(Bella's POV]

The mall was crowed The Major at my side.

"What if this goes wrong what if they aren't ready?" He questioned in despair.

"Look I trust you, and I want this to end." I said showing him all of my love, faith, trust, and loultiy. His smile was small, but it was there none the less. He kissed my check.

"You're right," he sighed. I smiled and glanced around looking for the killer.

"There." I saw him walking up to The Major. Before I could warn him Killer X hit Jasper, who took over so that the Major would not lose his cool. Killer X had his hand over my mouth before I could even think of screaming, and was pulling me to a less crowded place. The last I saw of Jasper he was smiling my way trying to reassure that I would see him soon. Once we were in a less crowded place like Killer X wanted he knocked me out. I smiled as I fell into my happy place Jaspers arms around me, keeping me safe.

(Alice's POV]

I looked around for Jasper as I was let out of the vision. Bella was safe for now, and the kill was riding on a stolen motorcycle.

"It's time. Let's go." I said racing over to Jasper once I saw him.


"Yes, let's go." I cut Jasper off. Bella and jasper had become very close over the past two weeks. He helped her in school, made her whatever she wanted to eat, talked with her, really if Bella was there Jasper, or The Major, wasn't far away. Bella opened up to all of us telling us stories about Jakey, her time with the Pack, what she did when we left her here in Forks, everything. Bella really was part of the family now, and none of us wanted her in his hands. Sadly that's right where she was now, and we want her back NOW! We took off following the wolfs. They knew the killers scent, and could follow it easily. After almost four hours of running we ran into a small problem. Sam, I think, went and shifted back to human form. Yes it was Sam.

"He left town by bus. We can't follow him like. We lost his scent."

"Shit," or "Fuck," or "For the love of," was the main reply. Jasper on the other hand lost it. He roared, and I could hear both Jasper and the Major in that roar, and they ran for the mountains. Let's just say that Forks lost one of its many forest that day.