We had reached my home much quicker by feet than by car; proving just how superior vampires are. I had to wonder if things like stakes and crosses were true or not – it seemed like a kind of important fact for me to know – but even if they were, I had a hard time seeing how humans could kill us. We were after all far superior in strength, speed, and all that; and if that didn't work, we could just dazzle them with our sparkles. Badass.

Egill looked at me with his hand on the door, appearing nervous.

"Yao is sad", he said. "And worried." That was kind of natural, so I didn't question it. He was always worrying about his "baby" and stuff, so; "about Ivan." Ah. What the hey, mum? I am pretty sure your hugeass boyfriend will be just fine.

Then Egill did that thing that seems so out of place on his cute little face; he smirked. "Jealous?"

"No", I said. I did not feel like my mother of the last 17 years of my life should care about me more than some homicidal vampire, not at all.

"Relax", Egill said. "He doesn't even know that you and I were there. Ivan told him we were out hunting… so that's the story we're sticking with." Fine by me. Egill was really awesome, picking up my mood like that. He deserved a reward, so I kissed his cheek, unimaginative as I apparently was. He smiled slightly back, and opened the door, so we could get inside.

At once when he heard the door open Yao must have flown up from the sofa, because he dashed out of the living room to meet us almost at vampiristic speed (what, Shakespeare made up words; so can I). When he saw that it was me he stopped, eyes quite wide and red from crying. Dammit, what's with parents looking pained making me feel guilty? No fair man.

Egill took a nervous step towards Yao. "It's all right", he said. "Mi- Jia-Long is not out of control… he's okay." Yao looked at me, appearing a bit wary, but then suddenly hugging me instead. There there, I thought when I hugged him back, rolling my eyes for Egill to see. He smiled slightly.

"You're cold", Yao noted numbly, when he stopped the hugging. "Like Ivan." Note to mothers everywhere; don't compare your sons to your boyfriends. It's even creepier than that odd "who's your daddy?" phrase that seems to promote incest.

When Yao had finally let go of me I went to stand by Egill instead, but wished that my vision wasn't so great that I had to see how Yao was tearing up anyway.

"So… you will be staying with me again, right?" he asked. "Ivan does, and he's also a… so it works, right?" He sounded really heartbroken.

I looked at Egill, which was good, since it meant I could escape my feelings of guilt towards Yao, to see what he had to say.

"No", Egill responded upon noticing my look. "Well, it's your call", he told me. "But my family is moving. Hopefully with you."

"Of course", I said. Poor Yao, I guess, but he had Ivan at least, and three other lame vampires. Okay, the Estonian internet-café guy was kind of fun, even though I had been kind of disgusted by his collection of round, white and creepy looking plushies behind the disk, but the other two were… at least not very threatening.

"We can stay in touch", I promised Yao. "There's like, no rule against vamps using internet."

"Don't say vamps", Egill interrupted, but I paid him no mind. Vamps was quicker to say than vampires – sorry for being a teen.

"So, I promise to like, mail you and stuff."

"But what about Arthur?" Yao asked. "What do I tell him?" Oh… that was right. "If I tell him the truth, he would hire a hunter, or-"

Here, I was going to say "I don't think he'd believe you" but then I remembered; Arthur was a nutcase when it came to the supernatural. I wonder if the "faeries" that he believed in had warned him of the fact that Egill's family were vampires; if so, he could probably figure out what had happened.

"Don't tell him anything", Egill interrupted Yao. "He can't know. You shouldn't know, either… well, not that Ivan listens to the Vargas's rules... But just ignore Mr. Kirkland." That's easier said than done.

"But he-"

"He will be fine", Egill muttered. "He has that kid he likes, who's 18 and legal soon." Ah, thank you for reminding me that my dad was after jailbait. Or the other way around. "And then another kid to raise… he will be fine."

There was some truth to his words, I suppose, and I was much relieved that I did not have to explain Alfred and his relation to my dad to Yao. And if we got technical, I guess I couldn't accuse Alfred of being jailbait when I was in a much more dubious relationship… age-wise.

Our conversation had to end then, for I heard someone approaching from the outside – and smelled vampire blood. Egill and I stepped out of the way when the door opened, and a creepily joyful Ivan appeared, smiling down at Yao. He was bleeding and his clothes were torn.

"Ivan, what-"

"I am all right", Ivan assured him and scooped Yao up in his arms, like he always did in time for them to have some grown-up wrestling in the nude (as they told me when I was younger; 14). Judging from Egill's blush as he read their thoughts my suspicion was confirmed.

