Chapter 9

Victor watched as his son with Nikki, Vincent, rolled around the cul-de-sac on his new bike Nikki had brought him for his birthday.

Victor had brought the boy nothing, yet again. But that was usual. He'd never really been a hands-on father with the boy, especially since his son had begun to hit on his wife.

"Have you seen this?" He snarled through his teeth to Lottie sat in the parlour behind him.

Lottie was a great fan of body modification and had a tattoo artist on call 24-7. Said artist had seated himself behind her and was working on Lottie's full back piece as she lay on the chaise Lounge face down. Her healing factor made her passion hard to maintain. It was made even harder with Victor's careless claws. The artist was working on the claw marks that had healed, leaving blank skin through the centre of her tattoo.

"Have I seen what lover?" She purred, the vibration of the tattooist's needle sending her to sleep.

"Nikki brought the brat a bike."

"Brat? Bike?" Lottie cracked a sleepy eyelid to look at him as he seethed at the window.

"Vincent!" Victor snarled again and turned from the window. He stepped over Slade who was chewing the leg of a side table and moved toward his wife and her tattooist.

"What about him love?"

"Nikki's brought him a fucking motor bike!"

Lottie's tattooist finished the black lines on her back and turned away from a moment to get the colour ready; this allowed her to reluctantly sit up a little.

"So? There's nothing bad about that…."

Dropping down into a large leather chair across from her, Victor glowered gripping the arms of the chair tightly, his claws threatening to tear the leather.

"Don't do that darling…" Lottie sighed and lay down again as the tattoo artist began work once more. "I don't know why you're upset." She muttered over to her husband. "Your ex-lover has brought your son and hers a motor bike for his birthday. He had to have something. You didn't get him anything…again."

"And you did!" Victor snapped back. "There was no need to go out and spend all that money on him."

"He's technically my step son….of course I'm going to spoil him on his birthday."

"Your just encouraging him." Victor grumbled, his eyes fixated on the tattooist's needle.

"I'm being nice." Lottie growled. "Buying him gift for his birthday is the nice thing to do Victor. As his father, you should know that."

His lips pulled back into a snarl and Victor leant in. "He sniffs around you like a dog in heat as it is….I don't need you givin' him fuckin' cause ta think he can."

The tattooist coughed uncomfortably and turned to dip his needle into the red ink sat on the coffee table behind him. Lottie glared at her husband in anger. How dare he bring up their dirty laundry in front of someone outside the family.

"Get out of this room now Victor. I don't want to talk to you until you've calmed the fuck down and grown up!…." And with that, she laid her head down on the chaise Lounge, her face turned away from him.

Victor stood and stormed from the room, leaving Lottie to be tattooed in peace.

Outside the door, he nearly fell over Vicky, who was wondering around aimlessly, carrying one of the Creed's pet cats. He pet her and the cat's head and stalked off into toward one of the many doors in the hall, opening it and ascended up the secret stairs to the torture chamber he's created, ready to torture any unsuspecting victim….and mail men…..


Logan leant against his Harley Davidson, beer in hand, watching his step son on his new bike. It was all Nikki's idea. Personally, Logan thought he should still be on a pedal bike.

"Be careful Vinny." Nikki cooed and shifted Ronny on her hip. Vincent tried to do a wheelie and failed horribly, wobbling and skidding. He managed to right himself before he could fall and laughed it off.

"Listen to your mom Vinny." Logan called.

The young lad shrugged and did another lap of the street. As he reached the far end and turned and saw the Creed's gate opening. Lottie stepped out, her backless summer dress floating around her as she moved.

"Hey pretty lady!" He chuckled and whistled at her as he drove toward her. She smiled and stopped, brushing her hands over the fabric of her dress, flattering it down.

"Hello birthday boy." She laughed softly and stepped forward cupping his face between her hands and kissing his nose gently.

Vincent flushed and grinned brightly.

"You look pretty today." He said, taking one of her hands and holding it tightly.

"And you look macho." She grinned in return. Freeing her hand, Lottie traced the handlebar of the motorbike and looked on it admiringly. "This is beautiful." She remarked. "You'll be driving a Harley Davidson soon like your dad and Logan and me."

"And captain America." Vincent shrugged sheepishly.

"We should start a club…" Lottie smirked.

She continued to admire the bike for a moment more before looking up to see Nikki approaching.

"I had to buy him something extra big…to make up for his dad's lack of interest." She signed and ran and hand through the blonde hair her son had inherited from his father.

"I'm sorry Nikki. I did try." Lottie frowned.

"I know." The other woman smiled. "It's ok though. You're not too eaten up by it are you Vinny?" Vincent shook his head.

"I was just pleased to spend the day with Lottie yesterday. Thank you, by the way." He swooned and looked gooey eyed at Lottie.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." She cooed back and pulled him into a cuddle. Vincent immediately buried his face against her chest, purring happily as she stroked his hair.

"Where's Vic?" Nikki asked. Ronnie mewed and began to fuss on her hip but was quickly quietened when her mother offered her the house keys to chew.

"He's in his special room."

"Special room?"

Leaning in and eyeing Logan across the street, Lottie whispered. "He's in his torture room."

"You actually let him have one this time?" Nikki whispered back in surprise.

