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Chapter 13 – Sell Your Soul


He knew he shouldn't have become emotionally involved. He knew the chances of Light fleeing were high. He was L, it was his duty to foresee all scenarios and prevent the handsome man out of his sight. But he let his guard down. That was no excuse and he knew he should not have allowed such a thing to take place.

He had been so caught up in actually finding someone he could pursue a relationship with. He had the notion to believe that together they could continue working as the ultimate team. Only now he realized too late that this was just wishful thinking on his part. Light made it clear to him that it would be nothing more than a dream.

Of course, that just leaves the question as to why Light would do this. Why would he resort to falling through Beyond's trap? Surely he was aware of B's plan to divide the L Team. Besides L, Light was the one who wanted to take Beyond down more than anyone else. After all as Light had said, B challenged K and not L.


Unless Light was planning to take advantage of the plan to divide them for a strategy similar to the saying, "Divide and conquer."

L paused in his stirring of his tea for the past several minutes. Yes, it would make sense. He was counting on the L Team to continue in their investigation as their top priority. They would still be working together if indirectly, but they would still continue taking B down.

It still didn't make him feel any better. L felt so used. He was the one who used people to his advantage, not the other way around. Though if he were honest with himself, it was his own fault for allowing Light so close. K had chosen the worst opportune moment to leaving when L had reached a vulnerable point in their relationship.

He had been close to revealing his true name to Light.

A high risk, but he had been willing to put his entire faith and trust into Light. He knew the man was still furious about the entire L Team figuring out his real name, L thought he would return the favor in the hopes of gaining the man's trust. It was the only conclusion he could come to no matter how many time he thought it out. But his faith was shattered the moment Light walked out of the door.

No, it was shattered the moment Light initiated the kiss.

Somewhere deep in his heart he just knew that meant goodbye. And yet he allowed the one man into his heart walk out the door. He didn't know exactly what their relationship meant to Light. Perhaps he will never know.

L was needed in this case. He needed to be at his best, which meant he needed to set aside all emotions and be detached as he had always been. And yet he was finding it harder to accomplish setting aside the hurt he felt about how well Light betrayed him. He had done it as if their relationship meant nothing to him.

No matter what he couldn't do as everyone expected him to become.

They have been patient for the past three weeks, but he could tell they were becoming irritated with him.

He had been moping around but he couldn't help it. L couldn't get back into the game. He can't keep going like this, and he knew it. But thus far there was nothing he could do to put his mind back on the right track.

And to top it off he had a strong feeling in his gut that something was about to happen, something big. Something he had no control of whatsoever. This tight knot in his stomach was certainly not helping matters.


"You've been sitting around for three weeks. How about some fresh air? It would do you some good." Watari offered one morning as he made coffee.

L didn't turn towards the elder. He simply stared at the computer like he's been for the past several days without sleep. Or maybe he did nod off at some point. There were a few times where he had a lapse in memory. But at this moment he didn't care too much.

He just couldn't keep his mind off of Light. L kept replaying that day when the man disappeared over and over in his head. He should have stopped him from leaving when he initiated that kiss. He should have never allowed Light to visit Near in the first place. But it was clear the man needed some fresh air, and being the stubborn creature that he was Light only agreed if he was to visit Near.

What was a real blow to the face for L was that the man didn't explain what was wrong with him. Instead he had to hear from Near that the man he loved suffered some serious psychological problems. The boy said Light kept going on and on about screams in his head and the smell of blood.

L honestly didn't quite know what to categorize what was wrong with Light. It wasn't bipolar, even though it would explain a whole lot of what was wrong with Light, but it wouldn't explain the screams and smell. No, he could actually come up with a whole list of reasons to explain the screams that only Light could hear. But when he added the scent of blood into the equation, he was at a complete loss. In his mind that was not a symptom at all. The sense of smell could not be manipulated by a broken wire in the brain. It just could not be unless Light was taking drugs twenty four seven.

The only conclusion he could draw to was that it was a memory relapse of some sort. Light was still recovering from the death of his parents. But why would he hold everything in and not seek help? Why hold onto the horror for so many years? This confused him just as much as to why Light would make a plan of his own to ensnare Beyond by falling for his trap.

And then it hit him.

In his head he saw every moment he had with Light. In almost all of these memories Light had been polite, whenever he was inquired about his well being he wouldn't reveal anything but redirect the conversation, and he always flashed a handsome smile that until now L did not realize was a mask. It would seem as if the culture Light had been brought up in made an even more impression on him than he originally thought.

