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"Get out of my room, or so help me I'll get my father!" I told him as I opened the window.

"Bella, love, let me tell you my side of this please."

"I don't want to hear it." I made to disition to yell vampire as loud as I could hoping alice would send someone to see what was wrong. That was our siginal for when me and Edward were fighting.

"Love, please. Why are you mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you Edward I'm fucking pissed off. I've had it up to here with you for crying out loud everytime we see eachother alone we fight i'm done!" I told him as I walked out my bedroom door. I was on my way to his house I wanted to talk to Alice and maybe - if he would talk to me - Jasper. After all I did have a Civil War test in the morning and Edward wasn't going to help me maybe Jasper would.

"Hello Bella. What can we do for you at this hour?" Alice asked.

"Me and Edward are fighting." I said as I sat down.

"What! No way this is like the 15th time this week alone!"

"I know, Alice, I know."

"He doesn't love you anymore." Jasper said as he walked into the room. "I felt his love for you fade when you three came back from Itily. I'm sorry Bella, but I thought you should know." He sat down by me and put his arm around me pulling me into a hug. I noded and tried not to feel so bad he'd left me once, so I didn't need him right.

"What no way thats like when you met Bella, and-"

"Yes Alice, it is." Jasper cut her off. He started to rub my back. "It'll be ok Bella. Don't worry. Please don't cry." I don't know when I started cry must be I remembered that I broke up with Edward. I wonder what will happen now.

"I broke up with Edward." I said while I cried.

"Oh man this fight must have been bad what happened?" Alice asked taking my hand. I sighed and stared out the window as I told them.

"Well he came to my room, and asked me if I needed help with tomorrow's Civil War test. I told him I did, because well I did there were to many names and dates for me to study myself. He didn't seem happy helping me so I told him if he didn't want to help i'd call one of you and see if one of you would help me. Then he got mad and said some stuff about how I only wanted Jasper to help me, because I thought he looked better then him or whatever. I then told him he was going crazy that I loved him not Jasper. Then he told me that he was my first love not my only love. Something about humens being strange like that. Then I lost it told him to get out he wanted me to hear his side. Then I broke up with him come here." Jasper pulled me on to his lap just as Edward and the others walked into the house.

"Really Edward. 'Your her first love not her only love'. Why'd you tell her that?" Jasper asked as Alice got in front of me.

"What are you talking about Jasper?"

"You know what Edward."

"Oh that little fight I had with Bella. I lost my temper thats all. We'll work it out, don't worry."

"Oh really I hear you two broke up."

"It was just a fight, we'll be fine."

"Whatever Edward." He looked at me. "Do you want to go home now Bella i'll take you."

"Okay. Can you help me study too?"

"Sure." He smiled. We got up and left the house.

"Which car are we taking?" I really didn't want to run, but I didn't bring me truck.

"Your truck." He was looking around. "Where is it?"

"At my house. I rode my bike here."

"Oh um, we could run if you want."

"Sure that sounds great." Put a smile on my face and tried to hide how much I didn't want to do that.

"If you don't want to we could um, take my bike."

"Your bike?"

"Yeah I have a um, Hog. Do you know what that is?"

"Um, a pig?" He laughed.

"No, a Harley."

"Oh. Um, I don't know. I've never been on one before." I was kind of scared. He looked at me and smiled.

"It's my Hog or we run."

"Fine we can run." He smiled and pick me up. Holding me close he took off into the woods. I could feel the difference in the way that he and Edward ran. Edward runs for joy he doesn't care about what it feels like for me he just wants speed. What were people like called, oh yeah speed demons thats what he is. Jasper tried to make sure I didn't bounce too much. He thought about how he ran just like he would plan a battle. It was nice, so nice even opened my eyes. It was so pretty. It was kind of like looking out a car window when you were going about 90-100 miles.

"Now you open your eyes."

"I was scared before thats all."

"I know that. Can we go in the front door?"

"Sure let me get the key." He put me down and I looked though my pockets while walking up to the door. I ended up having to use the spare under the mat Jasper laughed a little. When we got inside he looked around and I remembered he'd never been in my house.

"Do you want a little tour?"

"Yeah that would be nice." He smiled and I started off to the kichen.

"This is the kichen. My mother painted the cabinets sky blue trying to bring some sunshine to this small rainy town. My father only put two chairs because thats all he ever needed. What with him being a bit of a loner and all." I went to one of the cabinets and got a thing of poptarts and put them in the toster. Then to be funny I looked him in the eyes and asked.

"I have some raw deer I'm sure I could get you a cup of blood if you want some. Do you?"

"I'm not sure if I should."

"Ok." My poptarts poped up I got them and started up stairs.

"Theres the bathroom. Thats my fathers room. Thats where we keep all the blankets. Thats um, the attic we don't go up there much." I stoped and opened my bedroom door and ran to my bed hiding my face for a min. I knew he knew I was upset, but I couldn't help it.

"Bella whats wrong?" He was rubbing my back. I sat up.

"Nothing Jasper i'm fine." I grabed my text book and opened it up to the part about the Civil War. "Okay so the test will mainly be about Major Whitlock and things he did in the war."

"What no way!"

"Yes why did you know him?"

"Bella I am Major Whitlock!"

"What no way!"

"Yes way. You are so going to ace this test." He then started to tell me all he could remember about his human life. By the time he told me everything it was about 4 a.m. so he asked if he could stay. I told him he could and he rubed my back till I fell asleep. When I woke up he was sitting in the rocking chair reading a book.

"Good morning." I yawned more then said.

"Good morning Bella." Put the book down up gave me a big smile. I stood up trying to walk over to my window, but as I took the first step my head started to swim and I blacked out.


As Bella slept I thought about me and Alice I always knew we weren't meant to be, or anything like that but still to know that Edward and her were never faithful is well hard. Edward knew Bella was meant for me but as far as she knew I was with Alice. Which I am but we are over just oh it's complicated okay. But Edward he was just leading her on he was fucking mad at her for going with Alice to "save" him. In his head it was all an act Alices "vistions" on the way there were fake they wanted her to die there. The only reson Alice saved her was because she saw my "dark side" aka The Major coming out to fucking play. Let me tell you now he don't play fucking nicely. He is a mean motherfucker the most badass motherfucker you will ever meet! It's taken everything I had to keep from ripping Fucking Edward apart. He just keeps pushing her around like shes a toy or something. I know Alice sees her as a doll to dress up and what not, but still he's her boyfriend he should treat her like a queen not a toy! If I were lucky enough to date Bella I would treat her right. I woundn't let Alice play with her. I wouldn't tell her who she can and can't talk to. I wouldn't tell her no for anything. I wouldn't fight with her over the fact she doesn't like people buying her things. If she didn't want to go out to eat I would make her something at home.

"Jasper?" I heard my angel say.

"Yes Bella?"

"Don't go."

"I won't." I looked at her it seemed like she was asleep still. Then I remembered Edward said she talked in her sleep.

"I need you. He'll get me if you don't. He's back Jasper he's back." She was geting scared and I knew she was having a nightmare. I send her some calm she smiled in her sleep. She was so pretty. I wished I could hold her in my arms. But I can't she's with Edward not me. I saw one of my fav. books on her nightstand, so wanting to get out of my life for a bit I started to read about Romeo's love life.