Authors note: So yea, this story has been floating around in my head as a plot bunny for *counts on fingers* *doesn't go high enough* *gets calculator* At least a year or more

And after a Phineas and Ferb marathon, I decided it was time.

I hope you like it.

Quiet sobs filled the room as my thin shoulders shook. Wiping my eyes I pulled my knee's up to my chest and looked around the room I shared with my brother.

Well, step-brother.

Through out the summer we were inseparable, but today was a very special day. The day our life's would change forever.

Looking near Ferb's bed, I saw his log of the things we had done already this summer. Boy that list was long. All I could see though was every time I could have/ no should have told him.

We are step brothers but not officially related.

You see, his mom is a royal witch with a capital B. She is under the impression that her and Ferb's dad were going to be together again someday. So she wouldn't sign over the rights for my mom to adopt him as her own. In turn, me and Candace weren't to be adopted until Ferb could be part of the family as well.

So I didn't tell him my feelings. There were time and time again that I could have. I didn't though. I thought I had plenty of time. She's never going to sign the papers.

Hearing foot steps I quickly tried to dry all my tears as the foot steps got close.

"Phineas, are you up here?" My older sister called.

"Yea," I tried not to think of the way my voice cracked.

She came into the room. When she saw me, she came over and hugged me tight.

"Why are you crying? This should be a happy day, no more tears," She wiped a few stray tears that I missed.

"Yea, your right. It is a happy day," And the worst of my life.

"Candace, Phineas were home" I heard dad call from down stairs.

"Their home, now why don't you go splash some water on your face and then come down to say hello to your brother," She smiled and lead me to the bathroom.

Once it didn't look like I had been crying anymore, I went down stairs. The first thing I saw was Ferb bear hugging Candace's waist. When he saw me though, it was only a few seconds before my arms were full of Ferb.

It took everything I had not to start crying again. So I just hugged him back just as tight as he was holding me.

When he let go, he didn't let go of my waist and grabbed Candace's hand.

"Our children," Mom said, getting teary eyed.

"Yes, our children," Dad smiled and held her, looking close to tears himself.

"Finally, one big happy family," Ferb said in his strong voice.

That made ever one start crying and we were pulled into Candace's arms.

There were many happy tears. But not mine.

If you haven't guessed, Ferb's mom signed the papers after seeing how much Ferb loved Mom.

So today Ferb became my official brother.

Today was the day I lose my chance to ever tell him I like him.

Today I learned, what regret feels like.