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I'm no hero –

Minato stared at Naruto as he just sat there reading a book. He couldn't believe that it came down to this. For 18 years he had allowed Naruto to drift away from wanting to become a ninja. Naruto had become a book dealer at an early age to escape from the life he had to live. He left the village and started down the path of buying and selling books, at the age of 10. It took years but they finally managed to find him in one of the cities of the Western lands where he became a trader.

"Could you repeat that?" Naruto said to the old man. Looking behind him he saw his mother along with his twin sister.

"The Akatsuki have taken all but two of the tail beasts. Sooner or later they're going to find you," Minato said wanting to make things right.

"You need to comeback with us back to the village so we can train you in our family art," Kushina said happy to see her son again.

"Brother please we need you back," Nanato said having change since she last saw her brother. After he left she changed from being joyful and leading others. Becoming the quite one who just goes along with what others ask of her. Both her parents tried to snap her out of it but she just never got the spark back that she use to train with.

"And why should, I?" Naruto ask. "You're the one that was groom to be the hero of the village while, I was left alone to be beaten by the villagers that Minato allowed to beat me?"

"After you left, I had all the villagers that beat you have an arm cut off. I know it isn't much," Minato said knowing that it was little too late to punish the villagers after his son left.

"It isn't," Naruto snaps.

"Naruto please the Toads said that a child born from two great ninjas would hold the power to save the Element Countries," Kushina said.

"So that's the reason why you're here. You two thought it would be Nanato who was the one which is why you only cared about her," Naruto said glaring at them.

"I'm sorry," Nanato said. "I wish, I was the one who was given the soul of the demon fox instead of you. That way you would have been the one that was loved instead of me."

"It doesn't matter," Naruto said. "I'm not going to be a ninja."

"Naruto please we need you to comeback with us so you can be train to control the power you have inside of you," Minato said.

"And how are you going to do that?" Naruto ask. "How can you train me to become a ninja now that, I'm this old? You two never cared to teach me anything before. How can, I become powerful or skilled enough to control the power inside of me? It takes years for someone to gain control of chakra which you two never bothered to show me. And that's only for basic jutsus not the advance ones that are needed for what you're talking about? So tell me even if, I did comeback with you how are you going to teach me 10 years worth of teaching in such a short amount of time?"

Minato and Kushina were lost for words. They never taught their son anything while he was still living with them only teaching their daughter instead. They only had a short amount of time to get ready to fight the Akatsuki less then a year if their lucky. How could they train their son to become a ninja with the skills needed to beat them?

"My rides leaving," Naruto said closing his book and walk off to catch the boat that was about to sail off.

"Brother you're not even going to try?" Nanato ask.

"Why should, I try when, I just don't care what happens to the Element Countries or any of you," Naruto said coldly to her. "They thought you were the hero that would save them. Too bad it was me who should have been seen as the hero. But, I'm no hero. Not anymore, I'm just a trader who needs to get to the next trade post before they sell out fish oil that is selling well in Doncart."

Minato watch as his son step onto the boat as it began sailing down the river. Kushina was crying seeing how far it came to this. And Nanato saw that her brother no longer wanted to be apart of their family. Leaving them to face the upcoming battle without the hero who would be able to make all the difference. All they got now was her the hero that wasn't the hero.


Author's Notes

1 – Anyone know of any fics where Naruto's parents comeback to the village only for Naruto to hate them?