"We're going", I announced. "Have fun…" Why did I say that?

"Wait", Yao called. "Put me down", he told Ivan who did so with a murderous look at me. What?

Yao hugged me tightly again, avoiding to transfer some of the blood Ivan had bled on him over on my clothing. I hugged back, because I thought this was the last time – perhaps forever, perhaps only for a while – that I would do so. We were leaving at once.

Outside were two cars, where Egill's family was waiting. So I bid Yao farewell, dramatically, and then left the home with Egill. It was around 3 a.m., but for an insomniac vampire it didn't really affect me.

Now the question was; what car; riding with Lukas and Mikkel, or Dr. Oxenstierna and Tino. The answer was obvious, so why did Egill drag me to Lukas and Mikkel's car? And what about the silver Volvo? Was it destined to perish in the garage of their old home in Forks? And why did we have to travel by cars, when we were much faster by foot? I suppose it was a bonding experience, and maybe vampires thought it was fun to waste oil…

Since we were in the backseat, I had to deal with Lukas giving me the bad eye through the rear-wiew mirror, but Mikkel at least was only focused on the road as he drove. Our car followed Dr. Oxenstierna's, to destination unknown.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"China", said Lukas. "We're dumping you there."

"I'm from Hong Kong", I said. "So if you're dumping me, do it there." Beat sarcasm with sarcasm, wisdom from internet teaches.

"You're from Hong Kong?" Mikkel asked, stopping the car and making me happy that we, as vampires, would survive a car crash. Probably… I'd have to ask Egill. But there weren't any other vehicle on the road, so we were okay. "That's awesome! They have those awesome fight movies", Mikkel exclaimed.

Had I just heard that correctly? Mikkel had thought something about me was "awesome"? Lukas appeared just as puzzled; but also highly annoyed.

"Man, Egill, why didn't you tell us?" Mikkel said. "Hong Kong is so much cooler than China." He had a point. One I would love to shove in Yao's face.

But this was curious, if my observation was correct it meant that Lukas disliked me because I was dating his younger brother, but Mikkel had only disliked me because I was Chinese. Being a Hong Konger was apparently (and really) so much better, for him.

"I didn't tell you", Egill mumbled in annoyance, glaring at me. "Because he didn't tell me."

"Sorry?" I tried.

"I told you that I am Icelandic-"

"You are Norwegian", Lukas exclaimed, rather loudly. "How many times do I need to repeat that?"

"I am Icelandic", Egill protested his brother. Since the car was stopped, those in the front seat had turned to look at us.

"Our mother was Norwegian. Out father was Norwegian. I am Norwegian. You are Norwegian", Lukas said calmly, but with a very evil edge. So was I dating a Norwegian or an Icelandic boy? I was getting confused.

"I was born on Iceland", Egill said. "We grew up on Iceland." He also appeared to get annoyed. "Why does it matter to you? You're so childish…" But apparently it mattered to Egill as well; that adorable little hypocrite.

"Iceland was part of Norway", Lukas said.

"And Den-"

"And Denmark", Lukas added, since apparently that was important to Mikkel who had butted in. "Unless you were born after 1944, when Iceland became a republic, you're not Icelandic. And you're not that young, no matter how you look."

"But I am Icelandic", Egill said. "And why do you only say that I'm older than I look when it's convenient for you?"

I don't know why, but for some reason, watching Egill get so fired up over this was a turn on. And apparently, Mikkel was in the same state of mind, about Lukas.

"I say we have a vote", Mikkel decided. "Those in favor of-"

"This is stupid", Lukas sighed, presumably because Mikkel had spoken, and he leaned back in his seat. "We both know the truth… Snorri and I."

… Snorri? Was that…

"Agh!" Egill almost yelled, which was extremely fun to watch. "You promised! You promised you would never call me that in front of him…" So it was true. Egill's real name… Snorri. That sounded kind of like that name slashers gave the Snape and Harry couple from Harry Potter; Snarry, didn't it? Fun for everyone.

It was adorable, though, for Egill was hiding his blushing face in his palms and shying away from me. He really hated that name… it made me almost not want to call him that. But my tendencies to tease him took over… the fact that he wanted to hide that name because he thought it sounded awful was too much.

"It's okay", I told him and pat his back. "Snorri." Lukas smirked, I could tell in the rear-view mirror, and Mikkel chuckled.

"See?" Egill groaned. "I told you not to tell him…"

"Man, this is awesome", Mikkel chuckled. "If China-boy" – didn't we just establish that I'm from Hong Kong? – "also wants to tease Egill… I mean, Snorri…" How neat. Common ground, finally.

