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Xavier Estate, Westchester, New York, 1978

Charles sat in his wheelchair, looking out of the window in his study overlooking the estate. His estate. Since his father had died the previous year, he had inherited the estate, including the vast network of tunnels his father had had built in the war as a safety measure. He'd had a considerable amount of work done to the tunnels, turning them into a state of the art facility with which he could do what he had decided to.

He'd come to realise that, had Eric been able to receive help with learning to fully control his abilities, Charles himself would not be in the wheelchair and Eric would not be suffering the guilt from it. To that end, he had decided to use the estate as a place from which he could train young mutants in how to properly control their abilities.

The large number of rooms in the mansion allowed him to begin to redesign it as a boarding school. His faculty so far included himself, Eric and Hank McCoy, the doctor who had helped Charles following him being confined to the chair, whom Charles had discovered possessed his own mutation that gave him almost simian abilities, including feet he could use in the same way as his hands, as well as greater strength, speed, agility, durability and stamina than most people, as well as apparently aging at around two thirds of the usual rate. He would need one or two more faculty members before he could open, but they were getting there.

As he began to look further into the grounds, he saw Eric's reflection in the window as he walked through the door behind Charles. Charles turned his chair around to face him, smiling at his friend, being met only with a grimace.

"There have been more riots, Charles." Eric said "How long do we need to let our fellow mutants endure this?"

"Eric, you have to give them a chance." Charles replied "We both know how humanity can grow and change."

"Well, in the meantime, what are we going to do?" Eric said "We can't even find other mutants to help them."

"Actually, Hank and I have been working on that." Charles said, beginning to wheel himself out of the room and towards the elevator "Follow me and I'll show you."


A few minutes later, down in the basement level below the estate, they came to a large circular door with an 'X' on it. Charles moved his chair to the keypad by it, keying in the code, causing the door to roll off to the other side. He moved into room beyond, followed by Eric.

The room was a large sphere, around 15 metres top to bottom and the same side to side. A large walkway led to a circular platform roughly 2 metres in diameter. It had a console coming up to a point level with Charles' chest. On the platform was a helmet like headset, attached to the console with a number of wires.

"It's called Cerebro." Charles said, answering Eric's enquiry about it before he could voice it "This machine will amplify my powers and allow me to use them to detect other mutants."

"Sorry, what was that?" Eric asked "Did you just say it will let you use your powers to detect mutants?"

"Yes." Charles replied, smirking slightly "Mutants and Humans have slightly different structures as to how their minds work. The end results are identical, but the processes are different, albeit only slightly. Cerebro lets me home in on those differences so as to detect other mutants. If I focus, I can see where they are and where they plan to go. Ready to go on a recruitment drive?"

Before Eric could answer, Charles picked up the headset and put it on then began to focus.


Xavier Estate, Westchester, New York, 1985

Charles sat in his office, reading the morning newspaper as he sipped his cup of tea. Hank and Eric were sat opposite him, each of them with their own drinks. Over the past seven years, they had recruited three new faculty members from different places and were almost ready to open the school.

Their first recruit as a teacher had been a young woman who had been working in a bar named Raven Darkholme. She had the ability to change her appearance, which seemed to also somehow hinder her aging, even more so than Hank's power. However, in her natural form, she possessed blue skin, something which she had been hiding ,for obvious reasons.

The second recruit to teach was a man named Warren Worthington III, a man whose father Charles had known as his Science professor while in University. Worthington possessed large white bird-like wings, giving him an almost angelic appearance. As well as that, he was possessing of a healing factor and a superior level of longevity to most.

The third and final new recruit was a young Japanese man called Shiro Yoshida. He had the power to create and manipulate fire, even being able to use it to fly. However, this ability seemed to have it's limits, seeming not to work as well without some kind of solar source.

"Well then, Charles, what now?" Eric said "We have our staff? Where do you propose we go from here?"

"I've been looking into that." Charles said "As you know, Hank and I have been spending a lot of time in Cerebro recently. We've modified it to record everything and everyone we find."

"You're keeping records now?" Eric said "Charles, this was already invasion of people's privacy, and now you're pushing it further?"

"Eric, I wasn't a big fan of the idea at first myself." Hank said "However, Charles and I talked it over and we agree, this is the best way to do this."

"I see." Eric said, putting his drink on the desk "Charles, what is the point in me staying here if you're going to keep me in the dark over everything?"

"Eric, this isn't me trying to keep you in the dark at all." Charles replied "I simply made the decision myself for the good of the school and the ease of recruitment to it."

"That's it." Eric said "Charles, you're my friend, but I can't do this anymore. I can't stay here while you dictate everything that happens, whether it's moral or not, and yet sit on your ass as our fellow mutants are attacked and killed on the streets every day. There's a war coming, Charles, and you're too concerned about your school."

Eric didn't give Charles a chance to counter the argument before getting up and walking out. Charles watched as his friend walked out and sighed before looking to Hank.

"He's right." Charles said "I'm getting so caught up in this school, I'm forgetting it's meant to be here to help train mutants to use their abilities."

"Well, there's no reason we can't do both." Hank said, grinning lightly at Charles "After all, I seem to recall you were something of a hero."

Charles sighed to himself. He knew Eric. If he thought there would be a war between humans and mutants, chances are, he would end up causing it. They needed to be ready to deal with Eric and whatever kind of force he would have. But whoever Charles got would need training, and would need to be ready to protect people who feared and hated them.

"Hank." He said after a long pause "Get any faculty members that haven't chosen to go with Eric. I know at least one or two will have. Any that remain, tell them we're going on a recruitment drive. The Xavier school for gifted youngsters is open for business."


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