I stared out my window. Where WAS he? He promised he would come to visit soon. I knew he was planning on coming that day.

It must be something with Tory. I knew he liked her. He told me so, telepathically. I also know he hasn't told his friends about me. He didn't exactly tell me that part. I just kind of guessed. I think he feels guilty because we're so close and two of his friends don't know I exist. That's okay though. I understand why.

We have this telepathic connection I can't really explain. We can do that because we're twins. We've had it since we were born. When we were little, we had to kind of whisper in gibberish. As we got older, it got easier and we could just think to each other. We can't read each other's minds completely, only what we decide to share with each other, and basic feelings, emotions and stuff.

I reached out with my mind, looking for Ben. He was on his boat, Sewee. It was somewhere between Morris Island and Loggerhead Island. Tory was saying something. What? I reached further out. He let me in.

"I'm glad that I'm not under house confinement anymore!" Tory said.

"Yeah me too." Said Hi.

"At least we aren't done for the summer." Shelton _. "If we hadn't solved Katherine Heaton's murder, I doubt we would be out until school started again. Heck, we could be in jail."

Ben snickered. He had gotten very quiet around his friends since Tory moved to town months ago. He got quiet because he didn't want to sound weird around her. He still talked to me and Shelton a lot though.

Long time no see. I thought to Ben.

I know! I know! I promised. Don't kill me. I got tied up. He responded.

Yeah….sure. I know what you're up to you know. If I had been there in person, I would have grinned. Ben got the point though.

What is THAT supposed to mean? He asked. I knew he knew. No point denying. Tory.

Tory. DUH. I laughed. Out loud. If anyone had been in the room they would have thought I was crazy.

Ben sighed. Not out loud, but I knew. Fine. I'll prove you wrong. I'm coming right now. Pack in tow. He said 'pack' because he and the others had been infected with a strain of Parvovirus that gave them wolf DNA. They had super senses when they flared. They flared when they were stressed or scared or stuff like that.

He turned the boat around.

"Ben? Where are we going?" Shelton asked.

"To Mount Pleasant. She's driving me crazy. I can't stand it anymore." Ben replied. Oh thanks, I thought. He ignored me. He was just moody.

"Who is?" Tory asked.

"You'll know soon enough." He vaguely answered.

I knew when he pulled into the marina, and when he walked up to the house. I stayed in my room even though I knew he just walked in the door downstairs. He asked me why. Introduce them to Mom first, I told him. She'll call me down.

"Mom?" Ben called. Mom walked into the room.

"Ben! I didn't know you were coming today!" She hugged him. "And who is this?" She asked.

"You know Shelton. This is Hi, and Tory."

"It's nice to meet you! I'm Myra, Ben's mother." She paused. "River's upstairs." I could 'see' the confused look on Tory's face. Who is River?

Ben climbed up the stairs, pack following. He knocked on my door. Come in, Ben. You don't have to knock.

"Well I was just being safe." He said as he walked in.

"Huh?" Shelton, Hi, and Tory all said in unison.

"Nothing." Ben shrugged their question off.

Tory and Hi studied me. Tory more so. No matter what Ben thought, I think she liked him back a bit. Or a lot. I didn't know her well enough to tell yet.

"I'm River." I said.

"I'm Tory." She said. I could still see the questions running through her head.

It was Hi who asked what they both wanted to know. "So…. You're Ben's sister?"

"Unfortunately, yes." Ben answered for me. JUST KIDDING! He yelled to me defensively.

I know! I yelled back. "He's just kidding. And yes, I am his sister."

"Older or younger?" Tory asked now.

"Younger." Ben said.

"By about… 10 minutes. We're twins." I added. Ben, Ben. So quick to dismiss me in front of Tory.

Yeah, but… she might not like it that I never told her.
Oops. Maybe you should have thought of that before you came here today.

"Oh…" Was Tory's reply. I was surprised she didn't press on the subject, especially after what Ben had told me about her. Maybe she hadn't told everyone everything about her either and didn't want to be hypocritical.

"Hey River." Shelton finally spoke up.

"Hey." I said.

"You know her?" Hi asked.

"Yeah I've met River before. Before Tory moved here. I haven't seen her in ages though." They were whispering, I could barely hear them. Ben was standing closer. If he wasn't, I probably wouldn't know what they were saying. I decided to divert the conversation.

"So you guys wanna do something? Go somewhere? Hang out?"

"That would be cool." Tory grinned. Interesting. I wasn't expecting that answer from her. I decided to find out why.

"Where you wanna go?" Hi asked.

"Back to the beach?" Shelton asked. "That's where we were headed, remember?"

"I haven't been to the beach in ages!" I said. "I vote beach."

"Beach." Hi agreed.

"Okay." Tory.

Umm… you do have a pool. The marina's a half hour away from here. Ben _.

Yeah but I haven't been to the actual beach in ages! Plus you were gonna practice your flares and I don't think chlorine and flares would mix well. I replied.

Yeah but they don't know you know about the flares. Ben.

True. Let me grab my stuff. I thought.

"Meet you downstairs." Ben replied. They all went downstairs.

I grabbed my beach bag and changed into my swimsuit, a black 'tankini' with blue patterns which my mom's friend came home with one day. I didn't like it. It showed a few inches of skin. So not me. Cutoff jeans and a black tee shirt went over it. I went downstairs.

"Ready?" I asked, as I walked out the door. I didn't give time for any response. I started walking, everyone on my heels. It's about a 30 minute walk to the water.