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In Snake Mountain Skeletor watched the screen as Naruto trains with Butcher. He couldn't believe what he's seeing, it's like he's back home facing against He-Man. If Naruto in that form is anything like He-Man, then things will be like how it was back home. But of course unlike the noble He-Man, Naruto wasn't fighting for any cause or believed in fighting evil. He's only fighting because his former village is paying him to fight for them.

"Keep an eye on all shipments to and from the Leaf Village. I want every wagon, every horse and buggy, even pack train destroyed," Skeletor said.

"Why is that?" Evil-Lyn ask.

"The only reason Naruto is even here to fight is because he's being paid to do so. If the payments stop he will just leave," Skeletor said.

"So we just stop the flow of shipments to the Leaf Village?" Evil-Lyn ask.

"What you expect me to come up with a complex plan to kill him?" Skeletor ask.

"Well... yes," Evil-Lyn said.

"It would keep him from ever being a thorn at my side. If the attack were to fail then Naruto would have a personal reason to fight. Which I don't want to give to him a personal stake in this," Skeletor said.

"So what's the plan in dealing with him till then?" Evil-Lyn ask.

"To avoid harming him or his friends. If I'm guessing right he won't go out of his way to save anyone else. Seeing how he either hates or doesn't care about anyone in the Leaf Village," Skeletor said.

"I can just set the warriors from targeting him or his friends," Tri-Klops said.

"Tri-Klops contact Faker, I have a special mission for him," Skeletor said before he turned to the shadows. "Ninjor."

Ninjor step out of the shadows.

"I want you to spy on Naruto, and his friends. I want everything you can discover about them to be revealed to me," Skeletor said.

Ninjor nodded and step back into the shadows.

"Well now this isn't like you," Evil-Lyn said.

"We're too close for it to all fall apart now," Skeletor said. "I don't want Naruto to become a hero like He-Man."

"We could just not bother with the Leaf Village and focus on the other ninjas," Tri-Klops said.

"Not to mention how with what we have seen he doesn't like being in the village and many don't like him either," Evil-Lyn adds.

"Yes that's a good idea. Naruto can't be everywhere at once. And with him just sitting around in the village that he hates and vice verse it just be a matter of time before something sparks the powder-keg," Skeletor said. (1)


Author's Notes -

1 –Sometimes all the villain has to do to win is do nothing. Which doesn't happen very much in fiction.