1 God, 13 Zodiac Members, 1 Rice Ball, and 1 Alchemist

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Tohru's POV

Hi, I am Tohru Honda. I am a first year at Kaibara High School. I made a promise to my mom when I started high school, before she died, that I would finish high school, so I am here to study hard to keep my promise. It wasn't easy though after my mom died I stayed with my grandfather on my dad's, who died when I was little of pneumonia, side of the family. After awhile he wanted to renovate his house so his daughter, my aunt and her family could live with us. During that time I started off in a tent but then the Sohmas, Shigure, Yuki, and later Kyo, stumbled across me. Since then I have been living a happy life with them as their friend and protector of their family secrete. There family is cursed by the 12 members of the zodiac and the cat, with Akito, the head of the family, as god. Yuki is the rat, Shigure is the dog, and Kyo is the year of the cat. At first I thought it was really weird but now it seems quite normal and things are finally quieting down. (Besides Kyo and Yuki always arguing and fighting about anything and everything.)

Yuki picked me up from work again tonight like he has for the last few days. It was really dark on the forest path we took to get back to Shigure's house. I wasn't watching where I was stepping and tripped on an uprooted tree root.

"Miss Honda, are you all right?" Yuki asked as he helped me up.

"I'm fine, I just wasn't watching where I was going and it is pretty dark."

"It does seem unusually dark tonight, I wonder why? We better hurry up and get home or Shigure will make perverted comments about what took us so long. I felt a slight blush spread across my face when he said that comment.

We walked in silence for a few feet and then out of the corner of my eye I saw a blue light and stopped walking.

"Miss Honda, what's wrong?"

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"A blue light."

"No I didn't. It must have been your imagination. You are tired and your brain in playing tricks on you."

Yuki is probably right, I'm just tired and I probably need a good nights sle-, the blue light flashed again the time brighter. No! There is something out there.

Yuki saw the light this time and looked concerned.

"Is that what you saw, Miss Honda?"

"Y-yes." I gasped as the next thought it appeared into my head. "What if its aliens? W-we should go tell someone! Or what if it is someone in need and they need help now!" Without thinking I started to run the direction of the blue light.

"MISS HONDA WAIT! IT'S NOT SAFE IN THERE! HOLD ON" Yuki was screaming at me but they where distant now, for I was running as fast as I could. I finally reached a clearing with a giant black painting on the ground that looked like it was made of many different circles.

Yuki then caught up to me, "Miss Honda, why did you-" He was cut off by a even brighter blue light that was so bright I had to squint my eyes and it sent all the birds flying from the trees.

Blue light disappeared and an eye appeared in the sky. The eye opened dropped a figure down on the ground with a thud. The eye disappeared and Yuki and I walked towards the figure. We saw that it was a boy that looked about to be twelve or thirteen. He had golden hair put up into a braid that was falling apart but I couldn't see the color of his eye cause they where closed. He wore a red coat with black pants and a black shirt with white gloves. He also seemed to be that he was unconscious.

"Al," the boy said still unconscious.

"Huh?" I said thinking out loud.

The boy quickly opened his eye and stood up and screamed, "ALPHONSE!" and then collapsed on the ground unconscious again.

"Miss Honda," Yuki walked up beside me placing a hand on the boys face, "he has a fever, we better take him back to Shigure's and call Hatori to come."

"Y-yes," I said getting to my feet. Yuki picked up the boy and began to walk back to the path we where on. "Is he to heavy?"

"No her is fine. I wonder what his name is," Yuki began to drift of into thought.

"And where he came from, considering how he got here," I added.

We finally got to Shigure's house.

"We are home!" I said like I always do.

"Oh, Tohru thank goodness you are alright!" Shigure's voice came from the living room. "I thought you might have gotten attacked by an animal, or fallen into a hole, or Yuki did something indecent to yo-." Shigure stopped talking when he saw the boy in Yuki's arms. "Oh, who is this?"

"We found him in the woods, we will tell you how later, but he has a fever so we need to call Hatori." Yuki told Shigure who sitting on the floor reading.

"Oh, you can put him in my bed, Yuki" I told Yuki because it looked like Yuki's arms where about to give out.

"Don't bother, Tohru," Kyo said walking into the room from hearing the conversation from the kitchen.

"Kyo are you really that heartless to not even let a poor boy lay in a bed when he is sick. I knew you where a beast, but to believe it would go this far, tsk, tsk." Shigure said shaking his head.

"Would you shut up? That was not what I was saying."

"Then what where you saying stupid cat?"

"Would you let me talk damn rat? As I was saying He couldn't use Tohru's bed because she wouldn't be able to sleep with him in there, especially a stranger that we have never met."

"Kyo does have a point," Shigure said nodding his head.

"What do you suggest then, since you are so smart, stupid cat?"

"He can sleep in my room and I will sleep on the couch."

Yuki went and put the boy in Kyo's bed and Shigure called Hatori. I got some cloths and a bowl of cold water and went to Kyo's room to try and reduce his fever.

When Hatori got there his fever had gone down some and he still had a slight one and to give him some medicine when he woke up. After putting a new wet cloth on his forehead I went down stairs.

We where all sitting at the table and it was Hatori who spoke first.

"Are you going to tell us how you found him?"

"Its kind of a complicated story," I began.

"And you might not believe us," Yuki said before I could say anything else. They started at us like a 'well?' kind of face.

After we told them the story there was a long pause of silence.

"An eye was in the sky?" Shigure said with a mixture of shock and horror on his face.

"That can't be true! The damn rat is making up lies."

"No Kyo, I saw it too."

"Miss Honda don't ague with idiots like him. Let him believe whatever he wants."

"Are you trying to say something damn rat?"

"Stop it you two," Hatori was the one who broke up the argument, "why don't we have him tell us his side of the story when he wakes up. All we can do now is get some rest wait for him to wake up, and if he wakes up tomorrow make sure to call me." Hatori was now walking out the door and to his car.

"Good bye Hatori!" I called as he got in his car. After he drove off I did as he instructed and went upstairs and changed into my pajamas and before going to bed I changed the cloth on the boys head again. When I got to my bed I pretty much collapsed from exhaustion from today's fiasco.

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