L reached for his phone and dialed in the number of a detective who was a close friend of Soichiro.

"Yes, Aizawa-san? This is Ryuzaki, I apologize for this sudden call. I just have this one question concerning former Chief Yagami you worked under."

"Okay, sure, what do you want to know?"

L had been good on his choice. This man didn't raise any questions as to why he was curious.

"Actually, this concerns the relationship between Chief Yagami and his son, Light. Did Yagami-kun ever look up to his father?"

"Well, of course he did. Every son would. But I suspect you're asking just how much Light-kun worshipped his father. All I remember is the boy wanted to become everything his father stood for. He tried to be like the chief in every aspect as possible."

There was hesitation in the man's voice, as if he wanted to say more. L sensed this and gently inquired for more information.

"I suppose there were difficulties?"

"Yes, actually. Light-kun had some violent tendencies. He didn't initiate a fight or anything, it was all self defense against the bullies. But he still did hell of a lot of damage."

That sounded like Light, it would seem he hadn't changed much.

"I see. By the way, since we're talking, I was wondering if you were part of the investigation of the Yagami homicide."

"…Yes, sir. All of us who worked with the chief were on the case. But we couldn't solve it. Mostly because their youngest didn't remember a whole lot and her brother wouldn't speak to us at all."

Aizawa sounded nervous. Curious, curious indeed. And the man called him sir when he had no obligation to do so.

"Very well. Once again I apologize for the random call. I'll let you get back to work."

L hung up before the man could reply. He reached for his personal laptop and pulled up all information about the Demon of Tokyo. His dark eyes skimmed through all the basic information since he had gathered enough from what Light told him. Then he stopped when something caught his eye.

The Demon of Tokyo, Takuo Shibuimaru, had escaped from prison and was still on the run. According to the file he was roughly thirty two when he made his escape. The man would be in his late forties by now. And L remembered how utterly ridiculous this man's thinking process was. This man had been clever enough not to be caught until his ego got the better of him. And then the man somehow escapes prison and poof, disappears.

He must have had connections. What sort of connections, L would have to work through them. There was just one detail that he had to go over. He scrolled through the case information for the victims. He did a quick count and his heart sank when yes, Shibuimaru preferred young boys from eight to ten. Although the man sought out young teenage girls and younger, the young boys was this man's favorite.

'Why was Light so convinced this man was the one who murdered his parents? Yes, he raped countless victims, but would he really go for murder? Unless…' His heart stopped. He quickly dialed Aizawa's number again.

"Aizawa, I apologize for calling again. But there's something important I have to ask you. The day Chief Yagami made the arrest on Takuo Shibuimaru, the Demon of Tokyo, do you know if when he brought the man to the station if Yagami-kun was there?"

"What? Ryuzaki, this is ridiculous –"

"Was he or was he not there?" L's voice was firm and his free hand shook.

"Well…I can't quite remember. It was over sixteen years ago."

"All right, think. Do you remember what part of the day did he bring Shibuimaru in for questioning? Was it morning, mid morning, afternoon, late afternoon?"

"Actually, yeah it was late afternoon. I remember because I arrived at the station later than everyone else for the interrogation because I had to pick the chief's kids up from school. When they called me we had him I brought them into the station."

Everything clicked together. Wait, he shouldn't jump into conclusions just yet.

"Aizawa, I need you to answer me with the best of your ability. Do you remember if there were any bruises on Yagami-kun to coincide the murder of his parents?"

"Yeah…I remember he had bruises on his arms and legs, but he wouldn't talk so I assumed whoever attacked him was intercepted by the chief. He didn't appear like nothing else was wrong…wait, there was something I found odd. He had trouble walking for a few days…"

There was a pregnant pause from both men as they came to the same conclusion. L heard a loud bang as if the man on the other line punched a wall or a desk.

"Damn it! I assumed it was just the shock in his system that he couldn't walk! But that wasn't the case, wasn't it? The man who killed Soichiro and his wife really was Shibuimaru as we had first suspected. Shit! They weren't his targets, it was Light who was the real target. His parents were just in the way. Shit, shit, shit, SHIT!"

L heard what suspiciously sounded like papers and office supplies being pushed off the desk and fall to the floor in a loud clutter.

"Take it easy, Aizawa, calm down. I deeply apologize for not realizing any of this sooner. I assure you we can still build a case. Shibuimaru is still out there. We have to bring him down."

