A shiver ran down my spine. "Simon, is she on the phone right now?"

"Yeah, her Dad is circling her."

"Okay, hang on." I said just before hitting #1 again. On Karen's line she was in mid-conversation with her Dad.

"No Daddy, don't kill him, he's just curious." She begged.

"Don't kill who?" I quickly asked.

"Marshall, there's an intruder at our door and my Dad doesn't think he's going away."

"Okay, hang on!" I quickly went back to Simon's call. "Simon. You've got to run, the Bigfoot is planning to come after you."

"Okay, Mars. Meet you back at your house." Simon hung up and I was automatically back to Karen's call.

"Look Dad, he's leaving. He's running away. It's okay- you don't have to hurt him." Karen said.

"Karen, how's your Dad?" I asked.

"He's fine, the intruder's gone." She conveyed with relief.

"Karen... I.." I couldn't think of the way to tell her what I was feeling, what I knew I had to tell her.

"Yes, Mars?"

"I, I'm sorry about last night and I'd like to go on being phone pals, if you want to that is."

"Of course, that's all I ever wanted."

I smiled with relief, after all that had happened I hadn't lost a friend. So what if she was a teenage Bigfoot? She probably wasn't too thrilled that I was a teenage boy. But via the magic of the telephone, we eventually managed to put aside prior prejudices and accept each other as individuals.

Simon and I locked the Bigfoot Tracker in the secret spot, as we had no need to track Bigfoot anymore.

Karen and I did meet face to face eventually, but that's another story.