Fanny's turn! Hehehe! Fanny! HEHEHEHE! BUTT!

Fanny slept peacefully in her bed one night, unaware of the small pebbles that dropped from her ceiling. In a few seconds, the ceiling gave way and the Nightmare King dropped in, holding a beer. He then stood up, dizzily, and looked at Fanny. "Oh, thank God I didn't land on her this time!" he said as he drank his beer. "Ahhh… Man I wish I could remember how to fly." He took another drink. "O-KAY! Let's give you a nightmare, FANNY!" he exclaimed, bursting into more laughter. "Ha ha ha! Fanny! Hehehehe. Okay, let's do this."

Inside her nightmare, Fanny awoke to find herself in what looked like some giant carpet. "Huh? Where am I?" she asked herself, looking around. She then looked up and quickly jumped out of the way as a giant toenail almost fell on her. "GROSS! What the-?" She looked up to see a giant Patton on his bed, clipping his toenails.

"You know, the Delightful Children had the right idea. Toenail saving's a good hobby!"

Fanny quickly dodged as another toenail almost crushed her. "THAT'S DISGUSTING!" At that instant, she looked up to see another one coming down, but was too late to dodge as it landed on her, the weight of it holding her down. "Ugh! PATTON! HELP!"

"Well, that's the last of them." Patton said. "Now to put 'em in a jar." With that, Patton grabbed a jar and began picking up and dropping his toenails inside. When he picked up the one on Fanny, her shirt was stuck to it and she was lifted up as well.

"NO! PATTON! WAIT! IT'S ME, FANNY!" But despite her cries, Patton didn't hear, and Fanny was dropped into the jar of toenails. "NOOOOOO!"

Fanny finally awoke from her nightmare, gasping for air and shivering in fear. "T-T-T-Toenails! S-So many t-toenails! Huh?" She then looked over to see the Nightmare King drinking his beer. He stopped his drinking to look at Fanny.

"Oh, GOOD, you're up! Now, I-I need you to-to take a letter, FANNY!" He laughed a bit. "Okay, okay. Ahem. 'Dear Gamewizard2008: I HATE YOU! You-You're REALLY mean! You-You're a JERK, okay? A great big JERK! I wanted-I wanted to do the Teen Titans, but NOOOO! You had to like Kids Next Door better! You-You had to want me to-to scare them'!" He panted. "Okay, that's it. Did-Did ya get all that, FANNY?"


"Okay, g-great. I'll-I'll see you later. I have to go scare…" he belched. "Rachel. Ugh. I'm gonna try and fly again. Okay? Okay." With that, he charged and jumped out the window, landing on the ground again. "AH-OWWWW! You-You know what? I'll just DRIVE there!" He then pressed a button on his remote, summoning his car. Fanny watched as he drove down the street, causing all sorts of property damage along the way.

Yes, the Nightmare King is a klutz. And Fanny's Nightmare is GROSS! Alright, next time (BELCH!) Rachel.