"What about the case you've got us working on how?" Aizawa was breathing heavily as he was trying to calm down.

"The killer hasn't made a move yet. And I have the feeling that these two cases are linked somehow."

"Ryuzaki, what do you know that you're not telling us? What are you keeping from us? I want to know, damn it! If we're going to work together successfully then we need your full trust on this."

Well, he had to say, this was the first man to ever curse while even speaking to L other than his heirs.

"I promise you I will reveal everything in due time. If you would wish, I will meet with you and your team in private. However I would have to send Watari to hand over all the information."

"…All right, fine. Whenever he can get here, we'll wait. In the meantime, send us whatever you have about the Demon of Tokyo."

"Will do. And Aizawa-san? Please forgive me for not coming to this conclusion any sooner. If I had known earlier then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place." L was sincere, mostly because of the guilt pulling at his heart.

"I know. I know, I should have realized it, too. You're not entirely at fault. I just wish it didn't take us this damn long to realize the critical piece of that case had been the boy. And I was the one who took him in briefly."

"Don't blame yourself, Aizawa." He wanted to say more, he wanted to say more to convey his guilt but he would give away too much. Right now L couldn't explain that he had met Light.

"Yeah, I know. And hey, you shouldn't go blaming yourself either, Ryuzaki."

"I'll keep that in mind." And with that L hung up once more. He wrapped his arms around his knees and tightened their hold.

"It all makes sense now…"

"What does?" Watari sounded as if he already knew due to hearing half of the conversation, but for their sake L had to say it out loud.

"Light wasn't hearing the screams of his parents dying. The screams he hears inside his head were his own. Due to the culture and the way he worshipped his father, Light held a vengeance deep within that he denied from the very beginning. Also, he might have pretended that the rape never happened. The shock was too great on his young mind and to top it off he may have witnessed his parents being slaughtered in front of him. He's been suffering from a small form of memory relapse. His subconscious has been trying to tell him what really happened, thus the reason why he hears screams and smells blood wherever he went."

At the end his voice broke. His throat constricted and he held back a sob. L had solved what was wrong with the man he loved, but it didn't make him feel any better. He should have taken up the case of the Yagami murders. But he had been worried he would become too attached since he had taken a liking to the promising chief. And now he wished that he had done what he should have.

"Watari, send word to M and N of what we just learned. I leave them to continue the search for Light. In the meantime I will help Aizawa and his team for the search of Shibuimaru."

"What about Beyond Birthday?"

"We wait until he makes his move. If he does, then I will personally look into it. But no matter what the police task force have to continue the task I have set for them. Same goes for the boys."

"Very well."


A month went by in a blur. Although L was back in the game, he still had moments where he wanted to run away or hide in the corner. The guilt was eating at him, but at the same time it was his drive to continue in the search for the man that had harmed Light in so many ways. Some days it became easier for him to slip on the mask of L, the greatest detective in the world.

During this time there was a strange incident that caught L's attention. There had been a criminal who had been taken an entire school as his hostage but then suddenly dies of a heart attack before the police could make their move. L was curious as to why the man had a heart attack, but let it be. He had other more important cases to tend to.

And yet he still had the feeling in his gut he should look into it. Instead L filed the incident away for later reference.

Another month went by and L had no choice but to call off the search for Light. The boys were switched in to add more support for the search for the Demon of Tokyo. They had sixteen years to recover and search for some sort of trail. But even with Mello and Matt in the field, they had to seek out more help.

By now the entire world was in an uproar at the increase of criminals dying of unexplained heart attacks. This was something the L Team could not ignore. This sort of case needed their immediate attention. L was beginning to have a plan forming, and thus he needed more manpower if he was to continue in the cases he was already working on.

In Aizawa's original team were of course the men that had worked under Chief Yagami. Kanzo Mogi was rather quiet and kept mostly to himself, but he was loyal and good on his feet. Hideki Ide was rash and he's made it clear he disliked L. Ide was close friends with Aizawa which would explain why he put up with L most of the time. Hirokazu Ukita preferred to take action and jump into conclusions. And then there was the youngest of them, Touto Matsuda nicknamed by everyone else as "the Clown."

L was often spent day after day resisting the urge for his forehead to meet the desk at how clueless and dense Matsuda was. But the man had a knack for thinking outside the box even if he came up with the most ridiculous of plans or conclusions.