"Please… Big brother", Egill suddenly said, and he leaned for the front seat, looking at Lukas. "Please stop bullying me… please?" Apparently, that did the trick.

"Mikkel, call him that again and I will chop off your balls", Lukas said coldly to his boyfriend while Egill settled in the backseat, cheeks red as a tomato. "And that goes for you too, Michael", Lukas added. "Better yet, I'll use chopsticks in your case." I knew I couldn't escape a joke about chopsticks, being Asian and all, but somehow I suspected Lukas was not joking, and his words were better taken seriously.

There was apparently a code between the brothers; Lukas wouldn't call Egill "Snorri" if Egill called him "big brother". Fair deal, huh? It seemed like only Lukas was winning, but that was how much Egill hated "Snorri". It made me feel kind of bad for him, actually.

"Sorry", I told Egill softly. "I won't call you that again, like, ever." He offered me a smile, and gave me a peck on the lips. I suppose he didn't want to do more in front of his brothers, but well… the fight earlier had got me hot, what can I say? So I put my hand on the back of his head to prevent him from leaning back, and kissed him again, then deepening the kiss.

Somehow I ended up lying atop him in the back seat, with his arms encircling my neck as we kissed, "devouring each other passionately", you could say. That is, until the collar of my shirt was pulled and I was dragged off him.

"Defile my brother when I'm not here to witness it", Lukas said coldly. I took it as a sign of him giving us his blessing.

"Okay", I agreed, even though Egill looked absolutely delicious as he too sat up. "So where are we really going?"

"Russia", said Mikkel. "Ivan said we can stay at his place there." I was not sure I wanted to.

"Berwald and Tino are the only ones of us speaking Russian", Egill muttered. "I'll have to learn…"

"Well, I only speak Danish, so it's even harder for me", Mikkel said.

"You speak English too", I said, feeling the need to point that out, since this conversation was in English after all.

"Oh, that's right", Mikkel said. "Forgot that."

"Moron", Lukas said. What a loving relationship they had.

Apparently the "Baltic trio", as they referred to the Estonian guy and his two pals, specialized in fake IDs and stuff like that for vampires. To make things easier for me they had kept their current names on their new passports, and even made me 18 so I could travel freely. My poor boyfriend had his saying that he was 15 however, which he whined about to Lukas when he handed us the passports.

We had travelled, when Mikkel had started the car again, to an airport that would take us via Iceland to Russia. I had not ever expected myself to be moving to Russia of all places, but I suppose, why not? We were practically immortal, so we could live wherever we wanted. That seemed to be what Egill had been doing for the last couple of centuries. I would return to Hong Kong one day, mark my words.

When we arrived at the airport without bags – I suppose they were just rich enough to never have to worry about saving stuff, ever – Dr. Oxenstierna and Tino were already waiting, booking our tickets, and so the rest of us could only sit down and wait. Mikkel found this to be very boring, so he and Lukas left to "do something" that probably did not including doing it in a bathroom stall, since they were heading to the WC. This left me and Egill with some privacy, finally, as there weren't many other people at the airport at 4 a.m.

Egill wasn't speaking, but he didn't seem to be upset. Maybe he too wished we could do it in a bathroom stall? Call me sappy, but I kind of wanted our first time to be somewhere more romantic… Why were we going to Russia, again?

I put a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "How do you feel right now?" I asked.

Egill seemed thoughtful. "I guess… happy?" he said. "The Vargas won't bother us for a while… we'll be staying in Ivan's castle…" Woah, a castle? Russia was suddenly looking up. As long as it had wifi. "And I have you…" he blushed when he said the last part, but moved closer to me instead.

"Yeah", I agreed. "Like… things are pretty good."

"Yeah", he said softly. "You don't regret anything, do you? You have family still…" He seemed awfully troubled by this, my poor little Egill.

"Nope", I assured him. "I love you." He leaned up and kissed me.

"I love you too", he said against my lips.

And so, like any love story… the end. Kinda. I wondered what I should write in my blog…

That's it. Chopsticks is over. It's been a lovely 21-week ride, hasn't it? I can't believe itA's been going on for so long. It's been amazing, since this is my first real multipart that I've finished. And it's my only story with over 100 reviews... AND 200 reviews! I can't believe it. You guys are amazing! I can't thank you enough for your awesome support.

For you who read M-rated stories I am going to write a sequel one-shot, called "Spooning with Chopsticks"; basically PWP for you who wanna see HK here describe sex with Ice. Don't say I didn't warn you. I hope to have it up within a week.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn't ask for better readers.