AN: So, here's my first attempt at Cars fanficiton. After seeing Cars 2 yesterday, I was surprised to see there was no Mater/Holley fanficiton written. So, I did this up quickly to get the ball rolling. Intended to be a one-shot, though I may expand it if there's enough interest.

Disclaimer: If I owned Cars, I obviously wouldn't be writing fanfiction for it.

Holley took a deep breath before making her way to the field where she was going to meet Mater. It was taking everything she had to not turn and run right now. But she had to get this done, if not, she'd never be able to live with herself. She looked around; the sun had already set, leaving the stars to twinkle in the uncovered sky. There wasn't a soul out this late, and that's when she saw him pull up. Taking another long, deep breath, she drove her way over to him.

"Holley!" he hollered, overly excited to see his girlfriend.

"Hey, Mater." she smiled. Said smile then weakened, as she said, "I have some things to tell you."

"I have somethin really important to tell you, too!" He exclaimed, even happier than before.

"Can I ask you something first?" asked, clearly nervous.

"Sure, Holley." He said sincerely, more quietly. "You can ask me anything."

Another deep breath. You can do this she told herself. "Did you really mean what you said when Finn and I thought you were a spy? Am I really the smartest and prettiest car you've ever met?"

"Of course! And also the nicest." he answered while nodding fiercely. "You laugh at all my jokes, even when no one else thinks they're funny. You still wanted to date me even after you found out I wasn't a smart spy like you. When I told you about my dents, you didn't try to get rid of them, and you even kept yours after that. And, what I wanted to tell you earlier, was, I was thinkin about this real hard the last few nights, and, well, I love you Holley."

She froze. She wanted to swoon; she wanted to tell him she loved him back, as she had also recently come to that conclusion. She wanted to kiss him and stay in Radiator Springs with him and live happily ever after. But, she couldn't. She turned away from him, and on the verge of tears, informs him, "There's been an other assignment."

"That's okay." He said with a smile.

She sighed, hoping she wouldn't have to explain it further than that. "Mater," she tried again, "that means I have to go back Tokyo."

It started to sink in. "But, you'll be back, right?" he asked, his voice filled with both sadness and hope.

"I'm not a field agent." her voice was cracking on every word. "I work in the research department. Technical side of the operation. Once I go…"

"…You won't come back." he answered sadly.

"No, there's still a chance that I…"

"Just forget it!" he shouted as he began to drive away.

"Mater, please!" she cried. She began to chase him down the road, desperate to catch up with him. "Mater, come back!"

"Why? So you can tell me that you're leaving again?"

"Do you think I want to leave you?" she asked, now clearly crying. "You think I want to abandon the man I love and never see him again? Do you know what I would give to just stay here in Radiator Springs with you? But it's my job! My dream! I can't just…I can't…" and that's when she completely breaks down "I can't choose!"

What she's doing now is far beyond crying, she's breaking down into furious sobs. "Shh, shh." Mater tries to comfort her. "It's okay," he tells her, "it's all going to be okay." He says it not only for her belief, but for his own.