There goes the neighbourhood.

Chapter 1.

The women of the neighbourhood stood crowding the street. They watched as builders and decorators buzzed in and out of one of the many large houses in the up market cul-de-sack in a up market part of Toronto.

"This is two lots of new neighbours in a week..." One woman said shaking her head. There was a mumbling of agreement from the others as they continued to watch.

The mansion like building had been a hive of activity for days. A small French Canadian man rushed about the gated driveway, ordering about the men with the tools. He barked orders and threw his hands around in an odd, yet very camp fashion.

"I'm going over there." Another one of the women said. She lived directly across the street and was more than curious at the activity. She pushed passed the other women and marched over to the open gates, wondering in and up to the little interior designer.

"Excuse me." She tapped the small man on the shoulder. He turned and the look he gave her was one of disgust.

"I'm sorry, are you meant to be in here? You're on private property you know."

The neighbour seemed taken aback.

"Erm...yes. I know. I was just wondering, who's moving in?"

The little Frenchman seemed even more disgusted with her.

"That's none of your business. My clients are private people. They would not like me gossiping to their soon-to-be neighbours. If you're so curious, wait till they move in to ask questions. Not that you'll get much." He sneered and returned to his work.

Down the street, Logan wiped his hands on the dirty old cloth hanging from his back pocket of his jeans. He watched and listened as the neighbourhood women nosed around the new neighbour's yard and pestered their workmen.

He shook his head and looked back down at his motorbike, picking up a spare coil and examining it as his wife Nikki wondered round to the garage.

"What's up with them?" she asked him, staring off at the other women as she leaned against the door.

"New neighbours..." Logan grunted and tossed the coil back into the tool box.

"Really?" she asked, a little surprised. "I don't remember the agent saying anything about more new neighbours when we brought this place..." Her gaze drifted to Logan. "Are you even listening?"

"Yea...I'm just...busy." He grunted through gritted teeth again as he sat down on the floor and began to fiddle with the bike.

Nikki rolled her eyes and turned back to the fuss down the street.

"Maybe I should bake a pie...take it round when they arrive..." she mused out loud.

"Are you serious?" Logan gave her a sceptical look.

"Pfft, no." Nikki laughed. "I'll take round a crate of beer instead!"