And so Aizawa requested for a few more detectives in the field, preferably the best. Out of hundreds of candidates, only two were sent. The first was Taro Kagami, a man in his early thirties and has been a homicide detective for roughly six years. The second was a young hot shot who has been a detective for two years, Tatsuya Miyano.

L found Kagami promising and allowed Aizawa to give him the green light. Kagami was a detective that notices the little details and he like Matsuda had a knack to think outside the box. However, unlike Matsuda, his ideas weren't so dangerously idiotic. Maybe Matsuda could learn a thing or two, or so L hoped.

As for the hot shot, L wasn't quite so sure. Yes, Miyano had potential, great potential in fact. But the fact he was young was a drawback. Miyano had yet to have the experience of the field compared to Kagami. To top it off Miyano came off as arrogant and somewhat holier than thou to L. Still they needed all the help they could get, so he included Miyano as an asset to the team. Perhaps the Shibuimaru case will give him the experience he needed.

Now that Aizawa had two more members of his team in the field, Mello and Matt were pulled out to work with Near on the case concerning criminals dying of heart attacks. L helped both teams whenever he could, but most of the time he was dead set on the Shibuimaru case. What truly disturbed him though was that during all of this Beyond has remained strangely quiet. It was unlike him to lie low when before he was intent with a pattern. L couldn't see a pattern no matter what angle he looked at.

Even so L was slightly grateful that B hadn't made another move yet. The L Team as well as the Task Force has enough resources stretched as it was. Or perhaps B was somehow behind the deaths of the criminals? No, that wouldn't make sense at all. Beyond was the type of criminal who sought his victim and killed them with his own hands. He made the killing personal on a level that left most detectives confused.

This person responsible for the killings of criminals didn't do it by hand. There was no possible way for that to happen. Assuming of course this was all the act of one person. Mello believed it to be some giant organization, but L had his doubts. One, such a large group would have shown up on their radar at some point. Two, he had the feeling in his gut that this had to be one person casting judgment.

He had a suspect in mind already, but L couldn't even think it was possible. But part of his subconscious nagged him to trust his instincts.

Even so he set a trap to lure what the masses called Kira out. With the help of Aizawa pulling a few strings, L watched as the man sentenced to die today stare into the cameras in a cold stare. L had to give the man some credit, Lind L. Taylor had good acting skills to pulling his end off. Now to wait and see if the trap he had set will spring.

As Taylor began to poke fun at Kira's pride and how justice was going to catch up to him, that was when Kira struck. L watched with wide eyes as the man clutched his chest and then slumped over, dead. The spoon that he was using to stir his coffee with fell with a clang on the floor.

After a few seconds he recollected himself and his symbol appeared on the screen and he leaned forward into the microphone.

"I…I don't believe it…This was an experiment to test a hunch I had, but I never really thought…" He was still recovering from his shock, it would seem. No matter, it made him sound at least a little more human through the voice emulator.

He mustered up the strength to acknowledge the one responsible for Lind L. Taylor's death. He didn't know why he was hesitating.

"Kira…" He hated branding a name of a face he did not know, but this name fit well with the personality of someone who murdered criminals. "You can actually kill people without direct contact. So…my hunch was right. I couldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, but you can…You'd have to of course, it didn't make sense otherwise."

L took a breath. This time he had fully recovered as he addressed the entity one more time.

"Listen to me, Kira. If you just killed Lind L. Taylor, the man you saw on your TV, he was a condemned criminal scheduled to die today at this hour. That wasn't me. His arrest and conviction were kept secret from the media, and went unreported even on the internet. Even you had no way of knowing him, it seems."

He paused. There was a hint of a smile on his face now. Although he was afraid for his life L was enjoying this.

"But I, L, do in fact exist. So, come on! Kill me if you can!"

Yes, he was bold. He was risking his life on the line. But if he was in fact correct then he shouldn't have anything to be afraid of. Still he couldn't stop the adrenaline pumping through his body. He was challenging probably the most dangerous criminal. Beyond doesn't even compare to Kira, now that he had just proved that Kira existed.

"What are you waiting for?"

Nothing had happened for approximately a minute, so L changed tactics to provoke Kira.

"Come on! Go ahead and kill me!"

L didn't know when he became so suicidal. He knew he was going to get an earful from Watari and the boys later.

There was a long pause. He waited for another minute. L could practically hear his heartbeat in his ears. It was so loud and fast he was slightly worried the microphone would pick it up. But there was no soft echo of a heartbeat in the speakers. There was nothing but silence.