"I had too. He was such a good boy over the last few months and I said that if he was good and he cleaned up in there himself he could have one." Lottie grinned. "He's in there at the moment torturing the mail man."

Nikki slapped her forehead and sighed heavily. "That bastard…."

"What?" Vincent looked up from Lottie's chest.

"I've been waiting two weeks for a package I ordered for Tayla. I've been calling the mail office every morning, busting balls about not getting it. They said our mail man hadn't been in for ages. Now I know why. He's in Victor's 'special room'!"


Loki, the God of Mischief and chaos had few weaknesses. He was a terror and a danger to mortal life as the world knew it. So dangerous, he had been responsible for the creation of the Avengers.

However…his evilness could be easily calmed…but Lottie's cupcakes.

Lottie stood at the sink, washing the fine glassware by hand while the master of mayhem sat at her wooden kitchen table, stuffing his face with the cupcakes Lottie had made fresh every morning.

"I was wondering if I should add vanilla next time." She mused out loud.

"I think I like these treats just fine like this." Loki mumbled through his mouthful of cupcake.

"Thank you." She smiled. "Maybe a different frosting then?"

"Green." Loki said simply, licking his lips.

"Green frosting?" Lottie bit her lip and looked absently out the window as she through.

"Green and gold to be exact." The God scoffed.

"You can get eatable gold y'know." She informed him, looking over at Loki from the window.

"Why would one wish to eat gold? Surely it is worth nothing in one's gut."

"I don't think it's meant to be worth anything." Lottie laughed. "It's just for appearances mostly. For rich, former soviet Russians and Chinese and filthy rich Arabs who like the idea of eating their earnings."

"I do not understand why you Midgardians believe you must waste riches in such stupid manners." Loki grumbled and licked his fingers after finishing his third cupcake. Lottie tossed him a glance over her shoulder and cocked an eyebrow.

"Don't eat too many of those sweetheart. You'll be sick."


"Yes Loki?"

"You appear to be mothering me once more."

"Sorry my deviant little cupcake."

Loki cringed at the pet name she had attached to him. "Why must you insist on calling me that?" He ground out.

"Because you are a deviant little cupcake to me." She smiled.

Before Loki could give a smart reply, Victor appearing in the doorway and trudged into the room. Growling, he started opening cupboard and rummaging through them. He was covered in blood, of which, he got everywhere as he touched stuff and moved around.

Loki watched Lottie twitch and force a smile.

"What are you doing lover?" She asked him through gritted teeth, her eye still twitching as he continued to touch things.

"I need my thing…" He grumbled and opened the fridge, smearing blood across the gleaming white exterior Lottie had only finished scrubbing not half an hour ago.

Loki sat in silence watching closely as Lottie finally snapped and with lightning speed, grasped her husband's wrist before he was able to open another draw.

"You're getting blood everywhere dearest!" She hissed her eyes white.

Victor glanced around at the bloody trail he'd left in his wake and shrugged. "Sorry babe." He kissed her cheek and turned to leave again, muttering how his 'thing' wasn't in there anyway.

Loki slowly chews another cupcake, his eyes fixated on Lottie has her chest heaved and her whole body twitched. It was quite fascinating really. He'd never known anyone whose desire to clean was so strong that they'd kill anyone to keep their home spotless. Lottie was quite rare and rather fun.


"Yes, Loki?" She hissed.

"….I think your husband just got blood on your kitchen area…."

Inhaling deeply, Lottie turned to Loki, her face stony and her eyes totally white. "Get. Out." She said calmly, but it was very obvious she was fit to burst under the surface.

Panicking, Loki collected up as many cupcakes as he could carry and ran for the back door, giggling all the way.


"Hi old man." Vincent grinned as he pulled up in front of the Creed's open garage later that day. Victor was in there, play about with one of his bikes. He glanced up at the boy and cocked an eyebrow before going back to whatever he was doing.

"Maybe… we could go for a ride sometime…" Vincent continued to grin, unfazed by Victor attempt to ignore him.

"No." came the simple reply.

"Ok then… maybe Lottie will c-…!"

Before he could finish, Victor lunged at him and grabbed his throat, pulling him off his bike and slamming him up the wall of the garage.

"Let's get one thing straight…" He snarled in the boy's face. "You ain't a man, you ain't even a young man yet. Yer a boy. An' my wife, ain't interested in a boy like you. So do yerself some fuckin' good an' stay away from 'er 'cos yer playin' with tha big boys."

Vinny gasped and mumbled, trying to free himself.

"Just think 'bout it son." Victor sneered. "Look who Lottie's screwed around with in tha past. Me. Omega red. Tha runt. Vampires. Werewolves." Snorting, he dropped his son onto the concrete floor. "You ain't even a love bite on that."


Both Victor and Vinny looked up to see Vicky sat on the top step, holding her cat.

"What is it baby?" Victor asked sweetly. The stark difference in how he treated his different children was obvious.

"Don't hurt Vinny kitty." She pouted, hugging her already overly smothered pet. "I know he's a dick, but it makes me and Grim sad!" She said, holding up her young black cat.

Vinny got to his feet swiftly, Victor growling softly in warning as the boy jumped back on his bike and sped off down the drive.