Okay, so I know I should be working on Deafening Silence, but I'm on a serious Romana tangent at the moment, and after watching something on YouTube I really couldn't resist. And frankly, my muse is anything BUT River/Doctor at the moment, it's kind of halfway in terms of Aliya/Doctor, and completely set on Romana/Doctor, so bear with me!

So this was inspired by a youtube vid, and while I'm not copying, I simply have to write my own version of Romana opening a fob watch after the Time War and remembering herself, because I can't get it out of my head.


This is only the prologue, explaining how she got to Earth and everything, it's really bad and unoriginal, but I needed to get this bit out of the way so I can get to the bit I actually want to write!

This is my first time writing Romana, so please let me know what you think!

Romana felt fatigue fill her dying body as she fled from her prison cell, and through the Citadel corridors.

Rassilon had predictably had her imprisoned after he overthrew her and took the Presidency for himself, and without meaning to, caused her body enough harm that her body was beginning to show signs of regeneration. However, this one was slow in building, and she was grateful for that.

Running was something that she hated herself for doing, but she knew that her choice was either this or permanent death. And in death, she would not be helping anyone. It was run, or rot in a cell until the war ended and then some.

She kept telling herself this as she ran, because every inch of her hearts were screaming at her for abandoning her people and telling her to go back to them.

She wished she knew where the Doctor was. But he had gone to fight on Arcadia, and the connection with Arcadia had been lost over two days ago. She hoped he was alive with all of her hearts.

Looking through the TARDIS bay frantically, she saw her Type 90 stashed away in a corner, still with the appearance of a Trandonian tree. The blue leaves mixed with the green made it recognisable.

Once inside her TARDIS, every movement she made had to be forced with every fibre of her mind as her hearts pushed for her to go back.

Even as she felt the regeneration pressing on her, she continued to prepare the Chameleon Arch for use, pushing her short black hair behind her ears every time it fell in front of her eyes.

Romana thought she could hear alarms outside her TARDIS, but paid them no attention as she took off from Gallifrey and set the course for Earth. Once the TARDIS was on its way, Romana stepped away from the console.

The regeneration energy burst, and she felt her entire body change amongst the gold fire. After what seemed like an eternity it faded, and Romana's fourth life began.

However, she knew it was soon to be put onto long term postponement as she settled herself in the Chameleon Arch and activated it. Every cell of her body was changing into one of a completely different structure, and she did her best not to scream as the agony tore through her.

The process completed and the very human Romana fell to the floor, a golden fob watch clutched firmly in her delicate hand.

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