"I'm still here, can't do it, Kira?"

Such a worthy opponent deserved at least one last provocation. To make it all the better L laughed a little as he said the name of his opponent.

"Evidently you aren't able to kill me." L was smiling now. "So there are people you can't kill. That's a valuable clue."

"Now I'll give you some information, in return." He didn't know why he felt so generous, but he had the sense Kira deserved such knowledge. "Although it was announced that this was being televised globally, it was broadcast only in the Kanto region of Japan, actually."

Somehow he had the notion he didn't have to explain that they had planned to broadcast around the world eventually, there was no need. There was no doubt in L's mind now as to who Kira was. Still he explained as to how he came to suspect why Kira was within Japan.

"And although the police have missed this, your first victim was the Shinjuku killer who took eight people hostage in a nursery school. His crime, when compared to those of the notorious murderers who've died of heart attacks, was not very serious. Moreover, this case was reported only in Japan, nowhere else."

L resisted the urge to laugh. Although he should take this more seriously he felt that this was nothing more than a game for Kira.

"That was all the information I needed. Therefore, I knew you were in Japan and since your first victim was a guinea pig just two months before I know you have not been killing for very long. We broadcast first to Kanto because it has the largest regional population in the country. That you happened to be there was pure luck."

L didn't dare say it would be short time for him to send Kira to die. If his assumption was correct, he wouldn't be able to stand it. And in the hopes that this wasn't who he thought he was, L addressed the criminal and not the handsome face he loved.

"Kira, it would interest me greatly to know how you carry out your murders. But that's something I can find out after I catch you."

"Kira…" Suddenly he felt as if he were saying the same words as someone else, someone with a familiar voice.

"I'm going to find and dispose of you, if it's the last thing I do!"

'I'm going to find and dispose of you, if it's the last thing I do!'

"I am…"

'I am..'


L had no idea where that last bit came from. He was probably too into the moment. He still couldn't shake the feeling that he was hearing that familiar voice inside his head. Or maybe it was wishful thinking on his part. No, no, he did not wish that to be true.

"Till we meet next time, Kira." And with that L cut off the link.

He leaned back into his chair, his hands shaking. There was no sense in denying it. L knew it within his heart the identity of Kira was. It was most likely the boys had reached the same conclusion. However, there was the question of what he was going to do about Kira.

Firstly, he could not reveal this knowledge to the Japanese Task Force. Most of these men knew and worked under former Chief Yagami. It would break their hearts and their morale if they learned that the son of the beloved chief was Kira, the killer of criminals. There was just the problem of how to capture Kira without the Task Force to learn of the identity.

L would have to work on that. The second thing he needed to do was gain the trust of the men who were willing to work under him. Although he trusted the older men by now, the two newest team members he wasn't so sure about. Still, he was willing to give them an equal opportunity if they wanted to meet with him. They were going to be part of the team for the search of Shibuimaru.

But it would have to be after they capture Shibuimaru to tell if he could trust the two new men or not. L will be revealing himself to the rest of the Task Force, he was confident in them to keep a secret. Even Matsuda had enough sense not to blurt anything dangerous out in public.

Although he was tempted to show up in the field under the guise of Ryuzaki, see for himself how Kagami and Miyano reacted around him. Wait, no he shouldn't. Beyond was out there. Light had warned him that B had some sort of power where he instantly knew a person's name just by looking at them.

Now there was a thought.

L had something there. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait…

If Light Yagami is Kira, then he knew what L looked like. If this was true, then Light just killed the man who pretended to be L knowing full well it was a set up. Light played L for a fool.


Unless Light willingly fell into the trap for the world to see that he truly did exist. This incident did just prove that Kira was real, a real person and not some vengeful god passing righteous judgment. L was tempted to throw something now. Luckily he had been practicing being the emotionally detached figure of the greatest detective in the world and didn't strike out.

"Light-kun…if you truly are Kira, if this is your plan in helping us corner B, I would hope you will be willing to face the consequences of your actions. I cannot protect you if you continue down this road beyond the cases at hand."

L wished he could convey this message out, but he didn't want to reveal anything for the public or the Task Force to know. The very fact of Light becoming a criminal, it made L feel sick. But if they caught him, and he explained it was all to capture B, he just might be a little more lenient.

Even so, L knew he couldn't continue on like this. He had no choice but to lock away all of his feelings for Light Yagami.


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