scorpius Malfoy wishes that rain could really wash away his problems and past. But he knows it can't.

They don't fit together. It's unnatural, the two of them.

She's Lily Luna - redhead, a Potter, and to add onto this list: a Gryffindor.

He's Scorpius - blonde, cunning, always has a lopsided smirk on his face, and he's a Slytherin.

Gyrffindors & Slytherins don't mix well together. It's like orange juice and mint tooth paste - it just doesn't work.

And yet, they make it work. Because, though the rain could never fully wash all of his problems away, she helps him to, every single day.

And that's more than enough for him.